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Well... just a little bit.

Anyway, at this moment, I should be at work, but instead, I'm here at Ian's house at Fairview, typing away. I know it's teetering on the edge of irresponsibility, but screw it, after what happened earlier, there's no way I'm going to the office. No. I'm staying here for today, thank you very much.

Last night (technically about six hours ago) at about 11:30PM, I was getting ready for work when the fire alarm in our building went off. I ignored it for a few moments, thinking that another one of the brats on our floor may have set off the alarm for fun again. I noticed after a while, though, that the alarm wasn't stopping at all, and I could already hear the sound of people's footsteps as they ran in the hallway.

I called Lem out of the shower (he couldn't hear the alarms in the bathroom), and we hurriedly got dressed, and gathered items that came to mind as we prepared to leave our room. Keys. Phones. Camera. Money. Documents. Authographed Neil Gaiman books. So we went down the fire escape, and I was half-hoping that it was a dud, and that we'll just be sent back upstairs the moment we reached the lobby. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Video taken on our way out of the building:

FIRE IN THE HO---... hallway...? )

Anyhoo, we finally managed to get back into our room by about 1:30 AM, and we spent some time cleaning up the messes we made when we scattered things around in a hurry when the alarm first rang. We also had to put the books back on their shelves, among others. By the time we were done, the adrenaline rush was gone, my muscles in my arms and legs were shaky and I got one hell of a headache. Plus, I needed a bath.

Some things to point out, though:
- Goddammit, I almost left my original Clow Cards behind!
- We left the bulk of Lem's MTG cards!
- I left Yuki and Doro behind! I completely forgot! I'm so sorry~!! T_T
- Lem decided to take from the room... our bills. XD I told him later, "Seriously, you should just let THOSE burn. In fact, make SURE it gets burned." XD XD

We're just ever so thankful to God that no real damage and harm was done. However, we're taking this as a warning, and we really should place some of our valuables elsewhere... and I should start leaving some clothes at my parents' house, too.
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Yesterday morning, probably just a bit before noon, there was an earthquake... and when it happened, Lem and I were in bed, watching episodes of Lucky Star. Lolz.

We were giggling over something, when we felt the bed move. I was about to turn to him to ask if he was causing it, but he beat me to it and asked the question first. This was actually a rather scary moment, because our bed is a heavy, queen-sized spring mattress on a solid wooden platform. It's not the elevated type with four legs, so to feel something so heavy and so solid wobbling under us sent us in a sort of mild panic.

The funny part is what happened immediately after we realized that the building was swaying. We jumped out of bed, and Lem was dressed and at the door in about ten seconds flat, while I spent the next minute or so running around the room, getting dressed, hunting for my keys, grabbing my cellphone, turning off the TV, the DVD player and the electric fan (what if a fire starts because of it??), closing the window (what if it rains???), getting my shoes out (I picked one of the cute flats that I bought last month), and looking for my comb.

We were laughing our heads off as I was struggling to get my shoes on, and as I was exclaiming that I fail at life.

Anyway, we finally made it out the door (after locking our room first, of course) and down the fire escape, and into the ground floor lobby where a bunch of other people have come down from the higher floors and gathered. I headed straight in front of the mirror at the lobby and proceeded to fix my hair, since it was still a complete mess when Lem and I left our room.

Not everyone seemed to have felt the quake, though, as we found several of the foreigners living in our building struggling to explain to the confused female security guard what just happened. I guess the people on the ground floor didn't feel anything. :/

One of the things that we noticed, though, was that most of the people who came down from their units during the earthquake were foreigners, while there were rather few of us locals who did the same. This pretty much left Lem and I wondering if we Filipinos are just simply oblivious to such things, or if we're just used to it, or if the majority of people just aren't properly informed on what they should do in such occurences. Either that, or there's just this prevaling thought that as long as the building is still standing and it hasn't crumbled to rubble yet, it should be okay.

We later noticed that the third reason seems to be the correct one, since there were some people who were saying that they were so scared by the earthquake that they took the elevator down to the ground floor. Yeah, that pretty much broke one of the main rules of what NOT to do during fires and earthquakes. ^_^;;;

After a quick look around, Lem and I realized that we were hungry, it being lunchtime and all, so we took a cab to Mall of Asia to find a meal as well as to get away from the building for a while. At the time, we were also wondering if perhaps our building was structurally unsound, and it was just OUR building that was falling apart. Thankfully though, the radio announcer of the station that the driver was listening to also that they were located in Legazpi village and that they felt the quake as well. It was such a relief.

All in all though, we're just glad that there wasn't any damage that was caused by the earthquake. We had a good meal at the mall, then we went back home to continue our Lucky Star marathon.


I just gotta remember to keep my keys in my bag, and move faster next time... T_T
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Yes, this is yet another one of K's-terribly-late-but-there-it-goes-anyway posts. ^_^;;

Hehe... I've already posted a whole bunch of "before" photos of our new apartment, so here's the "after" photos, just to show that we actually managed to climb out of the mountain of stuff that was all over our floor when we first moved in. XD

See? It's all better now. :D
Photos taken last January 17.

The current state of the apartment )
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I've been talking about uploading more photos of the apartment, but it's just now that I finally managed to do it. Hah! In any case, we all know what it looked like on the day that we got the keys, so here's some more photos of what happened directly after that, when the moving and unpacking frenzy started. Hehe.

(Yes, that is a mini-plastic bunny trash can which now sits happily on ourbathroom counter. It gets fed cotton with astringent, empty shampoo sachets and used Q-tips on a regular basis, that's why it's so happy. Courtesy of Japan Home. And yes, it's actually supposed to be a toilet paper holder, but it's more fun to "feed" it than pull its guts out...)

Moving in, phase 2: The mess that follows )


Now, one of the things that I absolutely love about our new place would be the window, which provides good ventilation and a great view...

When lying down on the bed on a breezy afternoon, this is what we see.

the views from our window )
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Just a few quick ones...

- As quoted from last night's episode of The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy:

"Don't feel bad about being a nerd. Nerds are like the moist towelettes of the universe; you make everyone feel good about themselves!"

So take heart!! XD

- I've been spending the past three evenings watching the pyrolympics from our apartment window. Bliss. ^___^ Pictures of little (?) flowers in the sky to follow! Along with a whole bunch of other crap that I've been threatening to post...

- (In what little bastardized Japanese K knows) Watashi no kazoku wa honto ni baka. Okaasan wa tottemo, tottemo, TOTTEMO HONTO NI BAKA! Otosan wa kawaiso desu~...

- Currently obsessed with Ouran High Host Club (KISS KISS FALL IN LO~~VE!!) and Genshiken. "Currently obsessed" also means "We just bought the DVD from Quiapo during our last day off, we're watching it and I love it".

- Currently swooning over Disgaea 2. And prinnies of course. Note the change in LJ layout/theme, courtesy of Ian. *looks at Prinny header* It's confirmed! Prinnies make me happy!

And off we go again.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that our apartment is finally taking its appropriate shape. :D Just had to say that.
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I am currently kicking myself for not having a refrigerator at home. The office Christmas party has just ended and the food is literally too much. Ian and I could be going home with a whole bilao of pansit malabon, a dozen sticks of pork barbecue, a big batch of beef and mushroom... thing... and a whole box of brownies (though I think some officemates would protest to that last bit), but nooOOOooooOoooo.....


I tried to convince Ian to take the entire, unopened batch of pansit to his house in Fairview, but I guess he's too lazy. And I don't blame him since we're pretty much happy, stuffed little pigs right now. Heheh....

Argh. On top of that, Ian won a Christmas ham from the raffle.

I am so kicking myself for not having a refrigerator right now.

Sigh. Ian and I ditched our old fridge because it's really broken down and dirty, plus we were scared that it may be harboring the little roachies which we so hate. The last thing that we want to do is create an infestation in our new apartment after we took all that effort to get away.

But that doesn't change the fact that...

I am so kicking myself for not having a refrigerator right now.

... or at least an ice chest.

We even considered just taking small portions home in those microwavable plastic food containers which are normally sold in convenience stores, so we set off to buy some. Lo and behold, in the FOUR convenience stores in the area which, on ANY OTHER GIVEN DAY, has those containers for sale... well, not one of them had any in stock today. Not even paper plates. How ironic.

The ham will stay in the office fridge until tomorrow. And then for the next two days, Ian and I will be eating it morning, noon and night (sadly, office policies prohibit us from storing food in the pantry for more than 24 hours). Sigh. Ian and I could be eating free for the next couple of days...

Sigh. At least, the sole office janitor will have much to feed his family with for the next couple of days. I feel a little better (and by that, I mean "very, very slightly") knowing that the food will go where it's needed. The guy deserves it too. Imagine having to clean up after 130 spoiled brats and idiots everyday...




I really should learn to tone down my must-hoard-like-a-squirrel instincts.
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I'm alive. Barely. Sorta.

Work + cleaning + unpacking boxes/bags + organizing = zombie

Just a few quick updates:

- the view of the sunset from our window is gorgeous.
- having a complete 180 panoramic view of the horizon is great. Just wished we faced East instead.
- the room gets farking hot for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I plan to tint the windows eventually to keep the heat and glare out, but for now, thank God for curtains and electric fans
- I get to watch the evening fireworks show at the bay from our window
- we are currently refrigerator-less
- pictures to follow soon


to Miss [livejournal.com profile] guia



I've been getting your texts as well as Mitchiko's but I've been loadless and half-dead lately. T_T I also haven't been able to go online much lately since we no longer have our own internet connection.

Anyhoo... GOMEEEEN!! T_T We can't make it to the party. We've both had so many absences and lates at work from Dec 1 to 15 (the times when we were looking for a new apartment/moving out of old place/moving in to new place) that we've pretty much sold our souls to our employers for the other half of December and part of January to do special projects and all that crap. Plus we need the money. Hehehe.

I feel bad because the last time I saw you girls was at Bizu (so long ago!) and I missed the trip that came after that... ;_;

I was also hoping to finally get to see Cayleigh, too. T_T

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K's picture of the day:

K is back from the half-dead. Sorta.

It's been crazy and just completely insane. Today would be our last day at Palm Tower as tomorrow would be the day the we need to get out of there.

Have I mentioned that it's been insane?

Hauling. Cleaning both old and new places. Reserving a truck for moving the furniture. Meetings. Signatures. Trips back and forth and sideways. Work (such an inconvenient thing to have when you have other, more important things to attend to. I REALLY gotta find a way to make money without working. Hehe... kidding). Calling the phone company to cancel our account. Scrambling to get our move out papers straight. Pestering our pig of a landlord.

I can't wait for the moving out to finally be finished so that we can at least focus on just one task which is SETTLING IN.

Here's to probably another week of craziness, missed meals, being incredibly dusty, aching muscles and not enough sleep.


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(bed in photo not ours. It will be moved out by our landlady soon.)

Wheee!! A whole lot more space, proper ventilation (as opposed to the mere hole in the wall, which is pretending to be a window, that we currently have), a high ceiling, a hall closet, a proper bathroom counter and NO ARMIES OF TINY, INVADING ROACHES!!!

We'll probably bring with us several of the pet spiders that we currently have (whom we have deliberately fed and taken care of) to the new place, just to make sure that the feature which has been described above in all caps should stay that way.


Well, we just signed the new contract and got the keys this morning, so here's a preview of the new place. We'll hopefully be able to start moving our stuff in soon, so wish us luck! ^_^

the new place! )

In any case, the new place ain't perfect and it isn't class A eiher, but, as Ian and I have learned from the past four years, it's nothing a bit of sealant/ duct tape/ nails/ scrubbing/ soap/ cleaning/ sweeping/ shelf lining can't take care of.

We're fairly excited with the move and we can't help but keep browsing shops like Japan Home as we begin mentally marking down the things that we need and want for the new place.

Ian also wants to paint the place since he dislikes the color of the walls, though I'm not quite sure how we're supposed to manage that with our six-day workweek.

Yosh! Much to do, much to do!! ^____^


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