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Hehe... I haven't completely forgotten the tradition, despite me being absent from LJ, so here it is. My Holiday wishlist for this year. ^__^

Granted, I'd most likely have to get most of these for myself, but hey, it's called a WISHlist, and I can dream, can't I? XDD You know me, always pushing my luck and testing the waters to see if some rich, clueless person with a kind heart would decide to send me my heart's desires without question. Hehehehe...

So anyway, here we go. This year, K has been a good girl and wants:
  • - a second pair of Skullcandy headphones
  • - an iPod. Either Nano or Classic, as long as it has a good-sized memory
  • - a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi
  • - a point-and-shoot digicam, preferably Canon (supermacro mode, I LOVE YOU)
  • - an extra battery pack for a Canon EOS 10D
  • - a proper carrying bag for a Canon EOS 10D
  • - a 500GB (or more), USB-powered portable HD
  • - an original Konata-chan Nendoroid
  • - updated Vocaloid MP3 collection (because I just can't seem to keep up...)
  • - Guild Wars keys for Factions/Nightfall/EotN/GW2
  • - any recommended animu/scanlated manga/music/series/movie burned onto a disc
  • - any recommended book (as in actual, non-PDF book)
  • - gift certificates for The Spa/Fully Booked/Powerbooks
  • - gift certificates to a nice food place
  • - gift art
  • - snail mail (I miss it so...)
  • - a new dice set
  • - photography lessons or books
  • - a year's worth of membership to a gym/dance/yoga class close to the Ortigas CBD (then I'm FORCED to actually go... NO ESCAPE. XDDDD)
  • - a nice meal cooked for me :D (wehehehehe.... *AHEMELEAAHEM*)
  • - nice/inspiring Vintage photos
  • - a shopping trip at Saizen XDDDDD
  • - a good haircut at your favorite stylist's (because goodness knows I need it. XD)

NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~ here's to hoping. :p

  • - Zevran Fanart
  • - Dragon Age Collector's Edition

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