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I've been trying to add a PayPal donation button to my LJ layout, but it just keeps coming out wrong. Whenever I add the code generated for the PayPal button (non-encrypted) to the custom text area, it keeps showing up with this HUGE space above it. See? ------>

Does anyone know how I can fix this? The theme I'm currently using is 3-column Pixipets. I'd really appreciate it if someone can point out a tutorial, or tell me what I should do next... I tried Googling up tutorials or hints as to what I should do, but I can't seem to find anything on the subject. I've even tried placing the PayPal cutton code inside a DIV tag, but no luck. T_T 

Hehe... Yes, I just emptied out my PayPal account, and I'm trying to see if I can get something... ANYTHING in it again to at least get me started again with raising money for more paid LJ time. XD

I'd really appreciate any help on the subject. Thank you!

PS. and while we're on the subject, can I also ask how to set my LJ so that links do NOT automatically get underlined? T_T;;

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That as the prices for food items goes up...

The prices for electronics goes down?

Yup, that's one hundred pesos for 2 kilos of uncooked rice, which Lem purchased from the supermarket some time last month. I swear, I was completely floored when I saw the receipt, because just a couple of weeks earlier, I bought better grade rice from the same supermarket for only 60 pesos.

Meanwhile, I was just as floored at how cheap memory cards are nowadays. I bought the MiniSD card for my cellphone at around the same time that the hundred-peso rice was purchased, and I was expecting to shell out about 1000Php for it. It turned out that 2GB can now be bought for a mere 500 pesos.

Honestly though, I still would have preferred that the trend be the other way around. At this rate, people may have to start eating memory cards because it's cheaper.

On the other hand, Lem and I have been considering switching to pasta as a substitute for rice, since a 15-peso packet is enough for three people, but then again, nothing compares to hot rice served with a tasty viand. We've also considered switching to bread... until we discovered that bread is just about as expensive as rice nowadays. Sigh.
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I was feeling pretty sick and bummed out last week, so I decided to call in sick for my shift last Tuesday, and Lem convinced me to spend my days off (which are on Wednesdays and Thursdays) at his parents' house in Fairview. It was great. I've convinced myself that I should probably call in sick on a quarterly basis or something, just to keep myself from burning out completely. I never thought that a three-day weekend would be so nice.

Anyway, it was pretty cool since I was able to spend my rest days playing with their cats, and watching Lem's 6-month old nephew roll around on his grandparents' bed. Another fun thing is that the said nephew has recently acquired a new baby walker which has rendered him effectively mobile. It's always fun to watch him take his wheels for a ride, hehe. XD
I guess my only problem was that even during my rest days, I still slept during daytime to keep my body clock from going haywire on me. The good of it all was that I was able to spend my evenings editing and uploading photos, surfing, blogging, watching downloaded anime, and downloading music that I could stick into my new cellphone, all on a borrowed laptop. The bad part is that I missed the opportunity to sleep during the deliciously cool evenings, Lem was asleep while I was awake, and I ended up sleeping while everyone else in the house was already awake. This was rather awkward, considering that Lem and I slept on a mattress in the living room of their home's newly-constructed second floor (construction is still ongoing, and not all of the rooms have been completed yet. More on that next time...).
However, I guess it was also nice to nap in the mornings and afternoons, especially since the family cats were nice enough to keep me company, and we would end up napping together, with me on the mattress and them on the nearby rugs and mats. I have to admit that I've really missed the pleasant feeling of waking up and finding a pet nearby, even if it means waking up from time to time to shoo away the big tom cat who insisted on sleeping on Lem's side of the mattress while Lem was at work. I would have happily shared the bed space, but unfortunately, I'm scared of triggering Lem's allergies, so the tom had to settle for the rug.
On Thursday morning, I hitched a ride with Lem's parents to Makati, and we dropped off his sisters at their respective college buildings inside the UP Diliman campus along the way. As we were going down the tree-lined streets, I realized that I never fail to be amazed at how pretty all that greenery is. I really wish that Lem and I could still afford to hang out at the campus as much as we used to. Oh well. Maybe we'll find some time soon.
After leaving the UP campus, we headed straight to Makati and I tagged along as Lem's parents inspected their new unit at The Columns on Ayala Avenue. After the inspection, we were checking out the establishments at the ground floor of the building, and I was happy to find that a whole bunch of other shops have already settled in. I was especially pleased to find that a convenience store (MiniStop) has recently opened, but at the same time, the realization that Makati is being overrun with Starbucks outlets also finally dawned upon me.
We were checking out the new Starbucks branch at the ground floor of The Columns, when I realized that, wait a minute, there's also a Starbucks at the third floor of the RCBC Towers which is right accross the street. And another one at the ground floor of the PeopleSupport building which is right accross the street from RCBC. And then another one at the ground floor of the Standard Chartered building about 100 meters away down Ayala Avenue. And another one in Legazpi Village, near Washington Sycip park, a couple of blocks away. And then another one at the Insular Life Building. And another one at Enterprise Tower. And then there's one at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati. And three inside Glorietta. And one in Greenbelt... and all that's just on one side of Makati, along the Ayala and Pasong Tamo area, I haven't even mentioned the ones that can be found in the Makati Avenue and Jupiter street area, and I'm pretty sure that there's a whole lot more that I don't even know about, hidden in nooks and corners all over the Valero and PRC areas.
It's a little unnerving, as these are the ingredients that make up some of the tastiest (and silliest) conspiracy theories, RPG campaigns, and cartoon plots.
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As you all may have noticed, I haven't been updating my food blog Tanuki no Bento for a VERY long time. The reason for this is that besides the fact that I have adapted to a diet which doesn't require me to eat at work, and hence, doesn't require me to bring food to the office, I have also been struggling to get the look that I want for my blog.

I want to do so many things and add so many elements, but it doesn't seem to be okay with either one of the free blog services that I'm using.

To tally up my issues:

Blogspot version
  • I'm able to customize the headers and the look of the whole blog
  • Web 2.0 Widgets that I can move around
  • Text widgets that accept java scripts, etc.
  • I don't like the dashboard

  • I can't "cut" a really long entry under a -More- link (or can I? HOW????? SOMEONE TELL ME!)

WordPress version
  • I can hide long entries under a -More- link
  • Has a free contact form that can be activated really simply
  • I love, LOVE the dashboard
  • I REALLY like how you add tags and categories on WP

  • I can't customize it and the free themes are... not to my taste.
  • I can't use scripts for things like Twitter, MyBlogLog, AdSense, etc.


As for WP, I know that the customization bit can be taken care of by getting a host and installing the WP client... which brings me to my next question: Is 110mb.com a host you'd recommend?

I don't even care about getting a domain name right now, that can come much later, but I just want to get the blog itself set up... if I could just set up the look and all, updating regularly isn't really a problem for me. Now, on 110MB.com, it turns out that though the space and bandwidth is free, I have to pay $9.95 to activate MySQL and get WP to actually work. Is it worth it? And how hard of a job is this to do? WIll I need a degree for this task???

I'd hate to spend money on this only to find out that there's no way I can make heads or tails of the whole thing. If I would ultimately end up not being able to do this afterall, then I'd rather spend the money on food. Hehehehehe....


I'm admittedly a non-techie person, and to be honest, I've already spouted more jargon in this entry than what's healthy. I can almost feel the blood threatening to spurt out of my nose now. Can someone please explain this to me in K-friendly terms? T_T I feel so dumb.

Help. T_T


EDIT: I forgot to mention that another thing that I absolutely love about WordPress is the fact that you can make PAGES!! And that is just awesome. Now if only WP wasn't such a prick with third-party scripts and all... T_T

Oh, and I also had to mention that this is probably my first post EVAR that makes use of the Rich Text version instead of the HTML version. Hehe.
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Before I start, I just wanted to say that... VIRUSES ARE ANNOYING! Argh. I'm currently at a cafe, and I logged in to YM on another PC a while ago. Then, all of a sudden, chat windows started opening, and text was being typed into the chat boxes without me doing anything! What's weird is that I couldn't control the mouse either, and the brilliant shop owner has disabled the Task Manager so I had a hard time shutting down the program, and I had to resort to pressing the restart button on the PC.

Another weird thing was that when the text was being entered, I noticed that whatever program was running, was designed to enter the text in almost any text field it can get on. I was switching to Notepad at the time, and I hit CTRL + S by mistake, and in the field where you enter the file name, it started placing a message there too. I tried it again, and it then started typing a path C://WINDOWS.... etc etc.

That was scary. And embarrassing.

The text that I saw was in Tagalog, and the little the I got off of it was something along the lines of "... scandal... PM nio ko". However, according to some people in my contact list, they got messages in Vietnamese! O_O;; Jeebus.

So, if you're one of the people that got a weird message from me... I'M SO SORRY!! T_T


One of the things that has been taking up some of my free time lately would be Korean dramas. I've never watched any of the dubbed shows that have aired on local TV, and I've never really been interested in it, but it just so happens that one of the people that I work with is a fan of the genre. Having nothing better to do one day, I agreed to borrow one of the DVDs that she kept offering to me. Now, I'm engrossed in it, I'm afraid.

She lent me Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (aka, "The Story of the First King's Four Gods", aka "Legend"), and I was impressed by the high-budget production. I also found myself enjoying the convoluted love story that was pretty much interlaced with politics, as well as the fact that there were elements from mythology that they added into the storyline. Then there's the characters which includes an unwilling prince, an ambitious rival, a rogue, the assassin that fell in love with her target, etc. And the fight scenes were good, too.

Also, the other thing that I also like about it is that it actually had enough material in it to pique Lem's interest! Haha! He's apparently been watching it while I'm at work, and despite the bad subs of the DVD that we have, we're both enjoying it now. XD I think this is proof that the series has its merits, since Lem normally just leaves my shows alone. ^_^;;;

Oh, and another thing that I like about it...

ANG GWAPO NI BAE YONG-JOON! Ahahahahaha!!! (And, ladies and gentlemen, we are now back in the gutter...)

Look naman kasi, o!


And let's not forget Philip Lee who also appears in the same series.

Hot as they are, though, it looks like it's still not enough for me to start wanting to learn the language. Hehe. Maybe I just need a bit more convincing? :D Anyway, the officemate who got me into all this already picked out a whole line up of movies and shows for me to try out once I finish watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi.

She wants me to watch The King and the Clown, and with a story that involves male concubines and a pretty boy like Lee Jun Ki in a lead role, how can I refuse? ^_^;;;;

Factoid: Lee Jun Ki actually has 3 BJDs modeled after him. One of the BJDs features him in his role in The King and the Clown. My officemate says that she wants to buy one badly. I then found a site that still sells it and I pointed out to her the USD$1250.00 price tag for just one doll. That's 60,000+++ pesos! That's enough grocery money for me for 30 months! Haha! I dunno if she's given up on the idea already, though. I could be wrong. ^_^;;
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Title says it all. Hehehe... I'm proud. Ian did all the code, as usual, though.


All I can say about this layout is...

DORIRU!! DORIRU~~!!!!!!!!!
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Hello again, world!

A lot of things have happened since the last time that I wrote an entry, and yeah, one would be surprised at just how much can possibly happen within the span of a week or so. Some of those things that happened have been nice, happy things, while others are things that I think I'd rather discuss another time.

For the happy things, I'll start off with ducks.

In the newly-renovated Macea/Washington Sycip Park here in Makati, right across the street from the Union Church of Manila, I've been visiting eight, large, white, fluffy ducks almost every morning. I don't care what people say, but ducks will always be funny little creatures to me. Anyway, almost every morning after work, I pass by the convenience store to buy a 17-peso pack of crackers, and I'd then crush the crackers, walk up to the bank of the man-made pond that the ducks reign over, and proceed to feed them.

I like to think that I've somehow managed to train them to come to me when I click my tongue, and so far, I've been able to hand feed them as well. This is a daily source of joy for me, and I don't mind the walk from my office building to the park, or even those occasional times when the ducks get my shoes and my jeans wet, when they decide to scramble out of the water and waddle around at my feet.

Oh, and yeah, the ducks share the pond with a whole school of large, beautiful koi fish who eat the crumbs that the ducks ignore. It's all lovely.

Next piece of good news is that I finally, finally, finally managed to get myself a camera! Yes, after more than half a year struggling to get a new one, plus bucketfuls of blood, sweat and tears, I finally did it!

I managed to get myself a brand new Canon Powershot A430. The retail price for that model posted on Canon's website is Php 9950.00, though I don't know just how old or new this information is (don't worry though, I got mine for much, much lower than that). It's a slightly older model, as compared to the A460, but it serves its purpose and it fits my budget well. It's an entry-level point-and-shoot digicam that works great for an amateur like me, and it also takes beautiful shots! And dear Lord, the Super Macro feature is a thing of beauty.

2272x1704, unedited version can be found in my Multiply album.

I also don't mind that the camera only has a resolution of 4MP, since I mainly use the camera for photos that I can post online, and I don't really intend to make prints that are larger than 4x6 anyway. And the best thing about getting a branded digital camera? I can actually take a warranty on it this time around, which is always a welcome thing.

Also, as you may be expecting, the 16MB MMC card that came with the camera is already full of photos of ducks and more things to put up on eBay. And I just received the camera in the mail last Monday afternoon! I need new SD cards soon, haha! ^__^ I'm considering getting a 2GB card next payday, but Lem has promised to get me one for Christmas, so I may just end up buying myself a set of rechargeable batteries, and/or a mini-tripod. Or another 2GB card. Hehe... though I'm now wondering if it's possible to actually have too much spare memory... Is it? O_O;;

Sigh. I'm just happy to get myself a camera, PERIOD. I've been feeling particularly... handicapped since my old one broke down, and I'm just glad to have this new one.

Next piece of good news is that I just got regularized last Monday, which officially completes Phase 4 of my Grand Plan (TM). And yeah, besides that, it also means that I'll have a job this Christmas and the upcoming New Year, which is GOOD, right? It also means that I'll be getting a raise soon, on top of the incentives and bonuses that I've also been getting. Yay! ^__^ In any case, this all seemed to have come faster than I thought, and I'm rather startled by it. I know I still served the requisite 6 months to get to this point, but it just seems so much faster! I remember that in my previous job, it seemed like forever before I could become regularized, and staying for a year seemed like such a difficult task.

So yeah, a lot of good things have happened within the span of seven days or so, and I have much to be thankful for despite everything else. :D
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Alright, not that I finally got all that out of the way, I can finally go back to updating about my daily mediocrity. Hehe.

I have several good things to point out today, and that includes:
a) I found a way to access Gmail from my computer at the office, and it feels great.
b) I also found a way to access eBay.ph from that same PC, PLUS I also found the version of ebay.ph that looks exactly like eBay.com. It's the one that took me about 8 mouse clicks and two minutes to relist my whole inventory. YAY!!
c) I also found a way to access TextTwist on that PC, which is a lifesaver for those long, boring weekend shifts (which I love, by the way).

And all this without having to resort to some Chinese proxy server. Haha! XD

Now, all I need to figure out would be how to access YouTube and LiveJournal, and I'm all set.

In other news, I lost my first auction last night and it broke my heart to bits. Sigh. It was for a new camera, and it pains me to know that I won't be the owner of such a pretty thing. I really wanted it, and I was already imagining showing it off and all, but alas, it was not meant to be. I've contacted the seller and asked/begged that I be considered for a Second Chance Offer. Now I'll have to go and track down the winning bidder and murder him to ensure my succession to the auction... *insert evil vizier laugh here*
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What have you done now, LJ? For some unknown reason my LJ layout has reverted back to a layout which I have used... oh, I dunno, some time earlier this year or last Christmas, during the height of my FF12 adoration, approximately two layouts ago.

Sigh. I have no idea how to fix it, so I'll have to wait for Ian to do it for me. T_T

Oh well... T_T
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I just learned from kaoko_cow that PAYPAL PHILIPPINES CAN NOW RECEIVE PAYMENTS!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~!111!!!!!!!! *runs around the room several times, with her hands in the air*

So you know what this means, everyone... SEND ME MONEYYYYYYYYY!!!! AHAHAHAHAH!!! (my email address is ksolaris at gmail dot com. Any amount would do in whatever currency. I am desperate. Thank you.)

And to think that I only finally decided to sign up for a UnionBank EON card three days ago. Talk about timely. Plus the fact that I was a rep for PayPal UK for a whole nine months, and it turns out that the verification system that they use for PH is the same as they use for UK... who would have thought that I'd actually be able to put all that to good use.

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I went to work today to be pleasantly surprised at finding a spankin' new PC at my station. Hehe... Management has promised the long-overdue upgrade WEEKS ago, so we never really bothered to get ourselves worked up over it, for fear of disappointment. Afterall, when having to deal with sluggish, RAM-deficient systems that always seem to hang whenever you actually need to get something done, looking forward to something better to come at an unspecified date would have just been too painful.

Anyway, I'm just glad that we got what we were promised, and I got to try it out earlier, and we were all able to collectively sigh in relief. I mean, look at the set-up:

Of course, it's not THE ideal machine that I have in mind for games, Photoshop, video streaming, etc etc, but needless to say, it made our work about 50% more comfortable. This is a good thing, since a lot of us there seem to have this deep-seated anger for technology that refuses to cooperate, pages that time out at the most awkward moments, and systems that freeze up when about 4 apps are running at once (our job requires about 9 at a time to get a task done). So yeah, I think we can now look forward to a happier future which has less mouse-throwing and random screams of frustration.

And the monitor? Absolutely divine in its glorious LCD-ness and 19-inch...-ness. No more cramming tiny windows and overworking the mouse wheel since I can actually see everything now. I could stare at its glare, even if I knew that I'd be needing a new pair of glasses sooner than later because of its unusually bright settings (my contrast and brightness were at 30 and it STILL hurt! Is it because it's new?).

Now, if only I worked as fast as my machine, I'd be perfect, and my Grand Plan (TM) can be completed faster. Sigh. At least I can now enjoy my web comics at the office without worrying about mucking everything up and having to reboot. :D

(Yes, I also now have no excuses. If my output is slow, I can't blame it on the PC anymore, haha! ^_^;;;; )
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After a LOOOONG time of not having slept in my own room in Novaliches, I finally managed to spend the night with my parents at our house. I had Lem with me, and we stayed in my room where we were reunited with my old bed from my former apartment at Sampaloc, and the bed which I had when I stayed at an apartment in Palanan here in Makati.

Oh, and my pitbull was there, and from the looks of it... she's gotten really FAT! Haha!! If I could afford it, I'd probably get my dog a treadmill, just to lose some of that weight. ^_^;;;

My parents were intent on feeding us, and I had a long talk with my dad about their plans for the future. Other than that, all was good, and Lem and I even managed to catch a couple of NGC shows that we thought we had no hope of seeing. :D


Again, after a LOOOOONG time, I FINALLY managed to get myself an IR port and download all the photos which I took with and have been keeping in my old Nokia 7250i for the past three years. So, with the photos safely downloaded, I could finally afford to delete them all, and swap phones with my dad who has been offering me his unit for the past five months. I now own a Nokia 7360 in the color Coffee Brown. It's still 3G technology-less, but at least it's a step up. Plus, I actually really do like it because it's actually quite pretty. Haha!


Still selling my Nokia 6630. Any takers? If not, I guess I'll just put it up on eBay once I get back on Sunday. ^_^



I'm finally off to Puerto Galera tomorrow morning!! ^________^

I'll see you guys in a bit. If you need to reach me, just text me. Hehe. :D
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Sigh... my camera is an absolute bastard. It now refuses to work, just when I'm supposed to go out with friends this week, and just when I'm supposed to go on vacation in a couple of weeks' time (my first in YEARS). ARGH..........

I feel so helpless without it.

The thing powers up as long as the lens cover is on, but then the moment you remove the lens cover, it just drops dead, even with a fresh set of batteries. My camera is just the cheap type that greets you with a red screen and doesn't let you take any pictures when the lens cover is on. It actually only lets you do things when the cover is off. Because of this, I'm now thinking that there's something jammed or broken in the mechanism that lets the camera know that the cover is off and I can take pictures.

Sigh. Well, it IS almost three years old... but still.

I'm completely frustrated. Does anyone know where I can have the damned thing fix? Is there such a thing as a rent-a-digicam service? Does anyone know of any place that sells lay-away digicams?

I'd like to have it repaired, or I COULD just visit the nearest pawnshop and see if they got anything. But then again, I don't really have that much money to spare right now, and I'd rather use it to pay for other things.

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I suck.

I haven't tweaked my own journal layout for over a year now since Ian has been doing it for me, but it occured to me last night to mess with it on my own. And yeah, I messed it up.

My LJ can currently be viewed the way I want it on IE, but Firefox just ruins everything. T_T

I just want the contents on my LJ on the right side (as it is on IE), but it insists on staying on the left when viewed with Firefox. Argh.

Anyone know how to work around this? T__________T

New icons that I made, by the way. Hehehe...

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By the way, I just wanted to say that I love my current desktop at work. ^_^v The Trillian skin, the WinAmp player and Gir's eyes just do the trick for me. Wehehehe....

My only worry is that there is the possibility that I may never get used to using a single monitor again... ^_^;;

GIR!!! )


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