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Don't think you're off the hook yet.

NEVER underestimate the powers of Google Cache. You shit on the internet once, it's there forever. Or at least for a certain amount of time, EVEN AFTER YOU'VE REMOVED IT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Now, isn't that nice, hmmm?

A big thank you to R who has graced us with this wonderful morsel. XDDDDD

And so, just in case it gets wiped from cache as well, here it is. I took a screenshot of the entire cached page for posterity.

ABS-CBN'S ANNOUNCEMENT ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THEY WERE GONNA COME UP WITH A DUMB REMAKE OF AN ALREADY-DUMB FILM WHICH IS BASED ON AN EVEN DUMBER BOOK. And yes, this was exactly five days before they started washing their hands of the whole thing, claiming that they NEVER made an announcement, and then blaming Perez Hilton for everything. Personally, I think Perez Hilton should sue their asses off.

Liar, liar... )

Oh, and also, even that Erratum of yours is horrible. All is lost. The network has forever lost credibility in my eyes.

Yes, I do believe that the Spider Queen shall be pleased.

This is the reason why I don't watch local TV anymore. It's worthless.
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This is just GOLDEN, and I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] kaoko_cow for this tidbit that made my day today.

So, okay.

FIRST, ABS-CBN PROUDLY declares that they have bagged the rights for a local Twilight remake to be called "Takipsilim". And yes, I DO remember clicking on links that DO take you to THEIR WEBSITE. The news explodes, everyone picks up on it and cites the original news article on ABS-CBN's site.


ABS-CBS apparently did not expect people to react negatively to such a dumb idea in the first place, because... well... because they thought it would be awesome. SO, days later, the story was pulled from the site.

NOW, ABS-CBN is doing a major backpedal, stating that they NEVER said anything about making a local version of Twilight with an ugly-ass actor playing the supposedly-dashing Edward, and that everything we've read so far, is wrong.


Lol. So, does anyone have any screenies of the original story that was posted on ABS-CBN's website, or did we ALL (yes, all 1 million or so of us web denizens) just imagine it all up? I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide me with it, so feel free to let me know, mmmkay? XDDDD

Oh, and by the way, personally, I just don't think it's such a good idea to start pointing fingers at Perez Hilton or his blog. I mean, if your researchers put a little more effort into it (as in, one click away), it should be noted that the person closer to home that they should be citing would most likely be someone named Edgar O. Cruz instead. Just saying. ^_^;;
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I'm currently enjoying what little is left of my rest day, so I dropped by WalterMart to visit Netopia and have lunch. I noticed that there are ads here announcing that a new dance studio is gonna be opening at the 5th floor. The venue is still under construction, but I'm kinda interested because they offer yoga, and I've been hearing that yoga is actually good exercise for people like me with bad knee problems. My most recent stage dive has prompted me to actually try to find a more active solution to  the problem, as opposed to just taking supplements, and exercising at the gym (though I'm not about to stop either one of those, by the way).

I'm actually happy with all the new things popping up inside WalterMart, like the spankin' new office of the Camera Club of the Philippines, the new bake shop on the second floor, some offices, and now the dance studio. ^_^

As for lunch, though... I just ended up being rather pissed off at my attempt to get some nourishment.

I went to Mr. Choi Kitchen at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati, and it being only 10:30am, the place was EMPTY. I was the first person there, so I walked in, checked the menu and decided on what I wanted to order. I sat there for TEN MINUTES, and no waiter was approaching. I decided not to call out for one, because I figured they might just be busy with finishing up their shop-opening rituals or whatever. However, I noticed that the waiters were actually aware that I was there. They were looking at me, and ACTIVELY IGNORING ME. I finally decided to call over a waitress, and as I was about to order, I lightly pointed out what was happening. Her reply was "Akala po kasi nila hindi kayo customer." ("They thought you weren't a customer.")

I was pretty disgusted by this answer.

Not just because I wasn't wearing a blazer and a necktie, doesn't give anyone the right to automatically dismiss me as a vagrant.

So remember kids, if you want the waiters to actually serve you food when you pass by this establishment, remember to wear your prom gown or a barong tagalog.


I did the most logical thing to do, which was eat at The Old Spaghetti House instead. XD
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Last July 24, Lem and I were walking around Mall of Asia after having a good dinner. We were just strolling, thinking about what to do and where to go next, when we decided to check out the movies and see what's on. We then passed by this row of stores:

The funny part is that I've never really noticed just how strategic the whole placement of everything was until I stood back a bit as I was waiting for Lem to purchase movie tickets. Coming from the entrance of the mall, you'll pass by this store first:

Makes sense. You need to propose to the girl of your dreams, pronto, so this is stage 1, where you purchase an engagement ring for her. And while you're at it, you could start picking out wedding rings for yourselves, too, just in case.

That's step 1. Next door would be step 2:

Okay, fine. So after purchasing the ring and all, you start fantasizing about your wedding, in case she says "yes". You can start canvassing for dresses, invitations, cakes, etc. However, after the wedding comes the honeymoon, of course. Hence, step 3:

Hmmmm... this part of the process screams of MOTIVE, and I think if the girl of your dreams saw you in there WHILE you're holding the newly-purchased engagement ring, I think that the chances of ever getting to steps 2 and 3 get a whole lot slimmer... unless she's into that sort of thing. XD

But hey, one-stop shopping is always a good idea, which is why I love groceries that display the salsa and dips right beside the nachos. :D In the case above, though... just don't get caught, I suppose. XD
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 I just realized that I am currently at day 4 of a 12-day workweek, and that my next days off won't be until July 30 and 31. We're in the middle of another schedule shift, too, so all applications for Paid Time Off has been placed on hold until the new schedules have been set. 

My coming rest days will find me working as a company mascot at an upcoming expo. 9am to 6pm. On my feet. Trying to get new recruits. Right.

And what for, you ask? All for 800 pesos worth of GCs. Yes, I am desperate.

My only hope to get some extra time off would be to call in sick (which I would most likely be by Day 10, I'm guessing).


AGH!  >_<;;
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Yep, in a matter of 4 hours, I managed to go from person-who-just-got-paid-for-two-weeks-worth-of-work, to complete and utter HOBO. Yep, between 5:30 am and 9am today, I went from 100 to 10, deceleration at its finest. It's a personal record, I tell you. XD

Lolz. Well, it isn't all bad. For one thing, at least everyone we owe money to has been paid. I paid off the money that I borrowed from Kate the last time, and she's withdrawn it from the airport and she's now taking the cash to Singapore in a couple of hours, where she'll be staying for the next 2 years or so (sniff! Bon Voyage!!). We also paid 2 months's worth of rent in one go so that our account with our landlady can finally be up to date. We've deffered several months' worth of rent right after our apartment got robbed last year, and we've struggled to make ends meet since then. Thankfully, our landlady is a really nice person, and she didn't throw us out of our apartment even though we're a few payments late. But then, I suppose that it also helps that we've never missed a payment at all, until that incident. ^_^;;

Oh yeah, and then we also paid for our bills. And I also paid for my parents HMO plans. By the end of it all, I had about 1500 pesos left.

That is, until I went to the grocery just a while ago and purchased enough food that I can cook for Lem and myself for the next two weeks, until next payday. It's tiring and all, but it's still so much cheaper to just cook for yourself instead of eating out.

Now, I have about 700++pesos left (and counting, as I type this in a net cafe) which I will have to stretch for the next 15 days. That basically translates to:

- no taxi rides
- no eating out
- no imported junk food
- definitely no over-priced, yummy coffee (unless I earn some more Starbucks GCs from work)
- no bargain books or second-hand clothes
- no shopping for lace and pretty ribbons for more loli sewing projects
- and definitely no impulse purchases from eBay


Putting things in perspective, though, I'm still glad that all that's done and over with, and I'm looking forward to NEXT payday since our obligations will be much lighter by then. I've already set my mind on buying oodles more lace, a new book, and a big bag of Cheetos.

After that, we can finally set about getting ourselved a new PS2 and maybe even replace the laptop that was stolen from us. ^_^

Anyway, just a parting shot before I go back home to get some sleep (had to get up early to give away my salary and all...).

K's picture of the day:

Purchased from the grocery a month ago. The world's horniest pair of tamarinds. Bow.
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Your result for The Greek Mythology Personality Test...


33% Extroversion, 67% Intuition, 72% Emotiveness, 24% Perceptiveness

You are a normally quiet person with very strong convictions and a marked activist streak. You have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong, and you like seeing people punished for their transgressions. You are Nemesis, goddess of punishment. You are a champion for the defenseless, you love poetic justice and, if karmic retribution doesn't have its say, then you'll have yours. You are astute, rarely fooled, and idealistic.

Your defining characteristic is your internal and inflexible system of morals. Because of your highly intuitive nature, you possess the theoretical nature required to define those morals, but you sometimes lack the ability to verbalize and expound on them, especially on the more nuanced parts of your worldview. Regardless, you have strong instincts which often prove to be correct, and rather than preaching, you act on them. You don't compromise -- ever.

You can sometimes be a person of great internal stress. You don't have double standards, and so you expect the same of yourself as you expect of others. You might find, sometimes, that you have just as hard of a time in living up to those expectations as the people around you. As a result, you are rarely at peace with yourself, but you're also likely to think of this in a positive light -- you're always forcing yourself to improve, and you avoid making mistakes.

You tend to be a private person, and don't like to talk much about those staunch morals of yours until, that is, they become violated. Once that happens, everyone is going to know exactly where you stand. You have a distaste of nihilism and intellectual relativism that will make you naturally compatible with scientists and certain kinds of philosophers, even if they don't share your activist streak.

Famous People like you: Goethe, Voltaire, Susan B. Anthony, Robert Burns
Similar Personality Types: Prometheus, The Oracle, Hermes, Orpheus
Avoid: Icarus, Dionysus, Agamemnon, Atlas
You may or may not be able to get along with an Odysseus -- it will depend on his/her upbringing.

TakeThe Greek Mythology Personality Test at HelloQuizzy

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Yesterday, Lem and I had my parents over. It was my mom's birthday, and I cooked us a nice meal. After we've eaten, and we were just talking about things, my mom and dad told Lem and me this story that made me want to flay several people alive.

My mom has a bosom buddy from way back during her teenage years, and they've been keeping in touch for the longest time. Now this friend (I'll just call her "tita" for now, because they're scared of having this story made public) hasn't been doing so well in life. She scrapes a living out of selling siomai and barbecue on the sidewalk, near their house, and it's gotten so bad for them that there was a point where her whole family would hide out for days because people that they borrowed money from are already looking for them and trying to get them arrested. They've had to move several times because they couldn't afford to pay rent anymore, and there was also a time when they couldn't even send their kids to school anymore due to money problems.

Now, tita has three kids, the youngest and possibly the smartest of whom is a daughter who is already in her fourth year of high school education.

The story concerns this daughter.

The daughter (I'll call her "A" for now) entered fourth year high school at the beginning of the current schoolyear, which is about the second week of June. Like all seniors in this country, she's occupied with trying to decide which colleges and universities to apply at, and she's working hard at reviewing her lessons so that she'll be able to pass the college entrance exams. Now, "A" has a cousin who studies at the country's state university, the University of the Philippines (UP), which is a place that is well-known for good quality education, and for having some of the country's brightest minds serve as professors on campus. The cousin encouraged "A" to take the entrance exam at UP, the UPCAT, and gave her a form to fill out so that she can start her application.

One of the requirements for submitting an application is having the form signed by her current school's principal and guidance counselor.

Now, "A" studies at a certain well-known, but low-quality, public high school in Manila, near my own university, UST. She discussed her plans with her classroom adviser, who encouraged her to take the exam as well. However, when she approached her school's principal and guidance counsellor, who happened to be together in the same office at the time, the principal supposedly took one look at the application form, sneered at "A" and said, "Sigurado ka ba, iha? Anong section mo?" ("Are you sure about this, girl? Which section do you belong to?")

"A" replied, "Section 16 po." (there are 30 sections of fourth year students in their school, by the way)

Principal: "Hah! Ang tindi mo naman mangarap! E yung ngang first section natin na 'Einstein' e hirap na hirap na makapasa dun. Hindi ka na nasasayangan sa gagawin mo e hindi ka naman papasa?" ("Hah! You sure can dream! Why, even the students from our top section 'Einstein' find it very difficult to pass that test. Don't you find what you're about to do wasteful, when you're not even going to pass?")

A: "Sabi naman po ng nanay ko OK lang na subukan ko kasi wala namang mawawala." ("My mom said it's OK to try since there's nothing to lose."

Guidance Counselor: "Anong walang mawawala?? E yung 500 na ibabayad mo sa entrance exam, di ba mawawala yun? Sayang!" ("What do you mean there's nothing to lose?? That 500 pesos that you'll be paying to take the exam, isn't that going to be lost? What a waste!")

At this point, I was told that A was already at the brink of crying. The principal then continued by saying, "TAGA-UP ako. Alam ko yan, at alam kong napaka-hirap nung exam kaya sinasabi ko na sayo ngayon pa lang." ("I myself am from UP. I know those things, and I also know that the exam is very difficult so I'm telling you this now.")

The principal and the conselor then sign the application form, and as the principal hands back the form to the already shaken student, she su]pposedly added, "Ayan, pag sakaling naka-pasa ka, bumalik ka dito at pagtawanan mo ko!" ("Here, if you ever pass, then come back here and laugh at me!")

This broke the poor girl and she burst into tears, since that last statement gave her the idea that even as the form was handed back to her, she was already being laughed at. Probably sensing that they're probably getting into trouble, the principal added a hurried, "Hinde, sinasabi ko lang naman yan kasi concerned ako sayo." ("No, I'm just telling you this because I'm concerned for you.")

"A" walked out of the room and went back to her classroom, still in tears. Along the way, she ran into a teacher (I'm not sure if it's her classroom advisor) who asked why she was crying, so she told the teacher the whole story. After hearing her out, the teacher did her best to comfort "A", but could only say things like, "Hayaan mo na yun. Wag mo na lang pansinin. Pagbutihin mo na lang pag-aaral mo para maka-pasa ka." ("Just let it go. Just ignore them. Just work hard on yuor studies so you can pass the exam.")

After this incident, my mom (who was staying at tita's for a while... as for what she's doing there, that's another long story for another post) observed that "A" who used to be bright and cheerful, suddenly became reclusive and very sensitive, thinking that every remark she hears is directed towards insulting her intelligence. For example, "A" has an elder sister and an elder brother, and like all siblings, they like to joke around and hurl jokes and meaningless insults at eachother from time to time. Nowadays, in the middle of a casual, happy conversation, nonchalant remarks such as "Shunga ka talaga!" ("You dummy!") would suddenly make her angry, and she'd shout at her siblings, saying "Kita mo?? Pati kayo dina-down nyo ko!" ("You see?? Even you guys are bringing me down!").

My mom also observed that for a whole week, "A" would just sit in a corner and refuse to talk to people properly. She also started behaving oddly. For example, in the past, when she wasn't feeling well, she would just walk up to one of her family members and simply say that she had a headache. Right after the incident, when she got a headache, she sat in a corner and just BAWLED and WHINED endlessly and loudly about her headache, while flipped her hair from back to front, in front of her face, and start slowly pulling at strands (the strands aren't pulled OFF though, so that's good).

"A" told only her family about what happened to her and the family is, of course, very angry. Her dad, as well as her sister and brother all want to take action SOMEHOW. The problem is that "A" is very scared that if she tells the story to anyone else, or if she tries to take action against the principal, the principal will somehow get back at her and somehow cause her not to graduate from high school. Hence, the reason why I bothered with the aliases in this story even though I know their full names.

I was also informed that the same incident happened to a second girl who was "A"'s classmate. In a separate incident, the classmate was also trying to have her application form to UP signed by the principal, and she got the same treatment. The difference is that the classmate chose not to tell her family.
End of story? I definitely hope not.

I'm still gathering more data. Dates. Names. All those things.

I've said in a previous entry that I sometimes wished I was Karma personified. Scratch that. Right now, I want to be Righteous, Immediate and Absolute Ass-kicking Vengeance.

But what do we do? Who do we talk to? How do we keep "A" safe from their principal's possible lashback??
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As spotted at WalterMart Makati yesterday afternoon:

Wow. The Credible Hulk must be really... you know... credible. He probably takes out loans in banks with no problems. And I bet he never gets that "citation needed" flag when he edits a page at Wikipedia and all...
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Last night, Lem and I were talking over dinner. Nothing serious, as it was just the "so how was your day?" type of conversation which was prompted by the fact that Lem just got home from work.

One of the things that Lem brought us was a billboard that he saw somewhere. It was an ad for a BPO/call center company, and it was trying to portray itself as a giver of solutions for all your business needs, as well as a good place to start if you happen to be looking for a job at the time. To portray this, the creators of the ad decided to put up the image of a call center agent raising her hand.

I guffawed.

Of course, we all have this deeply-ingrained mental image that equates a person raising her hand to a really smart student in the classroom who knows all the answers. This idea would have worked, except it didn't work on me because I know the truth that inside a call center, agents who raise their hands are generally either:

a.) completely clueless and doesn't know what to do, and has to call for assistance from a designated floorwalker or perhaps a more knowledgeable colleague.


b.) completely clueless to the point of botching the call, that the caller is now asking for a supervisor.

I'm pretty sure that THAT wasn't the message that they wanted to get across, but... oh well. XD I suppose it would still work for people who are unfamiliar with call centers, but considering that the ad was along Shaw Boulevard, I'm not so sure anymore. ^_^;;;;


There's been another ad that's been getting under my skin, and that's the Yoshinoya Gyudon-eating Contest 2008 poster.

The main thing that bothers me on the poster is the fact that there's a Kurosaki Ichigo rip-off in the background, and a badly-done one at that. Despite the blurred lines that looks like the original image was lazily traced over, and the brown hair, it was still undeniably Ichigo. It also reminded me of those collectible cards that come free with those one-peso cheese snacks that I used to horde back in elementary and high school (yep, I'm talking about teks). There was a month or so when I collected Yuu Yuu Hakusho cards from the said snacks and I was disappointed because half the batch was composed of distorted images of the characters... and they looked exactly the way that Ichigo does on that Yoshinoya poster.

I guess I'm just slightly disappointed, because for such a large food chain, you'd think they'd have a bit more budget to hire someone to do a good job. In fact, it wasn't even necessary for them to put pseudo-Ichigo on there in the first place as the poster already worked, even without having to use an anime character in the background. ^_^;;;

Maaa... but who am I to speak? I'm no advertising graduate. On the other hand, it doesn't make the damned ad any less annoying, either. XD

Again: Oh well. :/
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I forgot to mention that I finally finished watching Busou Renkin a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the DVD that jylichan left at our place when he dropped by the last time.

I have to admit that the series sort of felt like the result of something that Nobuhiro Watsuki probably doodled on a lazy summer afternoon when he had to submit SOMETHING to his publishers, the main protagonist What's-His-Face was a bit on the forgettable side, and the ending of the anime series felt a little rushed and all. BUT it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it, and all thanks to one character in the series: PAPILLON!

I swear, he's so gay, that I love him. XD XD

See for yourself: [YouTube link here]

All I can say is....

... do you really want to pick a fight with a guy who keeps his mask in his thong briefs...? XD

MOTTO AI~~~!!! PA - PI - LLON~~!! * strike a pose!! *
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First off, for stuff that I've picked up from my flist just now...

** From Khursten:

A maid cafe, featuring MEN, cosplaying as GIRLS, cosplaying as MAIDS.

Oh yeah, baby! Get me a Japanese visa! NOW!! XD XD XD

Dear God, this takes the cake for today's DISCOVERY MADE OF WIN. It cracked my skull open for the first few minutes, but now I'm just getting this steady tickling sensation at the back of my head. It still causes me to randomly burst into fits of giggles, but hell, I love it. XD

** From Magnetic_rose:

The cutest pair of headphones that I have EVER seen. I am despairing over the fact that I cannot own a pair myself since miss M_rose purchased hers in Japan. T_T Sigh.

*Goes back to looking at male maid waitresses. Giggles.*

** From Karen

I didn't know that Jonathan Brandis killed himself. O_O

Or maybe I did, and I blogged about it years ago, but I forgot and I just rediscovered it today, thanks to Karen's post about Brad Renfro's death. It's just that back in elementary school, I had the biggest crush on him and I'd watch SeaQuest every single week without fail because of him. So, when I learned that he actually committed suicide, I guess I was a bit baffled by it all. :/


As for the subject of this post, I just wanted to write about this one dream that I had recently if only for its utter weirdness.

The dream started out with me going to a pet store, and checking out the fish section. I wasn't interested in actually getting a pet fish, and I was just looking around waiting for someone. Anyway, the room was perfectly square, and pretty big, and all the walls were lined from ceiling to floor with tanks of colorful fish, just lazily swimming around. In the middle of the room was the cash register, and the counter space around the register itself was also stacked with fish tanks.

I don't know why, but the cashier handed me this plastic container in the shape of a pair of high-heeled shoes. The container was filled with water, and in the water was a pair of lovely goldfish. Well, I don't know if they were goldfish, but they were gold-colored, and they had these lovely fins that swayed back and forth as they moved around in the tiny container. I thanked the cashier and I headed out of the store because I remembered that I had to meet Lem for dinner at some restaurant.

The dream then cuts, and I'm already seated at the table, facing Lem. I looked down at my hands (I was still holding the container with the fish), and when I looked up, I was surprised to find that Lem has transformed into, of all people, Kazuharu Fukuyama in his serious/gentle mode, smiling at me!!

Yes, Fukuyama from Girls Bravo! Blonde hair, white school uniform and all!

Lolz. What's so special about this dream was that in my dream, I had this absolute feeling of SHEER. JOY. It was... it was like when Candy from Candy Candy finally found out that Terry was actually **** OPS! Spoilers... ****. It was THAT sort of elation. Lolz. I swear, I've never had a dream that had such an intense feeling like that, that it carried over for the rest of the day after I woke up. It was so... ROMANTIC! XD XD

In my dream, after I found out about what happened, that Lem was actually Fukuyama, I actually hugged him, closed my eyes, smiled, and said, "My prince..."


I swear, even _I_ never thought that I'd ever say something like that, EVEN IN DREAMS! I could have sworn that there were shojo bubbles floating around at that point, and then I woke up, and I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. In fact, just thinking about it right now makes me feel giddy. Haha! And to think that the "Prince" archetype isn't exactly the first thing that I go for, given a choice. And my God! Fukuyama??? As we all know, he falls in the same class with Happosai, except with good looks and an infinite amount of money. He does have his moments though, when his testosterone level doesn't get the better of him, so I suppose I wouldn't mind...


But then again, considering that I've been crushing on 2-D males since elementary and high school, should I even still be surprised?


On the other hand... what was that saying again? Something that's got to do with your first dream of the year? Because that WAS my first dream of the year... Erk. ^_^;;;;
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From the looks of it, if I'm late for work today, I'll have these idiots to blame. It's raining, it's cold, I'd rather stay home snug and dry, the noise of construction work is outside our door, and I'm simply not in the mood for this sort of crap today. =_=;;

And they had to do it on a main thorughfare, on a stormy day in the middle of the workweek.

Geez, I can just imagine the traffic later.


I know they have their reasons and all, but isn't there a way to go about all this without disrupting the busiest part of the financial district, and without being a hassle to the people trying to make a living in that area, and without scaring away the guests at the Peninsula Hotel who could possibly be investors scoping out the place?

When this happens once or twice, it's shocking and it gets me worried, but when things like this happen at this frequency, it just starts to get annoying.

Sigh. I know, I know. I'm being obnoxious and apathetic and insensitive and unpatriotic, etc etc etc, and I have completely no idea of what I'm talking about.


Looks like they're about to storm the hotel. Let's just hope they're all smart enough not to get anyone killed.

According to the news ticker on GMA 7, a series of gunshots are now going off inside the hotel.

Sigh. So much for hoping.

That's it. Fuck that. I'm going back to bed.


I feel so damned sorry for the hotel.


We've finished Lucky Star. I think I'll just pop in The Producers in the DVD player again...

Bada bing bada boom, bada bing bam bing bam boom...
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I'm currently dashing off a post even though I don't really have anything to say (well, actually, I DO have something to say, but what I've got to say requires some degree of thought and concentration as it's a pretty serious matter which I feel should be written in a pretty serious manner...) because I AM SCARED WITLESS RIGHT NOW.

I made the mistake of going over thetotorocatbus' LJ entry, and I am now alone in our apartment, cold and completely freaked out. Yes, I am sharing that link. Come! Be traumatized along with me!! AHAHAHAHA!!!


I really shouldn't have done that.

I have the same attitude to horror as I do to spicy beef biriani rice (remember the one they serve at Mister Kebab's?). I am stupidly attracted and enthusiastic towards it even though I have absolutely no guts to handle such things, and then moments later, I only realize all this AFTER I've scarred my memory (or my tastebuds) for life.


La dee daa~~~...

Ooh, look! Meme!

I knew it. This blog is too full of juvenile drivel and angst and ducks. On the other hand, I can market it under the premise of being "a light and easy read". Don't you just love euphemisms?

By the way, if you're taking that meme above, remember to edit the code or you'll end up with some link on your blog that leads to some cash advance/loan spam site.


*turns on the lights, turns her mirror towards the wall, and hides under the sheets*
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I forgot to mention that on the day that Ian and I went out to feed ducks, we also went to see Beowulf at Glorietta. We got our tickets several hours early, and while we were waiting for the 3pm screening, we decided to walk around the mall.

As we were hanging out at the arcade near the cinemas, we noticed this PuriKura machine which proudly proclaimed itself as "Adlib of Wind". Of course, we know that it's actually trying to tell everyone that there are fans in the booth so that you can have that "hair flying back, a la supermodel" look when you have your photo taken. However, all common sense is easily overridden in minds that are hungry for Engrish to poke fun at. "Adlib of Wind" actually comes off as something of an allussion to a fart, really.

According to the machine, "After selecting wind, a fresh and strong wind will blow."


Oh, and yeah, we also found a box of bouncing, assorted girls for 100 pesos each.

Yeah, baby!

(More photos at my Multiply album.)

(Thoughts on Beowulf... when I have time. XD)
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I was in SM Makati yesterday because Glorietta was closed for inspection, and I decided to wander about the booths that the local Toy Kingdom branch has stocked full of Halloween costumes and accessories. Actually, I've been looking for a bat-wing headband, a la Morrigan Aensland, for the longest time, so I figured that I'd give it a go (it's JUST the headpiece that I want. I have no intention of dressing up like Morrigan... unless I go on an intensive starvation spree for the next three months).

Anyway, as I was looking around and trying on some things, this woman and her 2 or 3 year old daughter arrived. They were there to get a costume for the little girl, and the mom picked out a PENGUIN COSTUME for the kid. They had the kid try it on, and I SWEAR I NEARLY DIED WITH THE INTENSE LEVEL OF CUTENESS. I felt some veins on my head threatening to burst because I just wanted to squeal so much!

The costume consisted of a black penguin body, a hoodie that had the penguin eyes and beak, and some piece of cloth to cover the legs so it looked like penguin feet.

So the girl put the whole ensemble on, and her mom was also giggling with just how cute her daughter was. She then wanted to test the costume's comfort level, so she told the little girl to try to walk a few steps towards her nanny. There must have been something with the penguin feet, because the girl kept tripping over, and her nanny had to keep catching her (the mom was giggling the entire time).

Yes, and I was taken back to that specific moment in Azumanga history, and I now know how I would probably react to a real-life Chiyo-chan.


I love Halloween celebrations. ^________^ I just wish that all those costumes that they sell at the stores also came in adult sizes. Lolz. Yes, I think it's the frustrated cosplayer in me. XD

Plus, they bring out all these cool-looking plastic swords, axes, scythes, daggers, lances, tridents, etc etc etc, in bulk during this season. I feel like I'm eight again, and I just want to buy every toy in the shop. XD
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What have you done now, LJ? For some unknown reason my LJ layout has reverted back to a layout which I have used... oh, I dunno, some time earlier this year or last Christmas, during the height of my FF12 adoration, approximately two layouts ago.

Sigh. I have no idea how to fix it, so I'll have to wait for Ian to do it for me. T_T

Oh well... T_T
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"...Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not... fuck with us."

Apparently... Malu Fernandez of the Manila (sub?)Standard has not yet seen this movie. She should, then maybe she wouldn't have made such a badly-worded article. Someone PLEASE get her a bootleg DVD copy of Fight Club from Quiapo soon.

Ah, the smell of the blogosphere's influence. Times sure have changed, huh?

(Yep, I've been living under a rock recently, so it's just not that I finally managed to post SOMETHING on this LJ again, even though I've been meaning to for days. I've just been plain exhausted from work.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to warn you that if you are an OFW, you know someone who is an OFW, or you actually know how OFWs contribute to Philippine society in general [so that would be about 90% of the Filipinos out there...], reading Malu's article may not be such a good way to start your morning.)

I've already pitched my tiny share of bashing over the past few days, so I'll just leave it at that, especially since everyone else has done a better job that I could ever do myself. Just google it up and you'll see what I mean.
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The latest release from crazy, old JT has just found its way into gaming blogs.

The subject that I used for this LJ entry is quoted directly from that press release. XD XD XD

Press release in its raw form is under the cut.

Enjoy! )

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I swear, these two clips should be categorized under "OMG it made me shoot my drink out my nose" when it comes to the dumb factor. It's just so stupid that it completely goes off the meter and comes out the other side as comedy gold...

Clip #1: Two words, kids: TEMPERED GLASS!

A 16-second clip from a surveillance camera. Two guys tried to break in to a place by smashing the window with a rock. Window fights back. XD XD

Clip #2: The best use for a suplex...

Another very short clip (11 seconds) from an elevator surveillance camera. A thief tried to take the lady's purse, but... well... just go watch it. Some say this is actually part of some advertisement, though, but eitherway, it's still damned funny. XD (I love this clip because it reminds me of that scene from Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu when Chidori punishes Sagara for forgetting to return her notes.)


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