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It's November again, and as with several years past, it's time for NaNoWriMo.

Not that I've ever actually participated. Hehe.

I've been looking at NaNoWriMo from afar for a good while now, but I've never really attempted to join the fray since I don't think that I have the discipline, the ideas, or even the coherence necessary to follow the rules of the project, and come up with a finished product that doesn't look like it was written by a rabid 12-year-old fangirl doped up on too much sugar and Naruto... or worse, what if I end up producing the dreaded Mary Sue? The very thought sends chills down my spine, since THAT would strip me of what very little dignity I may have left. Haha!

Yesterday, though, in a bout of overconfidence (as usual), I figured that I'll test the waters and try something easier instead. That was how I found out about NaBloPoMo. It seems easy enough, really. One post a day, for 30 days. No themes, no rules, just write.

Easy, right?

Wrong. When I signed up for the thing and added the little banner to my LJ's front page, I was thinking that with the number of delayed photo posts still waiting to be written, this should be a cinch. Several major things are also happening IRL right now, so I figured that that should give me lots of material to blog about for the next 29 days. In fact, this morning, I was composing a post in my head, which I was so damned sure would be made of pure awesome.

And then, as I tried to finally write down the awesome post I've composed this morning... pfft. Type, type, type... backspace, backspace... post replies on Plurk... check FaceBook... type, type... backspace... CTRL A + DELETE.

I realized that having plenty of material does not necessarily equate to being able to easily put it down in words, in a post that's coherent enough to actually make sense to people other than myself.


So, if you see me churning out more nonsense than usual for this whole month, it's just me attempting to be a disciplined writer. I suspect that I'll break down somewhere halfway (possibly by next payday, or when we move house), but then again, I've heard that the fear of public failure is a good motivator. Hence, this post.

Over and out.
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First of all, I'd like to acknowledge that I am perfectly aware of the fact that I tend to whine and complain a lot on my blog. It's quite possibly the only place that I have where I could be the irresponsible, spoiled brat that I want to be, but can't afford to be. It's where I could assume and generalize and judge with impunity without ever having to worry about the consequences. Much. Most of the time. It's where I could pretend to be a diva, and the rest the world would just have to live with it. Hah.

Whenever I write here on my journal, I like to think that I suddenly get taken over by the spirit of the crazy person in your neighborhood who likes to talk to herself the whole day, then kick the wall and scream furiously at nobody in particular. That's what's so fun about it. Few restrictions, fewer consequences, and if someone doesn't like what I have to say, then they can simply stop reading. Simple as that.

Recently, though, another batch of my whining and complaining has made me realize that:

a.) ohmigod, there are actually people who take the time to read what I churn out.

b.) there are still lots of good people in the world.

c.) the world is still awesome.

d.) Damn, does this mean I need to cut down on the cussing?

Haha! I don't think I'm about to stop myself from possibly offending some one person out there with my presumptions, online arrogance and/or vocabulary... but at least now, I'm aiming to at least be entertaining in one way or another. :D

Seriously, though. Thank you. :)


Regarding the EVIL TOOTH that has been causing me grief for this whole week... well... it's still there. ^_^;;

By Saturday morning, we somehow managed to raise the funds for the procedure that the dentist wants to perform on me, thanks to help from Ian's mom, as well as the money that lonesojourner sent over. Unfortunately, my dentist has a strict by-appointment-only-on-Saturdays rule, and she was fully-booked that day when I called.

After discussing it with Ian, we figured that the best plan right now would be for me to finish my work week and not skip any of my shifts (because I need the money!), and then have a good rest on Tuesday morning, after I finish work for the week, and then go for the procedure on Wednesday morning. I could have gone for it on Tuesday, but my dentist has told me that it's important that I've had enough sleep the night before, instead of coming straight from the graveyard shift. Something to do with the bleeding in my gums after the tooth is removed. :/

Anyway, I'm actually pretty nervous about the whole thing, because despite me having been a VERY regular customer at the hospital when I was younger, the most I've ever had done would be shots, the occassional blood sample, and maybe a CAT scan once. I've never had as much as a stitch or a suture (is that the same thing..?), so the idea of someone taking a scalpel to my GUMS at the BACK OF MY MOUTH, and then YANKING something out, pretty much horrifies me. O_O;;

Oh well. It's gotta be done.

I find that despite the dread, I also can't seem to wait for Wednesday, because I just want to get rid of the EVIL TOOTH already. Ugh. In the meantime, I also have a case of the sniffles and a cough to keep me busy. Ian also told me that I had a slight fever last night. Well, at least the lump inside my mouth is going down, which is probably due to the antibiotics. Wish me luck. ^_^
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I've been trying to add a PayPal donation button to my LJ layout, but it just keeps coming out wrong. Whenever I add the code generated for the PayPal button (non-encrypted) to the custom text area, it keeps showing up with this HUGE space above it. See? ------>

Does anyone know how I can fix this? The theme I'm currently using is 3-column Pixipets. I'd really appreciate it if someone can point out a tutorial, or tell me what I should do next... I tried Googling up tutorials or hints as to what I should do, but I can't seem to find anything on the subject. I've even tried placing the PayPal cutton code inside a DIV tag, but no luck. T_T 

Hehe... Yes, I just emptied out my PayPal account, and I'm trying to see if I can get something... ANYTHING in it again to at least get me started again with raising money for more paid LJ time. XD

I'd really appreciate any help on the subject. Thank you!

PS. and while we're on the subject, can I also ask how to set my LJ so that links do NOT automatically get underlined? T_T;;

(comments screened)
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Just finished uploading a new custom mood theme. ^___________^ I LOVE IT! And yes, I figured out how to do it on my own! So, from now on, I will always make it a point to indicate a mood for each and every post that I add here in LJ. :D

Oh, and by the way.... add me in Plurk.com? Please? Pretty please? ^^

Now... for some breakfast. And then some shut-eye.

*Just came from work.*

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Tee hee.... I'm trying out this whole post-via-email thing that LJ's got, and I LOVE IT! Considering the fact that LJ is inaccessible from the office, still being able to post somehow is just awesome. Of course, I'm still getting the hang of it, and it's a little tricky for me and my sleep-deprived brain at the moment (it's 4am right now, by the way), so pardon me if this post comes out a bit wonky. I'll fix it the first chance I get. Right now, I also sorely miss being able to preview my post before publishing it., but beggars can't be choosers, and right now, I'm already pushing it as I'm writing this from the office, while I'm on duty afterall... ^_^;;

Anyhoo, today's news snippets would consist of a Japanese melon that sold for US$6,000, and a military shipment to Taiwan that is made of EPIC FAIL.

For the melon, the buyer of the Densuke melon said that the move was in support of local agriculture. Aww... isn't that so sweet? I wish we had more people like that in this country. On a side note, I just wanted to bring up the fact that the mere mention of the word "agriculture" reminds me of Moyashimon, a viral infection that I caught from Khursten's blog several months ago (Ian and I now adore the cheeky little microbes...).

As for the US mistakenly shipping nuclear missiles to Taiwan, Ian and I had a grand time laughing over it yesterday morning. Behold, we have actually found people who are actually worse than the local Philippine postal service when it comes to deliveries. I really hope that Taiwan remembered to take down the tracking number for the items that they actually asked to be delivered. XD


A couple of weeks ago, I stayed over at Ian's house in Fairview for a night, and while I was there, his sister Kay made us watch an episode of Doctor Who which was entitled "Blink".

Now, I'm a fan of the series, and I'm particularly fond of the 9th doctor (Christopher Eccleston). I'm guessing that the fact that they had John Barrowman (shmexy!) and Billie Piper on board for that season may have something to do with all of it. (And as a segue, I just wanted to say that Rose is THE Dr. Who companion in my book. SHE ABSORBED THE TIME VORTEX. That alone has "Dark Phoenix" written all over it. 'Nuff said.)

Moving on back to that episode... Anyway, it was called "Blink", and it was during the 10th Doctor's timeline. I love the episode because the whole timeline was just crazy, and I could only guess how in the world they managed to get that script together, but at the same time, I absolutely hate it because of those creepy stone weeping angel thingies. Brrr.

I already have this phobia of mannequins and marionettes, and lonely-looking porcelain dolls, so when I saw this episode where the life-sized statues actually had INTENT, I was pretty freaked out. Ian later asked me how I developed this fear, and I quickly realized for the first time that all those Halloween episodes of Magandang Gabi Bayan are to blame.

Back in my elementary years, every Halloween, my family would sit in front of the TV and tune in to that program as it spewed out two hours' worth of local ghost stories and tales of mystery.

One of those stories that ended up planting itself in my brain was about this one ancestral home in the province of Bulacan. The family who owns the house have long since migrated abroad, and only the caretaker stays at the place nowadays. The family, being old money and all, owned a set of 13 antique, life-sized statues (santos) that were all seated around a long dining table, in a re-enactment of The Last Supper. According to the caretaker, he would lock up the house in the evening, go home to his own house which is just accross the yard of the property, and when he comes back the next day, he finds the statues standing and scattered all throughout the the various rooms as if they had a party while he was gone! There's also stories of the sounds of heavy feet walking around on the wooden upper floors, and of how the statues would slightly change their pose when you turn your back to them. A head would be tilted a bit more, a hand would be lower, a set of glass eyes would be looking somewhere else, a formerly closed mouth would be half-open, etc.

This fascinated me a lot, but after the TV show ends, and when the only light in our own house is the dim, yellow hallway light in front of my bedroom, that's when I get the heebie-jeebies. I remember that as a child, I would absolutely refuse to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of having to look at our own statuette of the Santo Nino that sits on the altar, in front of my bedroom door. I imagined that even if I made a dash for it, I would make it as far as the toilet bowl, and then turn around only to find the statue in front of my face (you have to remember that I was short then, too). In my mind, the religious icon would show its demonic true form when my parents weren't there to help, red glowy eyes and black, bared fangs and all.

This was, of course, all very silly, but I think that the experience has still left me mentally scarred and broken in some places, so you could just imagine how I almost went into a panic when I started attending high school in UST.

The university's campus is PEPPERED with huge statues, and during my first few months, I would skirt around this group of stone bishops that used to be in front of one of the campus gates, especially if it was already late in the day, or in the evening. And yes, during my first guided tour of the university museum, they brought us into this one wing that housed nothing but santos and busts, and ivory statues with broken heads. I was shaking by the time we left the room, and I remember that I was only too happy to start looking at the dead, stuffed tiger and two-headed cow that they had on display.

To this day, I still hate mall closing hours, when the shops close the front door, but leave their display windows lighted. Stupid mannequins.


Have I mentioned that in episode 1 of the 9th Doctor's time, they had plastic mannequins that came to life? Oy, vey. ^_^;;;;;;
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I've only managed to check my mail now, and this was what I found:

WAIIIII~!!!!! <3 <3

THANK YOU, WOWIE!!!! *hugs!!*

Hehehehe! I really got giddy when I saw this, as I've never had the chance to own a paid LJ account before.

Again, thank you! ^___^

I'll be putting this to good use, and I've already put the boyfriend to work on helping make the most out of the 2 months' worth of features. Nyahahahahaha!

MWAH! ^___________________^
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What have you done now, LJ? For some unknown reason my LJ layout has reverted back to a layout which I have used... oh, I dunno, some time earlier this year or last Christmas, during the height of my FF12 adoration, approximately two layouts ago.

Sigh. I have no idea how to fix it, so I'll have to wait for Ian to do it for me. T_T

Oh well... T_T
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Yep, the prinnies which used to grace the header for my LJ have finally moved on, and have now been replaced by rascals from FFXII (I can't help it if I've fallen in love with the Ivalice critters). In short, I have a new layout. Yay! It's been a while since I messed about with Photoshop, so I'm pretty happy that my current layout was good enough in Ian's opinion. Hehe... though I did spend many nights and days pestering him in the shower and while he's sleeping to help me come up with a decent color scheme for the whole blog. :D

Anyhoo, fly my prinnies!

akai tsuki akai tsuki
tsumi o okashita monodomo no
kegare o kiyomeru akai tsuki
koyoi wa dare ga umarekawaru
koyoi wa dare ga...

Red moon, red moon...
Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...
Shining brightly in the night sky,
waiting for the souls...
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?
Be born again tonight?

Yeah, I've seen the ressurection scenes in both Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, as well as Makai Senki Disgaea, but each time that I do, I just turn to putty and break down into a flood of tears. And when "Akai Tsuki" starts to play, I am then further reduced into a heap of mush. Lolz. I am such a sap. XD

So from then on, I decided that an apt symbol of repentance for me would be a prinny. Thank you and good night.

PS. Just in case you were wondering, yes, we do own a ton of NipponIchi games and that's why we adore the Disgaea universe. We have the first Disgaea, Makai Kingdom and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. My personal favorite would be Makai Kingdom if only because Zetta is (in his own words) a badass freakin' overlord!!


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For the first time since... eons, I clicked on the "More details" link on my journal and saw this:

MY Reliquary has turned five years old without me even noticing. Sniff. :)

Well, not including the year or so I spent at Parajournal before it closed down, though. XD

Nothing. I just feel a bit fuzzy, that's all. :)
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K's picture of the day:

K is back from the half-dead. Sorta.

It's been crazy and just completely insane. Today would be our last day at Palm Tower as tomorrow would be the day the we need to get out of there.

Have I mentioned that it's been insane?

Hauling. Cleaning both old and new places. Reserving a truck for moving the furniture. Meetings. Signatures. Trips back and forth and sideways. Work (such an inconvenient thing to have when you have other, more important things to attend to. I REALLY gotta find a way to make money without working. Hehe... kidding). Calling the phone company to cancel our account. Scrambling to get our move out papers straight. Pestering our pig of a landlord.

I can't wait for the moving out to finally be finished so that we can at least focus on just one task which is SETTLING IN.

Here's to probably another week of craziness, missed meals, being incredibly dusty, aching muscles and not enough sleep.


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Hee hee! I'm on a roll! For the past three days, we've just been bumping into bargains all over the place, and I'm happy with it! ^__^

Original copy of Guild Wars: 400 pesos! ($8?)
For some reason, there was a guy inside the McDonald's branch at the PeopleSupport building last Thursday who was sitting in a corner beside the window and behind the security guard. He was surrounded by Guild Wars banners, shirts, stickers and posters, and on a table he had original PC games on display. All other titles he had (all of which are a unfamiliar to me, except maybe LOTR: War of the Ring and Age of Empires 2? 3?) were selling for only 199 pesos, while Guild Wars was for 400 pesos. We couldn't resist so we grabbed a copy. We got home and tested it out and the product key works, the CD works and the box comes complete with manuals, booklets, etc.

Hehe... I guess this is all okay with us since it will take a while for us to complete all the quests in the core pack anyway. Hopefully the expansions, Factions and Nightfall, would also be on sale around this time next year. XD

Ukay-ukay find #1: Brand new pair of Jeans from Mexx - 150 pesos ($3?)
It was raining on the way from work and I didn't have an umbrella, so I decided to pass some time at the ukay-ukay store for a while. I was planning to glance over the bags and knick-knacks, but there, on a rack right beside the entrance was a pair of jeans WITH TAGS. I took a look and saw that it still carried its price tag which reads "$295" and that it's from some company called MEXX. Heck, Hong Kong, Singapore, US dollars, I dunno, but what I do know is that when I tried it on, IT FIT PERFECTLY! As in PERFECTLY!!

Ukay-ukay find #2: Long-sleeved blouse from Marks & Spencer - 100 pesos ($2?)
Original M&S blouse which I love. Fits great, hides my I-need-to-do-sit-ups-but-I'm-too-lazy tummy and most importantly, it's wash-and-wear. XD

Ukay-ukay find #3: Cute printed long-sleeved blouse - 100 pesos ($2?)
Black and white prints, something I can wear to the office, hides problem tummy, and wash-and-wear!

Ukay-ukay find #4: Wine-colored, embroidered, zip-up vest - 100 pesos ($2?)
Made of nice, thick material. Quilted, has embroideries without looking too girly. Zips up and looks great when accessorized with a big set of headphones hanging from your neck and a backpack on one shoulder. People suddenly assume that you're an artistic genius and that your backpack is probably filled with pencils, ink, half-filled sketchbooks and books from authors they'd be ashamed to not know, instead of photos of your dog, a coffee mug and a bag of chips (tried and tested in RCBC Plaza!! Don't ask. Haha!)... XD Wash and wear.

Haha! I know. I suck at this. I'd never make it in a fashion magazine. XD

Oh and I almost forgot. A nice, big book on Celtic mythology for another 100 bucks.

Whee!! It did take a bit of haggling, ofcourse, but it was worth it.

Ian always did say that I had stuff-itis. I wanted to get him something from the ukay-ukay too, but it occured to me that he needs to be there so he can fit the clothes. It wouldn't be good to get something cool-looking only to find later that neither of us can use it.

** For foreigners who are unfamiliar with the concept of ukay-ukay, you can pretty much get an idea on what it is and how it works via these other Googled-up blogs:



PS. I like LJ's Halloween color scheme. XD

PPS. Had to edit the image for my new layout as I realized the disparity between the colors that this laptop shows to me, and the colors that monitors everywhere else show. Apparently, the color was much brighter and redder than I had hoped, though while I was making it, it looked like a good shade of maroon-brown to me. I adjusted the color, though I think I may be in for ANOTHER surprise tomorrow when I view my blog on the office computer... ^_^;;; Sigh.
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I suck.

I haven't tweaked my own journal layout for over a year now since Ian has been doing it for me, but it occured to me last night to mess with it on my own. And yeah, I messed it up.

My LJ can currently be viewed the way I want it on IE, but Firefox just ruins everything. T_T

I just want the contents on my LJ on the right side (as it is on IE), but it insists on staying on the left when viewed with Firefox. Argh.

Anyone know how to work around this? T__________T

New icons that I made, by the way. Hehehe...


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