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(This is me describing some really gross dentist-y details AND doing some computations and budgeting, aka, "talking to myself". You can still turn back. You have been warned.)

So... for the past week, I've been bearing with a toothache, and finally, I was able to get to a dentist this afternoon. It was a mind-opening, wallet-burning experience.

I went to this nice little clinic in Robinson's Galleria which honors my HMO card, called The Tooth Doctor. It must have been the swankiest dentist's office I've ever been to, and all the staff and the dentists were composed of nice women. Anyway, the dentist told me that there's something up with one of my molars in the back again, and that I needed to have a panoramic X-ray taken.

Off to the x-ray technician I went, sighing and grumbling about the 800-peso fee that blindsided me for today. After getting my results (it took 10 minutes for the whole thing), I handed the negatives to the good dentist and it was then that I realized just how badly I need to get some serious dental work done.

The molar that's hurting me right now is hurting me because it is lying ON ITS SIDE. Hence, it's growing out and pushing perpendicularly against the other teeth beside it, so no wonder my whole lower jaw has been hurting all week. Next, thanks to the X-rays, we also discovered that I have a freak tooth in the front. Apparently, right below my lower front two incisors, another, fully-formed tooth is right underneath it, in the gum area. Brrr... Seriously freaky. It reminds me of those news reports of a fetus forming inside another fetus, or something like that.

I know I've got bad teeth, but this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the dentist recommended that I get some deep cleaning done first to prep for the extractions, because apparently, yes, a lot of damage is caused when you only start seeing a dentist at the age when you begin employment and you discover the convenience of company-provided healthcare. The cleaning has to be done in quadrants, once a week, at 1500php per quadrant, so that's 6000php in total.

THEN, she can finally go all surgeon on me and get rid of the wayward molar and the freak front tooth. That's about 5000 to 6000php per tooth, since this is obviously not going to be a simple extraction, especially with the freak tooth since it has somehow managed to grow INSIDE my gums.

But no worries. I think I can handle this, for once. My cunning plan so far is as follows:

My first appointment for the deep cleaning thing is on June 20. 1500pesos, I can handle.

The next appointment is on June 27, two days after payday. That's fine, too.

I will also have to pay for my appointment on July 4... BUT! by then, I would be regularized, which makes this expense reimbursable with my company. ^_^ Same rule applies for my July 11 appointment. I just have to remember to set aside 3000pesos once I get my pay on June 25 to cover for my June 27 and July 4 appointments. Maybe make that 4500pesos to include the July appointment as well... Hmm...

Then comes the big ones. I could set aside 7k for the first tooth extraction on either the 18th or 25th of July, and then another 7k for the second extraction. If I have extra cash that day, I might ask for both teeth to be removed in the same session just to get it all done and over with. I'd be staggering or crawling out the door, but at least it's done.

So, in total, I'm expecting to have at least 20k worth of emergency (yes, I now consider this an emergency!) dental work done within the next couple of months, and have 17k of it reimbursed by my company.

Hmm... not bad, eh? ^_^v
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Gonna make this as quick as possible because my head is starting to spin and I need to get home soon.

First of all... no PC at home. ^_^;; Our PC died on us, so I only get to do all my online chores and rituals when I'm at the office. Like now. Hehehehe...

Second, been watching the series Leverage. I LOVE IT.

Next, health updates (prolly more for my reference than anything else, but if it suits your entertainment, then heck, why not).

My legs started hurting last Monday, May 25. I thought it was just muscle pain at first, but I realized soon enough that it's not because the pain only starts at a certain point on my thigh halfway between my hip and my knees, then goes all the way down to my ankles. It's the type of pain that just.. FLASHES and pulsates and practically blinds you if you're caught unaware. Just imagine someone striking your thigh bone with a sledgehammer in a way that's too weak to break it, but just enough to make it really, really hurt. Yeah.

Anyway, I've gone to a clinic last Wednesday when I couldn't take the pain anymore and I was practically screaming in our room. The brilliant doctor I saw had no idea what was going on and told me to just take painkillers nonstop until we get the results from the blood tests he ordered. I did as I was told, came back on the appointed day, and was told that my blood tests were all fine and peachy. Trouble was he still doesn't know what to do and instead told me to just take a STRONGER brand of painkiller for another TWO WEEKS, and THEN he just might consider referring me to a neurologist.

Of course, I promptly went off to see another doctor. Second guy seems to be better, and he thinks it's nerve inflammation in my legs. I was given a prescription for better (and cheaper) painkillers, as well as a nerve anti-inflammatory drug-thing. He asked me to take it for a week, and if I'm not well by then, off to a neurologist I go to have my back and my spine checked to see if the problem is there.

I still think that ONE week of possible cure and relief ending in immediate action, is still better than TWO weeks of guaranteed pain ending in more uncertainty and guesswork.

In the meantime, I'm still on painkillers since I can't function, walk or think the moment they wear off.

No wonder House is so grumpy.

Good thing I have my babuy to take care of me. ^_^
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Yep, the sonnavabeeetch that's been giving me grief for a good week or so has finally been removed, and is now sitting in an old dice set case in our room, making little clinking sounds whenever the case is moved. Whenever I look at it, I feel good that it's in THERE and not in my mouth, because it's in horrible shape. It looked like it imploded on itself, or something.

I was supposed to have it removed Wednesday morning, but because the area near the bad tooth was still swollen, the dentist opted to give it a couple of more days to give it a chance to go down a bit more before tackling the culprit. My Wednesday appointment didn't go to waste though, as she instead gave my teeth a proper cleaning (the first since a very long time ago...), as well as a filling for another tooth. Thankfully, THOSE were covered by our HMO.

I'm pretty happy with her work, and I'm also thankful that she did that because it sort of prepared me for all the drills and those tools that they stick in your mouth. It also helped me ease up a bit, considering that halfway though the cleaning process, I was clenching my hands so tightly, that it only occurred to me that I was doing that because it started to hurt. There's just something about the sound that the drills make, as well as the sensation of the metal grinding on my teeth that makes me very nervous.

Anyway, so I went back to the dentist Friday morning, immediately after a particularly bad day at work (won't even bother to rant about it) and having been awake for about 24 hours already. Yes, perfect and primed, I know.

The dentist was expecting me, and we got to business immediately. After some prepping, and thrice the normal amount of anesthesia that she normally gave her patients, they finally took a big-ass pair of pliers and got the EVIL TOOTH out. The dentist said I bled more than the usual, but that the EVIL TOOTH came off relatively easy. I think I may have been pale and shaking the entire time, and when I sat up to spit out the blood, I could swear my knees were trembling.

They then placed a wad of cotton on the wound to help with the clotting, I got up and paid my bill at the front office, and they handed me a paper napkin containing my newly-washed, freshly-extracted, fugly-looking tooth together with my receipt. A souvenir, they said.

After leaving the dentist's office, I then had to walk to a nearby bank, and make a deposit for our rent (well, someone's got to do it). Thankfully, I finished the transaction before I finally got all wobbly and I flagged down the first cab that came along to get myself home.

Now, I just need a couple of days' rest, more antibiotics and painkillers, and cake and ice cream. Doctor's orders. I was expressly told to avoid hot food for now, in order to avoid starting another bout of bleeding.

So, this ends K's incessant updates about her dental problems. That is, unless it suddenly occurs to me to post macro shots of the EVIL TOOTH for the sake of the morbidly curious. XD XD

But seriously. That's just... No. Eww.
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First of all, I'd like to acknowledge that I am perfectly aware of the fact that I tend to whine and complain a lot on my blog. It's quite possibly the only place that I have where I could be the irresponsible, spoiled brat that I want to be, but can't afford to be. It's where I could assume and generalize and judge with impunity without ever having to worry about the consequences. Much. Most of the time. It's where I could pretend to be a diva, and the rest the world would just have to live with it. Hah.

Whenever I write here on my journal, I like to think that I suddenly get taken over by the spirit of the crazy person in your neighborhood who likes to talk to herself the whole day, then kick the wall and scream furiously at nobody in particular. That's what's so fun about it. Few restrictions, fewer consequences, and if someone doesn't like what I have to say, then they can simply stop reading. Simple as that.

Recently, though, another batch of my whining and complaining has made me realize that:

a.) ohmigod, there are actually people who take the time to read what I churn out.

b.) there are still lots of good people in the world.

c.) the world is still awesome.

d.) Damn, does this mean I need to cut down on the cussing?

Haha! I don't think I'm about to stop myself from possibly offending some one person out there with my presumptions, online arrogance and/or vocabulary... but at least now, I'm aiming to at least be entertaining in one way or another. :D

Seriously, though. Thank you. :)


Regarding the EVIL TOOTH that has been causing me grief for this whole week... well... it's still there. ^_^;;

By Saturday morning, we somehow managed to raise the funds for the procedure that the dentist wants to perform on me, thanks to help from Ian's mom, as well as the money that lonesojourner sent over. Unfortunately, my dentist has a strict by-appointment-only-on-Saturdays rule, and she was fully-booked that day when I called.

After discussing it with Ian, we figured that the best plan right now would be for me to finish my work week and not skip any of my shifts (because I need the money!), and then have a good rest on Tuesday morning, after I finish work for the week, and then go for the procedure on Wednesday morning. I could have gone for it on Tuesday, but my dentist has told me that it's important that I've had enough sleep the night before, instead of coming straight from the graveyard shift. Something to do with the bleeding in my gums after the tooth is removed. :/

Anyway, I'm actually pretty nervous about the whole thing, because despite me having been a VERY regular customer at the hospital when I was younger, the most I've ever had done would be shots, the occassional blood sample, and maybe a CAT scan once. I've never had as much as a stitch or a suture (is that the same thing..?), so the idea of someone taking a scalpel to my GUMS at the BACK OF MY MOUTH, and then YANKING something out, pretty much horrifies me. O_O;;

Oh well. It's gotta be done.

I find that despite the dread, I also can't seem to wait for Wednesday, because I just want to get rid of the EVIL TOOTH already. Ugh. In the meantime, I also have a case of the sniffles and a cough to keep me busy. Ian also told me that I had a slight fever last night. Well, at least the lump inside my mouth is going down, which is probably due to the antibiotics. Wish me luck. ^_^
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I swear, if I ever meet the Tooth Fairy one of these days... I WILL ROB HER BLIND. AT GUNPOINT.

Rants. Tooth issues. Money Worries. The usual. )


Why doesn't money grow on trees? Just this once? T_T
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For the past two days, the only word that has been running over, under, through and sideways in my mind is: GODDAMMITOUCH!


I've been in PAIN for the past 2 days or so, because of a tooth that decided that it would be nice to act up now. The said tooth is at the farthest end of the left side of my upper jaw. I learned via Plurk friends that it's considered a molar, it's a wisdom tooth, and that the worst case scenario is that I may need minor surgery to take the bastard out.


Besides the constant, painful throbbing in my jaw, I can't even close my mouth properly. It's as if the rogue tooth decided to grow half an inch overnight, and I can't rest my upper teeth on my lower teeth because the painful upper tooth is being pushed farther into my gums by the tooth below it. I've also been prodding it with my tongue, and there seems to be a small, smooth lump right beside the bad tooth, on the roof of my mouth. It's tender, and the slightest pressure on it stings. I tried touching the tooth with my finger, and there's something... sharp on it. It's like the tooth is splintered or something.

The other, and possibly the most horrid thing about all this, is that the bad tooth keeps me from enjoying my food, and I absolutely hate it. I like eating, and I like having comfort food whenever I'm stressed. I'm particularly stressed right now, but eating causes me even MORE stress because of the pain.

And yes, in the middle of all this, I still manage to remember the punishment of Tantalus. Not funny.

I'm crossing my fingers that my health insurance covers the procedure, should it be necessary, because I could think of much better and definitely much more pleasant ways to spend my 5000 pesos, than handing it over to a dentist in order to have myself put through more horrors in order to defeat the first horror.

So far, I've been coping by drugging myself silly with mefanemic acid and sleeping a lot. It makes the pain go away, but it also literally leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The effects also wear off in about 4-5 hours or so, so I need to keep popping one because I'd go crazy and bang my head on the nearest cement wall otherwise. I'm also dizzy from oversleeping, so it seems to be a Lose-Lose situation for me. T_T

Stupid me, though, I only decided to see a dentist yesterday afternoon. I woke up late because I forgot to set my alarm, and by the time I got to the MaxiCare office, all the dentists they got hold of were no longer accepting patients because it's almost 5pm. The most I could get is an appointment for today, after I finish work later.

Still 5 hours to go before the time of my dental appointment. In the meantime, lemme leave you with this video which pretty much sums up how I regard dentists in general. Everybody sing with me now: "I'M A DE~~NTIIIIST~~..."

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Well, it's been another week since I've last been able to post, just as expected. Haha! Anyway, Lem celebrated his 26th birthday last weekend, and it was great.

On Saturday, we met up with [profile] magiqa in the morning to hang out, and also because I was borrowing a copy of live-action Nodame Cantabile from her. Hehe... in the end, instead of having lunch at RCBC Plaza as we originally planned, Lem managed to convince us to hop into a cab, head for Serendra and have lunch at the open-air area at Market! Market! instead. Lunch was good and filling (we were hungrier than we thought, apparently), and after that, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch where there was a Lego Star Destroyer, baby pandas, kittens, giant Lego people, and a whole lot of other fun things. Us being the children that we insist we are, we ran happily ran around the store for a good couple of hours. We didn't walk away empty-handed though, because as Elea has put it, that store causes an auto-cancel on all will saves.

I ended up purchasing Kiwido, Lem ended up with a cute doggie-shaped pouch for his MTG cards, and Elea got herself a copy of Super Munchkin.

After that excursion, Lem then treated us to cupcakes at Sonja's. I did mention in a previous entry that the said cupcakes are only meant to be eaten about once a month on average, due to its off-the-charts sugar content, so we stuck with the schedule and gave Elea a reason to put her phone cam to good use. :D

Pictures to follow! ^_^

The next day, we celebrated with Lem's family at The Columns. There was a lot of food, the kids were all there, and it was just fun, basically. Lem got to make good use of the swimming goggles that I got him for his birthday, so all's good. I suppose the only thing that ruined it for me was the fact that my stupid knee decided to do cartwheels as I was walking inside the room, thus sending me sprawling on the floor, in pain, and in front of everybody. T_T;;;

It's been 4 days since I took a dive back there, and I still have a nasty, purple bruise on my left knee, and I still can't run or climb up and down stairs quickly. It's gonna take me about another half week before the damned knee starts functioning normally again. Oh well. ^_^;;
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Right now, I am EXHAUSTED. I'm just really, really thankful that my day off is tomorrow, so I can at least rest and catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, it's not me who's sick. It's Lem who came down with an ear infection and some sort of allergy. We don't know why either, but last Friday, he just simply woke up that morning with a bad case of swimmer's ear on his right ear. So he went home to Fairview, and then this morning, he came back with an equally bad case of allergies. And both now both ears are inflamed, too, which has effectively rendered him half-deaf. T_T

The ear infection is new to me, but I've seen the allergy a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly started getting all these red spots all over his body. It was a little scary because the spots looked like mutated mosquito bites (as in, the mosquito that bit him must have been a mutant) and they were all over his legs, arms, his shoulder and torso. It really scared me. I sent him to see a doctor, and he got a shot for the allergy, and then he went home to Fairview where he was then taken to a hospital a second time and he had to be given the anti-allergy medicine via an IV, just to get those red spots to go away.

This morning, as I got home from work and I was settling in for some rest, Lem arrived with his two infected ears and a whole lot of spots all over him. Good thing I've already showered and all, because after about 30 minutes, I was dressed again and we hopped into a taxi and we headed for Makati Medical Center. We made a quick stop at Lem's office so that he could ask permission to take the rest of the day off, had a quick meal, and by 8am, we were in the waiting area for an EENT specialist to have his ears checked.

We were told that the doctor's office would open by 9am, so we decided to just wait it out until then. However, the doctor didn't arrive until about 10am, after Lem had a good nap in his chair. So, the doctor took a look at him, and basically stuffed his ears with a bit of cotton and told him to keep up the ear drops that he's already using. Apparently, the cotton was to keep the medication from dripping out of his ears.

Then, we headed for the emergency room to have his allergies checked. After a long wait, a doctor prescribed an anti-allergy shot for him again which basically KO'ed Lem for about an hour or so. Thankfully, the emergency room has dividers in between beds, so I was able to stay in the chair beside Lem's bed while he slept. After another hour or so, they gave him another shot, this time for a dose of steroids, which promptly sent him off to sleep again. We weren't able to leave the hospital until about 1:30pm since we still had to wait for the doctor to issue a medical certificate that Lem could bring to work tomorrow, as well as a new set of prescriptions for more allergy-fighting stuff, as well as some steroids. We then walked out of the hospital, bundled ourselved into a taxi - yes, no more hopping into taxis as he was groggy with medication, and I was just plain zombified from lack of sleep and exhaustion - and got home by about 2pm.

And by 7:30pm, I was back here in the office. Sigh. Have I mentioned how thankful I am that it's my day off tomorrow?


As for the allergy that Lem has suddenly sprouted, we're still not quite sure what it is, though we're both under the impression that it's skin asthma, aka Atopic dermatitis. I remember that Ritchie and Mitchiko's daughter, Cayleigh, also had to be given steroids when she was a baby, and that the kid is banned from eating things like chocolates, seafood, eggs, preserved meats, and things with lots of preservatives in them. Before we left the hospital, we were warned by the doctor to stay away from the exact same things. I was also reading up on the topic a bit earlier, and the symptoms all seem to match, so I'm sort of convinced.

Of course, it would have been nice if we could pinpoint what exactly has been triggering Lem's allergies, but I heard that those kinds of medical labwork are pretty pricey. At the moment, we're already very thankful that we've both got healthcare coverage that lets us run to the nearest clinic with impunity whenever we need to. I could only imagine just how much the bill for yesterday's emergency room visit could have been if it wasn't for his insurance... or all the other hospital visits before that, for that matter. True, the prescriptions are expensive and we had to ask money from Lem's mom to buy the medicine, but that's STILL a lot of money saved, as compared to going sans-healthcard. *kisses her own Maxicare card*

Speaking of healthcards, my parents will also be receiving their own Maxicare cards by next week, so I'm still poor, but at least I wouldn't be such a neurotic worrier when it comes to my parents anymore.


During all the waiting that I did while I was at the hospital, I also discovered an immense appreciation for the new cellphone that I have. For one thing, I now actually own a phone that has a radio and actually requires a memory card, so yay, that really made the waiting a whole lot easier, actually. Also, the phone comes loaded with a flash mobile version of Sudoku, a game I've never played before and have never been interested in. However, in the span of a morning, I discovered that there may actually be some hope for me to recover from my irrational fear of a lot of numbers grouped together.

Apparently, it's actually pretty fun once you get used to it, but then again, I've always been accused by one too many people of being a stickler for Patterns, so I don't think that counts. T3T

(posted via email)
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First of all, a plug:
CNN is conducting a short survey. In return for your time, which would be about ten minutes, they will donate $2.00 to charity of your choosing. Now isn't that neat? I've personally chosen to give my $2 to the WWF. ^_^v So, just head over to CNN's website, and look for the following banner ads sprinkled around the pages:


Here in Manila, summer has already been officially declared as over, and the rains have been making that point obvious. Sigh. I'm just glad that I was able to squeeze in a couple of out-of-town trips during that relatively short period, so that I could at least say that I HAD a summer to speak of. Haha!

The bad thing about the sudden transition from dry to wet season is that you get so used to anticipating sun and heat, that you never bother to bring an umbrella, except maybe on some whim. When you all get caught in the rain, though, that's when you realize that the umbrella that you brought with you yesterday just because you felt like it, is sitting on a shelf in your room today, all nice, dry and cozy.

And that's also probably the reason why today, I am sniffing and coughing like an asthmatic mongrel. Sigh.


Speaking of the rains, I got into a nasty spat with another commuter the other night, when I was taking a jeepney on the way to work. There was a really heavy downpour that night, and everyone just wanted to get under a roof or inside a ride. This office girl who was seated beside me, for some unknown reason, decided it would be a good idea to raise the plastic tarp that kept the insides of the jeepney from being drenched, just so she can take a peek outside at... more rain. Since she was seated in the middle of our row, and the tarp was one long piece, raising a part of it caused the water to slip down towards sides, instead of going straight down and falling harmlessly down the side of the jeepney.

I was to her right, there was another guy to my right, and to the man's right was the jeepney's entry/exit point. As the water slipped to the side, my back and my jacket got drenched after I took so much effort to keep myself dry, while the man's butt got wet because the water from the tarp pooled in his seat.

I called the girl's attention, and this is where it all went wrong.

Instead of at least TRYING to look sorry, or apologizing to us, the girl gave us that LOOK, then rolled her eyes at us and looked towards her friend who was seated to her left. I swear, I just snapped right then and there. A lot of sharp words were sent flying her way, and I finally got to use TWO lines that I've been saving for occasions like this, while the guy with the wet pants acted as my one-man pep squad:
1.) That's MISS bitch, you piece of shit!


2.) Well it's either you were born retarded or raised stupid, which one is it?? (I later realized that this line also works with the same potency if it were translated into the vernacular, so feel free.)

That pretty much threw the girl off-balance. Line #2 is affectionately attributed to Luis Sison Jr., who has, to my sincerest gratitude, prepared us for situations like this. Seriously, we used to joke around on what would be great things to sling at someone in an argument, and it looks like all that came to good use afterall. XD

The girl didn't really have much to say after that, though her friend was profusely apologizing on the other's behalf. However, the fun REALLY begins when they prepare to get off the jeepney.

They asked the driver to drop them off in front of King's Court along Pasong Tamo Avenue, and as we locals know, when it rains, that area tends to get flooded with enough water to go over the gutter. So, the friend disembarks first, and we watch as she skips quickly to the higher ground offered by the sidewalk. However, as our female offender was about to completely get off the jeep, she looks at us again, flips her hair, rolls her eyes at us and says, "Che!"

She doesn't get away with it, though, because with one foot on the little step on the back of all jeepneys, the man beside me TRIPS HER with his leg and causes her to fall face first into the flooded street, bag, purse, folders, binders, paperwork and all! XD Oh, sweet justice! And to top it all off, everyone else in the jeepney who was silent until then, all started cheering and clapping!

The jeepney then drives off, and the last we see of the girl is on her hands and knees in dirty floodwater, with the water reaching almost up to her elbows. I remember that only the area near her shoulders retained the gray color of her matching slacks and blazer, because all the rest of it got darker because of the water, but that small gray area turned dark as well because the rain was still pouring at the time. Her humongous bag was floating near her arm (and I could only imagine what happened to its contents), and a couple of folders were floating towards the nearest drain. Her friend could only watch from the sidewalk. I swear I'll never forget that. XD

The man and I did a hi-five, and I got off at my stop a couple of blocks later. I had to dry my jacket and the back of my shirt under the hand dryer at the office, but I didn't mind quite as much anymore. XD

So the lesson we learned here is: Don't be an asshat. ^_^v


Feb. 11th, 2008 04:55 pm
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Linkies of the day:

SpriteStitch (as shared to me by Lem)
8-bit plus cross-stitching, equals WIN.

Indexed (as shared by Jylichan)
Just see for yourself and be amused (SAFE for work, don't worry. ^_^;;)


Yesterday, after writing that post about the German deli in Amorsolo Mansions, I attempted to get some sleep since I still had work that night... and I failed miserably.

Lem got home at about 9:30pm, and I still haven't gotten even a bit of sleep, and I had a shift at 12:30am. Because of this, I was forced to call in sick at my office since one can only do so much when you've been awake for 52 hours and counting. It's hard to focus and my already-short temper gets even shorter.

I swear, I tried everything. Hot drinks, cold drinks, hot shower, cold shower, exercise, reading, eating, solving puzzles, lying still, counting sheep, warm soups, watching videos that did not interest me in the least, listening to soft music... everything. I was even desperate enough to trek to the nearest pharmacy and buy sleeping pills, but all I can get without a prescription were some dietary supplements that's SUPPOSED to help you sleep better (it was called Sleepasil, I think?). I bought two and drank it both at the same time, to no effect.

I was even considering downing some paracetamol tablets since those normally make me groggy, but I decided against it since I just took the supplements.

I dunno, maybe it was a REALLY late effect of Sleepasil, but I only managed to finally fall asleep by around 11pm.


This afternoon, I tried taking a nap again so that I can get more sleep before going to work again later tonight, but it's happening again! I can't sleep no matter how heavy my eyelids are or how tired I feel.

Sigh. I've never had to deal with this sort of problem before, and it only started to happen fairly recently, but I've GOT to find some way to get over the insomnia, hopefully without having to resort to medication and/or alcohol. T_T

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Sigh. I know that I don't get to post as often as I want to, so I really should avoid posts like this since I already get few enough chances to actually write nowadays... but lately, it's just been a little... much.

For one thing, I haven't had a decent bit of sleep for the past week or so. The most I'd get in a day would be about three-hour spans of uneasy, light sleep. I don't know why, but I'm suddenly turning into an insomniac for some reason, and this is bad news since I only function properly (on a whole lot of levels) when I'm fully-recharged with eight to ten hours of sleep. Otherwise, everything I do just goes wonky, or I end up biting people's heads off for no good reason.

I know that I used to pull 50-hour no-sleep marathons back in college, so this should be a doozy, but back then, I never had to worry about performance bonuses and such, either.

It's been very difficult for me to work since the sleepless nights began, and it's really hard to concentrate on something when everything around you is starting to get a bit fuzzy around the edges. After work, when walking down the street, I've noticed that sounds and colors are duller, my response times are off, and it's like trying to move though molasses, so I have to be extra cautious with simple tasks like crossing the goddamned street.

Molasses. Heh. Yes, I actually now know what that figure of speech actually feels like.

At the moment, I'm just venting. I'll be going back to our room in a few, and once again, try to get some shut-eye. It's frustrating, and I'm thisclose to running to the clinic to get myself a prescription for sleeping pills. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the knowledge that I have enough addictions to feed and bad habits as it is, and I can't afford another one. I'd much rather spend my money on microwaveable popcorn.
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For those who may have bothered to read my blog posts over the years, some may have noticed the number of times when I would post that I've been bedridden again because "my knee has been acting up again". Well, I finally have a proper name to call it, as I just learned the other day that it's actually referred to as "osteoarthritis". Yes, it's now easier to type and it doesn't take seven words to describe my condition. Hehe.

On a more serious note, however, it took me one post on Yahoo Answers to discover this, and I'm now kicking myself for not having done this earlier as I was too busy reading webcomics. I'm now wondering how different it could possibly have been, if I had been properly informed about the specifics of my knee condition at an earlier age. Yeah, about ten years or so ago would have been a great point for me to not break my kneecaps to bits.

Anyway, for the curious, my kneecaps are not where they're supposed to be, which is right on top of the point where the lower and upper leg bones meet. Instead, they're slipping off to the sides and are about a couple of inches off from the proper positions (well, at least that's as far as I can tell from the x-rays that were taken back when I was 14. That would have definitely changed by now as osteoarthritis is apparently degenerative). So, because the kneecap isn't doing its job properly, the ends of the leg bones are literally rubbing the wrong way, and this causes pain. Occassionally, the leg bones just simply pop out of place, and yes, it definitely causes a TRUCKLOAD OF MIND-NUMBING PAIN.

Those who have witnessed such leg-popping occassions have told me that they could tell that a leg just gave because I would fall at an awkward angle. They've also noticed that I would just simply fall quiet and go really pale afterwards, which is a complete about-face from my usual habit of endlessly whining and complaining whenever I feel pain or discomfort. I would just simply go into shock, with just this tiny part of my brain left screaming "Hospital! NOW! Must move to get there even if you really, really don't want to!"

The last time that I actually saw a doctor about this was when the X-ray was taken, and the bad part is that nobody ever bothered to explain everything properly to me. They recommended some exercises to me, but never told me what the point to those exercises were, and hence, I never did the said exercises since they bored me.

Instead, years later, I joined our college's soccer team for three semesters and played as a striker.

This, obviously, caused me to sustain a good number of leg injuries, and there was even a time when I was forced to stay in my apartment for a week because my knee/leg popped off again and there was a nasty swelling in the knee area. I was limping about for probably three weeks afterwards, and I couldn't even get on and off jeepneys, or climb a few steps without fear of suddenly falling over, as my leg always felt like it was about to give again.

And then, there was a similar (though not as violent) incident back in high school when I had to attend my classes with a pair of crutches for a week.

Until now, there are times when I have to tell Lem that I NEED to sit down, because I can feel my legs threatening to give way under me. I can actually feel the joints rubbing sometimes, and sometimes, I can HEAR it. It's just about as pleasant as listening to someone's nails being dragged accross a chalkboard, and it makes my stomach turn.

Sigh. I've actually entertained the idea of getting knee surgery (I think they call it "lateral release") just to fix all this, but I'm too scared to go under the knife, and it's too expensive anyway. Now, as to whether chondroitin and glucosamine, or a new set of exercises is the answer, I don't know yet, though right now, I'm almost willing to try anything.
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After a week or so of sickness, nausea and pain, I've only managed to pull through and function normally again last Saturday. Anyway, what happened was that last, last weekend, I was pretty much incapacitated by what I thought was an unusually painful case of dysmenorrhea (it was the start of my period, after all) and I called in sick at the office.

The pain was remedied by Lem who brought me mefanemic acid as well as some cranberry juice, and it went away by that evening. The very next morning, though, just as I was sending Lem to work, I realized that I caught a fever. Thinking that it was just another case of "trangkaso" (flu?), I just stayed home and medicated myself with paracetamol and a lot of water and rest. It didn't help much though, and by the next day, I woke up to a raging fever and horrible chills. Lem suspected an infection of sorts, and he took me to the hospital the following morning.

It turned out that he was right. According to the doctor at the clinic, what happened was that I had a case of UTI which managed to remain undetected and inactive for so long. While it was there, it apparently made its way up my kidney where it stayed. It was fine, while it was dormant, but the moment it got triggered, FOOM! Fevers, chills, nausea, and this annoying pain down my left side each time I moved (I thought that this was merely due to bedsores or aching muscles, since I was asleep or lying down almost the entire two days that I had a fever). I was given some expensive antibiotics to take and asked to come back for more tests once my period is over.

The antibiotic has done its work, and the fever and chills stopped, and the pain in my side disappeared. I'm yet to go back for the tests to confirm what's really going on inside my guts, though I'm vaguely afraid that the doctor made a correct assumption since the medicine she prescribed actually worked.

Sigh. I swear, I do NOT want to have to go through that again. Of all the things that happened, the chills were the most terrible, and I hated it. On top of that, medical bills and medicine are expensive, and getting sick also means you can't get to work and therefore cannot earn the money needed to pay for the said bills. It's a vicious cycle, really. Now would have been a perfect time to have health care. *kicks HR department and shoots it in the head*

Anyway, I'm just glad that Lem was around to take care of me during the whole time that I was sick. I was pretty miserable at that time since I couldn't even walk to the bathroom or get myself a drink without wanting to throw up. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't around.


On to the happier things in life, though, WE FINALLY HAVE A NEW REFRIGERATOR!!! WHEEEEE!!! Lem went out with his folks to pick one out last weekend, and he got one that's about shoulder-high (for me), silver, and comes with those nifty, little spouts at the front so that you don't have to keep opening the fridge door if you just want to get a sip of water. Another nice thing is that we get to pay for it in installment since a credit card was used to purchase the fridge from the mall. Yayness!!

It was my intention to stock it full the moment that we got our pay for the end of February, but getting sick has pretty much kept me from doing that. It wasn't really until just several days ago that I managed to go out of the house and go to the grocery to pick up a few things.

The arrival of the fridge is just in time, too, since summer is just about already here. Our apartment can get terribly hot in the afternoons, and I know that Lem gets dehydrated pretty easily, so having cold water is a good thing. (MAME CHISHIKI: I learned from a vet while he was treating our family's pitbull, that cold water is better since it quickly quenches the feeling of thirst. Room-temparature-water is fine, but it doesn't give a sense of relief quickly, so the person or animal tends to drink more and more. This could either lead to electrolyte imbalance, or a loss of appetite for food, since the person or animal is already bloated with water.)

Meanwhile, I'm happy to note that I have started cooking once again, and I'm pretty happy about it. Not only do I get to take up the hobby again, but it also saves us money on meals. :p


While I was recuperating and stuck at home, I've taken to feeding the birds in our area. Lem brought home some bread at the time that he was taking care of me, and one bun pretty much got forgotten inside the refrigerator. So, I started taking little pieces of the bread and leaving it right outside our window, along with a small bowl of water.

It's been fun, even though I don't get to watch the birds actually eat the food that I've been leaving out for them. It's still a delight to find all the bread pieces gone at the end of the day, and some telltale prints left on the window ledge. I've been doing this for around a week now, and it seems that the birds are getting used to the idea of free food from our apartment. More of the airborne rodents have been flitting about, plus I get to see them from time to time through the gaps in the curtain (and some of them weren't mayas, either...).

Lolz. I guess this may be the closest I'll ever come to having a pet in this apartment, so I'm not complaining. :p (I have once considered leaving food out for the cats that wander the various floors of our building. They manage to get in via the fire escapes, so they tend to just show up in the hallways or near the garbage chute. Being the animal-loving person that I am, Lem had to stop me from taking home all cats that I find wandering about.)


Feb. 12th, 2007 07:41 am
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I'm alive. Exhausted, a bit frustrated, but alive. @_@;;;;

In a nutshell, the past three or four days were basically composed of having to deal with unpleasant and/or incomptent individuals, a 48-hour marathon with barely any sleep, a trip to Tagaytay (at least I have photos to show for the effort), and more work. @_@

Will update properly once the room stops spinning.
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I've been stuck at home for a couple of days now since coming down with a fever, with matching cough and a cold. I'm feeling better now, thanks to some paracetamol and massive helpings of vitamin C tablets, but the fever keeps threatening to rear its ugly head every few hours or so and I can only do so much to keep it at bay. Besides, I'm trying to be careful since a relapse feels twice as worse as the first time a sickness hits. Another reason to get well ASAP would be so that Ian doesn't catch whatever it is that I have (though I fear it may be too late, actually... T_T;;)

Sigh. So much free time and not enough energy to go out to the mall or ukay-ukay. Haha! Anyway, since I'm stuck here, I just decided to spoil myself stupid.

Well, not really.

Anyway, on with the updates:


Manny Pacquiao won against Morales by TKO in the third round. Hehe... I saw the clips from the match in the news, and I have to admit that was pretty fast-paced. A bit too fast though. I sort of feel sorry for the sponsors since they didn't get maximum exposure, though I understand that if you're fighting with a fever, it's always a good thing to get things done as quickly as possible. Manny was also a good sport. The part where he approached Morales after the match to check on him, and the part where Morales raises Manny's hand to announce the winner of the match were also good touches.

I also do believe that I mentioned sometime back in January that the whole country stops and crime rate drops to zero when Manny has a match, right?


We're moving house again, and yup, we're house-hunting once again.

Yup, by this December, we'll be having yet another address. We're moving because the whole building we're in is practically infested with tiny cockroaches that just get EVERYWHERE!!!! It's practically driving us insane, so we decided that the amount we're paying each month isn't worth the agony we're going through. I am MOST particularly bothered when I'm trying to cook/chop/prepare food on the kitchen counter, as on top of concentrating on cooking, I also have to swat away the little buggers or move the food away accordingly.

Can anyone recommend a place in Makati, Malate, Ermita, Sampaloc or somewhere/anywhere accessible to Makati at odd hours?


I recently bought a pair of DVDs which has episodes 1 to 90 of Bleach. Ian has been enjoying it, so that's good. We also get to re-watch those episodes on actual TV now instead of watching it on the tiny YouTube frame. Haha!


GO, JAPANESE POLICE!! I TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE! Heck, I'd trust anyone who can one-up Darth Vader... XD XD

Darth Vader VS Japanese Police

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Yesh. Still groggy. Medicine does that. As much as I want to just stay in today, be lazy, rely heavily on the fact that I'm getting my salary tomorrow, and spend the last of my money on having food delivered, I really need to go to work today.

Gyah. I hate getting sick. I'm paranoid that my absences may be depriving me of whatever career opportunities I may have. It's annoying. ~_~

In any case, I've been dunking down Vitamin C, and I've been eyeing the cans of tomato juice that we currently have in the refrigerator, though Lem tells me that we first need to stock up on sugar before opening the cans. Hehehehe...

In any case, I still have work at 8pm (thurs) to 5am (fri) for the last day of phone mentoring, then it's back to being an agent by 4pm (fri) until 1am (sat).

Oh, and have I mentioned that management has recently decided to turn us mentors into guinea pigs by placing us in both the UK and the Ireland queues? Without any additional training, given the fact that Ireland is not part of the UK and has its own banking system and uses the Euro instead of the Sterling Pound? Yeah, that. And no, I don't know either.

Ah, well. Whatever. >_>

A meme to pass away the time...

yo-ho, yo-ho, and a bottle of rhum )
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First off, our daily does of office spam...


Argh. I DID end up with a fever... ~_~##

Phone mentoring was weird last night since we weren't able to acquire splitters and extra headsets for the trainees until around 5am... when there aren't any more calls to entertain...


Sigh. We've been told again and again by the higher-ups that what we're doing is crucial yadayadayada, but they apparently forgot that we can only do so much with discussions and PowerPoint presentations. Now that I think about it, we DIDN'T have any presentations since the projector is still not working... and we got kicked out of the training rooms again (we ended up occupying some blank stations on the 9th floor).

I remember a co-mentor saying last night, "Whoever is organizing this whole thing, let them come here and see for themselves what the heck is wrong instead of relying on daily reports and feedback sheets."

I have to agree. The gravity of the situation isn't obvious when it's neatly typed and printed. Sigh.


On top of that, I was late for an hour last night because of my fever. I dunked a couple of paracetamols and went to work where everything was fine until lunch (4am) when the medicine wore off. Much to my shame, I ended up sleeping in the ladies' sleeping quarters from 5:30 until 8am after telling myself that I was just going to close my eyes for five minutes.

Thankfully, our head mentor is a nice guy. I'm still very embarassed about it, though.

At least I now know where the sleeping area is. T_T


Mar. 23rd, 2006 04:59 am
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Well, it's official. I'm gonna be part of the mentoring team by next week. It doesn't mean that I'm promoted... just given extra work.

Sigh. I dunno. Last month, I would have been jumping for joy at the prospect, but right now, I'm more anxious and scared about the whole thing.

For one thing, I think that I've recently been experiencing what most people refer to as a burn-out. You know, that particular phase wherein you just feel too goddamn tired to go to work no matter how much you like what you do; that phase when you're convinced that a vacation is vital in order for you to stay sane.

It hasn't been doing wonders for my performance at work for the past week or so, and the mentorship thing has been received or perceived by me with resentment instead of excitement. I feel like I'm just being given more work.

I can't help but feel a little pessimistic about the whole thing since I've just learned that I'll be dealing with a class of 37. The thing is that besides the fact that I've never, you know, taught before, I'm intimidated by the idea of having to get these people ready for their job at half the time required.

Yes. Normally, gettihg acquainted with the email contacts takes 5 days, and then another 5 days for phone contacts. I remember that during my training, our batch did nothing but complain that there just isn't enough time and that everything's just too raw.

Right now, we're being expected to equip these people for email contacts in two days, and for phone contacts in three. They have to be ready for the production floor by March 31.

Yeah. No pressure there.

I feel like the heroine from Gokusen sans the Yakuza clan backing me up and the gangster skills required to maul a mule with.

I was, however, glad to find out that I won't be in this alone since there will be other mentors with me, but the pressure is still daunting. If those trainees don't perform well later on, it will, ofcourse, be our fault.

Workmates who have also been in the mentorship program before have been very supportive and enthusiastic about giving me tips and pointers. I'm grateful for everything they're giving me, but it's just that I don't know what to do with it at this point.

I need to snap out of this and headbutt the task 'til it dies or gives up.

I've quit the recruitment team, and just today, I ran away after promising my TL to do an hour of overtime. I'm a wuss.

Oh and that too. Lots of people from our team will be transferring to another account, and our TL will also be moving on. It's mildly depressing as it is. I dunno. Maybe it's just the Capricorn in me. I've read in a book somewhere that Capricorns don't like having sudden changes happen, and everything has to be at a steady, stable pace.

I think I need copious amounts of comfort food right now.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this will officially be the first post that I have ever written in the comfort of our own home, on our bed, but not necessarily in my underwear.

Hehehe... no, we haven't exactly gotten DSL connection yet, and I'm typing this on Lem's family's old laptop since the video card of our PC has recently died, but at least the phone line is up, we have a landline, and we could at least make do with our dial-up settings for now. I never thought that the sound of the modem dialing could ever sound so good. Lolz.

Oh, and we can now have food delivered, so all is well.

In any case, on with the post.


The past week has been particularly difficult because both Lem and I caught the flu at the same time. We were both coughing and sniffing and dragging ourselves to work, and it was a pretty pathetic sight whenever we had to check eachother's temperature. Thankfully, Lem managed to bounce back first so that at least one of us was in proper functioning condition to take care of the other. I've been recovering slowly, and I still have a cold which is a major hindrance when you have to take calls for the whole week.

Thankfully, though, Lem's mom gave us some money to buy some really strong orange juice CONCENTRATE to keep the Vitamin C levels up.


Speaking of work, some time last week, there was a minor earthquake in our area. It was really small, but when you're up on the 25th floor, it really doesn't seem like it.

I was in the middle of a call when it happened, and I thought that I was just really dizzy since I haven't eaten yet and I was very tired. It wasn't until I caught the look on the face of the people seated around me that I realized that it was an earthquake. It lasted a couple of minutes.

The funny part was that throughout the entire thing, we were all communicating via hand gestures and facial expressions because we were all in the middle of delivering quality customer service (naks!). I later learned that during the entire time, the thoughts that were crossing our minds were unanimous:

"a) Should I crouch under the table and keep talking to my customer? or

b) Should I tear the headset from my head, scream like a ninny and dash for the fire exit? or

c) should I politely ask my customer to call back after an hour since we are currently experiencing some major technical problems, and THEN scream like a ninny and dash for the fire exit?"

We had a rather slow reaction time on that day, however, and the earthquake ended before we could make up our minds. O_O

Lem, being the doggie that he is, slept through the entire thing. XD


Lem and I treated my parents to Avenetto's last Sunday, March 5. It's officially the first meal outside of our house in Novaliches that we had.

In any case, it was an early celebration of my dad's birthday which isn't until the 24th, but my dad has been craving for white sauce on pasta pretty badly recently, so Lem figured that it's okay to arrange to have the meal at a pasta place.

We ordered the platter with the potato balls, chicken wings and fries as an appetizer, an then we also ordered Nut Pesto for Lem and myself, and Ham and Bacon Carbonara for my parents.

Lolz. It was my parents' first time to eat at Avenetto's and I think that they were a little overwhelmed with the amount of food set on the table. They only managed to eat half of their pasta and took the rest home (since they enjoyed the appetizers a little too much and left little space for the pasta, hehe), while Lem and I finished all the Pesto.

Conversation was okay and I would have enjoyed everything thoroughly if only my mom stopped talking about me. During moments like those, I could only exchange tired looks with my dad, and Lem had to endure and listen as my mom talked about me when I was six months old.

To cap off the day, we later bought my dad a t-shirt which says "Jaworski, Toyota, #7" on it which he proudly wore later on.


The day before we had lunch with my parents, March 4, I had dinner at Gerry's Grill with James and Marlon, two of my gay high school buddies. James and I have met previously since we now both work in Makati, and Marlon has recently joined us on his first week of being part of the Makati workforce.

We went on yet another binge and finished ALL of the food we ordered, and now I have to think about how to lose the weight that I may have gained from all the lunches and dinners that I've been going to.

Anyway, I've just been particularly happy to see these people as I lost touch with them for over a year. I only managed to get back in touch with them around the end of February when, by some stroke of luck or coincidence, James walked in Avenetto's with his officemates while Lem and I were waiting for our food to arrive. We talked a little, exchanged numbers, and then later that week managed to arrange for a late lunch at Super Bowl of China where I was properly updated on everything that has happened to everyone while I was gone.

Apparently, in the year or so that we all sort of drifted apart, everyone in our circle of friends underwent some form of major upheaval, and now that those changes are over and we're moving on, here we are being brought together again. Lolz. I find everything to be timely and proper. I think that we've all just finished our trial-by-fire stages for this half of our lives.

James has also informed me that June of 2007 will mark the 10th year anniversary of our group. I reeled at the number and I marvelled at how much has happened since we first all got together. I feel rather proud about it. ^_^


Speaking of anniversaries, me and my friends from my Convergys days will be getting together at the end of this month to celebrate our first year anniversary.

Lolz. I know, I know. Too many dinners, too redundant a theme for this journal post.

I dunno.

I just feel happy and very, very thankful that I've managed to make friends along the way. Here's to more. :)


After work yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] evang1982 and I met up at the Internet cafe that I usually go to and waited for Lem to get out of work at 5am. So, in usual tambay fashion, we later went to McDonald's at his building where his company ID had some available perks and made a couple of large fries last longer than it should.

Lem later joined us and we figured that with our awkward schedules, the clock of the world was just all wrong.

For example, considering my normal work hours, I can call home and say that I'll be staying up late today. During the time that I'm making that call, the sun will be just rising over the horizon and birds will be tweeeting about.

Oh well. So much for the concept of going out and getting drunk after work on a Friday night. XD XD

We all just ended up hanging around a park near RCBC where the guys discussed their decision to buy a M:tG Booster Box (possibly the Ravnica block) and I fed the resident cat.

Later, we went to our apartment where they twinked out after Evang found our copy of the RPG Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM) on our shelf, and we also showed Evang the first two episodes on Stripperella as he has not yet seen the show.

The two boys later on went to Makati Cinema Square to scout for their beloved cards while I slept.

Sigh. Days off are precious. ^_^
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K's Quote of the Day:

"I can do no great things, but I can do small things with great love."

K's pictures of the day:
Cosplaying Dogs )


Hehe... here I am again, at 4 in the morning, sitting inside an internet cafe which is located beside our building, waiting for Lem so we can have breakfast together and maybe watch the sunrise.

Sigh. Lem knows how much I absolutely love mornings. Afterall, it's the best time to sleep since it's nice, fresh and cool. :D

Unfortunately, though, what I'm doing right now is a mistake on my part as this would most probably mean that when I wake up by noon, I'll be grumpy again and I'll be scrambling to get dressed in order to make it to my 1pm shift at the HR department. ^_^;;; In any case, my body is slowly adjusting to the 13-hour workday. Hopefully, by the middle of March, it will stop being a problem.

As for my knee though, it's still bummed but it's not as bad as before. I still have difficulties with stairs and slopes, I need to slow down when I board vehicles, and I can't bend or stretch my leg fully yet, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Hehe... the people in the HR department have been kind to me and they allowed me to just conduct the phone screenings for now so that I don't have to run around the office (yes, what I'm supposed to be doing there requires a lot of walking around the place).


Lem and I visited my parents last Sunday, and good heavens, he managed to acquire my baby pictures. Lolz. Now I know how it probably felt when his mom took out the family photo albums during my first few visits to his house.

Anyway, once everything's settled down and we've cleared other current priorities, we plan to sit down one of these days and scan them so that we can just keep it all in a disc, in case the photos get ruined.

And another thing, when we arrived at our house, my pitbull, Lucky, came BOUNDING towards us. Luckily, we were sitting on the couch when the dog found us, so no one was injured from the onrush of the 60 pounds worth of drooling, whining, fluffy, cuddly ball of fur.

Needless to say, Lem and the dog were inseperable during our stay there. I have a feeling it's going to be like that from now on and I feel happy about it. ^_^


Lem has gotten into sending eBooks to my office email account, and I'm actually very glad that I'm one of the few agents whom the IT department have apparently overlooked as we are able to send and receive mail from outsiders.

Despite the hectic pace and the load of work (and the no-pen-and-paper policy on the production floor), I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I can actually still afford to finish a book. It gives a nice, satisfied feeling to know that I can still be overworked, underpaid AND well-read. ^_^;;


My TL threw me into the Lions' Pit again today. Without any warning, with a broken knee and in scruffy clothes, I was forced to face people I'd really rather not. Serves me right for coming to work in casual wear on a Wednesday. T_T


One of my main gripes with my bum knee right now is the fact that after months and months and months, it has just occured to me that I want to wear high heels to work again.

This sucks.


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