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Yep. I'm still at work, a mere two hours away from clocking out for the day. Being bored and struggling to stay awake at the moment, I checked the local news only to discover that the city that I'm in right now is currently under a Signal Number 3 Typhoon warning. This news makes me a feel a bit uneasy, considering the fact that I'm still slightly traumatized from the last big typhoon that we had to deal with. It also doesn't help knowing that I'll be alone at our apartment today, as Lem has gone home to Fairview for the weekend.

Well, I suppose there isn't much to worry about, except maybe for the slight possibility of a black out at our apartment building if the weather gets harsher.

Mmm... a cold rainy day. Cold sheets. A lot of nice, deep sleep. I can't wait to get home. ~______~


I've always found it funny that the the beginning of the school year here in the Philippines coincides with the beginning of the typhoon season. The typhoon, in turn causes classes to get cancelled. Even though I have a lot of good memories which involve stormy days and cancelled classes, I still do have a lot of gripes about this particular arrangement.

Even back when I was a student, I already had a slight dislike for it despite all the wonderful opportunities to not go to class that it presented to me, and I now have a feeling that I'm going to hate it even more the moment we have our own kid whom we have to take to and pick up from school when streets are already filled with waist-high floodwaters, or something. It also doesn't help that announcements for cancellations of classes also have the tendency to be made AFTER everyone has already left their homes and are already stranded somewhere. The bad part is that as much as I complain, I'm not quite sure what should be done about it either, so that's no help.

Oh well. Only in the Philippines, I suppose. XD
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First of all, a plug:
CNN is conducting a short survey. In return for your time, which would be about ten minutes, they will donate $2.00 to charity of your choosing. Now isn't that neat? I've personally chosen to give my $2 to the WWF. ^_^v So, just head over to CNN's website, and look for the following banner ads sprinkled around the pages:


Here in Manila, summer has already been officially declared as over, and the rains have been making that point obvious. Sigh. I'm just glad that I was able to squeeze in a couple of out-of-town trips during that relatively short period, so that I could at least say that I HAD a summer to speak of. Haha!

The bad thing about the sudden transition from dry to wet season is that you get so used to anticipating sun and heat, that you never bother to bring an umbrella, except maybe on some whim. When you all get caught in the rain, though, that's when you realize that the umbrella that you brought with you yesterday just because you felt like it, is sitting on a shelf in your room today, all nice, dry and cozy.

And that's also probably the reason why today, I am sniffing and coughing like an asthmatic mongrel. Sigh.


Speaking of the rains, I got into a nasty spat with another commuter the other night, when I was taking a jeepney on the way to work. There was a really heavy downpour that night, and everyone just wanted to get under a roof or inside a ride. This office girl who was seated beside me, for some unknown reason, decided it would be a good idea to raise the plastic tarp that kept the insides of the jeepney from being drenched, just so she can take a peek outside at... more rain. Since she was seated in the middle of our row, and the tarp was one long piece, raising a part of it caused the water to slip down towards sides, instead of going straight down and falling harmlessly down the side of the jeepney.

I was to her right, there was another guy to my right, and to the man's right was the jeepney's entry/exit point. As the water slipped to the side, my back and my jacket got drenched after I took so much effort to keep myself dry, while the man's butt got wet because the water from the tarp pooled in his seat.

I called the girl's attention, and this is where it all went wrong.

Instead of at least TRYING to look sorry, or apologizing to us, the girl gave us that LOOK, then rolled her eyes at us and looked towards her friend who was seated to her left. I swear, I just snapped right then and there. A lot of sharp words were sent flying her way, and I finally got to use TWO lines that I've been saving for occasions like this, while the guy with the wet pants acted as my one-man pep squad:
1.) That's MISS bitch, you piece of shit!


2.) Well it's either you were born retarded or raised stupid, which one is it?? (I later realized that this line also works with the same potency if it were translated into the vernacular, so feel free.)

That pretty much threw the girl off-balance. Line #2 is affectionately attributed to Luis Sison Jr., who has, to my sincerest gratitude, prepared us for situations like this. Seriously, we used to joke around on what would be great things to sling at someone in an argument, and it looks like all that came to good use afterall. XD

The girl didn't really have much to say after that, though her friend was profusely apologizing on the other's behalf. However, the fun REALLY begins when they prepare to get off the jeepney.

They asked the driver to drop them off in front of King's Court along Pasong Tamo Avenue, and as we locals know, when it rains, that area tends to get flooded with enough water to go over the gutter. So, the friend disembarks first, and we watch as she skips quickly to the higher ground offered by the sidewalk. However, as our female offender was about to completely get off the jeep, she looks at us again, flips her hair, rolls her eyes at us and says, "Che!"

She doesn't get away with it, though, because with one foot on the little step on the back of all jeepneys, the man beside me TRIPS HER with his leg and causes her to fall face first into the flooded street, bag, purse, folders, binders, paperwork and all! XD Oh, sweet justice! And to top it all off, everyone else in the jeepney who was silent until then, all started cheering and clapping!

The jeepney then drives off, and the last we see of the girl is on her hands and knees in dirty floodwater, with the water reaching almost up to her elbows. I remember that only the area near her shoulders retained the gray color of her matching slacks and blazer, because all the rest of it got darker because of the water, but that small gray area turned dark as well because the rain was still pouring at the time. Her humongous bag was floating near her arm (and I could only imagine what happened to its contents), and a couple of folders were floating towards the nearest drain. Her friend could only watch from the sidewalk. I swear I'll never forget that. XD

The man and I did a hi-five, and I got off at my stop a couple of blocks later. I had to dry my jacket and the back of my shirt under the hand dryer at the office, but I didn't mind quite as much anymore. XD

So the lesson we learned here is: Don't be an asshat. ^_^v
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Last payday, I finally decided to go out and drag Ian to the mall so that we can finally get ourselves a new set of pillows for our bed. For one thing, the ones that we've been using for the past five years were... well... already older than five years, since I've been using them even before I met Ian. On top of that, they were already nearly flat with uneven lumps, and they've become dirty, despite my many attempts to wash them. Speaking of which, washing them was a pain since there's really no space to air them out and dry them when you're living in an apartment with no laundry area of your own.

Anyway, so off we went despite the rain and floods, and after taking our pick, we went home with a new pair of big, white, fluffy pillows, and we talked about how we should have done all this earlier.

The comfort that a good pillow brings is beyond words.

Of course, there IS a drawback to all this, because it's now twice as difficult to drag ourselves out of bed in whatever it is that we consider as the start of our day, and thrice as difficult when it's all gray and cold and rainy outside.

Oh, the poisons that we choose.


I haven't really been able to write much recently as I've been quite busy. For one thing, I've been putting in some extra time at work since we could use the money (yes, I actually get paid for OT now...), plus I've also spent the past week taking photos and preparing listings for about 30 more things that I wanted to put up on eBay. In fact, I only finished putting up all the listings last night.

Then on the side, I've finally convinced Ian to fix up Tanuki no Bento on Blogspot for me and I'm sort of still moving things around on it and trying to tie up some loose ends on the thing before I start making food posts again.

And lastly, I've been plodding through the manga version of Death Note, and I've only managed to finish Volume 7 about six hours ago. I'm trying to finish the series as soon as I possibly can without sacrificing precious sleep, but that's just so I can finally get started on the 18 volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima that I have in a disc sitting on our shelf. (Yes, and I wonder why I need new glasses.)

And what do I do after hours of work/eBay/Blogspot/manga? Dive into the pillows face-first and happily fall asleep, of course.
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I love bargain book bins, I swear.

Anyway, despite the heavy rains and the floods, Ian and I had to go to the grocery in WalterMart yesterday because we ran out food. Well, we didn't run out of food, per se, but we ran out of things like eggs, some veggies, and I also had to pick up some extra butane cans, just in case we get rained in for a few more days (this is what I get for procrastinating). So, just as we were done with the groceries, we suddenly hear this loud, gushing sound, and we realized that it was the sound of heavy rain bombarding the mall's roof as well as its glass front.

So, Ian and I gorged on some shawarma, deposited our cart, and then headed to Buy the Book to kill some time. It turned out to be worth it since in addition to the Anne McCaffrey novel that I got from PowerBooks during our last trip to MOA (The Renegades of Pern, hardbound, first edition. Got it for 99 pesos), Ian also found a Stephen Donaldson novel that he's been wanting for a long time. Then next door, at the Expressions office supply store that we rarely visit, I found an old, beaten, paperback copy of Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah for 39 pesos (1984 edition). Not bad for something that I want to read during my free moments at the office, really. ^__^

At this rate, though, we may also have to either buy a new bookshelf, or sell off some books that we no longer want, because our current bookshelf is starting to spill over. ^_^;;


Meanwhile, yes, I've also finally given in and bought myself a fitting form mannequin for my eBay activities. I'm hoping that it would boost sales, or at least help me sell off one particular gown that I have in stock (selling that dress would most likely pay for the cost of the mannequin and more, considering that the mannequin and its stand costs 500 pesos...).

It's really hard to convince people that they want something unless they see that it looks good on someone else... :/


I've been browsing the JobStreet alerts that I still get in my email from time to time, and one particular listing caught my attention...

... but would you REALLY want to be a sales training officer for a company called Shady Cosmetique Laboratory? ^_^;;; I'm sure there's something rather off with that company name, I just can't place a finger on it. XD XD XD XD XD
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I just finished making dinner for myself. Lem is currently at his parents' house in Fairview, so here I am. Anyway, even with our electric fans off, the room is cold because of the wind blowing through the window. The clouds outside are heavy and it's been threatening to rain since this morning.

Maaa~... I love days like this. It reminds me so much of my old apartment in Sampaloc, back when I was in college. I remember that whenever the weather was like this, I was always giddy with the prospect of having our classes cancelled.

Sigh. Too bad I have to go to work later this evening. Today would have been perfect for staying in, staying under a blanket and having a CSI DVD marathon with a cup of hot choco. Oh well. ^_^;;;


Last June, I borrowed Lem's mom's camera so that I can take pictures of the stuff that I wanted to sell on eBay. The camera has this neat feature called PhotoStitch that lets one take panoramas. Hehe... I tried it out inside our house, and I have the result here.

The photo was taken at about 8am, and we can see the tiny TV in our living room, and the computer at home which doesn't work. And my dad's arm. Hehe.

First, dinner. Then, probably more sleep before I go to work.

I'm still crossing my fingers that it rains so hard before my shift that I'll end up receiving a call before I leave home, telling me that work is cancelled for today. :D
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It's been a VERY long and tiring day.

From the insanity that is known as the office, I stayed with Ian for a bit to accompany him while he ate his late lunch. Then, I headed straight to Waltermart to buy duct tape, a plastic sheet, extra cans of butane, and groceries that should last for around two weeks.

All of this was prompted by watching the news for the past couple of days and hearing the report that TROPICAL STORM DURIAN ("Reming" to the local weather bureau) is on its way. The news reports say that it's going to be a strong one and may even be another typhoon like Milenyo, and that it'll be in the city by tomorrow or this Thursday.

When Ian and I heard the news, we instantly remembered the crisis that we had during Milenyo, and we ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to go through that again, so we're taking precautions this time.

So, I bought what we needed, lined up for a taxi for a full hour (I just had to pick rush hour...), had an argument with the taxi driver who tried to cheat me of my money (the bastard said I owed him 100 pesos when the meter clearly says 45pesos, plus I got him from the farking mall taxi line!! THE NERVE!!!), climbed up to our apartment, put away all the groceries, then proceeded to put together a make-shift tarp-cover-thingy in case a repeat of Milenyo DOES happen. I'd really like to stay dry this time around.

The extra butane and the food is there in case we can't go out of the house again because of the weather.

Sigh. And I still have to make dinner in a couple of hours, and in the meantime, I'm thinking of ways to further reinforce the tarp that I've attached to the window.

And yeah, the fact that we have to do this is another reason why we're ditching this place soon. Hehehe.

Yosh. Much to do! ^_^
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Well, it seems that typhoon Milenyo's effect hasn't completely worn off up until now. Right now, Ian and I are at home because just as Ian's shift was ending and mine was starting, the power in the entire Salcedo Village area in Makati got cut off due to some Meralco emergency, and it just so happened that the generator of the building that we work in hasn't completely recovered yet and therefore cannot support anything more than emergency lights, the security system and two of the four elevators. Nobody could also give an estimated time of when the power would return, so we were literally left sitting around in the dark. We could turn on our PCs, but it wasn't recommended due to the possibility of power fluctuations, plus there wasn't any internet connection anyway since our server also had to be powered up, too. Sigh.

The good thing about all this was that we got to hang out with both Shift 1 and Shift 2 people. Apparently, getting together and just talking in a semi-dark office while everyone's brain was already in the gutter to begin with can be a truckload of fun. Later on, our HR person informed us that we could go out for a while and she'd inform us after 45 minutes if the power is back on or not.

We then moved to Al Shaq's in RCBC which was fully operational (apparently, RCBC, the building right beside ours, is not considered as a citizen of Salcedo...), where we spent a couple of hours talking and laughing over hummus, shawarma and chelos kebabs. Ian and I, along with some others decided to go home at around 5:30pm, while the rest decided to head to the nearest Karaoke places in Jupiter street.


I have a small length of sugar cane here right now, about two feet long, courtesy of one of the CMs whose family owns a small plantation... and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. So far, I'm playing with the idea of using half it in a stir-fry dish, and saving the other half and cutting it to little pieces which we could chew on if we want something sweet...

But I've never worked with real, raw sugar cane before. Sugar, yes. As a comparison, it's like being given a live chicken when I'm trying to buy a pack of drumsticks from the grocery.

Hmm... Recipes, anyone...?


Sep. 28th, 2006 11:47 pm
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And one of the strongest typhoons I have ever seen finally goes away.

Sigh. And we're exhausted.

The power just came back on an hour ago after around 13 hours of outage. The strong winds have uprooted trees, shattered glass store fronts and also sent pieces of roofing flying away. And in our case? It was one of our windows that the typhoon decided to pick on.

Ergh. I woke up at around 8 or 9 am with water in my face. I groggily thought that I just had to close one of the windows, but then I realized a few seconds later that the cork board thing that has been covering one of the windows has been torn off its place by the wind, and the rain was coming in almost horizontal. It was almost as if someone outside our window was aiming a firehose at us.

As for why we have cork board covering one of our windows, well, an AC unit used to be there but was removed by the landlord when we moved in. However, the landlord decided that replacing it with a one-inch thick, patched-together length of cork board would be enough... landlord also promised to replace it, but after almost a year, the cork board remained... until now.

Anyway, so I panicked and tried to put the board back into place. I then had to move our huge bed away from the windows to keep it from getting wet. And then to kick things up a notch, the entire window side of our room also started leaking for some reason and I was racing to place rags in four places, sop up the water then squeeze it all out in the basin that I grabbed from the bathroom. The water was coming in so quickly though, that I've barely squeezed one rag dry when another one is already dripping and creating a puddle on the floor.

Thankfully, Lem came home early and helped me out (it finally occured to our employers to stop admiring the rain and send us home... sometimes, I want to drag them out in weather like today's, then drop them off at Quiapo with 20 bucks in their pocket. Let's see how much you'd like typhoons THEN...). The rain subsided eventually, but it was a hard battle since Ian had to find a new board while I held the old, disintegrating board against the wind, and we then had to make repairs WHILE the typhoon was at its strongest. There was also no power at this time.

When the rain and the wind slowed down, we were finally able to go about the difficult business of restoring order into our room. We pretty much looked like we just moved into the place, with all our stuff scattered and stacked in the middle of the floor, pieces of wet corkboard all over, and rags in odd places.

So to sum things up, my only day off in the week pretty much, literally and figuratively, flew right out the window. Our room is still in a state of chaos but at least we're dry now. Through all this, I still managed to cook up the meal I've been planning for today, sans the pretty things that were supposed to come along with it.

To sum things up, we're exhausted.

At least the power's back on. Lem is playing GTA, I've finally had my fill of popcorn, and here I am, typing away. We still have much to do tomorrow, though. More cleaning. More repairs. Sigh.

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7am right now, and I'm half-asleep, half-snuggly, half-worried and half-pissed. There's a typhoon in the country at the moment, and storm signal number 3 has already been raised. To give non-Filipino readers an idea of what that may be like, signal #3 means that it's raining really hard outside, classes in all levels have been suspended and government offices are also closed. Only agencies that are related to rescue work are open today.

Anyway, I'm half-asleep since it's just way too early for me, but I had to send Ian to work. Since it's raining outside, we've been trying to call the office and we launched an SMS brigade to ask around if we have work (private, non-government office. Meh.).

I'm half-snuggly since it's SO COLD! And the sheets are nice, and I just want to roll around for the next two hours or so.

I'm half-worried because Ian may be at the air-conditioned office, wet and all and he may end up sick. I'm kicking myself for not buying a raincoat.

I'm half-pissed that we spent half an hour calling the office but no one was answering the damn phone when the entire third shift is there (or at least most of them, I think). And the OM who's supposed to be handling all this? Absent. HR is trying her best but since she lives in Novaliches, I don't even know if she'll make it to work today. As for the training manager, he said that they need to ask the General Manager first... who is probably fast asleep in his condo and nowhere to be found until probably much later in the day.


I asked Ian to buy medicine on the way back home later, just in case we end up needing it while and if the weather stays bad. The only thing that I'm happy about is that I get to sleep in today since it's my day off, and I remembered to buy food to cook for dinner today, as well as some miso soup that I could give Ian later.

Still worried. T_T


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