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We are in need of a reliable video editor for occasional projects. Just short video clips, 10 minutes long at the MOST.

We'll need his/her services probably about once or twice a month, tops. Needs to be able to work with deadlines, raw digital footage and lulz.

We're willing to pay. We'll negotiate later. :3

If you can recommend anyone, or if you want to apply for it, please send us samples of your work at thelolidudes at gmail dot com. Please have the email addressed to me, Kristine/K/ksolaris.

Thank you~~~~ ^____________^

Big News

Nov. 26th, 2008 10:18 pm
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Still unable to compose proper paragraphs.

Tired. Just got home. Still not used to commuting. Still not unpacking stuff out of boxes and bags until now.

Just watched Bolt. It was awesome lulz!!! So, please, do yourselves a favor and spend your hard-earned money on Bolt instead of that god-awful Twilight-thing. Amen.

I am now trading in my current job for a new one that will actually allow me to have a future. The perfect job interview has happened. I am eternally grateful for this early Christmas/Birthday present. Oh, and I'll be working in the Ortigas CBD, starting this January.

Signing off again for now.

K Rising?

Nov. 10th, 2008 02:43 pm
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Okay, with regards to the whole NaBloPoMo thing, so far so good. On the other hand, with our upcoming move of residence, I have a feeling that my 30 posts in 30 days goal might be in peril once again. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps I didn't pick a good month to jump into this whole thing, but I suppose I'll still go ahead and try my best to hit that number. :D


A recent conversation with friends over Plurk has recently given me the idea for probably the perfect illustration of how I see call center life:


Haha! Not intending to be mean and all, and no offense meant to people who actually LIKE being in call centers. It's just me. I've always said that it's never been my first choice as a career, and most probably never will be, but necessity sometimes drives people to do things... which is also why I'm currently fighting the hard fight to try to get out of the whole outsourced customer service business. I'm still trying to find ways, and we'll see how far that takes me this time around.

I'm hoping for some change to happen soon, and I'm crossing my fingers. :D In the meantime, someone hand me a Lego head and a chainsaw. Hehe.


K's book bargain of the day:

Brand new, sealed, purchased from Fully Booked. Price: Php100.00
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It's just 3.5 more hours before my shift at work ends, and after the previous case that I worked on just before I started typing this out, I am now DRAINED. Ugh. I just can't wait to get the heck out of here, especially since my day off begins right after this shift, then I don't have to be back until Thursday night.

To be honest, I can't wait to get out of here FOR GOOD. In fact I'm tempted to just simply waltz out of here now and not show up for work on Thursday, or ever again, for that matter.

Sigh. If only things were that simple, ne?

Hehe... I need to be patient, though.

I'm currently ironing out a couple of things that would hopefully allow me to PERMANENTLY leave the whole call center hullabaloo behind. It's still a work in progress, but I'll know the results within the next couple of weeks, but so far, it's looking good. In the meantime, I'm keeping the whole thing under wraps since I don't want to jinx it. Some people out there (you know who you are) already know what I'm up to, but I just don't want to blatantly let the cat out of the bag until... well... until the cat is IN the bag to begin with.

I feel particularly sick right now, and I want to run to the restroom and throw up, but I think I can hold out another 3.5 hours without causing any form of disaster. I think.

Similarly, I think I can still also put up with my current work state for several more weeks, until I figure out how the new plans are really coming along, and if I could afford to drop my current job like a hot potato, before walking up to some people at the office and slapping them senseless.

Until then, I quote from Nigella Lawson, whenever she dumps a whole bowl of butter, or sugar, or both into a mixer: "Be brave."
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... goes a little something like this:

Interviewer: O HAI!
K: O RLY???
I: BAI~!

Haha! Oh, how I wish. :p
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 I just realized that I am currently at day 4 of a 12-day workweek, and that my next days off won't be until July 30 and 31. We're in the middle of another schedule shift, too, so all applications for Paid Time Off has been placed on hold until the new schedules have been set. 

My coming rest days will find me working as a company mascot at an upcoming expo. 9am to 6pm. On my feet. Trying to get new recruits. Right.

And what for, you ask? All for 800 pesos worth of GCs. Yes, I am desperate.

My only hope to get some extra time off would be to call in sick (which I would most likely be by Day 10, I'm guessing).


AGH!  >_<;;
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Yep, in a matter of 4 hours, I managed to go from person-who-just-got-paid-for-two-weeks-worth-of-work, to complete and utter HOBO. Yep, between 5:30 am and 9am today, I went from 100 to 10, deceleration at its finest. It's a personal record, I tell you. XD

Lolz. Well, it isn't all bad. For one thing, at least everyone we owe money to has been paid. I paid off the money that I borrowed from Kate the last time, and she's withdrawn it from the airport and she's now taking the cash to Singapore in a couple of hours, where she'll be staying for the next 2 years or so (sniff! Bon Voyage!!). We also paid 2 months's worth of rent in one go so that our account with our landlady can finally be up to date. We've deffered several months' worth of rent right after our apartment got robbed last year, and we've struggled to make ends meet since then. Thankfully, our landlady is a really nice person, and she didn't throw us out of our apartment even though we're a few payments late. But then, I suppose that it also helps that we've never missed a payment at all, until that incident. ^_^;;

Oh yeah, and then we also paid for our bills. And I also paid for my parents HMO plans. By the end of it all, I had about 1500 pesos left.

That is, until I went to the grocery just a while ago and purchased enough food that I can cook for Lem and myself for the next two weeks, until next payday. It's tiring and all, but it's still so much cheaper to just cook for yourself instead of eating out.

Now, I have about 700++pesos left (and counting, as I type this in a net cafe) which I will have to stretch for the next 15 days. That basically translates to:

- no taxi rides
- no eating out
- no imported junk food
- definitely no over-priced, yummy coffee (unless I earn some more Starbucks GCs from work)
- no bargain books or second-hand clothes
- no shopping for lace and pretty ribbons for more loli sewing projects
- and definitely no impulse purchases from eBay


Putting things in perspective, though, I'm still glad that all that's done and over with, and I'm looking forward to NEXT payday since our obligations will be much lighter by then. I've already set my mind on buying oodles more lace, a new book, and a big bag of Cheetos.

After that, we can finally set about getting ourselved a new PS2 and maybe even replace the laptop that was stolen from us. ^_^

Anyway, just a parting shot before I go back home to get some sleep (had to get up early to give away my salary and all...).

K's picture of the day:

Purchased from the grocery a month ago. The world's horniest pair of tamarinds. Bow.
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I'm currently very exhausted and very sleepy. I can't wait for my workday to end so that I can go home, crawl into our bed and curl up under our sheets, and just stay there for the next twelve hours or so as I spend some time hibernating/recharging my batteries.

Anyway, I'm currently tired because I lack sleep. I lack sleep because I went out to meet a pair of old friends today. I went out to meet them because I haven't seen them in YEARS and it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with them again and do a bit of catching up. I especially don't regret it because of the fact that one of those friends, [livejournal.com profile] traze26, came all the way from Dubai, and probably won't be back in the country until Christmas or maybe even a full year later.

Long story short, Raz treated us to a wonderfully LOOOOOONG and HEAVY lunch at this place in GreenBelt called Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu. She also sent us home with tins of chocolate, and even treated us to coffee before we parted ways.

Good times. ^____________^

More details and matching photos once the photos actually get uploaded, and once I'm coherent enough to actually write a proper post.

For now, I'm looking forward to a good, long nap.

Five hours and counting.

(Thank you for today, Raz! ^_____^)
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First of all, a plug:
CNN is conducting a short survey. In return for your time, which would be about ten minutes, they will donate $2.00 to charity of your choosing. Now isn't that neat? I've personally chosen to give my $2 to the WWF. ^_^v So, just head over to CNN's website, and look for the following banner ads sprinkled around the pages:


Here in Manila, summer has already been officially declared as over, and the rains have been making that point obvious. Sigh. I'm just glad that I was able to squeeze in a couple of out-of-town trips during that relatively short period, so that I could at least say that I HAD a summer to speak of. Haha!

The bad thing about the sudden transition from dry to wet season is that you get so used to anticipating sun and heat, that you never bother to bring an umbrella, except maybe on some whim. When you all get caught in the rain, though, that's when you realize that the umbrella that you brought with you yesterday just because you felt like it, is sitting on a shelf in your room today, all nice, dry and cozy.

And that's also probably the reason why today, I am sniffing and coughing like an asthmatic mongrel. Sigh.


Speaking of the rains, I got into a nasty spat with another commuter the other night, when I was taking a jeepney on the way to work. There was a really heavy downpour that night, and everyone just wanted to get under a roof or inside a ride. This office girl who was seated beside me, for some unknown reason, decided it would be a good idea to raise the plastic tarp that kept the insides of the jeepney from being drenched, just so she can take a peek outside at... more rain. Since she was seated in the middle of our row, and the tarp was one long piece, raising a part of it caused the water to slip down towards sides, instead of going straight down and falling harmlessly down the side of the jeepney.

I was to her right, there was another guy to my right, and to the man's right was the jeepney's entry/exit point. As the water slipped to the side, my back and my jacket got drenched after I took so much effort to keep myself dry, while the man's butt got wet because the water from the tarp pooled in his seat.

I called the girl's attention, and this is where it all went wrong.

Instead of at least TRYING to look sorry, or apologizing to us, the girl gave us that LOOK, then rolled her eyes at us and looked towards her friend who was seated to her left. I swear, I just snapped right then and there. A lot of sharp words were sent flying her way, and I finally got to use TWO lines that I've been saving for occasions like this, while the guy with the wet pants acted as my one-man pep squad:
1.) That's MISS bitch, you piece of shit!


2.) Well it's either you were born retarded or raised stupid, which one is it?? (I later realized that this line also works with the same potency if it were translated into the vernacular, so feel free.)

That pretty much threw the girl off-balance. Line #2 is affectionately attributed to Luis Sison Jr., who has, to my sincerest gratitude, prepared us for situations like this. Seriously, we used to joke around on what would be great things to sling at someone in an argument, and it looks like all that came to good use afterall. XD

The girl didn't really have much to say after that, though her friend was profusely apologizing on the other's behalf. However, the fun REALLY begins when they prepare to get off the jeepney.

They asked the driver to drop them off in front of King's Court along Pasong Tamo Avenue, and as we locals know, when it rains, that area tends to get flooded with enough water to go over the gutter. So, the friend disembarks first, and we watch as she skips quickly to the higher ground offered by the sidewalk. However, as our female offender was about to completely get off the jeep, she looks at us again, flips her hair, rolls her eyes at us and says, "Che!"

She doesn't get away with it, though, because with one foot on the little step on the back of all jeepneys, the man beside me TRIPS HER with his leg and causes her to fall face first into the flooded street, bag, purse, folders, binders, paperwork and all! XD Oh, sweet justice! And to top it all off, everyone else in the jeepney who was silent until then, all started cheering and clapping!

The jeepney then drives off, and the last we see of the girl is on her hands and knees in dirty floodwater, with the water reaching almost up to her elbows. I remember that only the area near her shoulders retained the gray color of her matching slacks and blazer, because all the rest of it got darker because of the water, but that small gray area turned dark as well because the rain was still pouring at the time. Her humongous bag was floating near her arm (and I could only imagine what happened to its contents), and a couple of folders were floating towards the nearest drain. Her friend could only watch from the sidewalk. I swear I'll never forget that. XD

The man and I did a hi-five, and I got off at my stop a couple of blocks later. I had to dry my jacket and the back of my shirt under the hand dryer at the office, but I didn't mind quite as much anymore. XD

So the lesson we learned here is: Don't be an asshat. ^_^v
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It's my day off today, and Lem just treated me to a nice dinner at Tokyo Cafe at Mall of Asia. I love that place, especially since the food is great, the staff are so nice, and it's still within our budget. It also helps that I just learned from an NHK documentary that the proper name for the type of cuisine that they serve is actually referred to as "Yoshoku" (and there's your mame chishiki for the day!).

Anyway, a few hours ago, Lem and I were just discussing that next to the new food groups "Coffee" and "chocolate", there should also be another essential food group called "Om nom nom". Items that belong to this food group would mainly consist of those things that one is heavily craving for. It's those items that you crave for it so bad, that no matter how much else you eat, you just don't seem quite satisfied unless you manage to get a taste of that thing you're craving for.

It should be mandated as a dietary requirement to ensure that one does not end up overeating in an attempt to beat the craving, and it also ensures good moods and a focused, not-wandering-into-thoughts-of-food mindset.


At work, several things are currently going on:

1.) I've recently confirmed that I'm being included in the next batch to be trained for higher skill sets. Yay! My Grand Plan (TM) is going along smoothly.

2.) I am now paying the monthly premium for both of my parents' healthcare plans. Getting it through my company is still cheaper then getting it directly from Maxicare, and the coverage is good, and it affords me peace of mind. However, I am now officially poor because of this as it leaves little of my salary after all the bills and rent are paid. Sigh.

3.) One of our officemates came to work crying last Saturday evening because their apartment in Muntinlupa got robbed. I felt really sorry for her, especially since I also know how something like that affects oneself and one's finances. It hurt her especially hard since she's the main breadwinner of her household which is currently composed of two elderly people, herself and her sister. At the same time though, we were all thankful that no bodily harm came to any of them, considering that they were all at home, sleeping in their rooms when the incident happened.

4.) It turns out that one of my officemates actually knows Tobie! Haha! Small world, indeed. It's been so long since I've last made contact with AEGIS members (except for Jyli, maybe), that I wasn't really expecting that Tobie would even remember who I was. ^_^;; This is making me consider getting into gaming again, but I'm not quite sure how I could afford to work that into my schedule, considering that I value my sleeping hours quite highly. I wish I could hook myself up to a bunch of kittens, like batteries, since we all know that kittens are all little bundles of boundless energy, that they just don't know what to do with it. XD


I've recently started devouring Anne McCaffrey books. I've already finished reading Renegades of Pern some time last year, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I managed to fish out a copy of Dragonsdawn and Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern from a bargain bin.

Even though Renegades is actually the last (?) book of the series, it was apparently a good thing that I finished it first before moving on to Dragonsdawn. I found it to be more interesting that way, because I got to find out the origins of the "Out to Lunch" signs that the citizens of Pern excavated about two millennia later. Haha! I suppose it WOULD also be fun to read it the other way around, but eitherway, it was fun.

I've already finished Dragonsdawn, and I'm halfway through Moreta. Meanwhile, I have Nerilka's Story and The White Dragon on their way to me soon, both fresh from eBay. The series is still a couple of core books short, but I'm sure I'll find them in some other bargain bin again.

My only problem now is that since I'm enjoying the series so much, I'm now considering trading my paperback copies for their heavier, more elegant hardbacked counterparts. It doesn't help that my copy of Renegades is already in hardback. Sigh. Being a geek is pricey, too.
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Hello again, world!

A lot of things have happened since the last time that I wrote an entry, and yeah, one would be surprised at just how much can possibly happen within the span of a week or so. Some of those things that happened have been nice, happy things, while others are things that I think I'd rather discuss another time.

For the happy things, I'll start off with ducks.

In the newly-renovated Macea/Washington Sycip Park here in Makati, right across the street from the Union Church of Manila, I've been visiting eight, large, white, fluffy ducks almost every morning. I don't care what people say, but ducks will always be funny little creatures to me. Anyway, almost every morning after work, I pass by the convenience store to buy a 17-peso pack of crackers, and I'd then crush the crackers, walk up to the bank of the man-made pond that the ducks reign over, and proceed to feed them.

I like to think that I've somehow managed to train them to come to me when I click my tongue, and so far, I've been able to hand feed them as well. This is a daily source of joy for me, and I don't mind the walk from my office building to the park, or even those occasional times when the ducks get my shoes and my jeans wet, when they decide to scramble out of the water and waddle around at my feet.

Oh, and yeah, the ducks share the pond with a whole school of large, beautiful koi fish who eat the crumbs that the ducks ignore. It's all lovely.

Next piece of good news is that I finally, finally, finally managed to get myself a camera! Yes, after more than half a year struggling to get a new one, plus bucketfuls of blood, sweat and tears, I finally did it!

I managed to get myself a brand new Canon Powershot A430. The retail price for that model posted on Canon's website is Php 9950.00, though I don't know just how old or new this information is (don't worry though, I got mine for much, much lower than that). It's a slightly older model, as compared to the A460, but it serves its purpose and it fits my budget well. It's an entry-level point-and-shoot digicam that works great for an amateur like me, and it also takes beautiful shots! And dear Lord, the Super Macro feature is a thing of beauty.

2272x1704, unedited version can be found in my Multiply album.

I also don't mind that the camera only has a resolution of 4MP, since I mainly use the camera for photos that I can post online, and I don't really intend to make prints that are larger than 4x6 anyway. And the best thing about getting a branded digital camera? I can actually take a warranty on it this time around, which is always a welcome thing.

Also, as you may be expecting, the 16MB MMC card that came with the camera is already full of photos of ducks and more things to put up on eBay. And I just received the camera in the mail last Monday afternoon! I need new SD cards soon, haha! ^__^ I'm considering getting a 2GB card next payday, but Lem has promised to get me one for Christmas, so I may just end up buying myself a set of rechargeable batteries, and/or a mini-tripod. Or another 2GB card. Hehe... though I'm now wondering if it's possible to actually have too much spare memory... Is it? O_O;;

Sigh. I'm just happy to get myself a camera, PERIOD. I've been feeling particularly... handicapped since my old one broke down, and I'm just glad to have this new one.

Next piece of good news is that I just got regularized last Monday, which officially completes Phase 4 of my Grand Plan (TM). And yeah, besides that, it also means that I'll have a job this Christmas and the upcoming New Year, which is GOOD, right? It also means that I'll be getting a raise soon, on top of the incentives and bonuses that I've also been getting. Yay! ^__^ In any case, this all seemed to have come faster than I thought, and I'm rather startled by it. I know I still served the requisite 6 months to get to this point, but it just seems so much faster! I remember that in my previous job, it seemed like forever before I could become regularized, and staying for a year seemed like such a difficult task.

So yeah, a lot of good things have happened within the span of seven days or so, and I have much to be thankful for despite everything else. :D
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Yes, people, I'm actually still alive. Very sleepy and slightly hungry, but alive.

Anyway, this past week has been weird for me since I've been adjusting to my new work schedule which begins at 12:30am everyday and ends at 9:30am. The cons about this schedule includes:

- it makes me just want to just keep sleeping and not show up for work at all
- I need to take a taxi to work, but that's okay since we receive cab allowance anyway
- it confuses the heck out of me since I sometimes often can't tell when a work day begins or ends ("oh, you mean this shift that I'm in right now is actually for Wednesday? I though it was just Tuesday..."). This is difficult for me, since I'm the type of person who's only concept of tomorrow is "look, the sun's out, it must be the next day already".

The pros to this would be:

- when I get out from work, bank and offices are already open, and I can actually DO things. Doing all this immediately after work is infinitely better than having to show up early and wait around for another 2 hours for your shift to start simply because you had to catch the darn bank before it closes.
- when I get out from work, hellelujah, MALLS ARE OPEN!!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!! And I absolutely love going to the mall at opening hours since there aren't too many people yet, especially in the grocery, and I can do my shopping in relative peace.
- I actually get a daily dose of sunlight nowadays.

So yeah. I'm just hoping that I don't end up showing for work one of these days, on a rest day. THAT would suck.

Wish me luck. ^_^
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Alright, not that I finally got all that out of the way, I can finally go back to updating about my daily mediocrity. Hehe.

I have several good things to point out today, and that includes:
a) I found a way to access Gmail from my computer at the office, and it feels great.
b) I also found a way to access eBay.ph from that same PC, PLUS I also found the version of ebay.ph that looks exactly like eBay.com. It's the one that took me about 8 mouse clicks and two minutes to relist my whole inventory. YAY!!
c) I also found a way to access TextTwist on that PC, which is a lifesaver for those long, boring weekend shifts (which I love, by the way).

And all this without having to resort to some Chinese proxy server. Haha! XD

Now, all I need to figure out would be how to access YouTube and LiveJournal, and I'm all set.

In other news, I lost my first auction last night and it broke my heart to bits. Sigh. It was for a new camera, and it pains me to know that I won't be the owner of such a pretty thing. I really wanted it, and I was already imagining showing it off and all, but alas, it was not meant to be. I've contacted the seller and asked/begged that I be considered for a Second Chance Offer. Now I'll have to go and track down the winning bidder and murder him to ensure my succession to the auction... *insert evil vizier laugh here*
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Last Friday's bombing incident in Glorietta has been somewhat surreal for me. After the flurry of SMS messages and phone calls back and forth to check if everyone was okay, I then realized that I actually still had to go to work later that evening. I passed in front of Makati Med on the way to the office, and it was still somewhat discomforting to know that the place was crawling with news crews because there were people in there who got hurt or died from the incident.

When I got to my desk, the first thing that I did was monitor the news, and this lasted all throughout my shift. Each time I refreshed the page and scanned the list of names of the dead and the injured, I held my breath, dreading to see a name that I knew. It's one of the worst kinds of fears that a person could have, I think.

It also didn't help that the girl whose desk is adjacent to mine was one of the injured (but you gotta give it to her for still making it to work that evening). Apparently, she was in the exact location of the blast, literally minutes before it went off. She was just standing there, fixing her hair in front of one of the shop windows as she waited for her boyfriend to step out of the comfort room. Thankfully, the boyfriend didn't spend so much time in the comfort room as he normally did, and as they walked away, the blast happened.

He was able to shield her, and he got a nasty bruise on his back as he was hit by a hefty piece of flying concrete. She, on the other hand, came to work very shaken and nervous, with band-aids all over her arms as she got cut by pieces of glass.

As the names of the deceased were released in the news, she kept saying over and over, "That could have been me". It made my head spin, and my nerves were rather frayed for the rest of the night.

It's one of those days that just made me wish so hard that I had superpowers that I could protect all my loved ones with. Something that would guarantee their safety.

It's really hard when you realize that sometimes, it's not just about you anymore.
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In other news...

- Currently in 8th place in workplace stack ranking. Yay!
- Received performance bonuses this payday. Yay!
- Received my first eBay item payment via PayPal. Yay!
- Ian emailed me that he couldn't pick me up earlier because he doesn't feel well. Boo...
- NorthWest and American Airlines customer service people are all bastards. I hope they die. Boo...
- I remembered to buy ultra-buttery popcorn last night before going to work so I have comfort food right now. Yay!
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I went to work today to be pleasantly surprised at finding a spankin' new PC at my station. Hehe... Management has promised the long-overdue upgrade WEEKS ago, so we never really bothered to get ourselves worked up over it, for fear of disappointment. Afterall, when having to deal with sluggish, RAM-deficient systems that always seem to hang whenever you actually need to get something done, looking forward to something better to come at an unspecified date would have just been too painful.

Anyway, I'm just glad that we got what we were promised, and I got to try it out earlier, and we were all able to collectively sigh in relief. I mean, look at the set-up:

Of course, it's not THE ideal machine that I have in mind for games, Photoshop, video streaming, etc etc, but needless to say, it made our work about 50% more comfortable. This is a good thing, since a lot of us there seem to have this deep-seated anger for technology that refuses to cooperate, pages that time out at the most awkward moments, and systems that freeze up when about 4 apps are running at once (our job requires about 9 at a time to get a task done). So yeah, I think we can now look forward to a happier future which has less mouse-throwing and random screams of frustration.

And the monitor? Absolutely divine in its glorious LCD-ness and 19-inch...-ness. No more cramming tiny windows and overworking the mouse wheel since I can actually see everything now. I could stare at its glare, even if I knew that I'd be needing a new pair of glasses sooner than later because of its unusually bright settings (my contrast and brightness were at 30 and it STILL hurt! Is it because it's new?).

Now, if only I worked as fast as my machine, I'd be perfect, and my Grand Plan (TM) can be completed faster. Sigh. At least I can now enjoy my web comics at the office without worrying about mucking everything up and having to reboot. :D

(Yes, I also now have no excuses. If my output is slow, I can't blame it on the PC anymore, haha! ^_^;;;; )
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As you all know, my cheapo digital camera has finally kicked the bucket after three years of loyal service and much abuse. Everyone also knows that I have been desperately trying to save up for a new one. I've actually already set my sights on a few branded models whose prices hover in the six to eight thousand pesos range, and though not top-of-the-line, the said models are small enough, sleek enough, and would definitely serve its purpose.

I was quite content to choose from those not-quite-the-best models that I saw on eBay.ph... until the other night when Samsung set up a booth at the ground floor of the building that I work in.

As it turns out, my current company has recently struck some sort of deal with Citibank and some appliance/gadget center, and employees in my company get to take out loans with Citibank, and/or purchase appliances and gadgets at special prices. The best part is that both the loan and the appliance/gadget purchase can be paid for via salary deduction at a rate that the buyer chooses.

The prospect of paying for something in installments and without the use of a credit card was, of course, something that quickly caught my interest as I have no credit card to begin with. As I checked out the Samsung booth, I saw this gorgeous, little, red camera that had 7MP resolution, a 3-inch display screen, auto macro function, 10.5x optical zoom, and a whole assortment of other tricks, all for the price of only Php 7,500.00. I fell in love.

When I saw the price tag, I started frothing at the mouth and I (somehow) politely asked the booth guy where I should sign up. I was ready to rip out one of my kidneys and put it on the table right then and there, had they asked for it, but my hopes fell when I saw that one of the requirements to sign up for the promo was that one should have already been with the company for at least a year.






Yes, I want to stab someone right now. T_T
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For the past week, we've been having some pre-shift meetings inside one of the board rooms at the office, and right off the bat, I designated the chair at the end of the table across the projector screen as my own. I adjusted the chair and the chair's arms to the perfect height and angle so that I can be comfortable as I crossed my legs and propped my elbow on the chair arm, and as I propped my chin in my palm. I also secretly practiced my I-look-nice-right-now-but-your-life-hangs-on-my-little-finger look when the lights were turned off and everyone was busy looking at the presentation on the opposite side of the room.

Yes. It's perfect. Me at the head of the table. Two huge-ass plasma TVs on the wall behind me. A minion person accross the room, struggling to make everyone appreciate the slides that are being presented...

Soon, my darlings, I shall begin my long and prosperous reign over this domain. And that corner office with its own lounge, better carpets, pretty paintings and its own coffeemaker? It shall be mine.

Barely 45 days in the company and I have received my first prizes and my first bonus.

See? It has begun.



Dance!! Dance for me my little darlings!! XD XD XD XD


Wow. That coffee jelly sure has a buzz to it, doesn't it..?
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I had a small windfall of cash yesterday, thanks to a long-delayed last paycheck from my former employer. This was actually completely unexpected since as far as I knew, my old company is a cheapskate and our contract even explicitly states that there is no such word as "backpay" in their vocabulary (well, they worded it a bit differently, but that's the idea).

Anyway, I was perfectly happy with the cash... until someone pointed out to me that my previous, PREVIOUS company where I stayed for 8 months, has paid me at least 350% more than what I was paid for my 10-month stay at my previous company. Sigh.

Beggars can't be choosers, though, so I took the unexpected cash and did the most logical thing to do with it: go shopping.

Haha!! I set aside half of it, of course, while the other half was spent on a nice meal, a batch of groceries for our cupboards, and books that I've been wanting to buy for the longest time.

So the haul for this latest trip would be:

- a hardcover edition of M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (650 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- a hardcover edition of InterWorld by Gaiman and Reaves (650 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- a copy of the graphic novel Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah (240 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- and a paperback copy of the WarHammer book The Loathsome Ratmen and All Their Vile Kin. (79 pesos at Buy-the-Book, at WalterMart)

What I really wanted was a copy of M is for Magic, but when I saw InterWorld, I decided to take it as well, even though I've honestly never heard of the book until I saw it on the shelf that day. As for Zsazsa Zaturnnah, I've been wanting a copy for the longest time, ever since I bought a copy two years ago and then foolishly gave it away as a present for a friend (no hard feelings, ne? XD XD), only to realize later that I missed the book. As for the Ratmen book... well, I found it at the bargain book place in WalterMart where it was being sold for 79 pesos, so I took it. ^_^;;

I'm already enjoying the paperbacks that I bought, but as for the Neil Gaiman books... ah, I'm saving those. They're still shrink-wrapped, and I plan to open them them this weekend. I want to make myself a cup of hot choco, slowly remove the plastic, enjoy the smell that only new books have, and then savor the pages one by one.

(Lolz. Adik ba? XD XD XD)

I love shopping for books. ^_______^
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Sigh. I'm only at the fourth day of Phase 2 of my grand plan, and it's turning out to be a real biatch. It's not that it's impossible, but being the complete newb that I am in the field that I was chucked into, I currently feel as if I was sent to battle with a plastic toy gun without any spare pellets. So yeah, I'm still slow and I still have the jitters as I realize just how incomplete our training was... Yes, the one-month training that was supposed to prepare us for this whole thing has turned out to be absolutely insufficient and ineffective for use in actual situations.

In any case, I still think that I'm coping pretty well despite the setbacks. In fact, it's presenting such a challenge that each little victory that I encounter gives this immense feeling of satisfaction, as well as the knowledge of a job well done - and I like that. I savor the moment for about a minute, do a little mental cha-cha, breathe, and then I'm off again, stressing over, fussing over and just going plain nuts over the next case as our supervisor eggs us on to work faster, faster, better.

Right now, it takes me about an hour to crack a case since our system is clunky and my knowledge of manipulating the system is still severely lacking. On top of that, I still have the tendency to take unnecessarily long since I double and triple-check my work... better safe than sorry, right? I'm hoping to get the hang of everything eventually, so that it wouldn't take me so damn long to work on a single case.

Meanwhile, our original batch of 16 people has already been whittled down to 12 within the span of three days. They just simply refused to show up for work the next day, and there's now this ongoing joke (or is it?) that we'd be down to 10 people by Monday next week. But don't worry, folks, my Uber Grand Plan (TM) entails that I be the last person standing, if necessary, and I intend to see that through.


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