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In case you haven't heard yet, Miss Janette Toral is currently holding a contest to determine the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009, and here are my picks. ^__^

* Let's Go Sago!

* A Photographic Saga

* The LoliDudes

* Magnetic-Rose.net

* The Struggling Blogger

* Hay! Men! Ang Blog ng Tunay na Lalake

* Patay Gutom

* Be Inspired Now!

* Digital Manila

* Coffee Stains & Inks

Aaaaand because I want to join the raffle, a word from our sponsors. ^_^;;
- Absolute Traders
- My Brute Cheats
- Business Summaries

Hehe... had to update my list. Gomen. :p
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Yep, me and some friends are gonna be launching a webcomic. We have scripts, and now we need someone to illustrate it for us.

We'll pay by page. 5 pages per issue. Weekly or twice a month.

If you're interested, email me your rates for:

- 1 manga page - lineart only
- 1 manga page - colored
- 1 chibi drawing - lineart only
- 1 chibi drawing - colored
- 1 character illustration - lineart only
- 1 character illustration - colored
- 4-koma strip - lineart only
- 4-koma strip - colored

Also, please do send me either links or attach files of your sample art (male and female).

You can contact by sending me an email at ksolaris at gmail dot com


*runs off again*
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Hee hee... I think today serves as a very nice cap to my rest days. This morning, I spent about an hour going to several different banks to pay for various things like rent, and stuff from eBay. After I finished my errands, I decided to wait for a jeepney at Amorsolo Street and head home, but on a whim, I decided to stop by Donau Gourmet again, since the last time that I've been there must have been a couple of months ago when I treated my parents to a tour of Legaspi Village.

I ordered the house specialty, which is Chardonay Spiral Sausage on a bed of Pineapple Sauerkraut (did I get that right...?) since I've never tried it before, and it being payday, I was feeling especially brave. So I sat down, texted people and drank my coffee as I waited for my food to be served. After the one other customer at the time left, the co-owner of the place, Mrs. Sager sat at my table and said, "You're KC, right?"

We ended up talking as I ate (the Spiral Sausage and Sauerkraut was AWESOME, by the way), and she said that she's seen the photos that I took which I posted in an entry some time ago, and that someone has gone there saying that I recommended the place (was that you, [profile] kaoko_cow? Did you buy a lot of stuff? Because Mrs. Sager seemed pretty happy that you dropped by, haha!). What surprised me was when she told me that the meal I ordered was free! WOW!

I was really surprised, because to be honest, I've never had that happen to me before. Haha! The only times when I enter a restaurant and leave without paying is either when a) I'm attending someone's party for some reason, b)  a wedding or a baptism, c) I'm with my boyfriend. And even then, I'm always ready to pay for my own meal, just in case.

So, when I learned that Mrs. Sager was going to feed me for free, I felt really happy, and really embarrassed, because I was wishing that I ordered something cheaper. ^_^;;

Anyway, as we were talking, I learned that they need a new book-keeper/accountant PRONTO. Apparently, their current accountant has been giving them a hard time and has also been causing them losses, which is horrible for a business that only started last February. So...


Just email me your resume at ksolaris at gmail dot com, and I'll hand it over to Mrs. Sager so she can go over it. A word of warning, though... they don't have much staff, and they're trying to keep the overhead to a minimum since they ARE just starting out, so be prepared to do the paperwork, as well as some of the footwork yourself (which isn't so bad, considering that their bank is just a few blocks away, or at most, is along Ayala Avenue). Also, the current accountant has managed to butcher the books, so you'll have your work cut out for you. They need someone who is close to obsessive-compulsive when it comes to files and receipts, and who cares enough to make sure that none of their checks bounce (the current accountant managed to do just that two days ago, I was told. Six checks. Ouch.).

Also, this is me shamelessly plugging for the establishment, by the way, because AHLAVET!! Support the place!


Now, go go go! And bring your friends, officemates, boss, dates, neighbors, and family! Show the love, children! Hehe! XD
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Yay for much-delayed and image-heavy posts!

First, some intermissions:

* GameLoft will be opening an office in Manila, and I am kicking myself as to why I do not have the qualifications nor the portfolio to try for the vacancies that they have recently posted. I am thisclose to emailing Vincent Ricot to beg him to let me work for them as... I dunno... a receptionist? Person who makes photocopies and coffee? Gargh. I KNEW I should have insisted on taking up Fine Arts back then... T_T

* As ganked from [livejournal.com profile] ruk, Epson has launched their recent photography/graphic arts contest. Prizes include a 2-day trip to Japan in order to attend the awards ceremony, 2 million Gil Yen, and some Epson goodies, of course. So, if you want to join, just check out Epson's site for complete details. I've been considering joining, but I realized that the world is not yet ready for my greatness... Yes, that's the caffeine talking. Pay no heed.


Anyhoo, last July 6 was a very full and busy day. In the morning, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa whom we haven't seen for SO VERY LONG. Apparently, ribbon and lace was necessary to coax her out of her work schedule and spend some time with us, as she dropped by to purchase that loli headpiece that I posted about some time ago (my first customer! WHOO!). She's already written a better and more complete entry about that day, so I'll just leave it at that and let you guys go to her post if anyone's interested. :D

After spending the first half of the day with Elea, Lem and I then trooped over to Mall of Asia to meet up with my high school friends. A member of our group celebrated his birthday, and we were lured with the prospect of free food.

Hehe... seriously though, we WERE there to celebrate James' birthday, and I suppose it also served as a sort-of-going-away-party for Kate who, as of July 15, has already gone off to Singapore to work and live there for the next 2 years. James will also be following suit by July 24. I'm gonna miss them pretty badly, and I promised to write them letters once they're done with job-and house-hunting, and they figure out what their new mailing address will be. Sniff.

Anyway, moving on... we met up at Powerbooks and debated until we were finally able to make up our minds as to where we would be having dinner that night. We finally settled for Super Bowl of China, since it's one of the places that the celebrant really likes. When we got there, we were relieved to find that the place had plenty of available seats despite the fact that the mall itself was jam-packed with people (this is why I make it a point to avoid malls whenever they hold sales...). We then started ordering food and the celebration began! :D

Dinner at Super Bowl of China )

After gorging on all that food, James was apparently still not content with fattening us up, so we took a cab to Serendra (The Fort), and he also treated us to dessert at the much-hyped specialty shop, Cupcakes by Sonja.

I was pretty excited to finally get to try one of the famed cupcakes, since I've never had the chance to do so since the shop opened in late 2006. I've read a lot about it, and though the merchandise has received rather mixed reviews, I've always wanted to at least see the venue ever since I saw the photos from Jin Joson's Death Note cosplay shoot.

Cupcakes by Sonja. More, yes? No? Maybe? )

And that was how James' birthday went. Bow.
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Join meeeeh!  Yes, as in, like, now!  :D

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First of all, a plug:


I was watching the news this morning, and CNN was running a story on how the recent earthquake in China ruined the panda research facility. In the clip, they mentioned that the main road that leads to the facility has been blocked, and the only way to reach the place would be to take a one-day detour. Because of this, the panda's fresh supplies of bamboo have been severely hampered.

I'm such a softie when it comes to animals, and this story just breaks my heart. I was thinking of giving a donation, but I don't think they accept PayPal. T_T

In my imagination, I'm hoping that Jordi steps in and helps the animals... T_T


For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I don't know what got into me, but I was in the office one slow workday, and then I suddenly got this itch to make a loligoth headpiece. The next day, I found myself in a lace shop, going gaga over rolls of very pretty lace and ribbons. I made some purchases, and now I have two headpieces sitting in my closet, all pretty, packaged and ready for use. One is a black-on-black piece for a kurololi outfit, while the other one is mainly black with a white lace ruffle trim, with a rose piece.

Of course, it's occurred to me that I don't own a loligoth outfit to go with the headpieces, so I may just sell it eventually.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a nearby ukay-ukay store had a discount day, and all garments sold for 20 pesos per piece. I walked away with about 7 pieces, one of which was this long, black, one-piece dress with long sleeves, which looked more like something a nun would wear, sans the white collar.

I actually intended to practice on this black dress/smock because as I was looking at it in the store, the only thought that was going through my mind was "It's really nothing that a needle and some thread can't fix." I intended to nip that thought in the bud, as I was under the impression that I was having another episode of misplaced over-confidence. So, I bought it and told myself that if I ended up butchering the dress, then it's no biggie since it's only twenty pesos anyway, PLUS I'd finally get that voice in my head to shut up.

I went home and trimmed the sleeves to a more reasonable length, but I thought that it would be such a waste if I just used the trimmed-off portion as a rag afterwards. Instead, with some hemming, and a bit of extra lace I had lying around, it turned into an arm accessory for - you guessed it - a loligoth outfit. It now looks like the thing that Jam Kuradoberi has on her arms, except it's in black, and would go well with a kurololi ensemble.

It HAS occurred to me that I seem to be accidentally building a whole ensemble anyway, piece by piece, but we'll see if anything else pops up from the scraps that I have at home. Who knows, maybe I'll end up selling a whole ensemble on eBay or something. I've considered wearing it myself, but I think that I'll need to slim down some more first and maybe get a Glutathione shot. Haha! Sorry, but I just don't have the pale complexion that goes well with the loligoth look, so I won't even dare try. Maybe I'll dress up someone else someday, I dunno.

As for the dress itself, it's wearable now, though it's still lacking some elements so my mannequin is still wearing it, with bits and pieces of lace and ribbon pinned to it, as I try to decide how to proceed. I plan to drop by the lace shop again soon to get more materials, especially since Lem made some interesting recommendations (I've been getting the feeling that he may be enjoying this as much as I am) and I want to try them out and see how it looks.

Apparently, it WAS nothing a needle and a bit of thread can't fix.

It's a lot of work though, since I don't own a sewing machine, and I don't know how to use one even if I did (I swear making ruffles by hand is a BITCH!), but it feels very good to be making something with my hands again that isn't food. Haha! I guess I do get a sort of rush with every finished product I churn out. ^_____^

Now that I've been bitten by the sewing bug, it also doesn't help that I watched a special on NHK about recycle fashion. So, the next time you see me buying a tattered/torn/old shirt, please don't panic just yet. I ain't going hobo. It's just me trying to gain more XP to level up my sewing skills.
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Hehehe... I think I must have snorted in glee when I read about this from [livejournal.com profile] h_matsumoto's blog. XD

The local Hard Gay Man cosplayer is recruiting for volunteers to be his bouncers at tomorrow's ToyCon. Heck, if Lem and I can possibly make it to the ToyCon, I'd like to join in for kicks. XD

i'll announce it 3 times.... SAY (1) SAY (2) SAY (3) ------attending TOYCON? become a HG BOUNCER!!! Jun 10, '08 4:29 AM

SCENARIO: alodia had bouncers who shoved people around, HARDLY... - complaints heared by my hip-gay-dar from soon-to-be-HG-fans.... say say say.... thats a hard story...

i would like to announce: HG's volunteer bouncer club now open for new recruits!!!

apply now! how to register? WEAR A BLACK TOP?SANDO/TSHIRT/LEATHER VEST/ETC on TOYCON's event in megamall

so alodia has bouncers, what do we have?

support and become HG's bouncer!! (thrusting not needed)


goal: SHOVE PEOPLE TOWARDS HG!!! i will harass one and all (except 65 years old and above, due to possible heart conditions)

spread the love -and the news!!! (HG bouncers are expected to be proud)

remember: BLACK TOP: shirts, sando, leather vest, neck tie, whatever!!! fooooooooooo!!!!!!!

alodia baby, here i come!

Haha! ToyCon's tomorrow! So search your closet for those black tops! Now GO! Fuuuu~~!! XD XD
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An officemate of mine is renting out his condo unit at Makati Executive
Tower 1 (sub-letting). According to him, the studio room is semi-furnished,
with a double-bed and an A/C unit.

If you're interested, just contact Miguel at ^_^

Citiland Makati Executive Tower 1
Cityland Square, Dela Rosa St., corner Medina St.,
Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City

Type: Residential Condo
Developer: Cityland Development Corporation
Landmark: Makro, Makati Medical Center
Status: Ready For Occupancy
Unit Type: Studio (Flat)
Size: 27.26 sqm


* Equipped with automatic fire suppression system with a central fire alarm
* Two (2) fire exit stairs with pressurization blowers.
* Dual underground and elevated tank system.
* Driver's paging system.
* Refuse chute and maintenance services.
* Laundromat, Function room and Children's playground.
* 24-hour security with fully automated 24-hour scanning photocell ramp
signaling system.
* A gym, spa, swimming pool and separate sauna for men and women.
* Jogging area at the roof deck.
* 3 elevators

Monthly rental: 9,000.00 Php
Association Dues: 1,132.00 Php

Meralco bill is separate, of course.
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I DID mention in my previous entry that Ian and I were off to visit my folks in Novaliches during our day off last week.



There. ^_^;;

PUPPY PILE!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that's SEVEN frisky little pitbull puppies.
Oooh. I'm melting again... ~_____~

pages peppered with puppy pictures :D )

Even MORE photos at my Multiply album! ^_^

And yes, as if all that wasn't enough... I TOOK A VIDEO OF THE PUPPIES DURING FEEDING TIME! LOOKIE HERE!! XD

The sad part is that we can't really get too attached to the pups since they're for selling. As much as we want to, there's no way we can maintain EIGHT pitbulls all at once, when just Lucky alone is already a handful! ^_^;;

Sigh. Anyone want a pitbull? Just 4.5k, negotiable. We can give them to you in another months' time, once they're fully weaned and they're done with the requisite de-worming and shots.

I'm pimping them on my blog because I honestly think that the people here know how to take proper care of pets, and I'd feel so much more relieved knowing that they go to good people. ^_^;;
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Andre's Blog
I found out via YM the other day that one of my old college classmates seems to be starting out a new career as an OPM pop star, and he's currently promoting his single. I thought I'd help along. Hehe. ^_^v (It also helps that it's one of the better things on the radio right now, especially if you're as sick of novelty songs and remakes/cover songs as I am. Revive the Filipino music industry!)

Not really a link, but I figured I should just mention that as Elea has recently found out, one of our friends from our UST co-op days has finally decided to tie the knot. Wow.

Work, marriage, kids... Goddammit, we're getting old! It's such a far cry from the days when the biggest occassion you could possibly run into in a year was someone's debut/18th birthday! XD XD


I'm currently at work, itching to get the heck out of here and start enjoying my days off for this week. Hehehe... Oh, and I'm also on break, and enjoying the sudden, miraculous breakdown of the office firewall that keeps me from accessing LJ. :D

I'll be going to our house in Novaliches today and Ian and I will be spending the night there, and then the next day, we'll be spending the day at their house in Fairview. It's rare that Ian and I are both free (he's currently enjoying a one-week hiatus prior to starting a new job), so we figured that we'd take advantage of it.

Another motivation to go home to Novaliches is the fact that... TADAH!!


Yes, I can be easily lured into the dumbest of traps by simply showing me the cuteness that is either a puppy, a kitten, or a newly-hatched penguin.
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First of all, some links:

(as swiped from h_matsumoto)

LINK #1:
February 16, 2008
Casa Manila Patio,
Intramuros, Manila

Come dressed in Victorian fashion! Whether you prefer it elegant or punked. With a date or without, you are more than welcome to have fun with us! Ticket price will include snacks, wine and unlimited tea, served by our Victorian maids.

Gates will open at 7 PM. The party is up till 12 midnight. Ticket prices are PhP199 for students and PhP299 for non-students.

Maaa~... I really would have liked to go, but I have work that evening. Sigh. And I was thinking that since I don't own a dress that could possibly pass off as Victorian, I could go as a gentleman since I have the gear for that (what can I say? I love androgyny...). But I don't think that Lem would be too happy to go around on a date like that with another person wearing pants. XD

The prospect for more photo ops is very tempting though... but nah. ^_^;;

LINK #2:

As gleaned from Neil Gaiman's blog. Oh, the things that make us happy....


Considering that I've been deprived of a proper night's sleep AGAIN, and I just came from work, AND my stomach has been hurting all night, I really should be sleeping right now, instead of typing away in a net cafe.

However, I have once again proven that good food can make the worst moods go away.

What happened was, as I left our office building, I thought about having a bite to eat on the way home since I haven't eaten anything while I was at work (a practice I've kept up for about a month now), and I knew that no food would be waiting for me at home since Lem is back in Fairview... and I was too damned lazy to fix something for myself, being sleepless and all. (Cough.)

Anyway, everyday, I walk through Legazpi Village since that's where I always catch a Pasay Road/Libertad jeepney which goes in the direction of our condo. As I was walking, I was ticking off the food places within the area in my head, and I was trying to decide where to have breakfast/dinner. I was getting a bit frustrated, though, since I've already tried all of the usual spots, and none of their fare really appealed to me at that moment.

Then I remembered that some time last month, I passed by the ground floor of Amorsolo Mansions (a condominium building in the area. I usually wait for a jeepney ride in front of that building when I can't catch any at the corner) and there was a space that was being renovated. I recalled seeing a fridge that time, and it looked like a coffee shop was being set up.

Intending to walk to Makati Cinema Square in case the new place turned out to still be in construction, I decided to take a look just to check.

At first I thought the place was closed since there was no obvious signage in front of the shop, but when I saw that there were uniformed waitresses inside, and the chillers were on, I finally noticed the small chalkboard beside the wooden double doors that announced that the place was actually open for business.

I walked in, and lo and behold, it turned out to be a German deli/coffee shop/grocery/winery! And a very pretty one at that!

One of the things that I absolutely love doing is trying out new food places that I've never tried before, so I was very excited to sit down and order their food. I blew 200 bucks on breakfast, but goddammit, that Burgundy Ham was GOOD! It came with some fried eggs, some toast with butter and/or jam, a fried tomato, some fresh basil leaves, and a cup of brewed coffee. I ate everything heartily, nursed the coffee, and sucked on a basil leaf afterwards, and I was happy to note that my tummy was satisfied, and I felt so much better despite the lack of sleep. Afterall, how can such a pretty place NOT put me in a good mood??

They also had soups and salads on the menu, and I've been told that the menu can change everyday, so they have something different to offer each time.

On top of the food they served, the place was also a deli, so you can buy various imported meats and sausages by weight. And if you're not into that sort of thing, they have shelves stocked with German groceries like sauce packets for instant Ragout, and the like. A section of the shop is also dedicated to wines, and they have bottles that range from Php400.00 to Php2,000.00, depending on your tastes. The good part is that most of the wines come with description cards so that you have an idea of what it's best served with, as well as a general idea of its taste (I'm considering getting one of the fruity ones, when the next celebration comes up). AND, the shop also sells fresh bread. Baguettes and whole rolls of pumpernickels were on the shelves today, and as usual, I was very tempted to try some at the risk of turning my wallet out.

On a side note, I suppose I should be thankful that I didn't bring along much cash today, or I may have ended up spending it all... O_O;;;

Anyway, the owner-slash-cook was a German guy, and his Filipina wife ran the front of house operations.

My big boo-boo for this food trip was the fact that a.) I didn't bring my camera since I didn't expect to end up there today, and b.) I forgot what the name of the place was and I didn't bother to write it down or ask for a flyer. I'm kicking myself for it right now. Those will be corrected by next payday, though. (Yay! An excuse to go back!!)

Now that I've littered the internet with my sheer joy at discovering quaint little shops, and nooks, and crannies tucked away here in Makati, it's time for a nice, long shower and a good night's sleep.


EDIT: (March 10, 2008)
The name of the place is Donau Gourmet! Finally figured it out, hah! Photos of the place can be found in my new post.
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Hi everyone! Yes, I'm pimping my wares because I need the money, dammit. XD XD XD

Anyway, I did some scrounging around in our closet again and found more stuff that I can part with. Current featured items are:

- that copy of Guild Wars Prophecies
- FFXII Vaan mini figure
- Nintendo Super Mario Bros. and Hello Kitty cellphone straps... a whole bunch of 'em...
- A copy of DUNE: The Battle of Corrin
- a copy of Stephen Donaldson's Lord Foul's bane
- a Starbucks tumbler
- a bunch of other old books and clothes

I'd also really appreciate the extra pimpage if you happen to know anyone who may be interested in the things that I have for sale.

Thanks, all! ^______^
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I'm currently trying to get hold of some cards and I was wondering if I could ask for some help. If you guys know of any suppliers or if you actually have these cards, please email me at ksolaris (at) gmail (dot) com, or send me a message via LJ's messaging system, and let's talk. ^______^v

Any edition would do, as long as it's in mint to near-mint condition. It would be great if I could get hold of the Time Spiral edition, though.

Thanks! ^_^
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I'm currently selling

a sealed, brand new copy of Guild Wars Prophecies (Standard Edition) for Php1000.00
+ Php100 if you want it shipped, and it comes with a free Lineage II installer CD.
Current retail price of the game is Php1600.00 ++ at shops like DataBlitz.

We recently got an extra copy of the game, so Ian and I now each have our own Guild Wars accounts, that's why we're just selling off this copy. This is brand new and is still sealed and is also still wrapped in its original cellophane shrink wrap. Box cover art features the elementalist/monk.

Please note that this is Guild Wars Prophecies, the first part of the game that was released a couple of years ago, and not Factions, or Nightfall. Just trying to avoid confusion. :D

Box contents:
* Game discs (2)
* The GuildWars Manuscripts game manual
* Quick Reference card
* installation information sheet

Just leave a comment on this LIVEJOURNAL entry if you're interested. This post will automatically get posted to Multiply, but I don't get to check Multiply that much. :)


(all comments are screened)
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I'm currently selling a paperback copy of

The Dream Hunters, by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano.

Php600.00 + Php50.00 for Shipping within Metro Manila
(Price at PowerBooks is Php989.00)

We can also meet up somewhere in Makati for the sale.

The book is second-hand, but in great condition. No stains, tears, creases or dogears on the pages. Edges of the cover have some small, white spots because the book has had its cellophane wrapping removed, and so does the upper edge of the spine. Other than that, the book is perfect.

The book still has its original Powerbooks price tag on the back.

I ran into another copy earlier, but I already have one for myself, so I figured that I'd just sell it. Hehe.

Leave a comment if you're interested. Otherwise, the book ends up on eBay. Hehe. ^_^

(comments are screened)
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To everyone/anyone who may have been trying to contact me (yes, umaasa ako na may nagmamahal sa akin, hehe...), sorry but my phone is currently dead and has been so for the past three days. This is because my charger went kaput, and I can't buy a new one until this coming payday.

So, if you need to get in touch, please just either leave a comment, email me, or send your messages to Ian's phone. Hehe.


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My dad is currently selling a piece of property which is located in San Pablo in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. It's 1,000 sqm of ricelands which comes with a tax declaration, and it's going for Php 70,000. It's sort of a rush sale and the price is negotiable. :)

If you or anyone you know might be interested, just leave a comment and I'll give you my dad's contact number as he has all the details for the place. ^_^


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Yup, I'm currently selling a Nokia 6630 for 6500 pesos. It was originally from Japan and was locked to the Vodafone network, but I finally managed to have it unlocked yesterday, and the phone now works with any SIM card from any network. ^__^

The phone is in very good condition and even still has its original plastic screen protector. It has barely been used and only for taking pictures to test its camera (all those pics have been immediately deleted). Since it was locked to Vodafone, it pretty much remained in my closet for a good year or so, and I only opened the box two days ago when I found out that it can now be unlocked.

This phone can send and receive SMS in Japanese.

Here's what you'll be getting:

- Openline Nokia 6630 unit with original maroon faceplate (originally locked to Vodafone)
- generic charger
- generic Nokia earbuds (for listening to music)
- 32 MB RS-MMC (at least I think it's 32... the person I bought it from said it had 16MB, but when I checked the memory after taking a few pics, it said it had 30MB left.)
- one original battery which is as old as the phone
- one Class A battery (as in, fake. Hehe.) which is brand-new
- box + all manuals

Full list of features can be found here, and here.

Both batteries work/charge fine. No hidden defects.

I'm selling it because I realized that I don't want the model anymore, and I'm actually about to trade phones with my dad who has a model that I actually like. ^_^;;;

Proceeds from this sale will go to next month's rent. Haha! XD

If you're interested, just leave a comment here or email me at ksolaris at gmail dot com. Just remember that I'll be gone by Thursday and won't be back until Sunday evening (Puerto Galera!! WHOOO!!).

As for payments, I'll be happy to ship it to you for an additional 200 pesos, and you can pay me by making a deposit into our bank. Otherwise, I can meet you at Glorietta or something. :D


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(x-posted to my Multiply account and Friendster bulletin)
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No, seriously. I AM selling a hundred DVD cases.

Ian and I just recently managed to get a CD binder that we've always wanted (the one from CD-R King which can hold up to 280 discs), so I immediately moved all our movie discs into it. It's a happy task, and I was satisfied with the results as everything finally fit into one small square, HOWEVER... as I put the now-filled binder away, I had to deal with a hundred, empty DVD cases. I counted.

So would anyone want to take them off my hands? Please? T_T I'll sell them for 2 pesos each, and you don't have to take the whole bunch.

The black cases are those that are typically used with DVDs sold in Quiapo. They're all just a bit dusty. About less than 10 are the slim kind. One or two may have a small sticker attached. Anyway, they're all still usable (I honestly can't think of any other use for them, so...).

I'll meet up with you, preferably in Makati. Just lemme know. Thanks! :D

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For the past week, I have been telling myself every single day, to finally get down to posting those journal entries which I've been meaning to put up. Then I'd promptly fall asleep.

I'm currently dizzy from sleepiness, but I just need to dash this off before I completely forget:

- At the office, we received an email from SOMEONE AT LEVEL UP (a GM) who was offering to write for us because he thinks that North America and DA WORLD would be interested about what's going on in the local RO/Philippine-MMORPGs-in-general scene. No offense, but.... honestly... common.... *guffaws* I laugh in your general direction. But seriously... No, dude. No. NO.

- I have just found shoe heaven. I can now cross out one item from my "Must do within this lifetime" list. Will elaborate next time.

- Can someone please tell me when the Discovery Channel program "Real Asian Horror" is going to be shown again? I missed its premier...

- The Discovery Channel series "I, Video games" is starting on Friday next week, 7pm. I have to watch it. Then there's that Nostradamus-thingy coming up, too.

- My current favorite programs consist of cooking shows on Discovery Travel and Living, "Million 2 One" on Discovery (I just love how a seemingly boring topic becomes so incredibly fun when given to a British comedian...), and Miami Ink (it is further convincing me that I NEED to seek out a fantastic artist to give me a tattoo. But then again, I'm naturally gullible...). Almost anything on Animal Planet has also been good. I have also been gorging myself with forensic investigation documentaries over at the Crime and Suspense Channel.

- Has anyone noticed something wrong with my TV habits? I thought so.

- Lem has recently surprised me by buying some curry croquette and a new batch of furikake. HAPPINESS!! ^________^

- I am yet to post the pictures from the wedding we attended in Tagaytay.

- I am yet to post the pictures from the time that my high school friend got back from Minneapolis.

- I really should start posting those bento pics again, just to get it done and over with.

- Still hankering for a DS and a Wii. Slightly interested in Playstation Home and LittleBigPlanet.

- been reading stuff from Dark Diamond. Lem showed this site to me, and I fell in love because of their collection of console-tans, hardware-tans and software-tans etc. Love! And yeah, you KNOW you want to read about Gundam Condoms, right? Right? Haha!

- Work has been fun, except for a recent issue on taxes, and one individual in our shift who LITERALLY SMELLS OF SHIT. I kid you not. I and some officemates have already dry-heaved at one point or another because of the bastard's stench. Ugh. Will elaborate in another entry. Maybe.

- I have emails to answer, sites to check and entries to post. Which will all have to probably wait until my day off...


- For sale: Endless Nights (Neil Gaiman), softbound, practically new. Great condition. Bought from Barnes and Noble in Minneapolis. Selling because I already have the hardbound copy of the book. Edges just have some of those tiny white spots which probably occurred from being handled (person who gave the book to me removed the cellophane wrap so he can read it before he got back to the country). No scuff marks or dog-ears. Selling for 650 pesos, free shipping. Any takers? Leave a comment.


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