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That is the only way that I can probably describe the experience of having watched both The Dark Knight in the theater, AND finally being able to watch the final episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (all thanks to Jed who burned a copy for us, and Rosa who agreed to meet me so that I can claim the precious from her).

I could type out an entire post, praising Ledger's performance as The Joker, and bleeding my heart out over all the moral dilemmas that have been posed within the story, but Moriarty has already done a much better job of it, and I should probably just let everyone else read his review. I'm pretty happy that Lem shared the review with me before we got to see the movie, since in the end, I was equally astounded at how much I agreed with the review in the first place. Oh, and the review also mentions Hellboy 2, which we plan to watch because it is made of AWESOME, and I think I'm in love with Prince Nuada AND his righteous anger. ^_^;;

As for Avatar, I'd like to quote James who emailed me immediately after he got to watch the finale:

"as in P*TA! gusto ko magwala, mag-amok, lumipad at bumuga ng apoy all at the same time!"

Hehe... my sentiments, exactly.

Sigh. TDK (for which we got the complete set of tumblers with TDK designs from KFC) and Avatar. Good times. ^__^

Meanwhile, over at Plurk, Lem, Elea and I have already been discussing possible episodes for the not-coming Book 4 of Avatar. One of the first suggestions have been "WHERE'S ZUKO'S MOM, BIATCH??" and "The Boulder's Day Out".

No. Don't ask. XD
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Just a short intermission before I go on: Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, for another win! Hehe... let's just hope it doesn't all go to his head though. In the meantime, I just want to say for the record that I agree with his trainers that letting him do his training here in the Philippines is a bad idea, as showbiz and politics takes too much of the boxer's time whenever he's home. So yeah, the next time he has another match coming up, I say cancel all those TV appearances, concerts and what-have-yous, ship him back to California, and lock him up in a gym for a couple of months.

Moving on...

Lem and I spent yesterday just relaxing. After I got home from work at about 5:30am, we slept until almost noon, before we finally woke up and decided that we were getting a little hungry. We intended to head to the Legazpi Village Sunday market because we really missed the takoyaki and Hong Kong style noodles that are sold there, but we were worried that we wouldn't be able to catch a ride on anything and commute to Legazpi Village because of Pacquiao's match. After all, as we all know, whenever Pacquiao has a fight up, the whole country just simply grinds to a halt to watch TV.

Anyway, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to try to head out before Pacquiao's match started, and we were able to easily catch a jeepney to the Don Bosco area. It was drizzling at that time, so we figured there wouldn't be too many people at the Sunday Market, but lo and behold, it turned out that it was still packed even though some of the regular vendors didn't show up for today.

Upon getting there, one of the first things that caught our attention was the fact that the small tent that's set up in the area which was normally reserved for a small Catholic mass (presided over by a priest from Don Bosco Makati) has been converted into a small, make-shift theater. It basically housed two television sets on one side, and the TVs were facing slightly away from eachother. Except for a small area directly in front of the TVs, the rest of the space under the tent, as well as the whole area beyond the tent's cover, was occupied by fans who had their eyes riveted to what was going on on the TV screens.

Apparently, between the time that we closed the apartment door behind us, and the time that we arrived at Legazpi Village (which is about... ten minutes), Pacquiao's match started, and it was already well into the fourth round by the time we got there.

Now, I mentioned earlier that it's been drizzling when we left our apartment, and it still was when we got to the Sunday Market, but the people who couldn't find cover under the tent just simply stood around with umbrellas in order to watch the fight. It was quite a scene, seeing a bunch of foreigners mixed in with the locals, and then seeing them all "HAH!", and "OH!", and "GAH!", and flinch in perfect unison whenever something interesting happened to Pacquiao's match against Diaz.

Yep. Have you ever seen a tightly-packed group of about 30-40 people flinch in unison? It's fun. It reminds me of a school of Moonfish. Hehe.

With everyone distracted and all, Lem and I were able to easily find a table and order the food items that we've been craving for. We shared a box of takoyaki, Lem got himself a nice quarter-pounder from Monster Burger, and I headed for Manvy's for a bowl of those seafood stir-fried noodles that I've been craving for for months. I swear, food always tastes twice as good when you finally get to eat it after craving for it for so long! And the best part was that there were no lines at all the food booths because everyone else was busy watching the match!

By the time the match ended, Lem and I were already enjoying our mango smoothies to finish off our meal, and we figured out the result of the match from... well, from almost every person who passed our table. It was also easy to tell since everyone left the tent smiling, and people were congratulating eachother, and telling the vendors at the food stalls all about it as they finally started lining up to buy snacks and meals.

The match, as well as our meal also ended just in the nick of time, since about 20 minutes after Pacquiao was declared the winner, the rain suddenly started to come down really hard. By that time, I was already settled inside a nearby 7-11 branch, and Lem was at our apartment as he had to go back to get some money so we could watch a movie.

We watched Wanted at WalterMart, and despite what the comic book version purists have to say about it, IT WAS GREAT. True, it had a lot of deviations from the source, but for the love of God, it has Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and it has Gun-Fu. End of Story. WHAT MORE DO YOU POSSIBLY NEED?? Rawr!

But all that's for another post.

(PS. I love, love, love being able to post via email. XD)
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Tee hee.... I'm trying out this whole post-via-email thing that LJ's got, and I LOVE IT! Considering the fact that LJ is inaccessible from the office, still being able to post somehow is just awesome. Of course, I'm still getting the hang of it, and it's a little tricky for me and my sleep-deprived brain at the moment (it's 4am right now, by the way), so pardon me if this post comes out a bit wonky. I'll fix it the first chance I get. Right now, I also sorely miss being able to preview my post before publishing it., but beggars can't be choosers, and right now, I'm already pushing it as I'm writing this from the office, while I'm on duty afterall... ^_^;;

Anyhoo, today's news snippets would consist of a Japanese melon that sold for US$6,000, and a military shipment to Taiwan that is made of EPIC FAIL.

For the melon, the buyer of the Densuke melon said that the move was in support of local agriculture. Aww... isn't that so sweet? I wish we had more people like that in this country. On a side note, I just wanted to bring up the fact that the mere mention of the word "agriculture" reminds me of Moyashimon, a viral infection that I caught from Khursten's blog several months ago (Ian and I now adore the cheeky little microbes...).

As for the US mistakenly shipping nuclear missiles to Taiwan, Ian and I had a grand time laughing over it yesterday morning. Behold, we have actually found people who are actually worse than the local Philippine postal service when it comes to deliveries. I really hope that Taiwan remembered to take down the tracking number for the items that they actually asked to be delivered. XD


A couple of weeks ago, I stayed over at Ian's house in Fairview for a night, and while I was there, his sister Kay made us watch an episode of Doctor Who which was entitled "Blink".

Now, I'm a fan of the series, and I'm particularly fond of the 9th doctor (Christopher Eccleston). I'm guessing that the fact that they had John Barrowman (shmexy!) and Billie Piper on board for that season may have something to do with all of it. (And as a segue, I just wanted to say that Rose is THE Dr. Who companion in my book. SHE ABSORBED THE TIME VORTEX. That alone has "Dark Phoenix" written all over it. 'Nuff said.)

Moving on back to that episode... Anyway, it was called "Blink", and it was during the 10th Doctor's timeline. I love the episode because the whole timeline was just crazy, and I could only guess how in the world they managed to get that script together, but at the same time, I absolutely hate it because of those creepy stone weeping angel thingies. Brrr.

I already have this phobia of mannequins and marionettes, and lonely-looking porcelain dolls, so when I saw this episode where the life-sized statues actually had INTENT, I was pretty freaked out. Ian later asked me how I developed this fear, and I quickly realized for the first time that all those Halloween episodes of Magandang Gabi Bayan are to blame.

Back in my elementary years, every Halloween, my family would sit in front of the TV and tune in to that program as it spewed out two hours' worth of local ghost stories and tales of mystery.

One of those stories that ended up planting itself in my brain was about this one ancestral home in the province of Bulacan. The family who owns the house have long since migrated abroad, and only the caretaker stays at the place nowadays. The family, being old money and all, owned a set of 13 antique, life-sized statues (santos) that were all seated around a long dining table, in a re-enactment of The Last Supper. According to the caretaker, he would lock up the house in the evening, go home to his own house which is just accross the yard of the property, and when he comes back the next day, he finds the statues standing and scattered all throughout the the various rooms as if they had a party while he was gone! There's also stories of the sounds of heavy feet walking around on the wooden upper floors, and of how the statues would slightly change their pose when you turn your back to them. A head would be tilted a bit more, a hand would be lower, a set of glass eyes would be looking somewhere else, a formerly closed mouth would be half-open, etc.

This fascinated me a lot, but after the TV show ends, and when the only light in our own house is the dim, yellow hallway light in front of my bedroom, that's when I get the heebie-jeebies. I remember that as a child, I would absolutely refuse to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of having to look at our own statuette of the Santo Nino that sits on the altar, in front of my bedroom door. I imagined that even if I made a dash for it, I would make it as far as the toilet bowl, and then turn around only to find the statue in front of my face (you have to remember that I was short then, too). In my mind, the religious icon would show its demonic true form when my parents weren't there to help, red glowy eyes and black, bared fangs and all.

This was, of course, all very silly, but I think that the experience has still left me mentally scarred and broken in some places, so you could just imagine how I almost went into a panic when I started attending high school in UST.

The university's campus is PEPPERED with huge statues, and during my first few months, I would skirt around this group of stone bishops that used to be in front of one of the campus gates, especially if it was already late in the day, or in the evening. And yes, during my first guided tour of the university museum, they brought us into this one wing that housed nothing but santos and busts, and ivory statues with broken heads. I was shaking by the time we left the room, and I remember that I was only too happy to start looking at the dead, stuffed tiger and two-headed cow that they had on display.

To this day, I still hate mall closing hours, when the shops close the front door, but leave their display windows lighted. Stupid mannequins.


Have I mentioned that in episode 1 of the 9th Doctor's time, they had plastic mannequins that came to life? Oy, vey. ^_^;;;;;;
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Before I start, I just wanted to say that... VIRUSES ARE ANNOYING! Argh. I'm currently at a cafe, and I logged in to YM on another PC a while ago. Then, all of a sudden, chat windows started opening, and text was being typed into the chat boxes without me doing anything! What's weird is that I couldn't control the mouse either, and the brilliant shop owner has disabled the Task Manager so I had a hard time shutting down the program, and I had to resort to pressing the restart button on the PC.

Another weird thing was that when the text was being entered, I noticed that whatever program was running, was designed to enter the text in almost any text field it can get on. I was switching to Notepad at the time, and I hit CTRL + S by mistake, and in the field where you enter the file name, it started placing a message there too. I tried it again, and it then started typing a path C://WINDOWS.... etc etc.

That was scary. And embarrassing.

The text that I saw was in Tagalog, and the little the I got off of it was something along the lines of "... scandal... PM nio ko". However, according to some people in my contact list, they got messages in Vietnamese! O_O;; Jeebus.

So, if you're one of the people that got a weird message from me... I'M SO SORRY!! T_T


One of the things that has been taking up some of my free time lately would be Korean dramas. I've never watched any of the dubbed shows that have aired on local TV, and I've never really been interested in it, but it just so happens that one of the people that I work with is a fan of the genre. Having nothing better to do one day, I agreed to borrow one of the DVDs that she kept offering to me. Now, I'm engrossed in it, I'm afraid.

She lent me Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (aka, "The Story of the First King's Four Gods", aka "Legend"), and I was impressed by the high-budget production. I also found myself enjoying the convoluted love story that was pretty much interlaced with politics, as well as the fact that there were elements from mythology that they added into the storyline. Then there's the characters which includes an unwilling prince, an ambitious rival, a rogue, the assassin that fell in love with her target, etc. And the fight scenes were good, too.

Also, the other thing that I also like about it is that it actually had enough material in it to pique Lem's interest! Haha! He's apparently been watching it while I'm at work, and despite the bad subs of the DVD that we have, we're both enjoying it now. XD I think this is proof that the series has its merits, since Lem normally just leaves my shows alone. ^_^;;;

Oh, and another thing that I like about it...

ANG GWAPO NI BAE YONG-JOON! Ahahahahaha!!! (And, ladies and gentlemen, we are now back in the gutter...)

Look naman kasi, o!


And let's not forget Philip Lee who also appears in the same series.

Hot as they are, though, it looks like it's still not enough for me to start wanting to learn the language. Hehe. Maybe I just need a bit more convincing? :D Anyway, the officemate who got me into all this already picked out a whole line up of movies and shows for me to try out once I finish watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi.

She wants me to watch The King and the Clown, and with a story that involves male concubines and a pretty boy like Lee Jun Ki in a lead role, how can I refuse? ^_^;;;;

Factoid: Lee Jun Ki actually has 3 BJDs modeled after him. One of the BJDs features him in his role in The King and the Clown. My officemate says that she wants to buy one badly. I then found a site that still sells it and I pointed out to her the USD$1250.00 price tag for just one doll. That's 60,000+++ pesos! That's enough grocery money for me for 30 months! Haha! I dunno if she's given up on the idea already, though. I could be wrong. ^_^;;
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I forgot to mention that I finally finished watching Busou Renkin a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the DVD that jylichan left at our place when he dropped by the last time.

I have to admit that the series sort of felt like the result of something that Nobuhiro Watsuki probably doodled on a lazy summer afternoon when he had to submit SOMETHING to his publishers, the main protagonist What's-His-Face was a bit on the forgettable side, and the ending of the anime series felt a little rushed and all. BUT it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it, and all thanks to one character in the series: PAPILLON!

I swear, he's so gay, that I love him. XD XD

See for yourself: [YouTube link here]

All I can say is....

... do you really want to pick a fight with a guy who keeps his mask in his thong briefs...? XD

MOTTO AI~~~!!! PA - PI - LLON~~!! * strike a pose!! *
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I was at the supermarket last week, stocking up on supplies, when I passed by the instant juice powder section. Now, Lem and I always keep several packets (also known as "litro packs") at a time since it's cheap at 10 pesos per pack, and very easy to prepare. You just pour the powder in a bottle, add a spoonful of sugar, add water, close the bottle, shake to mix the contents, and then stick it in the fridge. We also prefer these juice packs since it's still way cheaper than buying a 1.5L bottle of soda whenever we want some refreshments.

Anyway, I was picking up the usual brands and flavors when I noticed an apple-flavored juice packet for the first time. Being a lover of apple juice, I instantly picked it up and dropped it into my basket, along with the mango, lemonade, orange and iced tea-flavored packs. It wasn't until later, when I got home, did I notice that the brand name was "Zuko". Being the shallow people that we are, it instantly sent Lem and myself into giggles, because where the rest of the world sees this:

... we see this:

Oh yeah. Fortified with Iron and Zinc, huh?

It's the small things that makes us happy, really. XD

Credits: Chibi Appa by rufftoon, and baby Zuko by paiwei0, both from DeviantArt. Apple juice powder packet bastardization by me. XD XD
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There are just days when I begin to wonder if there is some weird conspiracy going on, where a whole group of idiots get eBay accounts, and are then ordered by some sadomasochistic bastard to start bidding on my items.

This is one of those days.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love buying and selling online, and I've also met some very nice, pleasant people in this manner, but it's just that occassionally, there's always these few who simply deserve to get pushed into a cement mixer, and then fused into the concrete foundation of the nearest cistern. They absolutely must not be allowed to reproduce, because otherwise, mankind is doomed.

Sigh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just have this seething intolerance for people who can't seem to read, and those who flaunt phantom secretaries in an effort to seem more important than everybody else (despite the fact that you can tell that those secretaries that they speak of are nothing more than a figment of their imagination...).

I need to calm myself down, so I will chant my mantra which has been specifically-tailored for occassions as this: "It pays our bills... it pays our bills... it pays..."

Sigh. It's just not something that's very nice to come home to after three hours worth of overtime at work, you know.

Goddammit, I need an extra-buttery bowl of popcorn, some soda, and an episode of Shaun the Sheep. NOW. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ian and I absolutely love that series. It's right up there on our list of must-have videos, right alongside PythagoraSwitch... Baaaaa~...)
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Recently, due to the fact that our already-hazy cable connection just got hazier (and on the channels that we regularly watch, too...), Ian and I have been forced to start watching channels that we don't normally spend a lot of time on. One of those channels is NHK. True, we do like it a lot whenever we catch the English versions of shows like Professional and DigiSta, but it's just not a channel that we tuned in to regularly since NHK is just JAM-PACKED with news broadcasts...

...Until two weeks ago.

And the culprit? This gem of a kid's show...
(I added a link since I noticed that my YouTube embeds on LJ aren't showing up on Multiply, for some reason. Should I keep using the Embed Media thingy on LJ for it to show up on Multiply?)

Yup, for the love of PythagoraSwitch and the Algorithm Koushin (it's on Wikipedia if you want to know more about it), I wake up at noon everyday and eagerly wait for 12:15, even if I've only had three hours of sleep. Meanwhile, Ian wakes up earlier than me to make sure that the TV and cable box are working fine and we'll be able to watch the 15-minute version of the show without a hitch.

Other sections of the show that I enjoy would be the one where a length of yarn is made to represent sine waves, and are then associated with various sounds and images. Then there's the block anime thing which basically shows how things are all composed of basic shapes put together. Then there's the incredible machines, of course. And the ninjas. Can't leave out the ninjas.

I like that; teaching 4-year-olds the basic principles of sine waves and visual composition. I'm impressed.

The only drawback to all this is that we also end up watching all the other kid shows that follow PythagoraSwitch...

*sings... "Shiranpuri... shiranpuri..."*

Oh, and yeah. On top of the Haruhi dance, Ian and I are now also learning the steps of the Algorithm Koushin because it brings delight to our hearts. We are such dorks. ^_^;;
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I've been pretty busy since I got back from my vacation that I haven't really been able to read my mail. I'm still plodding through them, so if you've been expecting a reply from me, it should be on its way... within the next few days... ^_^;;;


In any case, I'm still busy. I've been helping my dad to get some documents straightened out, and I've also been running errands for him, to help him get a job. Sigh. He has no money at all, so he barely even has fare to go out and do all these things himself.

I actually just spent the afternoon with him since he dropped by for lunch, and I bought him some food that he could eat once he's home, and I also gave him a tiny bit of money. I really wish I could give more, but I can't do that right now.

Sigh. I feel so angry at so many things right now, and chief among all those is my own mother. I really shouldn't be feeling this way, I know, but it's all just wrong, you know? My dad deserves better and it pains me so much to see him in the state he's in right now, and to know that despite having worked abroad for years, he has never gotten to actually enjoy the fruits of his labors. Now, he feels like he has to start over again. It's back to square one, and it seems as if everything that he did in the past has been for nothing.

It's very painful for me to see him like this. I just wish there was more that I could do.

Sigh. Yes, I've actually started considering betting in lotteries, hoping for a windfall so that I could set my dad up to have his own business and pay for all the debts that they managed to build up.

Maa~... T_T


I've just finished watching the entire first season of Heroes, after a non-stop DVD marathon at home.

Goddammit. It was like a book that I couldn't put down, as I couldn't even bring myself to press the stop button on the remote. Before I knew it, the second season was already being introduced. NUUU~~...
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For the past week, I have been telling myself every single day, to finally get down to posting those journal entries which I've been meaning to put up. Then I'd promptly fall asleep.

I'm currently dizzy from sleepiness, but I just need to dash this off before I completely forget:

- At the office, we received an email from SOMEONE AT LEVEL UP (a GM) who was offering to write for us because he thinks that North America and DA WORLD would be interested about what's going on in the local RO/Philippine-MMORPGs-in-general scene. No offense, but.... honestly... common.... *guffaws* I laugh in your general direction. But seriously... No, dude. No. NO.

- I have just found shoe heaven. I can now cross out one item from my "Must do within this lifetime" list. Will elaborate next time.

- Can someone please tell me when the Discovery Channel program "Real Asian Horror" is going to be shown again? I missed its premier...

- The Discovery Channel series "I, Video games" is starting on Friday next week, 7pm. I have to watch it. Then there's that Nostradamus-thingy coming up, too.

- My current favorite programs consist of cooking shows on Discovery Travel and Living, "Million 2 One" on Discovery (I just love how a seemingly boring topic becomes so incredibly fun when given to a British comedian...), and Miami Ink (it is further convincing me that I NEED to seek out a fantastic artist to give me a tattoo. But then again, I'm naturally gullible...). Almost anything on Animal Planet has also been good. I have also been gorging myself with forensic investigation documentaries over at the Crime and Suspense Channel.

- Has anyone noticed something wrong with my TV habits? I thought so.

- Lem has recently surprised me by buying some curry croquette and a new batch of furikake. HAPPINESS!! ^________^

- I am yet to post the pictures from the wedding we attended in Tagaytay.

- I am yet to post the pictures from the time that my high school friend got back from Minneapolis.

- I really should start posting those bento pics again, just to get it done and over with.

- Still hankering for a DS and a Wii. Slightly interested in Playstation Home and LittleBigPlanet.

- been reading stuff from Dark Diamond. Lem showed this site to me, and I fell in love because of their collection of console-tans, hardware-tans and software-tans etc. Love! And yeah, you KNOW you want to read about Gundam Condoms, right? Right? Haha!

- Work has been fun, except for a recent issue on taxes, and one individual in our shift who LITERALLY SMELLS OF SHIT. I kid you not. I and some officemates have already dry-heaved at one point or another because of the bastard's stench. Ugh. Will elaborate in another entry. Maybe.

- I have emails to answer, sites to check and entries to post. Which will all have to probably wait until my day off...


- For sale: Endless Nights (Neil Gaiman), softbound, practically new. Great condition. Bought from Barnes and Noble in Minneapolis. Selling because I already have the hardbound copy of the book. Edges just have some of those tiny white spots which probably occurred from being handled (person who gave the book to me removed the cellophane wrap so he can read it before he got back to the country). No scuff marks or dog-ears. Selling for 650 pesos, free shipping. Any takers? Leave a comment.
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The TV is on as I'm writing this, and I'm watching this local program called Digital Tour on Studio 23. And do you know what ultra-updated technology they're featuring right now?

The Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 has been out since November 2005.

Right now, they're explaining what a gamertag is and what Xbox Live is. Now, they're comparing Xbox Live to Ragnarok Online. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Sigh... it's not that I'm being an arrogant twit just because of my short brush with current technology, but this just goes to show that we're at least one year behind with the rest of the world... T_T

It's either that or they have horrible researchers, all considering that the Wii and PS3 launches have been plastered all over the internet for the past couple of weeks.

This is just so sad. T_T
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I've been stuck at home for a couple of days now since coming down with a fever, with matching cough and a cold. I'm feeling better now, thanks to some paracetamol and massive helpings of vitamin C tablets, but the fever keeps threatening to rear its ugly head every few hours or so and I can only do so much to keep it at bay. Besides, I'm trying to be careful since a relapse feels twice as worse as the first time a sickness hits. Another reason to get well ASAP would be so that Ian doesn't catch whatever it is that I have (though I fear it may be too late, actually... T_T;;)

Sigh. So much free time and not enough energy to go out to the mall or ukay-ukay. Haha! Anyway, since I'm stuck here, I just decided to spoil myself stupid.

Well, not really.

Anyway, on with the updates:


Manny Pacquiao won against Morales by TKO in the third round. Hehe... I saw the clips from the match in the news, and I have to admit that was pretty fast-paced. A bit too fast though. I sort of feel sorry for the sponsors since they didn't get maximum exposure, though I understand that if you're fighting with a fever, it's always a good thing to get things done as quickly as possible. Manny was also a good sport. The part where he approached Morales after the match to check on him, and the part where Morales raises Manny's hand to announce the winner of the match were also good touches.

I also do believe that I mentioned sometime back in January that the whole country stops and crime rate drops to zero when Manny has a match, right?


We're moving house again, and yup, we're house-hunting once again.

Yup, by this December, we'll be having yet another address. We're moving because the whole building we're in is practically infested with tiny cockroaches that just get EVERYWHERE!!!! It's practically driving us insane, so we decided that the amount we're paying each month isn't worth the agony we're going through. I am MOST particularly bothered when I'm trying to cook/chop/prepare food on the kitchen counter, as on top of concentrating on cooking, I also have to swat away the little buggers or move the food away accordingly.

Can anyone recommend a place in Makati, Malate, Ermita, Sampaloc or somewhere/anywhere accessible to Makati at odd hours?


I recently bought a pair of DVDs which has episodes 1 to 90 of Bleach. Ian has been enjoying it, so that's good. We also get to re-watch those episodes on actual TV now instead of watching it on the tiny YouTube frame. Haha!


GO, JAPANESE POLICE!! I TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE! Heck, I'd trust anyone who can one-up Darth Vader... XD XD

Darth Vader VS Japanese Police

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It is NOT a good thing to wake up to a TV program which features a konyita female host who can't pronounce either English OR Tagalog words properly, who has a guest who happens to be some gay dude who is trying to instill his sense of bad fashion to the rest of the country by trying to pass it off as Japanese street fashion. Also, it's not good that they are trying to say that when trying to do your makeup to look more "Japanese-y", you need to look like you're either going to sing in an opera and/or star in a drag queen show.

All this compounded by the fact that they pronounce "Kawaii" in some weird way that I can't even seem to re-construct in writing right now.

I just woke up from my required 4pm to 9pm nap and I feel like a horse just kicked me in the head, but after seeing this, I now feel like I got kicked in the head AND like I want to just shoot someone repeatedly with an MK47.

Sigh. I hate it whenever I forget that it's a Sunday and there's nothing showing on local TV... maybe they got it right, but I'm fairly convinced that they didn't. Also, I stand firm in my belief that they got at least LoliGoth all WRONG. Even someone as fashion-impared as me knows that Loligoth CANNOT BE THAT SHABBY. Putting someone in a torn black dress, a ruffled top and adding a length of sheer, gift-wrapper ribbon around the neck does NOT make it loligoth. And what's with the TORN stockings? Seriously. A quick Google search would have gone a long way in getting the right idea, but NOooooo.

See?? http://community.livejournal.com/egl/6785187.html#cutid1

Sigh. I'm bitching again. Don't mind me. I'll be fine again in an hour or two and after a quick shower.

Anyway, first to get rid of this headache, then to start making dinner for when Ian gets back from work. ^_^

(Have I mentioned that cooking is therapeutic..?)
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I haven't been able to watch the evening news as much as I've been wanting to, and apparently, I've missed out on one of the funniest moments of Philippine Journalism Broadcasting history. Anyway, this is Michael Fajatin, one of the reporters for one of the local TV channels in the country (in case whoever is reading this is not from the Philippines), and the anchorman was asking for a live update on how a small clash between policemen and rallyists went.

Michael's answer was sort of the equivalent of "And then they stopped fighting... and they were dispersed... because they stopped fighting... so they dispersed."

Hehe... sorry, but there's just no way to translate that. XD

Anyway, this is an old video from a couple of months back, but I only discovered it several weeks ago, thanks to an officemate. So, I'm just hoping that there's still someone out there who hasn't seen this yet. XD XD

I can barely make it past the first ten seconds without falling apart.


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