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Yep, I cleaned out stuff from our piles and piles of... more stuff... recently. Can't afford to put up an actual garage sale and my eBay account is still awaiting reinstatement (long story...). So here ya go.

Prices are listed below, shipping not included yet. Will be using Air21 for everything else. Books/Printed material will be sent via 2GO since they ship books cheaper. So that'll be Item Price + Shipping. Yep, I combine shipping. Free shipping if you somehow manage to buy at least 500pesos worth of stuff. Hehe. I just want to get these things out the door.

If you need more info about the item, I'm gonna have to ask you to just Google it up. Sorry. ^_^;;;;

All these are second hand unless stated otherwise. Either they're used, or they're new but have been stuck inside my closet for a long while.

Items come from a no-smoking, cat-filled environment.


We can arrange payment details later on. Just leave me your contact details. :D

Planet of the Apes paperback. Brand new. As in, I never read it after I bought it. 100pesos.

What Puppies Do. Hardbound coffee table book. Brand new. 100pesos SOLD to dino! ^__^

What Kittens Are. Hardbound coffee table book. Brand new. 100pesos. SOLD to dino! ^__^

Eight Cousins. Well-thumbed paperback. 40pesos. SOLD to rosa! ^__^

Dojo Wisdom for Writers. 100 pesos. SOLD to elea! ^_^

Celtic Parables. Hardbound book. Glossy pages. 100pesos.

Lord Foul's Bane. Paperback. Used. 50pesos.

Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002. Vol. 1-5. Japanese. 400pesos for the set.

Pooh's Letters from the Hundred Acre Wood. Hardbound. Book has pockets inside. Complete inserts and extras. 150pesos. SOLD to nabs! ^__^

Dune: Battle of Corin. Hardbound. 80 pesos.

Pure Power Ultimate Personal Empowerment. Paperback. Never read it. 80 pesos.

The Faith of Qumran: Theology of the Dead Seas Scrolls. Paperback. 80 pesos.

The Heart of Buddhism. Paperback. 80 pesos. SOLD to Cliff! ^_^

Gift of a Letter. Paperback. Well-thumbed. Pages have highlights and notes. 50 pesos.

Victoria's Secret Pear Glace Ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream. Large tube. Never used. 300 pesos.

Hello Kitty Plush Toy, Nara, Japan Edition. Small. 80 pesos. SOLD to gia! ^__^

Esprit Purse. Bought a couple of years ago at the Esprit outlet store in New York. Never been used, but has been in my closet for years. Too small for me who carries a PSP and a sketch pad most of the time. Authentic. 800 pesos.

Gold-plated bracelet with moon charm. Never been used. 100 pesos.

Rose quartz necklace. Clasps are slightly tarnished. 200 pesos.

Glass bead necklace. Clasps are tarnished. 100 pesos.

Cellphone pouch. Never been used. 50 pesos

TOMATO Kikay pouch. Medium. Used. 30 pesos.

Rubber Luggage/Bag tag. never been used. 30 pesos.

Liz Claiborne Purse/Shoulder Bag. Authentic. Bought in outlet store in the US several years ago. Never been used. With tags. 800 pesos.

FAKEY JanSport TokoDoki backpack. Straps can be interchanged to make it a sling bag. Used but clean. 150 pesos.

Canon PowerShot A430 with freebies. Used. DEFECTIVE. Photos come out stripey. See here for samples of stripey-ness. Camera comes with camera bag with strap, box, manuals, CD driver, AV cord, cleaner wipe, 2 rechargeable AA batteries, rechargeable battery charger, mini-tripod, original Canon 16MB MMC. Sorry, no mini-USB cable. I'm using it. If you can somehow make it work or have it repaired, be my guest. At the moment, I'm just not inclined to take it in for repairs. All for 1800pesos.

One-piece, Corduroy, button-up, wine-colored dress. Medium. 100 pesos.

Gray, sleveless, mini dress with embroidered/beaded floral designs. Medium. 100 pesos. ON HOLD

Purple, body-hugging top. Small to Medium. 50 pesos.

Silver and black patterned jacket. Small. 50 pesos.

Black, patterned blouse. Small. 20 pesos.

Sheer, long-sleeved, blue, patterned top. Medium. When I say sheer, I mean SHEER. You need to wear something else underneath. 50 pesos.

Light blue office blouse. Medium. 50 pesos.

Brown turtleneck. Small to medium. Stretches. 30 pesos.

Black blouse. Note deep V-cut in neckline. Medium. 50 pesos.

Long, chinese-inspired top. Medium to large? 50 pesos.

Long-sleeved top from XY Shop. Small. 100 pesos.

Black/silver pinstriped blouse. Small. 50 pesos.

Black, long top. Medium. 50 pesos.

Black and white top. Medium. 50 pesos.

G2000 blouse/jacket. Medium. 50 pesos.

Off-white/cream long jacket/blazer. Has shoulder pads. Neckline and inside lining in neck area has yellowed from being in the closet too long. Medium. 50 pesos. SOLD to gia! ^__^

Gray Penshoppe top. Small. 50 pesos.

Top with green sleeves and print. Small. 50 pesos.

Brown blouse. Small. 50 pesos.

Brown blouse. Small. 50 pesos.

Long skirt. Elastic waistband. Shimmery material. Floor-length. Small to Medium? 50 pesos. ON HOLD

Knee-length skirt. Crochet-work. Elastic waistband. Medium. 50 pesos.

DBZ Gashapon cellphone strap. brand new. 100 pesos.

FFXII Vaan Gashapon figure. Brand new. 150 pesos.

Nintendo Gashapon Celphone straps. 50 pesos each.
Designs are:
(Top Row, Left to Right)
Luigi + 1UP mushroom, Mario + Coin (SOLD to jeme! ^__^), Mario + FireFlower, Luigi + Star, Mario + Growth mushroom
(Bottom Row, Left to Right)
Red Pipe + Chomper, Green Pipe + Mario, Yellow Pipe + Luigi
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