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I spent yesterday with Mitch and [personal profile] guia , both of whom I haven't seen since we went to the Spa last January. Yep, despite the fact that it was raining cats and elephants yesterday, we somehow all made it to Robinson's Galleria in one piece. We weren't really able to do much, though, since everyone was on a tight budget for various reasons, and the main reason for our meeting was to talk about Mitch's upcoming business venture. Nonetheless, it was fun hanging out with them again. ^_^

Also, I dropped by the post office this morning to send off a bunch of letters. I just realized recently just how much I miss snailmail. It all started a month ago when I was poking around my old stuff in my room in Nocaliches. I found this big old basket where I kept all the letters I ever received, and I also found my old box of stationery. So, I decided to send off some notes to say hello. :D

I'm in a letter-writing mood recently, so if you want to receive snailmail from me, just lemme know, and leave your mailing address in the comments. 

I'm pretty excited about this, can you tell? :D

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I've just spent the better part of my days off at my parents' house in Novaliches, only to find that our local pet population has exploded to a whopping SEVENTEEN. Yes, I'm still a little shocked myself.

The roll call is as follows:

1) Lucky the Pitbull
2) Elmo the Lilac Siamese Cat
3) Marbles the Import from Ian's House
4-7) Four kittens, Marbles' litter (yes, they come as a set...)
8) Blu, the local Tom Cat
9) Alpha, the local old Geezer Cat
10) Diablo, the female cat who decided to live with us
11) Pepe Smith, the stray male dog who decided to live with us.
12) Ampi, the stray female dog who decided to live with us.
13-17) Ampi's five puppies

Notice items 10-17. Apparently, these guys just showed up at our house gate one day, all malnourished with nowhere to hide whenever it rains. My dad and mom decided to hand out some food from time to time, and VOILA! They've now become members of the family. And the best part? The dogs and the new cat are all the same color, like matching luggage.

Sigh. It's a little sickening to know that these animals were turned out by their owners who decided it would be cool to have some guard dogs, but then decided to just simply lock the dogs out of their houses when they decided it was too much of a hassle to feed them.

Being the bunch of softies that we are, it's very hard for us to resist taking care of such unfortunate cases. :/

Oh, and as for items 3-7, by the way, Marbles is a cat that we took from Ian's house. My parents love the cats, and they especially love the fact that they're all toilet-trained, mommy-cat AND kittens. The added bonus to this is that Elmo has also finally learned to use the litter box, thanks to Marbles' example. XD

Meet the menagerie! )

More photos at my Multiply Album!

And now, I leave you with a video which shows... er... Marble's kittens attacking a blue plastic bag. ^_^;; (Sorry, I wanted to upload it on YouTube and embed it here, but YouTube took FOREVER to upload the file, so I gave up and added it to Multiply. Anyone know how Multiply vids can be embeded? T_T;;)
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I DID mention in my previous entry that Ian and I were off to visit my folks in Novaliches during our day off last week.



There. ^_^;;

PUPPY PILE!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that's SEVEN frisky little pitbull puppies.
Oooh. I'm melting again... ~_____~

pages peppered with puppy pictures :D )

Even MORE photos at my Multiply album! ^_^

And yes, as if all that wasn't enough... I TOOK A VIDEO OF THE PUPPIES DURING FEEDING TIME! LOOKIE HERE!! XD

The sad part is that we can't really get too attached to the pups since they're for selling. As much as we want to, there's no way we can maintain EIGHT pitbulls all at once, when just Lucky alone is already a handful! ^_^;;

Sigh. Anyone want a pitbull? Just 4.5k, negotiable. We can give them to you in another months' time, once they're fully weaned and they're done with the requisite de-worming and shots.

I'm pimping them on my blog because I honestly think that the people here know how to take proper care of pets, and I'd feel so much more relieved knowing that they go to good people. ^_^;;
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Andre's Blog
I found out via YM the other day that one of my old college classmates seems to be starting out a new career as an OPM pop star, and he's currently promoting his single. I thought I'd help along. Hehe. ^_^v (It also helps that it's one of the better things on the radio right now, especially if you're as sick of novelty songs and remakes/cover songs as I am. Revive the Filipino music industry!)

Not really a link, but I figured I should just mention that as Elea has recently found out, one of our friends from our UST co-op days has finally decided to tie the knot. Wow.

Work, marriage, kids... Goddammit, we're getting old! It's such a far cry from the days when the biggest occassion you could possibly run into in a year was someone's debut/18th birthday! XD XD


I'm currently at work, itching to get the heck out of here and start enjoying my days off for this week. Hehehe... Oh, and I'm also on break, and enjoying the sudden, miraculous breakdown of the office firewall that keeps me from accessing LJ. :D

I'll be going to our house in Novaliches today and Ian and I will be spending the night there, and then the next day, we'll be spending the day at their house in Fairview. It's rare that Ian and I are both free (he's currently enjoying a one-week hiatus prior to starting a new job), so we figured that we'd take advantage of it.

Another motivation to go home to Novaliches is the fact that... TADAH!!


Yes, I can be easily lured into the dumbest of traps by simply showing me the cuteness that is either a puppy, a kitten, or a newly-hatched penguin.
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I just finished making dinner for myself. Lem is currently at his parents' house in Fairview, so here I am. Anyway, even with our electric fans off, the room is cold because of the wind blowing through the window. The clouds outside are heavy and it's been threatening to rain since this morning.

Maaa~... I love days like this. It reminds me so much of my old apartment in Sampaloc, back when I was in college. I remember that whenever the weather was like this, I was always giddy with the prospect of having our classes cancelled.

Sigh. Too bad I have to go to work later this evening. Today would have been perfect for staying in, staying under a blanket and having a CSI DVD marathon with a cup of hot choco. Oh well. ^_^;;;


Last June, I borrowed Lem's mom's camera so that I can take pictures of the stuff that I wanted to sell on eBay. The camera has this neat feature called PhotoStitch that lets one take panoramas. Hehe... I tried it out inside our house, and I have the result here.

The photo was taken at about 8am, and we can see the tiny TV in our living room, and the computer at home which doesn't work. And my dad's arm. Hehe.

First, dinner. Then, probably more sleep before I go to work.

I'm still crossing my fingers that it rains so hard before my shift that I'll end up receiving a call before I leave home, telling me that work is cancelled for today. :D
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After a LOOOONG time of not having slept in my own room in Novaliches, I finally managed to spend the night with my parents at our house. I had Lem with me, and we stayed in my room where we were reunited with my old bed from my former apartment at Sampaloc, and the bed which I had when I stayed at an apartment in Palanan here in Makati.

Oh, and my pitbull was there, and from the looks of it... she's gotten really FAT! Haha!! If I could afford it, I'd probably get my dog a treadmill, just to lose some of that weight. ^_^;;;

My parents were intent on feeding us, and I had a long talk with my dad about their plans for the future. Other than that, all was good, and Lem and I even managed to catch a couple of NGC shows that we thought we had no hope of seeing. :D


Again, after a LOOOOONG time, I FINALLY managed to get myself an IR port and download all the photos which I took with and have been keeping in my old Nokia 7250i for the past three years. So, with the photos safely downloaded, I could finally afford to delete them all, and swap phones with my dad who has been offering me his unit for the past five months. I now own a Nokia 7360 in the color Coffee Brown. It's still 3G technology-less, but at least it's a step up. Plus, I actually really do like it because it's actually quite pretty. Haha!


Still selling my Nokia 6630. Any takers? If not, I guess I'll just put it up on eBay once I get back on Sunday. ^_^



I'm finally off to Puerto Galera tomorrow morning!! ^________^

I'll see you guys in a bit. If you need to reach me, just text me. Hehe. :D


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