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It's been a while since I posted my sewing projects. There's still a whole stash I SHOULD have posted ages ago... but let's just skip that and fast forward to 2009, shall we? XDDD

Anyway, as everyone knows, I love raiding ukay-ukays to look for stuff to tear apart, cut to pieces, butcher and basically modify. It's been like that back then, it still is now. So, my latest ukay-ukay trip has yielded a good bounty, and it just so happened that I also needed something to wear to the Shizen Orchestra event days away at the time.

First, get a perfectly good pair of pants from the ukay-ukay. Make sure it fits nicely. Don't get tempted to settle for badly-fitting ones just because it's cheap.

Butcher it mercilessly. I mean, measure up to the length that you want, add 1.5 inches allowance for hemming, and SNIP! To keep it straight, you can either draw a line with a pencil or a pen (make sure to do this on the reverse of the fabric!) or use one of those... whatchamacallit-that-looks-like-a-tiny-pizza-cutterROTARY CUTTERS. There. It doesn't cut the fabric per se, but there are the ones with blades shaped like cogs so it leaves a nice dotted line for you to follow. Also, 24-inch rulers are handy. :D

Fold up the edges and secure with pins all around. Befire stitching it in place, make sure you fit it one more time (be careful with the pins...) just to make sure that the length is still how you want it. Once you're happy with it, STITCH AWAY! Personally, I had to stitch it by hand since I have no sewing machine. ^_^;;;

Once everything's hemmed in, add trims!

And as for the pant legs... I just added garter/elastics inside the hem to keep it from falling off my legs.

Hehe... I was pretty conservative with the trims since I didn't have much material, and it was my first time making something like this, so I wasn't sure just exactly how much was too much. ^_^;;

And there we go. And yes, I wore it a few days later. ^_^;;;

(Big thanks to h_matsumoto and her Project Rockway series of posts. I got the idea from her. ^__^v)

here we go! Hazel's Project Rockway series! ^________^
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