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It's been a while since I posted my sewing projects. There's still a whole stash I SHOULD have posted ages ago... but let's just skip that and fast forward to 2009, shall we? XDDD

Anyway, as everyone knows, I love raiding ukay-ukays to look for stuff to tear apart, cut to pieces, butcher and basically modify. It's been like that back then, it still is now. So, my latest ukay-ukay trip has yielded a good bounty, and it just so happened that I also needed something to wear to the Shizen Orchestra event days away at the time.

And the process begins... )

Hehe... I was pretty conservative with the trims since I didn't have much material, and it was my first time making something like this, so I wasn't sure just exactly how much was too much. ^_^;;

And there we go. And yes, I wore it a few days later. ^_^;;;

(Big thanks to h_matsumoto and her Project Rockway series of posts. I got the idea from her. ^__^v)

here we go! Hazel's Project Rockway series! ^________^
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I've posted some time ago that I have finally managed to get myself my own deck of tarot cards, and as an update, I just wanted to point out that I love my cards dearly, and they've been working well since I've had them. Hehe.

So, as with most tarot deck owners, I've also gone through that phase wherein you search for the perfect container for your deck. I know that [livejournal.com profile] magiqa and [livejournal.com profile] jylichan keep theirs wrapped in scarves, and the internet has also informed me that some people like to keep theirs in these little tarot pouches with embroidered symbols, or runes, or whatever. Anyway, I searched for a bit, testing everything out from scarves, to plastic ziploc pouches, to bento boxes, to pencil cases, etc, but nothing just seemed to fit or feel right... and those rune-covered pouches just seemed real tacky to me at the time. XD

In the end, as what often happens when I can't find or afford something that I want or need, I decided to just make the darned thing myself.

details and more photos )

Meanwhile, Ian insists that it looks like a black bunny with a lace hat and white ears... ^_^;;;

So far, I haven't been punished with migraines for giving the cards a bad outfit, and I'm happy with my work, so all is well. :D

I suppose my only regret with the whole thing was that I only added the vertical strip of lace onto the body as an afterthought, after the whole thing was assembled, which resulted to a slightly-skewed stripe going down the middle. Oh well. ^_^;;
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Hi there. Hehe... I haven't been able to post in a while because, well, real life got in the way, I suppose. Some bad things have happened, but there have also been some really fun things as well which pretty much tired us out, which is why I haven't been able to post. XD

Anyway, moving on, here's another much-delayed post. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately for a personal project that I've been working on with some friends, and I was thinking of posting photos of my latest work. I stopped short, however, when I realized that I still have photos from other, past projects which are still waiting to be posted. *forehead palm*

Yes, Procrastinator Me has won again.

So, here's the photos of the second loli/loli-inspired headpiece which I made LAST JUNE, which I made almost immediately after that other black and white headpiece that I posted about before. And yes, by the way, it's almost November right now. ^_^;;

more pics and item details )

Points about this piece that I should prolly bring up:
- This is one of the first headpieces that I've ever made, and no, I did not have a pattern, or a guide, or even a reference photo. Or a sewing machine, for that matter. I basically just saw some photos on the internet, said "Hey, I think I could make that...", went to the store, got materials that I thought would look nice together, then stitched them on.

- Since I didn't have a pattern, I only realized much later that I made several mistakes with its length. Hehe.

- Since June, I've already found a better way to sew on the thing that attaches the ribbon that goes around your head to the main body of the headpiece. This one probably serves as a very early trial and error prototype.

- I'm not loli. I don't claim to be an authority. I just like making things.

- If anyone's interested in buying, lemme know. :D
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My work schedule has recently shifted again, and I somehow ended up with my former schedule, with me starting work at 12:30 am, and leaving the office at 9:30am. I actually do like this new (or old?) routine, since I don't have to deal with traffic, and by the time I leave the office, malls, banks and other establishments are already open and ready for me to frolic in.

Now, because of this new schedule, it also meant that the ukay-ukay place near our office which I frequent is already open by the time I pass by it on my way home... *cough*

So, I decided to pass by some time last week, and lo and behold! I was able to get TWO cotton yukatas for 50 pesos each! Hehe. It's nothing fancy. Each one is just white cotton with a repeating pattern printed on it in blue, or indigo if you want to be finicky about it. It's really more of the type that can be used for lounging around at home, or the ones you can find provided with your room at a ryokan or onsen, as opposed to one that you'd wear to a summer festival, since it's not quite as pretty.

I already have my own red-and-white yukata, but Lem has also been wanting one, waaaaaay back when I still lived by myself in Sampaloc and he saw me wearing my yukata. That's why when I saw the two white-and-blue ones for sale, I got them immediately. I also figured that it was unisex enough so that I can also use them if I wanted to. Hehe...

My only dilemma now is that the Yukatas don't come with an obi, or even a matching koshihimo. :(

Because of this, I've decided that I'll most likely just MAKE the damned things since I can't seem to find any place that sells it. Plus, even if I did, I figured that I'd most likely end up paying much more for the obi than I did for the yukatas themselves (but then again, that's relative, considering that the yukatas are only 50 pesos each...).

So, to outline the project, it looks like I'm going to be making...
  • about 4 lengths of koshihimo substitutes. I need only 2, but you'll never know when Lem might lose his, or if I might want to tie a proper obi...
  • one obi for myself (about 5 inches wide or so, according to
  • [info]magiqa and her friend)
  • one obi for Lem (about 3 inches or so, should be fine for a guy, right?)
Now, I'm still a little iffy with the lengths and widths that I need to work with. Can anyone point me to some reference material that I can possibly use? I'm considering dropping by the JFMO library one of these days to see if they possibly have any sewing patterns I can possibly photocopy and use, but I'm not sure if they even HAVE such material in the first place.

All this will have to wait until after payday though, when I can actually afford to buy some cloth. Hehe. Wish me luck.
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I've mentioned in a previous post that I've recently taken to sewing... well... things. I don't have any particular theme or specialty right now, and I just end up making stuff that I feel like making for that moment, so I end up making all kinds of weird things that I may or may not actually have use for later on. ^_^;;

Well, anyway, I've finally gotten the photos up, so I thought I'd post them here.

So, my first completed project (which was actually completed about two weeks ago or so) is this Lolita Headpiece that I made, which can also possibly double as a collar, as I discovered when I hung it on my mannequin to make space on our table.

And there you go. Of course, the sad part is that I don't own a Loligoth ensemble to use it with in the first place, and I don't have the guts to use it by itself with everyday clothes. So if you know anyone who might want to buy this, make better use of it and get it off my hands, please do send them my way. Just message me, if you like. I'm thinking of selling it for, maybe... 250.00 Php perhaps? Just enough to pay for the materials and the labor and the painful pinpricks? Hehehehe. ^_^;;

Anyway, that's the first. More to come soon! ^_^

DISCLAIMER: I'm afraid that I'm no authority on loli fashion, and I'm not even sure if what I made here justifies that rant that I posted way back in 2006 about misrepresentation and all... so... suggestions are welcome. ^_^;;


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