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Don't think you're off the hook yet.

NEVER underestimate the powers of Google Cache. You shit on the internet once, it's there forever. Or at least for a certain amount of time, EVEN AFTER YOU'VE REMOVED IT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Now, isn't that nice, hmmm?

A big thank you to R who has graced us with this wonderful morsel. XDDDDD

And so, just in case it gets wiped from cache as well, here it is. I took a screenshot of the entire cached page for posterity.

ABS-CBN'S ANNOUNCEMENT ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THEY WERE GONNA COME UP WITH A DUMB REMAKE OF AN ALREADY-DUMB FILM WHICH IS BASED ON AN EVEN DUMBER BOOK. And yes, this was exactly five days before they started washing their hands of the whole thing, claiming that they NEVER made an announcement, and then blaming Perez Hilton for everything. Personally, I think Perez Hilton should sue their asses off.

Liar, liar... )

Oh, and also, even that Erratum of yours is horrible. All is lost. The network has forever lost credibility in my eyes.

Yes, I do believe that the Spider Queen shall be pleased.

This is the reason why I don't watch local TV anymore. It's worthless.
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I thought it was bad yesterday, but for the second day in a row, you have managed to piss me off.

Not only have you issued a stupidly-thought-out and half-assed apology, but I do believe that your bastard of a son is also trying to justify his beating up an old man and a young boy in front of a young lady.

According to the report, your son says that:

he talked with the elder De la Paz in a nice way but the man hit him instead with an umbrella and hurled invectives and twice challenged him to a fight.


Dear Sniveling Spawn and Walking Turd. Yes, you, Junior.

So... as a government official, you therefore have the RIGHT to beat the old man senseless. You also have the RIGHT to KEEP BEATING THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF HIM even if he's near unconscious and his young boy is BEGGING you to STOP. Heck, you even have the RIGHT to BEAT THE YOUNG BOY AS WELL for having a "bad attitude", because apparently, begging someone to stop hurting your father is evil and unacceptable. Also, as privileged, righteous and oh-so-wonderful public servants and government officials, you were also JUSTIFIED when you decided to FOLLOW the INJURED family back to the clubhouse AFTER they have retreated, and then KEEP BEATING THEM AND EVEN THREATEN THEM WITH GUNS.

Oh, and yeah, YOU CARRYING GUNS AT A GOLF CLUB WHERE THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE, is also JUSTIFIED, because you'll never know when you might decide that you feel like breaking golf etiquette and someone might get upset by it and try to hit you with an UMBRELLA.

All JUSTIFIED. What you did was RIGHT, apparently, because hell, an old man hit you with an UMBRELLA (PROVIDED that that little tidbit that has surfaced JUST NOW is actually TRUE, and you're not feeding us more bullshit, like your type always does...), so THEREFORE, beating him and his 14-year-old boy was the CORRECT COURSE OF ACTION AND IS THEREFORE JUSTIFIED.


Oh, and yeah, according to your Daddy's apology:

"Bilang isang government official ako ay humihingi ng paumanhin sa nangyari, hindi naman po kagustuhan ng bawat isa ito (As a government official, I am apologizing for the incident, no one wanted this to happen)," said Pangandaman.

Wow. I understand. I mean, you must have REALLY not wanted it to happen when you KEPT BEATING THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF HIM even if he's near unconscious and his young boy was BEGGING you to STOP. You must have also tried SO VERY HARD to avoid conflict when you all decided to FOLLOW the INJURED family back to the clubhouse AFTER they have retreated, and then KEEP BEATING THEM AND EVEN THREATEN THEM WITH GUNS.

You must be so proud. Your parents must be so proud. Your children must be so proud about what such RIGHTEOUS people their elders are.

Well, you know what?

I hope you and your kind get what's coming to you. One way or another.

Murderously Revolted,

~ K
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Reposting entry from Bambee de la Paz's blog:


The world has gone crazy.

So, I just had the worst day of my life.

At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course.

Read about the whole ordeal )

More links:
Reyna Elena's post
Inquirer news article


I hope the Universe gives them what they fucking deserve.
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Seriously. All of you.

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It's just 3.5 more hours before my shift at work ends, and after the previous case that I worked on just before I started typing this out, I am now DRAINED. Ugh. I just can't wait to get the heck out of here, especially since my day off begins right after this shift, then I don't have to be back until Thursday night.

To be honest, I can't wait to get out of here FOR GOOD. In fact I'm tempted to just simply waltz out of here now and not show up for work on Thursday, or ever again, for that matter.

Sigh. If only things were that simple, ne?

Hehe... I need to be patient, though.

I'm currently ironing out a couple of things that would hopefully allow me to PERMANENTLY leave the whole call center hullabaloo behind. It's still a work in progress, but I'll know the results within the next couple of weeks, but so far, it's looking good. In the meantime, I'm keeping the whole thing under wraps since I don't want to jinx it. Some people out there (you know who you are) already know what I'm up to, but I just don't want to blatantly let the cat out of the bag until... well... until the cat is IN the bag to begin with.

I feel particularly sick right now, and I want to run to the restroom and throw up, but I think I can hold out another 3.5 hours without causing any form of disaster. I think.

Similarly, I think I can still also put up with my current work state for several more weeks, until I figure out how the new plans are really coming along, and if I could afford to drop my current job like a hot potato, before walking up to some people at the office and slapping them senseless.

Until then, I quote from Nigella Lawson, whenever she dumps a whole bowl of butter, or sugar, or both into a mixer: "Be brave."
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I swear, if I ever meet the Tooth Fairy one of these days... I WILL ROB HER BLIND. AT GUNPOINT.

Rants. Tooth issues. Money Worries. The usual. )


Why doesn't money grow on trees? Just this once? T_T
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For the past two days, the only word that has been running over, under, through and sideways in my mind is: GODDAMMITOUCH!


I've been in PAIN for the past 2 days or so, because of a tooth that decided that it would be nice to act up now. The said tooth is at the farthest end of the left side of my upper jaw. I learned via Plurk friends that it's considered a molar, it's a wisdom tooth, and that the worst case scenario is that I may need minor surgery to take the bastard out.


Besides the constant, painful throbbing in my jaw, I can't even close my mouth properly. It's as if the rogue tooth decided to grow half an inch overnight, and I can't rest my upper teeth on my lower teeth because the painful upper tooth is being pushed farther into my gums by the tooth below it. I've also been prodding it with my tongue, and there seems to be a small, smooth lump right beside the bad tooth, on the roof of my mouth. It's tender, and the slightest pressure on it stings. I tried touching the tooth with my finger, and there's something... sharp on it. It's like the tooth is splintered or something.

The other, and possibly the most horrid thing about all this, is that the bad tooth keeps me from enjoying my food, and I absolutely hate it. I like eating, and I like having comfort food whenever I'm stressed. I'm particularly stressed right now, but eating causes me even MORE stress because of the pain.

And yes, in the middle of all this, I still manage to remember the punishment of Tantalus. Not funny.

I'm crossing my fingers that my health insurance covers the procedure, should it be necessary, because I could think of much better and definitely much more pleasant ways to spend my 5000 pesos, than handing it over to a dentist in order to have myself put through more horrors in order to defeat the first horror.

So far, I've been coping by drugging myself silly with mefanemic acid and sleeping a lot. It makes the pain go away, but it also literally leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The effects also wear off in about 4-5 hours or so, so I need to keep popping one because I'd go crazy and bang my head on the nearest cement wall otherwise. I'm also dizzy from oversleeping, so it seems to be a Lose-Lose situation for me. T_T

Stupid me, though, I only decided to see a dentist yesterday afternoon. I woke up late because I forgot to set my alarm, and by the time I got to the MaxiCare office, all the dentists they got hold of were no longer accepting patients because it's almost 5pm. The most I could get is an appointment for today, after I finish work later.

Still 5 hours to go before the time of my dental appointment. In the meantime, lemme leave you with this video which pretty much sums up how I regard dentists in general. Everybody sing with me now: "I'M A DE~~NTIIIIST~~..."

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I'm currently enjoying what little is left of my rest day, so I dropped by WalterMart to visit Netopia and have lunch. I noticed that there are ads here announcing that a new dance studio is gonna be opening at the 5th floor. The venue is still under construction, but I'm kinda interested because they offer yoga, and I've been hearing that yoga is actually good exercise for people like me with bad knee problems. My most recent stage dive has prompted me to actually try to find a more active solution to  the problem, as opposed to just taking supplements, and exercising at the gym (though I'm not about to stop either one of those, by the way).

I'm actually happy with all the new things popping up inside WalterMart, like the spankin' new office of the Camera Club of the Philippines, the new bake shop on the second floor, some offices, and now the dance studio. ^_^

As for lunch, though... I just ended up being rather pissed off at my attempt to get some nourishment.

I went to Mr. Choi Kitchen at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati, and it being only 10:30am, the place was EMPTY. I was the first person there, so I walked in, checked the menu and decided on what I wanted to order. I sat there for TEN MINUTES, and no waiter was approaching. I decided not to call out for one, because I figured they might just be busy with finishing up their shop-opening rituals or whatever. However, I noticed that the waiters were actually aware that I was there. They were looking at me, and ACTIVELY IGNORING ME. I finally decided to call over a waitress, and as I was about to order, I lightly pointed out what was happening. Her reply was "Akala po kasi nila hindi kayo customer." ("They thought you weren't a customer.")

I was pretty disgusted by this answer.

Not just because I wasn't wearing a blazer and a necktie, doesn't give anyone the right to automatically dismiss me as a vagrant.

So remember kids, if you want the waiters to actually serve you food when you pass by this establishment, remember to wear your prom gown or a barong tagalog.


I did the most logical thing to do, which was eat at The Old Spaghetti House instead. XD
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 I just realized that I am currently at day 4 of a 12-day workweek, and that my next days off won't be until July 30 and 31. We're in the middle of another schedule shift, too, so all applications for Paid Time Off has been placed on hold until the new schedules have been set. 

My coming rest days will find me working as a company mascot at an upcoming expo. 9am to 6pm. On my feet. Trying to get new recruits. Right.

And what for, you ask? All for 800 pesos worth of GCs. Yes, I am desperate.

My only hope to get some extra time off would be to call in sick (which I would most likely be by Day 10, I'm guessing).


AGH!  >_<;;
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I was channel-surfing a couple of days ago, when I happened to stop at Discovery Channel, during their program Man Made Marvels. In that episode, they featured the latest infrastructure projects in Beijing that the Chinese government was coming up with as they prepare for 08.08.08.

I was watching the part about the new Beijing International Airport, and I was impressed by the sheer size and concept of the project. After that, they featured the upcoming train system that's supposed to shuttle the Olympic crowds to and from the airport area (I think). Now, the platform where the train ride stops features this gigantic overhang that was designed by a famous architect whose name eludes me at this moment.

When I saw that bit, all I could say was...

"Shit. I hate my professors."

The narrator of the program kept going on and on about how the overhang was being applauded as "awe-inspiring" and "glorious", and as he did so, I just kept getting more and more frustated.

The reason for this bitterness is the fact that back in college, I designed an seaport with almost the exact same thing; a huge overhang in almost the same shape, but with a more proportionate size to the area of the theoretical port that we were given to work with. This was in Design class.

My professor failed my plate at that time, saying that the design was impossible and impractical, and I was even accused of watching too much Lord of the Rings.

... Grrr.

And now that I've brought that up, let me also express my utmost frustration at the fact that the same professor also failed another plate that I made for an upper-class residential unit meant for a bachelor, saying that it wasted too much space, and that there was no actual division between areas and rooms.

HELLO??? Ever heard of Mies Van Der Rohe?? Minimalism?? ZONING??? And that a residential layout doesn't have to be made with freakin' BOXES??? If DOORS define space for you, then I hope you choke on pencil lead.

Sigh. I've long forgotten the name of the said professor, and I'm kicking myself a few years too late over the fact that I should have complained and stood my ground back then.

Moral of the story #1: Don't listen to old, withered professors who stubbornly insist on keeping their minds closed.

Moral of the story #2: If enrolling in a Design class of any kind... make sure you don't get a professor like the one described in #1. If you do, promptly file for a class transfer.

Moral of the story #3: Heard that story about the 2-year-old boy who saved his whole family from burning to a crisp? That boy told his dad that the bedroom was on fire, but the dad thought the little boy was playing another game. It wasn't until the boy screamed at him and kicked him in the shin did he decide to get up and actually check. Lo and behold, the room was on fire and they almost got wiped out. So... LISTEN TO THE YOUNG ONES, TOO!!

Moral of the story #4: Be prepared to scream at people and kick them in the shin if necessary, if you truly believe that they should listen to you.

Sigh. T_T

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Last night, Lem and I were talking over dinner. Nothing serious, as it was just the "so how was your day?" type of conversation which was prompted by the fact that Lem just got home from work.

One of the things that Lem brought us was a billboard that he saw somewhere. It was an ad for a BPO/call center company, and it was trying to portray itself as a giver of solutions for all your business needs, as well as a good place to start if you happen to be looking for a job at the time. To portray this, the creators of the ad decided to put up the image of a call center agent raising her hand.

I guffawed.

Of course, we all have this deeply-ingrained mental image that equates a person raising her hand to a really smart student in the classroom who knows all the answers. This idea would have worked, except it didn't work on me because I know the truth that inside a call center, agents who raise their hands are generally either:

a.) completely clueless and doesn't know what to do, and has to call for assistance from a designated floorwalker or perhaps a more knowledgeable colleague.


b.) completely clueless to the point of botching the call, that the caller is now asking for a supervisor.

I'm pretty sure that THAT wasn't the message that they wanted to get across, but... oh well. XD I suppose it would still work for people who are unfamiliar with call centers, but considering that the ad was along Shaw Boulevard, I'm not so sure anymore. ^_^;;;;


There's been another ad that's been getting under my skin, and that's the Yoshinoya Gyudon-eating Contest 2008 poster.

The main thing that bothers me on the poster is the fact that there's a Kurosaki Ichigo rip-off in the background, and a badly-done one at that. Despite the blurred lines that looks like the original image was lazily traced over, and the brown hair, it was still undeniably Ichigo. It also reminded me of those collectible cards that come free with those one-peso cheese snacks that I used to horde back in elementary and high school (yep, I'm talking about teks). There was a month or so when I collected Yuu Yuu Hakusho cards from the said snacks and I was disappointed because half the batch was composed of distorted images of the characters... and they looked exactly the way that Ichigo does on that Yoshinoya poster.

I guess I'm just slightly disappointed, because for such a large food chain, you'd think they'd have a bit more budget to hire someone to do a good job. In fact, it wasn't even necessary for them to put pseudo-Ichigo on there in the first place as the poster already worked, even without having to use an anime character in the background. ^_^;;;

Maaa... but who am I to speak? I'm no advertising graduate. On the other hand, it doesn't make the damned ad any less annoying, either. XD

Again: Oh well. :/
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(UPDATE 14) Tank breaks into hotel lobby
November 29, 2007 11:15:00

MANILA, Philippines -- An armored personnel carrier has broken into the lobby of the Manila Peninsula Hotel where Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his supporters have been holed up since Thursday morning, according to INQUIRER.net reporter Thea Alberto.

Before this, tear gas was lobbed into the lobby as an armored personnel carrier fired bursts of machinegun fire towards the hotel, according to INQUIRER.net Joel Guinto. (---snip!---)

I still feel sorry for the hotel, and it's painful to see looping videos of that pretty door having to get smashed, and all because of some doofus hiding behind the said door. Could you imagine just how bad for business this all is??? That marble floor is just not meant for tanks! T_T

Ugh, it's all so shtoopid, it's unbearable...

Trillanes, if you're reading this, I hope you know you're an asshole, and I hope you have enough money to pay back the hotel for this shit you've made. The next time you decide to coop yourself up somewhere... do it inside your own house, shithead.
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From the looks of it, if I'm late for work today, I'll have these idiots to blame. It's raining, it's cold, I'd rather stay home snug and dry, the noise of construction work is outside our door, and I'm simply not in the mood for this sort of crap today. =_=;;

And they had to do it on a main thorughfare, on a stormy day in the middle of the workweek.

Geez, I can just imagine the traffic later.


I know they have their reasons and all, but isn't there a way to go about all this without disrupting the busiest part of the financial district, and without being a hassle to the people trying to make a living in that area, and without scaring away the guests at the Peninsula Hotel who could possibly be investors scoping out the place?

When this happens once or twice, it's shocking and it gets me worried, but when things like this happen at this frequency, it just starts to get annoying.

Sigh. I know, I know. I'm being obnoxious and apathetic and insensitive and unpatriotic, etc etc etc, and I have completely no idea of what I'm talking about.


Looks like they're about to storm the hotel. Let's just hope they're all smart enough not to get anyone killed.

According to the news ticker on GMA 7, a series of gunshots are now going off inside the hotel.

Sigh. So much for hoping.

That's it. Fuck that. I'm going back to bed.


I feel so damned sorry for the hotel.


We've finished Lucky Star. I think I'll just pop in The Producers in the DVD player again...

Bada bing bada boom, bada bing bam bing bam boom...
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1.) Finally, finally, FINALLY bought a new DVD player to replace the one that we've been using for the past 4 or 5 years. The old player has seen a lot of happy times as Lem and I, and our friends sat in front of it, basking in the glory that is Monty Python, and whatever B-movie we could get our hands on. But alas, it's time to move on (plus we broke the remote control). So, we finally purchased a new, shiny, region-free DVD player that can actually play DivX, wma, avi, mp4 etc, etc. It even has a USB port so that you can play your movies straight from your thumb drive. It's great! No more huddling in front of the tiny laptop screen! (right, Jyli? XD)

2.) So, because of the said sniny, CHEAP, new DVD player, Ian's been downloading stuff for me to watch. Enough to probably last me a month. So far, I've finally seen the recent episodes of Heroes (2nd season), and Ian has downloaded 3 seasons' worth of Avatar: the Last Air Bender. He's also gotten us some movies, all in crystal-clear divX format, with 8 movies to a disc. Fun!

3.) Also because of the new DVD player, I've finally managed to finish watching the anime version of Devil May Cry. Dante is just so shmexy, no matter what version he's in (as long as some lousy dubber doesn't pull that "LI~~~IIIIIIIGHT!!!" shenanigan again, that is).... (boy, that was hard to watch again... O_O). It also amused me for hours at how the last episode was entitled "Stylish!", haha! It made me want to bring out our copy of DMC1 again. Which reminds me, I don't know if you guys noticed it, but in the opening sequence, do we actually see snippets of Phantom...? You know? Big, hairy tarantula made of magma?

4.) Bad news of the week: Ian's key snapped inside the door lock and he had to break the door. So yeah, our door is now officially dead. It's there, but it's dead. We need to replace our apartment door soon (within a week, I hope?) after we coordinate with our landlady. Sigh. We were canvassing for doors an hour ago, and it seems that we can get a new one for Php1500... + the door locks, knobs, peephole, etc.... + payment for the labor, assuming we can find a competent carpenter right away if we did purchase the door. :/

5.) Dumb thing disguised as work for this week: I made a WikiPedia entry on... TADAH!! Monokuro Boo.

Don't ask. Don't offend the piggy.

6.) Annoying news of the other day: the Pasay Road/Landmark jeepney terminal was moved. ARRRRRGHHHH!!! I have no idea what the hell Glorietta management was smoking when they figured out that it might be a good idea to move the jeepney terminal, which has been there for years, to the stuffy, damp, THIRD FLOOR carpark of Park Square 1, given that the only elevator in that area fits only about 8 people at a time. Sheesh.

7.) I'm starting to get addicted to The Face Shop. I bought facial foam cleanser, more masks and cotton pads on my last trip. I didn't notice that they slipped this small plastic pack inside my shopping bag, and it was only when I got home did I notice this thin, amber-looking sliver of something in there. I prodded it and bent it and noticed that it was of a rubbery consistency. Not knowing what else to do (and possibly exhausted and brain dead from all the walking that I had to do to get to the damned jeepney terminal), I did the next best thing to just simply running water over it to see if it will foam up.

Kinagat ko.

Ayun. Sabon nga.

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There are just days when I begin to wonder if there is some weird conspiracy going on, where a whole group of idiots get eBay accounts, and are then ordered by some sadomasochistic bastard to start bidding on my items.

This is one of those days.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love buying and selling online, and I've also met some very nice, pleasant people in this manner, but it's just that occassionally, there's always these few who simply deserve to get pushed into a cement mixer, and then fused into the concrete foundation of the nearest cistern. They absolutely must not be allowed to reproduce, because otherwise, mankind is doomed.

Sigh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just have this seething intolerance for people who can't seem to read, and those who flaunt phantom secretaries in an effort to seem more important than everybody else (despite the fact that you can tell that those secretaries that they speak of are nothing more than a figment of their imagination...).

I need to calm myself down, so I will chant my mantra which has been specifically-tailored for occassions as this: "It pays our bills... it pays our bills... it pays..."

Sigh. It's just not something that's very nice to come home to after three hours worth of overtime at work, you know.

Goddammit, I need an extra-buttery bowl of popcorn, some soda, and an episode of Shaun the Sheep. NOW. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ian and I absolutely love that series. It's right up there on our list of must-have videos, right alongside PythagoraSwitch... Baaaaa~...)
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- humor is very subjective, BUT, there are actually ways to make humor unoffensive to everyone, including the subject that you're poking fun at.
- the importance of selecting your words carefully can never be stressed enough. Tact is a wonderful thing.
- there is such a thing as freedom of speech, but everyone has to remember that EVERY RIGHT COMES WITH A CORRESPONDING RESPONSIBILITY. Do not do something if you are not willing to take full accountability for it. (aka, kung hindi mo keri, wag mo gawin.)
- Blogs and magazines are both forms of media, but there is still a world of distinction between the two. They are not the same and should not be compared to eachother.
- OFWs are a rowdy bunch and are okay with being poked fun at... but they're highly sentimental and it just so happens that some jokes are just simply NOT FUNNY.
- even the most unpatriotic bum out there will rail against insults thrown at OFWs, because it's as close to insulting their own family as you'll ever get (both my parents, in my case), so tread carefully.

And lastly,

- no, I don't think that OFWs should be coddled, and neither should the improper behavior of some OFWs out there be tolerated. However, in general, being forced out of your own country to work for some foreigner, and not being able to see your kids and family for years at a time is already hard enough by itself.

Let's not make it any harder for them, because in the end, we're all just trying to survive, we're all just trying to make do with what we have, we're all just striving to make ourselves and our loved ones happy, and we're all just hoping for the best. And all that in this god-forsaken, trash-ridden, poverty-stricken country that we still love anyway.
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According to ABS-CBN Interactive, as well as the Manila Standard's website, Malu Fernandez has decided to resign.

Okay, that ends there, I think. I'm sure that most people out there have forgiven, and now I wonder how long it will take before it's forgotten... or is this a memory that Fernandez will carry throughout her life, forever itching at the back of her head? Will there be times when she'd lie awake at night wondering what the heck she just did, and replaying event after event in her mind, wondering what she could have done differently? Did it finally hit her that all her name-dropping didn't pay off as none of her so-called friends defended her? Does she have dreams about all this?


Nah. That's just me. I mean, _I_ doubt I'll be able to live with myself when an entire population has banded together and considered me as a common enemy. I don't know about _her_ though. Anyway, I hope that she, at least, learned her lesson.

Now I just wish that I could genuinely feel sorry for her.

Meh. She'd probably just take the next economy flight to somewhere and drown out the experience with more cheap wine. I bet she'll have a new column up in a few months anyway. Plus, I'm guessing that she only did all this because her politician family threatened to disown her since the majority of voters belongs to the demographic that Malu just insulted. Being disowned = she'll have to fly in cargo class and eat at McDonald's the next time she plans to visit another country. :/

(I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist that last bit. I'm still annoyed. I promise to stop now.)

One thing, though... I just wish that people would stop flaunting the whole thing as a "victory of the people". We didn't exactly change the path of the nation or alleviate hunger and poverty, and when I think about it, it seems that we just simply out-bullied a smaller bully who didn't know her place.

But then again, that's just me. It's over, and to be honest, that's the last that I want to hear about the whole thing.

Manila Standard and ABSCBN articles about the resignation. )

TV Patrol news report about Fernandez. Broadcasted August 23 (I think...).

O ayan na. Tama na. Tapos na. Baboo and goodbye. The end.
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"...Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not... fuck with us."

Apparently... Malu Fernandez of the Manila (sub?)Standard has not yet seen this movie. She should, then maybe she wouldn't have made such a badly-worded article. Someone PLEASE get her a bootleg DVD copy of Fight Club from Quiapo soon.

Ah, the smell of the blogosphere's influence. Times sure have changed, huh?

(Yep, I've been living under a rock recently, so it's just not that I finally managed to post SOMETHING on this LJ again, even though I've been meaning to for days. I've just been plain exhausted from work.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to warn you that if you are an OFW, you know someone who is an OFW, or you actually know how OFWs contribute to Philippine society in general [so that would be about 90% of the Filipinos out there...], reading Malu's article may not be such a good way to start your morning.)

I've already pitched my tiny share of bashing over the past few days, so I'll just leave it at that, especially since everyone else has done a better job that I could ever do myself. Just google it up and you'll see what I mean.
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As you all know, my cheapo digital camera has finally kicked the bucket after three years of loyal service and much abuse. Everyone also knows that I have been desperately trying to save up for a new one. I've actually already set my sights on a few branded models whose prices hover in the six to eight thousand pesos range, and though not top-of-the-line, the said models are small enough, sleek enough, and would definitely serve its purpose.

I was quite content to choose from those not-quite-the-best models that I saw on eBay.ph... until the other night when Samsung set up a booth at the ground floor of the building that I work in.

As it turns out, my current company has recently struck some sort of deal with Citibank and some appliance/gadget center, and employees in my company get to take out loans with Citibank, and/or purchase appliances and gadgets at special prices. The best part is that both the loan and the appliance/gadget purchase can be paid for via salary deduction at a rate that the buyer chooses.

The prospect of paying for something in installments and without the use of a credit card was, of course, something that quickly caught my interest as I have no credit card to begin with. As I checked out the Samsung booth, I saw this gorgeous, little, red camera that had 7MP resolution, a 3-inch display screen, auto macro function, 10.5x optical zoom, and a whole assortment of other tricks, all for the price of only Php 7,500.00. I fell in love.

When I saw the price tag, I started frothing at the mouth and I (somehow) politely asked the booth guy where I should sign up. I was ready to rip out one of my kidneys and put it on the table right then and there, had they asked for it, but my hopes fell when I saw that one of the requirements to sign up for the promo was that one should have already been with the company for at least a year.






Yes, I want to stab someone right now. T_T
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Sigh. I'm only at the fourth day of Phase 2 of my grand plan, and it's turning out to be a real biatch. It's not that it's impossible, but being the complete newb that I am in the field that I was chucked into, I currently feel as if I was sent to battle with a plastic toy gun without any spare pellets. So yeah, I'm still slow and I still have the jitters as I realize just how incomplete our training was... Yes, the one-month training that was supposed to prepare us for this whole thing has turned out to be absolutely insufficient and ineffective for use in actual situations.

In any case, I still think that I'm coping pretty well despite the setbacks. In fact, it's presenting such a challenge that each little victory that I encounter gives this immense feeling of satisfaction, as well as the knowledge of a job well done - and I like that. I savor the moment for about a minute, do a little mental cha-cha, breathe, and then I'm off again, stressing over, fussing over and just going plain nuts over the next case as our supervisor eggs us on to work faster, faster, better.

Right now, it takes me about an hour to crack a case since our system is clunky and my knowledge of manipulating the system is still severely lacking. On top of that, I still have the tendency to take unnecessarily long since I double and triple-check my work... better safe than sorry, right? I'm hoping to get the hang of everything eventually, so that it wouldn't take me so damn long to work on a single case.

Meanwhile, our original batch of 16 people has already been whittled down to 12 within the span of three days. They just simply refused to show up for work the next day, and there's now this ongoing joke (or is it?) that we'd be down to 10 people by Monday next week. But don't worry, folks, my Uber Grand Plan (TM) entails that I be the last person standing, if necessary, and I intend to see that through.


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