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Recently, I've been hearing SO MUCH about this shop called Etude House which just opened up a branch in Megamall, that I couldn't help but be curious about what the fuss was all about. On top of that, after a bit more surfing and asking around, I noticed that EVERYONE I encountered all raved about their products. Needless to say, with a combo like this, I couldn't bring myself to ignore it, so I got up and trekked over to Megamall to see everything for myself.

All I can say is... the shop was VERY, VERY PINK and overflowing with estrogen. And I mean that in a good way. I just figured I'd put that in for the benefit of, and as a warning for my male friends who might end up accompanying their ladies to this place at one point or another.

TIP: There's a donut shop nearby. Go there, order a drink and a snack, and wait for the females to finish shopping. Bring something to read and just ask the girls to pick you up when they're done. They might be a while.

So anyway, on to the stars of this entry:


(ALSO: Sorry if I look haggard in the photos... I just got home from an all-nighter gaming session/hanging out with friends night, and I've been up for almost 24 hours. First thing I did when I got home was work on this entry because I was so excited. Hehehe.)


LAL. Anyway, FYI, I AM NO COSMETIC EXPERT. If anything, I am a cosmetic WEABOO. In fact, one of the main reasons that Etude House managed to reach my peripheral vision was because I've recently expressed that I sorely need to learn how to put make up on myself so that I shall no longer be a victim to the whims of hired make up artists during friends'/relatives' weddings/debuts/etc who never seem to have gotten the 80s out of their systems.

Also... well... after 25 years of existence, I figured it's about time I learned how to do something as simple as use lip gloss and not botch it. XDDDD So YAY for bids of self-improvement and YAY for finally paying attention to my badly neglected skin which has so far survived solely on bath soap and the occassional body butter or specialty shower cream.

So, I'll be testing out the products that I got from Etude, and I'll let you all know how it goes for me. I'm not even asking to be a Beyonce when this is all over. Seriously, even just a small improvement on my skin would make me happy. Hehe. I'm crossing my fingers! XDDDD
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Yep, I cleaned out stuff from our piles and piles of... more stuff... recently. Can't afford to put up an actual garage sale and my eBay account is still awaiting reinstatement (long story...). So here ya go.

Prices are listed below, shipping not included yet. Will be using Air21 for everything else. Books/Printed material will be sent via 2GO since they ship books cheaper. So that'll be Item Price + Shipping. Yep, I combine shipping. Free shipping if you somehow manage to buy at least 500pesos worth of stuff. Hehe. I just want to get these things out the door.

If you need more info about the item, I'm gonna have to ask you to just Google it up. Sorry. ^_^;;;;

All these are second hand unless stated otherwise. Either they're used, or they're new but have been stuck inside my closet for a long while.

Items come from a no-smoking, cat-filled environment.


We can arrange payment details later on. Just leave me your contact details. :D

Books, bags, accessories and a digicam )

Clothes. All are used unless stated otherwise. )
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Last May 9th, me and some friends made the trek to Marikina to visit a seamstress about some dresses. Due to some hiccups in the planning, though, we were forced to retreat for a while to plan what to do next and how to get over the said boo-boo. Hence, the first thing we did was look for the closest air-conditioned food place, which so happened to be this little, unassuming nook in front of Marikina Market with a sign that declared that they served Thai food. As it turned out, we were so very thankful for the boo-boo because we wouldn't have found this gem of a place otherwise.

Having absolutely no idea on what was good to try and what was not, we basically just started picking semi-randomly from the menu, and while waiting for our food to arrive, we had some time to take in the ambiance.

Let the salivating begin... )
Had we known we would have a FEAST in front of us, we wouldn't have eaten breakfast that day. In the end, a group of SEVEN adults were defeated by the food, all left will popping waistlines and full bellies, and we had to concede and have the rice and the beansprouts wrapped up for take-out.

And the total bill for ALL that goodness? 1070 pesos. It IS GLORIOUS.

So, if you're ever in the Marikina area, just head for the Marikina Market, and look for the statue of the dude washing some kid's butt. Head in the direction of where the kid is facing and you're bound to run into Krung Thai. You can't miss it. Seriously.


PLUG: X-Men Origins review by the Lolidudes: MANCAKE MENAGERIE!!. Please do check it out! ^___^
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BEHOLD! I give you the drink MOGU MOGU! I'm posting this here so that the people whom I've told about this cute little thing would finally believe me, that there IS such a drink called "mogu mogu" which exists on this planet. So, yes. Existence confirmed. Available for 28php at the 7-11 at the gound floor of Raffles Corporate Center on Emerald Avenue in Ortigas. Hehehehe... other than that, I'm afraid I have no idea where else to find it. ^_^;;;

Anyway, right. Mogu Mogu.

Basically, it's a fruit juice drink that comes with nata de coco chunks. I know it sounds weird, but it's actually quite good. Well, the orange-flavored one anyway. I've seen a lychee-flavored one in the same display cooler, but I haven't exactly been brave enough to try it out just yet.

Meanwhile, the concept of having chunky, chewy bits of goo stuck in your drink may seem a little strange, and to be honest, it DOES take a minute or two for one to get used to the drink. However, I've found that when you think about it, it's just like drinking sago gulaman, or like having Jell-o squeezed into your drink.

Also, the thought of having the taste of coconut clash with the fruit juice is also easy to get over once you get to taste it since the nata de coco isn't overpowering, and instead takes on most of the flavors of the fruit juice it's been swimming in, while adding its own bit of sweetness.

I love the stuff. :D

I guess my only qualm about this is that I find myself wishing that WE Filipinos thought about making this lovely drink first. Oh well.
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As many of my friends know, I find joy in senseless knick-knacks and inane curiosities, especially when I can acquire them for cheap. So yes, at this point, you can start imagining me walking up to a cashier inside a 7-11 branch to pay for some chips and a bottle of flavored tea... then spotting the candy rack and giggling like an idiot before grabbing a pack of mints and tossing it at the counter to be rang up along with the rest of my purchases.

I give you... love for 25 pesos. XDDDDD

Yes, I was so excited over it that I plurked about it that day and showed it to my friends at the office. We all giggled like schoolgirls. XDDDDD

Apparently, that's the toned down version, because as I learned from the manufacturer's website, in other countries, the name stamped on the package is "SEX" instead of "LOVE". And speaking of their website, I love how they ask you to choose between ENERGY and SEX. XDDDD

Lovely. Who says laughs have to be pricey? XDDD
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I remember about a year ago, during one of my many trips to Serendra with Ian, I spotted these gorgeous rain boots displayed on a rack. I was surprised, because I've never seen a pair of big, rubber boots which were obviously meant for getting wet, which didn't look like the black or yellow ones that I normally saw being worn by traffic cops or construction workers. I wanted one so badly back then, but when I learned that a pair costs about 2000++ php each, I sadly had to put it down and walk away. Since then, I never forgot about the boots in different colors and cute patterns.

Fast forward to now.

Yep, this is me reviewing Plueys. Shoe photos under the cut. )

All in all: Plueys are <3
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In case you're wondering what has been keeping me busy, I've been working with a bunch of friends on starting up LoliDudes.com. So, past month or so, we've been attending cons to gather material. ^_^ Anyway, here's our report for Shizen Orchestra which was held last April 25. ^_^

With a brief special featuring Ian, of course. :D

I took all the photos. ^__^

LEL. On top of the con-attendance, the past week has also been phenomenal in my book in terms of acquiring STUFF! WHEE!! A pair of Skullcandy headphones and some Lucky Star figures. YAY! ^_____^

pikchar pikchar! )

Hehe... yes, this is my stuff-itis kicking in again. :D
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Let me count the ways. XDD

kitty photos ahoy! )

All photos taken using Cliff/Maoi's awesome Canon 10D (the manual of which I am yet to read...). No cropping. All I know how to do in Photoshop is use the Auto Levels/Auto Contrast button. XDD
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I've mentioned some time ago that our cat gave birth to four kittens, and I've also been complaining on Plurk that we've been losing sleep over herding cats who have just discovered the wonders of running, jumping and climbing. Especially climbing.

And I feel fluffy today.

So, I give you... CAT PICTURES!

The rest of the photos are in my Multiply Album. ^_^
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May your holidays be merry, bountiful, and radiation-free! ^_^
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Seriously. All of you.

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I've posted some time ago that I have finally managed to get myself my own deck of tarot cards, and as an update, I just wanted to point out that I love my cards dearly, and they've been working well since I've had them. Hehe.

So, as with most tarot deck owners, I've also gone through that phase wherein you search for the perfect container for your deck. I know that [livejournal.com profile] magiqa and [livejournal.com profile] jylichan keep theirs wrapped in scarves, and the internet has also informed me that some people like to keep theirs in these little tarot pouches with embroidered symbols, or runes, or whatever. Anyway, I searched for a bit, testing everything out from scarves, to plastic ziploc pouches, to bento boxes, to pencil cases, etc, but nothing just seemed to fit or feel right... and those rune-covered pouches just seemed real tacky to me at the time. XD

In the end, as what often happens when I can't find or afford something that I want or need, I decided to just make the darned thing myself.

details and more photos )

Meanwhile, Ian insists that it looks like a black bunny with a lace hat and white ears... ^_^;;;

So far, I haven't been punished with migraines for giving the cards a bad outfit, and I'm happy with my work, so all is well. :D

I suppose my only regret with the whole thing was that I only added the vertical strip of lace onto the body as an afterthought, after the whole thing was assembled, which resulted to a slightly-skewed stripe going down the middle. Oh well. ^_^;;

K Rising?

Nov. 10th, 2008 02:43 pm
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Okay, with regards to the whole NaBloPoMo thing, so far so good. On the other hand, with our upcoming move of residence, I have a feeling that my 30 posts in 30 days goal might be in peril once again. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps I didn't pick a good month to jump into this whole thing, but I suppose I'll still go ahead and try my best to hit that number. :D


A recent conversation with friends over Plurk has recently given me the idea for probably the perfect illustration of how I see call center life:


Haha! Not intending to be mean and all, and no offense meant to people who actually LIKE being in call centers. It's just me. I've always said that it's never been my first choice as a career, and most probably never will be, but necessity sometimes drives people to do things... which is also why I'm currently fighting the hard fight to try to get out of the whole outsourced customer service business. I'm still trying to find ways, and we'll see how far that takes me this time around.

I'm hoping for some change to happen soon, and I'm crossing my fingers. :D In the meantime, someone hand me a Lego head and a chainsaw. Hehe.


K's book bargain of the day:

Brand new, sealed, purchased from Fully Booked. Price: Php100.00
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Last October 2, after a short trip to the mall, Ian and I decided to explore Salcedo Village. It was an overcast, windy afternoon, so it wasn't a problem to take the Walkway from Glorietta to the Enterprise Tower, and from there, start dodging into backstreets and unfamiliar buildings (it's a favorite pastime of ours).

Among our first finds would be the local SCHU factory outlet, which, in my opinion, is brilliantly-designed. I'm not referring to its interiors, or its architecture, but rather, to the fact that the space that it occupies is divided into two sections: the shoe store itself with mirrors and seats, and boxes and boxes of shoes and bags stacked a storey-and-a-half high (sigh~!), and a little food court with a kiosk that serves yummy burgers and soda.

Ian and I have deduced that the idea is that while the girl (of whichever gender) is shopping for shoes, the guy can then go grab a burger and a drink as he waits for his partner to finally make up her mind on which pair/s to purchase.

It's so brilliant, that I wish I thought of it first. Haha!

After walking away with a new pair of shoes (purchased for only 40% of its normal retail price, had I bought it from their branch in a mall), Ian and I then went on and encountered the Makati Sports Club with all its swanky cars parked outside, the Salcedo condominiums, a quaint bakeshop here and there, the Makati Golf Club and its Korean baths, and finally, as we made our way back to The Columns, we came upon Rocci.

I've noticed the shop during previous trips to the area, since we sometimes eat at Heaven's Barbecue which is a couple of doors way from Rocci. It's pretty hard to NOT notice the sign in front of Rocci which says "CHOCOLATE", but I've never really had the chance to check out the place, because either the place was closed at the time, or I was broke. So, that day, Ian and I finally decided to be brave and go in.

and on to the food and photos~! )
Meanwhile, for our next outing, I've also set my sights on Rocci's next-door neighbor... mainly because they have a chicken on fire on their store sign. XD

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Hi there. Hehe... I haven't been able to post in a while because, well, real life got in the way, I suppose. Some bad things have happened, but there have also been some really fun things as well which pretty much tired us out, which is why I haven't been able to post. XD

Anyway, moving on, here's another much-delayed post. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately for a personal project that I've been working on with some friends, and I was thinking of posting photos of my latest work. I stopped short, however, when I realized that I still have photos from other, past projects which are still waiting to be posted. *forehead palm*

Yes, Procrastinator Me has won again.

So, here's the photos of the second loli/loli-inspired headpiece which I made LAST JUNE, which I made almost immediately after that other black and white headpiece that I posted about before. And yes, by the way, it's almost November right now. ^_^;;

more pics and item details )

Points about this piece that I should prolly bring up:
- This is one of the first headpieces that I've ever made, and no, I did not have a pattern, or a guide, or even a reference photo. Or a sewing machine, for that matter. I basically just saw some photos on the internet, said "Hey, I think I could make that...", went to the store, got materials that I thought would look nice together, then stitched them on.

- Since I didn't have a pattern, I only realized much later that I made several mistakes with its length. Hehe.

- Since June, I've already found a better way to sew on the thing that attaches the ribbon that goes around your head to the main body of the headpiece. This one probably serves as a very early trial and error prototype.

- I'm not loli. I don't claim to be an authority. I just like making things.

- If anyone's interested in buying, lemme know. :D
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I love taking snapshots of things that amuse me... but I'm just not quite as diligent with posting them. Hehe... It also doesn't help that I only manage to download the photos from my phone and my digicam whenever I'm at Lem's house. Then there's also the random "oh, gosh, look at that photo" from the interwebs.

Oh well.

Here you go anyway. :D

For the lulz. XD )
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Ian and I were at Mall of Asia yesterday to hang out because it was just too hot and too boring at home (our TV is still dead), and after a nice lunch at Tokyo Cafe, we scanned the activity calendar because we noticed that there seemed to be an unusually high number of otaku-japorms in the area. Of course, it also helped that we saw a guy with blonde dyed hair and plaid pants, with a giant backpack and a KAMEN RIDER helmet under his arm, waiting for a cab. Sure enough, we saw that there was a Tekken Tournament in progress at the time, and we eventually found the poster with the announcement and the tournament details on it.

As it turned out, director of Tekken 6, Mr. Katsuhiro Harada attended the event as one of the judges, and there were also Tekken cosplayers present. Of course, with both Ian and I being fans of the series, we headed for the activity area to have a look-see.

Judges' table

Tournament photos )

Just a short, grainy video that I shot with my phone. ^^;;

I was actually pretty excited to be there, especially since they had a guest like Mr. Harada present. However... the event could have REALLY used a bit more planning than that. It's a BANDAI NAMCO event, for heaven's sake!

Anyway, I suppose my main points of complaints would be:
- the sucky venue. It was outdoors, on a hot, humid, Philippine afternoon, and EVERYONE... contestants, staff, judges, onlookers, us... were all dripping and stinky with sweat. Honestly, couldn't it have been somewhere air-conditioned, at least?

- 4 matches at a time doesn't seem too bad, but I was a little disappointed that only one random match was shown on the video wall. I wish there could have at least been 4 big monitors, or maybe a split screen at least, so that everyone can watch everyone's matches. Some matches that were NOT on the screen were actually pretty awesome, and I think it's a shame that they weren't given due appreciation.

- I felt sorry for the cosplayers, having been asked to just stand behind the judges the ENTIRE time. T_T

- I felt sorry for the judges since they were pretty much stuck in that heat and discomfort. Their only advantage was that they were seated and they weren't being crowded by other people.

- there were these big-ass fans in the area... which blew hot air around. Yep, the day was just THAT hot.

- the event coincided with the annual Level UP! LIVE 2008 event at the World Trade Center. Personally, I would have moved the Tekken event to another date, not just because the LU event is HUGE and would most likely draw everyone there, but also because it would be more convenient for players who want to attend both the LU event and the Tekken tournament. :/

Because of the heat, Ian and I were really starting to get dizzy, so we didn't stick around for very long. We left by the time that contestant 35 or so was being called, and this was just for the first elimination round. We have no idea how long the event lasted, but we're guessing it must have ended by about 5pm or so (which would have meant that everyone was in that area for at least FIVE HOURS???).

Sigh. Oh well. I just hope that the Japanese guests don't get scared off by this experience and refuse to accept future invitations to similar events in Manila. ^_^;;
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Super Pork advertisement as seen at the Hatchin meat counter:

Yes, once you've tried Super Pork, you'll never go back. Oh yeah. It must be THAT good. XD
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...to say that I'm alive, just busy and distracted. Stuff have happened, and I actually have actual updates to post about, but I just wanted to say hello before dashing off again.


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