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Recently, I've been hearing SO MUCH about this shop called Etude House which just opened up a branch in Megamall, that I couldn't help but be curious about what the fuss was all about. On top of that, after a bit more surfing and asking around, I noticed that EVERYONE I encountered all raved about their products. Needless to say, with a combo like this, I couldn't bring myself to ignore it, so I got up and trekked over to Megamall to see everything for myself.

All I can say is... the shop was VERY, VERY PINK and overflowing with estrogen. And I mean that in a good way. I just figured I'd put that in for the benefit of, and as a warning for my male friends who might end up accompanying their ladies to this place at one point or another.

TIP: There's a donut shop nearby. Go there, order a drink and a snack, and wait for the females to finish shopping. Bring something to read and just ask the girls to pick you up when they're done. They might be a while.

So anyway, on to the stars of this entry:


(ALSO: Sorry if I look haggard in the photos... I just got home from an all-nighter gaming session/hanging out with friends night, and I've been up for almost 24 hours. First thing I did when I got home was work on this entry because I was so excited. Hehehe.)


LAL. Anyway, FYI, I AM NO COSMETIC EXPERT. If anything, I am a cosmetic WEABOO. In fact, one of the main reasons that Etude House managed to reach my peripheral vision was because I've recently expressed that I sorely need to learn how to put make up on myself so that I shall no longer be a victim to the whims of hired make up artists during friends'/relatives' weddings/debuts/etc who never seem to have gotten the 80s out of their systems.

Also... well... after 25 years of existence, I figured it's about time I learned how to do something as simple as use lip gloss and not botch it. XDDDD So YAY for bids of self-improvement and YAY for finally paying attention to my badly neglected skin which has so far survived solely on bath soap and the occassional body butter or specialty shower cream.

So, I'll be testing out the products that I got from Etude, and I'll let you all know how it goes for me. I'm not even asking to be a Beyonce when this is all over. Seriously, even just a small improvement on my skin would make me happy. Hehe. I'm crossing my fingers! XDDDD
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Hehe... I haven't completely forgotten the tradition, despite me being absent from LJ, so here it is. My Holiday wishlist for this year. ^__^

Granted, I'd most likely have to get most of these for myself, but hey, it's called a WISHlist, and I can dream, can't I? XDD You know me, always pushing my luck and testing the waters to see if some rich, clueless person with a kind heart would decide to send me my heart's desires without question. Hehehehe...

So anyway, here we go. This year, K has been a good girl and wants:
  • - a second pair of Skullcandy headphones
  • - an iPod. Either Nano or Classic, as long as it has a good-sized memory
  • - a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi
  • - a point-and-shoot digicam, preferably Canon (supermacro mode, I LOVE YOU)
  • - an extra battery pack for a Canon EOS 10D
  • - a proper carrying bag for a Canon EOS 10D
  • - a 500GB (or more), USB-powered portable HD
  • - an original Konata-chan Nendoroid
  • - updated Vocaloid MP3 collection (because I just can't seem to keep up...)
  • - Guild Wars keys for Factions/Nightfall/EotN/GW2
  • - any recommended animu/scanlated manga/music/series/movie burned onto a disc
  • - any recommended book (as in actual, non-PDF book)
  • - gift certificates for The Spa/Fully Booked/Powerbooks
  • - gift certificates to a nice food place
  • - gift art
  • - snail mail (I miss it so...)
  • - a new dice set
  • - photography lessons or books
  • - a year's worth of membership to a gym/dance/yoga class close to the Ortigas CBD (then I'm FORCED to actually go... NO ESCAPE. XDDDD)
  • - a nice meal cooked for me :D (wehehehehe.... *AHEMELEAAHEM*)
  • - nice/inspiring Vintage photos
  • - a shopping trip at Saizen XDDDDD
  • - a good haircut at your favorite stylist's (because goodness knows I need it. XD)

NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~ here's to hoping. :p

  • - Zevran Fanart
  • - Dragon Age Collector's Edition

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Yep, I cleaned out stuff from our piles and piles of... more stuff... recently. Can't afford to put up an actual garage sale and my eBay account is still awaiting reinstatement (long story...). So here ya go.

Prices are listed below, shipping not included yet. Will be using Air21 for everything else. Books/Printed material will be sent via 2GO since they ship books cheaper. So that'll be Item Price + Shipping. Yep, I combine shipping. Free shipping if you somehow manage to buy at least 500pesos worth of stuff. Hehe. I just want to get these things out the door.

If you need more info about the item, I'm gonna have to ask you to just Google it up. Sorry. ^_^;;;;

All these are second hand unless stated otherwise. Either they're used, or they're new but have been stuck inside my closet for a long while.

Items come from a no-smoking, cat-filled environment.


We can arrange payment details later on. Just leave me your contact details. :D

Books, bags, accessories and a digicam )

Clothes. All are used unless stated otherwise. )
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(This is me describing some really gross dentist-y details AND doing some computations and budgeting, aka, "talking to myself". You can still turn back. You have been warned.)

So... for the past week, I've been bearing with a toothache, and finally, I was able to get to a dentist this afternoon. It was a mind-opening, wallet-burning experience.

I went to this nice little clinic in Robinson's Galleria which honors my HMO card, called The Tooth Doctor. It must have been the swankiest dentist's office I've ever been to, and all the staff and the dentists were composed of nice women. Anyway, the dentist told me that there's something up with one of my molars in the back again, and that I needed to have a panoramic X-ray taken.

Off to the x-ray technician I went, sighing and grumbling about the 800-peso fee that blindsided me for today. After getting my results (it took 10 minutes for the whole thing), I handed the negatives to the good dentist and it was then that I realized just how badly I need to get some serious dental work done.

The molar that's hurting me right now is hurting me because it is lying ON ITS SIDE. Hence, it's growing out and pushing perpendicularly against the other teeth beside it, so no wonder my whole lower jaw has been hurting all week. Next, thanks to the X-rays, we also discovered that I have a freak tooth in the front. Apparently, right below my lower front two incisors, another, fully-formed tooth is right underneath it, in the gum area. Brrr... Seriously freaky. It reminds me of those news reports of a fetus forming inside another fetus, or something like that.

I know I've got bad teeth, but this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the dentist recommended that I get some deep cleaning done first to prep for the extractions, because apparently, yes, a lot of damage is caused when you only start seeing a dentist at the age when you begin employment and you discover the convenience of company-provided healthcare. The cleaning has to be done in quadrants, once a week, at 1500php per quadrant, so that's 6000php in total.

THEN, she can finally go all surgeon on me and get rid of the wayward molar and the freak front tooth. That's about 5000 to 6000php per tooth, since this is obviously not going to be a simple extraction, especially with the freak tooth since it has somehow managed to grow INSIDE my gums.

But no worries. I think I can handle this, for once. My cunning plan so far is as follows:

My first appointment for the deep cleaning thing is on June 20. 1500pesos, I can handle.

The next appointment is on June 27, two days after payday. That's fine, too.

I will also have to pay for my appointment on July 4... BUT! by then, I would be regularized, which makes this expense reimbursable with my company. ^_^ Same rule applies for my July 11 appointment. I just have to remember to set aside 3000pesos once I get my pay on June 25 to cover for my June 27 and July 4 appointments. Maybe make that 4500pesos to include the July appointment as well... Hmm...

Then comes the big ones. I could set aside 7k for the first tooth extraction on either the 18th or 25th of July, and then another 7k for the second extraction. If I have extra cash that day, I might ask for both teeth to be removed in the same session just to get it all done and over with. I'd be staggering or crawling out the door, but at least it's done.

So, in total, I'm expecting to have at least 20k worth of emergency (yes, I now consider this an emergency!) dental work done within the next couple of months, and have 17k of it reimbursed by my company.

Hmm... not bad, eh? ^_^v
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As many of my friends know, I find joy in senseless knick-knacks and inane curiosities, especially when I can acquire them for cheap. So yes, at this point, you can start imagining me walking up to a cashier inside a 7-11 branch to pay for some chips and a bottle of flavored tea... then spotting the candy rack and giggling like an idiot before grabbing a pack of mints and tossing it at the counter to be rang up along with the rest of my purchases.

I give you... love for 25 pesos. XDDDDD

Yes, I was so excited over it that I plurked about it that day and showed it to my friends at the office. We all giggled like schoolgirls. XDDDDD

Apparently, that's the toned down version, because as I learned from the manufacturer's website, in other countries, the name stamped on the package is "SEX" instead of "LOVE". And speaking of their website, I love how they ask you to choose between ENERGY and SEX. XDDDD

Lovely. Who says laughs have to be pricey? XDDD
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I remember about a year ago, during one of my many trips to Serendra with Ian, I spotted these gorgeous rain boots displayed on a rack. I was surprised, because I've never seen a pair of big, rubber boots which were obviously meant for getting wet, which didn't look like the black or yellow ones that I normally saw being worn by traffic cops or construction workers. I wanted one so badly back then, but when I learned that a pair costs about 2000++ php each, I sadly had to put it down and walk away. Since then, I never forgot about the boots in different colors and cute patterns.

Fast forward to now.

Yep, this is me reviewing Plueys. Shoe photos under the cut. )

All in all: Plueys are <3
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In case you're wondering what has been keeping me busy, I've been working with a bunch of friends on starting up LoliDudes.com. So, past month or so, we've been attending cons to gather material. ^_^ Anyway, here's our report for Shizen Orchestra which was held last April 25. ^_^

With a brief special featuring Ian, of course. :D

I took all the photos. ^__^

LEL. On top of the con-attendance, the past week has also been phenomenal in my book in terms of acquiring STUFF! WHEE!! A pair of Skullcandy headphones and some Lucky Star figures. YAY! ^_____^

pikchar pikchar! )

Hehe... yes, this is my stuff-itis kicking in again. :D
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We moved house over the weekend. Just popping in to say "hello, I'm still alive, sorry to disappoint". Brain is still fried. Very tired. Lots have happened. Nice things. Coherence will come back in maybe another week. I hope.

* NaBloPoMo attempt has failed. Will have to revise banner on LJ to show that.

* I REALLY need to get used to commutes to and from home that are longer than 20 minutes...

* Nov 12-13: Paid all our dues and scrambled to find a truck for moving our belongings.

* Nov 14: The truck arrived, we put our stuff in it and brought it all to Fairview.

* Nov 15: Went back to our old apartment for the last time to clean it, then meet up with our landlady, discuss our deposit and hand over our keys.

* Nov 15: while waiting for landlady, we went to Waltermart where I bought more home stuff, AND a copy of The Ultimates Vol. 1 at Bibliarch. It was on sale. And not having to pay rent ROCKS so hard.

* Nov 16: Spent the day cleaning, arranging, taking stuff out of boxes, etc.

* Nov 16: On our first day at our new home, Ian took me to a nearby Japanese Surplus Store where I scored TWO Totoro plushies, as well as a large, orange, Dragon Quest Slime. Pics to follow. I plan to go back there next payday.

* Nov 17: More cleaning, installing, drilling, etc.

* Nov 18: Went to Makati to spend the day there and haul more of our stuff that we left at The Columns, back to Fairview. Got a french manicure. I love it.

* Nov 19: Went to Ortigas for a mega-boss battle. It went better than I hoped, and I am optimistic. Results by next week. Managed to get blisters all over my feet due to bad shoes, though... More cleaning, etc, upon returning to Fairview.

* and there's doggies. And a pregnant cat. And a particularly cheerful baby here.

That's it for now. Imma gonna go back to bed nao. X_X
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The countdown to XMAS is already well underway, and if I'm not mistaken, it's about 50 days before the occassion, ne? Hehe... well, I suppose I should get things started, so here's my wishlist for this year. :D

Not that I expect to actually GET every single item in my wishlist, but it's called a wishlist for a reason, ne? ^_^

... and world peace. :D )

Interested benefactors may contact me at anytime. Late submissions for XMAS may qualify for the chance to give me a New Year's present or a birthday gift as well. Haha! :D :D
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I would like to take this opportunity to announce that after eight long years of searching and waiting, I've finally found a deck of tarot cards for myself, and I am very, very happy.

I first learned about tarot in elementary school, in an episode of Candy Candy. I still remember it very clealy: Candy decided to sneak out of the mansion for a day out with her aristocratic love interest, and of all the places they could have gone to, she took him to the circus where they had cotton candy, candied apples, hotdogs (I remember the guy being bewildered at having to eat food with your hands. I still find it funny until now...), and... a trip to the fortune teller.

My fascination grew in high school when I started watching paranormal shows on TV, and I also started hanging around some college students who liked to show off their tarot cards. I spent hours upon hours at the humanities section of the UST main library, as well as the UST Ecclessiastical library, just devouring any book on the topic I could get my hands on. I also did a lot of reading on astrology and ancient mythology during this time, which is to blame for the online username which I have been using all these years.

And then came college, when I met certain people from AEGIS and the UP Hill People, who were familiar with the art, as well as [info]magiqa who always brought her Vertigo deck around, and the rest of the UST co-op gang. It was the first time that I got to regularly see different types of decks in action, each with different personalities, and I got to watch as their respective owners gave their own unique interpretations. This taught me a lot of things about the tarot that I don't think any book can sufficiently explain, and I was very impressed and it looked like so much fun, so my fascination only grew.

So, since then, I've set my mind on getting myself a tarot deck of my own. Ive often been disappointed because of either the utter scarcity of the item at local specialty shops and bookstores, its tag price, or the few decks that I did fancy just simply didn't like me very much (a throbbing headache after walking around the shop for a few minutes with a certain deck in hand was just SO not worth it...), or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Haha! XD

So, last September 13 (yes, after attending Animania), and after dinner, we headed for the bookstore because of the huge banner at the front that announced that a sale was underway. I didn't expect to find any cards there, but Elea pointed me to the stack of cards behind the counter (it now seems rather apt that it was her who pointed me to my new cards, ne? Haha!)

There was a whole bunch to choose from at that time, but when I saw the Universal Fantasy deck from Lo Scarabeo, with the face of the Queen of Swords on the side of the box (I didn't even know which card it was at the time, since it was a close-up of her face), I fell in love. The bonus? It was on sale, and I didn't find out until I checked the receipt. Hehehehe...

She's pretty, ne? ^_^ Elea claims that the deck is rather emo, but it's actually not emo at all. The illustrations do remind me so much of either Magic Knight Rayearth (which will always be close to my heart, no matter what people say), and the feel of Final Fantasy XII (which is one of my all-time favorite games), which probably adds to it's LURVE factor for me.

Meet some of my favorites. :3 )

I love the artwork because I find it to be particularly lively and vivid, plus all those... um... swirlies all hearken back to my CLAMP fangirl days, which I don't think I've quite grown out of anyway. ^_^;;

I suppose another thing that I love about the deck is that it bases its illustrations on classic Rider-Waite symbolism and then some. This makes it easy for beginners like me who are only familiar with R-W, but find the original deck too boring, or just simply not fitting. On the other hand, despite the obvious reference, the illustrations also offer a bit more flexibility with the additions or rearrangements of some of the standard elements on some of the cards.

Long story short, I LOVE IT! ^_______^
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For the past two days, the office internet connection has been particularly lenient and has allowed us to get to sites that are normally blocked. It being the weekend and all, with very little work to do, I told myself that this would be a good chance to finally catch up on things and start posting entries which have been severely backlogged for months.

Things were going according to plan... until I realized that I can access both Plurk AND Facebook at work.

Needless to say, everything just went down the drain as I spent most of my time either Plurking or replying to people's Plurks, or playing D&D Tiny Adventures (by the way... ADD ME AND BUFF ME!!! KTHNXBAI!!). It's already a good thing that another Facebook app, Pet Society, doesn't load properly here at the office since our version of Flash is outdated. Otherwise, I don't think I'll even be able to do any work at all, and I'll just end up sitting in the office, playing for hours.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make a coherent post. Remember, the key word here is "try"...


At the office, one of the first things that I do upon clocking in, is to check CNN for headlines as well as weather updates, since our work volume is pretty much dictated by how bad the weather in the US is. Now, what amazes me the most is how it is actually still possible to go to such a trusted news source and still come accross the siliest headlines. Like these, for example:

other prime examples of CNN lulz )

Now, I'm really fond of getting my daily dose of lulz online but, I supposed I just didn't really think that CNN would be such a good source for such things. I stand corrected, though. XD


Some time last month, a good friend of mine who doesn't have an eBay account of his own asked me to get him some perfume from eBay. I got it for him, and when we met up so that I can give him the product and he can give me the payment for it, I ended up being curious about this whole obsession with expensive scents.

To be honest, the most money that I've ever spent on scents would be for a 400-peso bottle of Plum Blossom-scented cologne-body-spray-whatever from Bath and Body Works. My friend, on the other hand, paid 1800 pesos for a 100ml tester bottle of perfume from Bvlgari, and at that rate, he claims that it was already very cheap as compared to its actual retail price in malls. When I asked him why he likes these things so much, he emphasized the importance of smelling good in all situations, all the time.

This whole conversation got me thinking about my one and only bottle of Clinique Happy (a gift from a relative) sitting in our bathroom for the past, oh, four or five years? Despite having had the thing for so very long that its shiny chrome cap is already starting to rust, the bottle still has about 25% of its original contents left. This suddenly made me very conscious, and I wondered how much I've been stinking all these years (yes, sometimes I'm thankful that I have gay friends who force me to realize things like this).

I then decided to try it out, and I asked my friend for some recommendations. He easily named three top picks:

- Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue
- La Coste's Touch of Pink
- and GAP's Dream

With a shortlist like this, I felt a bit ready to try experimenting, but my next dilemma stems from the fact that:

- I'm poor and can't afford X thousand pesos worth of perfume that I may or may not like in the end
- I have no patience to go to a department store and strart harassing the perfume counter attendants
- I have no confidence to go to a department store and try to pick out a scent since I have no idea on what I'm doing
- I'm afraid of being pressured by a really good salesperson into buying something that I'm going to regret later on.
- I can't seem to trust my own nose, since more often than not, what I find strange has been well-liked by people around me, while what I thought to be nice turned out to be rather unpleasant.

So, I decided that I will have to find a way to acquire the perfume at much lower costs, AND I will also need to be able to "test drive" it, i.e. use it for a full day and see how it goes, before I settle on something that I would be willing to spend my money on. I looked up the prices of the perfume that my friend recommended and I nearly gagged, but thankfully, I discovered that the answer to all this was to buy sample bottles from eBay.

The whole thing is perfect, I tell you.

I get to buy and use authentic scents for really low prices, AND the sizes of the bottle seem to be just about right for me since I don't use it very often, as I've discovered that one apparently doesn't need very much of it in order to be smelled from accross the room. Also, as with most designer scents do, the scent lingers for the rest of the whole day and even sticks to your clothes even after it's been washed (this discovery, in turn, has led me to wonder how in the world some people can bear to spray themselves with strong perfume several times, about thrice a day, when a drop or two is actually sufficient). The fact that the bottles are tiny are also helpful since I can slip it into my bag or pocket with no problem.

So far, I've been very satisfied with the scents that I've tried, namely:

D&G Light Blue, which reminds me so much of the scent of goods when you've opened a balikbayan box from New York (all my relatives from my dad's side are there, and dad also sent us a lot of stuff when he stayed in New York for several years, back when I was in college).

Kenzo L'eau Par for Ladies, which was a gambit since I've never heard of it before, and which I only bought because... well, it was there. XD I'm actually very fond of it since it smells so very sweet, like some tasty, sticky, yummy fruit or flower. Hehehe. And yeah, Ian likes it, too, since the scent is light enough for his sensitive nose (not sensitive as in "picky, but sensitive, as in, he gets allergic and starts sneezing like crazy when he smells something harsh, like strong perfume.)

Hehe... I'm quite happy with my purchases and I'm thankful that I took up my friend's suggestions. I'm even happier that I found out that I can just do this, and at the rate things are going, I may end up just buying these tiny bottles from now on, since it fits my budget, my bag and my needs, and is relatively low-risk. So, YAY for gay friends and YAY for eBay! eBay has all the answers to life's little troubles! :D
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Yep! More delayed photo posts, coming right up! Hehe.

Anyway, I've mentioned in a previous post that the day before Lem's birthday, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa  since I wanted to borrow a DVD rom her. In the end, and pretty much at the spur of the moment, we found ourselves at Bonifacio High Street and Serendra, in a sugar high, and giggling over toys. It being a snap decision and all... I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to work with just my phone cam. Erk. T_T

The main reason why we headed to that area in the first place, was because Lem decided  that he wanted to treat us to some cupcakes at Sonja's. Apparently, after we tried it for the first time during James' birthday dinner last July, Lem has taken quite a liking to the pricey, pastel-colored desserts (though we still wouldn't dare go beyond the one-cupcake-a-month limit for fear of diabetic shock). It turned out to be a good thing, too, since it was Elea's first time to go to that area as well. ^_^

Being still full from the hefty lunches that we ate at Market! Market!, though, we decided to NOT head straight for Sonja's immediately aftewards. Instead, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch to try to help Elea look for a mood ring, and there, we just simply went crazy. It's really a sight to behold when you place geeks inside a specialty store like H&L...

K was caught shop-lifting a 2-foot-long model of a Star Destroyer made entirely of Lego blocks.
This photo was taken before she was carted away...

And finally, after all that running around the H&L store, the food we had for lunch was finally burned away, and we trooped to Sonja's for a bite to eat.

After all that, we headed back to Makati where Elea boarded a jeep bound for her mom's place, and we went back home to enjoy and admire our purchases. Hehe.

And thus ended Lem's pre-birthday celebration for 2008. With cupcakes and geekery. XD
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Despite the torrents of rain yesterday morning, I had a good day yesterday, with a solid morning's worth of treating myself to nice things. After work yesterday morning, I headed for Greenbelt 3 for an early morning screening of Star Wars: Clone Wars, sponsored by the company. It's the company's 10th anniversary, so this was sort of their treat to some of the employees. I'm saying "some", because it was a random drawing, and I was the only one from my account to get a ticket to that screening. I think others did get tickets to a later screening of Wall-E, though, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was nice because I got to relax on one of the couches at the theater lobby while waiting for the doors to open, and I got to pick a good seat which was right in the middle of the fourth row, my favorite spot. They also served snacks, courtesy of Jollibee, composed of a Champ burger (Jollibee's answer to the Big Mac), a peach pocket pie, and - que horror! - canned soda. I was very scared of the prospect of letting people have canned soda, instead of soda in cups, because the prospect of some idiot causing a soda shower inside the theater was just too uncomfortable. On top of that, people struggled to hold all their food... and bags... and phones... and water bottles... and jackets... and umbrellas all in their hands, and it was suspenseful to watch them do their little balancing acts as they walked up the theater steps. The whole time that we were waiting for the movie to start, I was wondering why the hell I was the only one to make use of a snack tray from the lobby, which was easily accessible as the whole stack of it was placed right beside the folks who were handing out the food.

Once everyone was settled down and happily eating their burgers (which counted as dinner and breakfast for me), the company CEO started his presentation about the history of the company, where it was going, etc. I really expected it to be boring as heck, but surprisingly, I enjoyed our CEO's talk. The presentation was actually funny and kooky, and the CEO was so down-to-earth, that I couldn't help but be amazed at how nice the people at the top are, as compared to those in the middle levels.

I told myself that I need to remember that. It's important.

As for the talk itself, it was informative, entertaining and inspiring. I would have very much liked to make a recording of it, and have it uploaded to TED.com, or something.

After the talk, the Q&A followed and I was able to throw some questions at our CEO which our HR refuses to answer (hehehe...), and after our CEO left the movie started.

All I can say is: "Star Wars: Clone Wars has its flaws, BUT IT WAS SO FUN!" haha!!! More on that in a later post, yes? :D

After the movie, the mall was open, so I decided to go shopping. I had a Visa gift card that I got from work some time ago, loaded with about 2000 pesos or so, so I decided it would be fun to shop without actually spending any of my cash.

I ended up with a pair of stripey knee-high socks (I've been wanting one for so long!), a spare pair of opaque black stockings, because you'll never know when the next formal affair would require it, a top to wear to James' niece's baptism this coming Saturday, a new set of swim wear, and a funky wrap/shawl/jacket-thing from People Are People. I got almost all of it on sale for 70 or 80% off, so I felt really great. I'm especially proud of the find from People Are People, since the item that I got used to be more than 2k, and I got it for a little over 200 pesos. Haha!

Then, when I got back to The Columns to wait for Ian to finish his work so we could have dinner together, I also found that the [profile] h_matsumoto's fur leg warmers have also arrived. Hehe. Needless to say, Ian was pretty surprised when he arrived and saw me with all that stuff. ^_^;;

So, to summarize:

- Listening to a great speaker talk.
- Watching a good movie for free, in a theater and seat that you like.
- Free breakfast
- Shopping without spending

Yep, that was a great day, by my book. ^_^

Hee hee... there's still about $5 or so left on the gift card, which I will now use to purchase my required supply of popcorn.
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Well, it's been another week since I've last been able to post, just as expected. Haha! Anyway, Lem celebrated his 26th birthday last weekend, and it was great.

On Saturday, we met up with [profile] magiqa in the morning to hang out, and also because I was borrowing a copy of live-action Nodame Cantabile from her. Hehe... in the end, instead of having lunch at RCBC Plaza as we originally planned, Lem managed to convince us to hop into a cab, head for Serendra and have lunch at the open-air area at Market! Market! instead. Lunch was good and filling (we were hungrier than we thought, apparently), and after that, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch where there was a Lego Star Destroyer, baby pandas, kittens, giant Lego people, and a whole lot of other fun things. Us being the children that we insist we are, we ran happily ran around the store for a good couple of hours. We didn't walk away empty-handed though, because as Elea has put it, that store causes an auto-cancel on all will saves.

I ended up purchasing Kiwido, Lem ended up with a cute doggie-shaped pouch for his MTG cards, and Elea got herself a copy of Super Munchkin.

After that excursion, Lem then treated us to cupcakes at Sonja's. I did mention in a previous entry that the said cupcakes are only meant to be eaten about once a month on average, due to its off-the-charts sugar content, so we stuck with the schedule and gave Elea a reason to put her phone cam to good use. :D

Pictures to follow! ^_^

The next day, we celebrated with Lem's family at The Columns. There was a lot of food, the kids were all there, and it was just fun, basically. Lem got to make good use of the swimming goggles that I got him for his birthday, so all's good. I suppose the only thing that ruined it for me was the fact that my stupid knee decided to do cartwheels as I was walking inside the room, thus sending me sprawling on the floor, in pain, and in front of everybody. T_T;;;

It's been 4 days since I took a dive back there, and I still have a nasty, purple bruise on my left knee, and I still can't run or climb up and down stairs quickly. It's gonna take me about another half week before the damned knee starts functioning normally again. Oh well. ^_^;;
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I'm considering changing phones, and I need a bit of help on making a choice. I'd really appreciate the input. ^_^;;

For more info on those phone models:

- Nokia 3110 Classic specs and photos
- Motorola V3X specs and photos

Sigh. I recently, FINALLY changed my old Nokia 7360 for a fresh Nokia 3110 Classic. I swapped phones with my dad. My current dilemma is figuring out if it would be a wise thing to swap an okay phone that's fresh (the 3110), with another model that I THINK I really want (the V3X). The catch is that the model that I THINK I want is going to be a second-hand item. :/

Is the V3X worth it?

Sigh. I've been wanting to change phones for months, and it just really started to gnaw on me when a couple of weeks ago, our office's local taho vendor whipped out a Pocket PC. It was then that I realized that the need for a mobile device that at least has Bluetooth technology and USB compatibility could no longer be denied. T_T

Help. T_T;


Mar. 18th, 2008 11:18 pm
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It's been a while since I last posted, so you can probably tell that it's my day off today. Hehe. Anyway, before I begin, I just wanted to comment that there has GOT to be something VERY wrong with this world when the Dalai Lama is being accused of inciting violence.

The DALAI LAMA is being accused of inciting VIOLENCE.

See? That sentence doesn't seem to work at all, does it? The very way that those specific words were placed together in that specific order is, in itself, quite wrong I think.



There. Now that I'm done at shaking my head at the sadness of the world, let's talk about nicer things.

I passed by Donau Gourmet again this morning to pick up some pretzels (or Brezels, as indicated on the receipt) as a small treat to celebrate the end of yet another workweek. I was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Sager recognized me when I came in the store, and she got the pretzels for me. She also gave me a couple of Kaiser buns with roasted poppy seeds on it, and I decided to pick up a couple of polska kielbasa as well.

Unfortunately for me, I never got to taste the kaiser buns since Lem wolfed them down when I got home. T_T

Speaking of which, it was also nice that Lem made a batch of soup for breakfast/dinner (it really depends on what time your actual day begins). He was just done cooking by the time I got back to our apartment, and it was such good timing too, since the pretzels and the soup went very well together. I imagined that we can eat the bread with liver spread or something, but the soup worked wonderfully, and it ended up being quite a filling meal.

As for the kielbasa, it's in the fridge now, and I'm planning to cook it tomorrow with some button mushrooms and greens on the side. ^_^


It's summer now.

You can tell. It's in the air. I could taste it.

I can't wait to go to the beach! ^___________^
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Hehe... I just came back from a quick trip from Waltermart Makati to do a couple of things that I've been meaning to do for a while. I was home, I was alone, and I was bored, and Waltermart is one jeepney ride and ten minutes away, so I figured, what the heck. So, I've gone ahead and:

- bought myself new swimwear, because I've gained weight since I bought my one and only swimsuit several years ago.

- went to a salon for a foot spa treatment, because there's this pair of flat shoes that I bought last month that, though cute, walking around in it has made the soles of my feet tough in a matter of a few weeks.

- had my eyebrows tamed at the same salon, because my eyebrows have wills of their own and is the type that only mad scientists would envy.

Of course, I do still feel a little guilty and a little silly about it, but I did enjoy myself and I'm comforted by the fact that I still managed to spend within my means.

Anyway, the foot spa treatment was actually my main objective for today. I was watching TV this morning and caught a glimpse at the soles of my feet, and I just noticed that the soles have gotten hard and were actually peeling. Ugh. So I happily handed over two hundred pesos to the ladies at the salon I went to, and had my soles scraped until they were tender again.

It was nice to get rid of the hard layer of skin, but the experience was also slight torture for me since I have very ticklish feet. It's so bad that sometimes Lem can't even give me a footrub because I keep jerking away and I have to ask him to stop before I end up kicking him in the face by accident. So, as I sat there in the salon chair, I had to put in a lot of effort to keep myself from giggling like a maniac as the lady started scrubbing and scraping my soles. I felt like Toph in that Avatar episode where she and Katara went to a spa and she was given a similar treatment.

As for the eyebrow fix... well it cost sixty pesos, so I figured I'd go ahead before I chickened out again. XD I'm pretty happy with the result though, and I'm just thankful that I no longer have to worry about some men I know who actually have nicer eyebrows than I do (the shame!).


Speaking of retail therapy, Lem and I finally gave in last week and bought ourselves yet another cable box. Yep, since December 2007, Lem and I have been deprived of television since the cable box has been set to mute, and the remote control was somehow broken along the way. And since the only way that we could un-mute it was via the remote control as the volume controls on the cable box worked independently from the controls on the TV set itself... well... we've been unable to find a replacement cable box remote, so we gave up and bought a new cable box set.

When we installed the new one, we found that the remote for the new one also works for the old set, so we now have a spare cable box, just in case.

Anyone want to buy it for 500 pesos? XD

Anyway, now that we can watch TV again, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the History Channel has been added to our channels. It's so full of mame chishiki, which we are complete suckers for, that we can't stop watching.

Damn you, History Channel. Why do you have to be so damned interesting..? T_T
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(If you can't see the poll embeded below because you're viewing this post on Multiply, you can check here --> LINK)

Hehehehe... nawwwww... a mini-tripod, rechargeable batteries and more Krispy Kreme sounds better, ne? Unless I am swayed... Har har.... XD XD
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Hello again, world!

A lot of things have happened since the last time that I wrote an entry, and yeah, one would be surprised at just how much can possibly happen within the span of a week or so. Some of those things that happened have been nice, happy things, while others are things that I think I'd rather discuss another time.

For the happy things, I'll start off with ducks.

In the newly-renovated Macea/Washington Sycip Park here in Makati, right across the street from the Union Church of Manila, I've been visiting eight, large, white, fluffy ducks almost every morning. I don't care what people say, but ducks will always be funny little creatures to me. Anyway, almost every morning after work, I pass by the convenience store to buy a 17-peso pack of crackers, and I'd then crush the crackers, walk up to the bank of the man-made pond that the ducks reign over, and proceed to feed them.

I like to think that I've somehow managed to train them to come to me when I click my tongue, and so far, I've been able to hand feed them as well. This is a daily source of joy for me, and I don't mind the walk from my office building to the park, or even those occasional times when the ducks get my shoes and my jeans wet, when they decide to scramble out of the water and waddle around at my feet.

Oh, and yeah, the ducks share the pond with a whole school of large, beautiful koi fish who eat the crumbs that the ducks ignore. It's all lovely.

Next piece of good news is that I finally, finally, finally managed to get myself a camera! Yes, after more than half a year struggling to get a new one, plus bucketfuls of blood, sweat and tears, I finally did it!

I managed to get myself a brand new Canon Powershot A430. The retail price for that model posted on Canon's website is Php 9950.00, though I don't know just how old or new this information is (don't worry though, I got mine for much, much lower than that). It's a slightly older model, as compared to the A460, but it serves its purpose and it fits my budget well. It's an entry-level point-and-shoot digicam that works great for an amateur like me, and it also takes beautiful shots! And dear Lord, the Super Macro feature is a thing of beauty.

2272x1704, unedited version can be found in my Multiply album.

I also don't mind that the camera only has a resolution of 4MP, since I mainly use the camera for photos that I can post online, and I don't really intend to make prints that are larger than 4x6 anyway. And the best thing about getting a branded digital camera? I can actually take a warranty on it this time around, which is always a welcome thing.

Also, as you may be expecting, the 16MB MMC card that came with the camera is already full of photos of ducks and more things to put up on eBay. And I just received the camera in the mail last Monday afternoon! I need new SD cards soon, haha! ^__^ I'm considering getting a 2GB card next payday, but Lem has promised to get me one for Christmas, so I may just end up buying myself a set of rechargeable batteries, and/or a mini-tripod. Or another 2GB card. Hehe... though I'm now wondering if it's possible to actually have too much spare memory... Is it? O_O;;

Sigh. I'm just happy to get myself a camera, PERIOD. I've been feeling particularly... handicapped since my old one broke down, and I'm just glad to have this new one.

Next piece of good news is that I just got regularized last Monday, which officially completes Phase 4 of my Grand Plan (TM). And yeah, besides that, it also means that I'll have a job this Christmas and the upcoming New Year, which is GOOD, right? It also means that I'll be getting a raise soon, on top of the incentives and bonuses that I've also been getting. Yay! ^__^ In any case, this all seemed to have come faster than I thought, and I'm rather startled by it. I know I still served the requisite 6 months to get to this point, but it just seems so much faster! I remember that in my previous job, it seemed like forever before I could become regularized, and staying for a year seemed like such a difficult task.

So yeah, a lot of good things have happened within the span of seven days or so, and I have much to be thankful for despite everything else. :D
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Okay, here we go. I'm currently trying to get my hands on a camera, and I pray to heavens that I finally get it this time. It's my one last major purchase before I officially begin my new life of maximum work and minimum spending (sad, I know).

I really, really, really, really hope to get this camera. Not only do I consider it an investment for several ventures, but I just simply cannot allow another year to go by without being able to document just how glorious New Year's Eve can be at our apartment. I have to do this, since we'll never really know if we'll still be staying at this same place by the time the next New Year comes around, ne?

Wish me luck!! >_<

*crosses fingers and toes*


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