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I remember about a year ago, during one of my many trips to Serendra with Ian, I spotted these gorgeous rain boots displayed on a rack. I was surprised, because I've never seen a pair of big, rubber boots which were obviously meant for getting wet, which didn't look like the black or yellow ones that I normally saw being worn by traffic cops or construction workers. I wanted one so badly back then, but when I learned that a pair costs about 2000++ php each, I sadly had to put it down and walk away. Since then, I never forgot about the boots in different colors and cute patterns.

Fast forward to now.

It's the beginning of the rainy season again, and quite frankly, I was getting sick (both literally and figuratively) with having to bear with getting my shoes, socks and feet wet in the rain during my daily commute to work, and then having to stay in a cold, air-conditioned office for the next 10 hours or so with wet, cold feet. Thankfully, the main difference between then and now is that I could afford a pair of those lovely rain boots these days.

So, a quick search in Google for "patterned rain boots" turned up the name "Plueys". I found their site, saw the photos of the same boots I lusted after, all those months ago, and learned that I could apparently place an order online. Now, having been an eBay user for this long, I was bracing myself for delays, long gaps with communication, at least a one-week period before getting my order, and even the grim possibility of receiving an item in either the wrong size or pattern. I was, however, completely wrong.

I placed my order on a Monday night, got an email about payment details on Tuesday morning, paid for it via bank deposit on Tuesday afternoon... and by Wednesday, at lunch time, the Air 21 van was honking in front of our house and a box with the Plueys logo was in my hands in no time. I opened the box, and found that I got exactly what I ordered: a pair of size 7s, in a pattern called Catstooth. It was a wonderful experience.

Of course, being excited as I was, I tried using my spankin'-new pair the very next day. The results?

First of all, I need to point out that I was able to wear my Plueys for 15 hours straight with no problem at all, which, considering its weight and all, was pretty surprising. And speaking of weight, yes, as one could expect from a pair of footwear that you can use to wade through ankle-deep floodwaters if necessary, the boots ARE heavy. It takes a bit of getting used to, and it took me about 10 minutes to fully get accustomed to walking around in it. On the other hand, I'm guessing that if you're used to heavy footwear (I used to wear heavy hiking boots everyday for 3 years back in college), it should be no problem.

Other things I need to point out about it would be the fact that the interior of the boots are WARM, which is a wonderful thing when you're stuck in a cold, cold office. However, because it's quite toasty in there, leggings or long socks are a MUST when wearing the boots, because otherwise, I think you'll just end up with sweaty calves. Also, I noticed that I had some difficulty going up and down steps while I was wearing the boots because of the thick rubber that the boots themselves are made of. The material pinching into my ankles as I was going up and down the pedestrian overpass was rather troublesome, but walking everywhere else that WASN'T a set of stairs was wonderfully comfy.

And of course, there was the puddle-stomping. Oh, how I loved the puddle-stomping... Walking around in the rain with impunity is a particularly nice experience, I think, and I'd recommend it to everyone. :3

All in all: Plueys are <3
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