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I've just spent the better part of my days off at my parents' house in Novaliches, only to find that our local pet population has exploded to a whopping SEVENTEEN. Yes, I'm still a little shocked myself.

The roll call is as follows:

1) Lucky the Pitbull
2) Elmo the Lilac Siamese Cat
3) Marbles the Import from Ian's House
4-7) Four kittens, Marbles' litter (yes, they come as a set...)
8) Blu, the local Tom Cat
9) Alpha, the local old Geezer Cat
10) Diablo, the female cat who decided to live with us
11) Pepe Smith, the stray male dog who decided to live with us.
12) Ampi, the stray female dog who decided to live with us.
13-17) Ampi's five puppies

Notice items 10-17. Apparently, these guys just showed up at our house gate one day, all malnourished with nowhere to hide whenever it rains. My dad and mom decided to hand out some food from time to time, and VOILA! They've now become members of the family. And the best part? The dogs and the new cat are all the same color, like matching luggage.

Sigh. It's a little sickening to know that these animals were turned out by their owners who decided it would be cool to have some guard dogs, but then decided to just simply lock the dogs out of their houses when they decided it was too much of a hassle to feed them.

Being the bunch of softies that we are, it's very hard for us to resist taking care of such unfortunate cases. :/

Oh, and as for items 3-7, by the way, Marbles is a cat that we took from Ian's house. My parents love the cats, and they especially love the fact that they're all toilet-trained, mommy-cat AND kittens. The added bonus to this is that Elmo has also finally learned to use the litter box, thanks to Marbles' example. XD

Meet the menagerie! )

More photos at my Multiply Album!

And now, I leave you with a video which shows... er... Marble's kittens attacking a blue plastic bag. ^_^;; (Sorry, I wanted to upload it on YouTube and embed it here, but YouTube took FOREVER to upload the file, so I gave up and added it to Multiply. Anyone know how Multiply vids can be embeded? T_T;;)
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I just finished a lovely breakfast, and it's payday today, and I really should be pretty excited. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, because I am now paying Php2,500 a month for my parents' healthcare, and there are bills and rent to pay, as well as groceries to buy, by the time all my obligations have been taken care of, I am left with a grand total of... not much. And I suspect it will be this way for a VERY long time, until I win the lottery and/or replace our current CEO (shhh, don't tell him yet...).

Sigh. Oh well. Love is such a hard thing, especially for one as capricious as myself. I can't help it if I have chronic stuff-itis.

At least I get some peace of mind, knowing that my parents could easily run to Makati Med should they ever need to. In fact, I've been encouraging both my parents to do just that at the slightest hint of an ailment, and make the most of whatever coverage their Maxicare cards offer. They're slowly getting used to the idea, which in itself is already a feat for me as both of them have long feared going to hospitals as they're too afraid of whatever costs it may incur. Hopefully, that attitude will change soon.

Yes, this is me consoling myself because my budget for a new pair of glasses has just been consumed by love. Bear with me.


If you watch the news enough, you'd be amazed at the sheer amount of silliness there is in this world. Just this morning, as I was watching TV and waiting for Lem to finish getting ready for work so that I could shoo him out of the apartment and get some cleaning done, CNN had this short news feature.

According to CNN, a Japanese manufacturer has released a line of solar-powered bras that can produce enough energy which can be used to recharge cellphones. Of course, my initial reaction was a big, giant, "WHUT?????????" which was immediately followed by an indignant, "Japan, what the hell are you doing to your women???"

It HAS crossed my mind that the playing field should be leveled, and that a similar garment should be produced for men, though it WOULD of course be quite a sight.

Imagine speaking with a well-groomed Japanese businessman in a crisp, dark suit, and as he's texting, his phone battery dies out. As you're about to offer your own phone to be used, the Japanese man raises a finger, excuses himself, and proceeds to unzipping his pants. To your shock, he pulls out a wire out from his crotch and proceeds to plugging it into his phone. His phone is now connected to his groin. The phone starts charging, he goes on to finish sending off his text message, and he nonchalantly continues your conversation exactly where you left off, as you struggle to pick up your jaw from the floor.

... It almost sounds like a scene taken from Ultimate!! Hentai Kamen, doesn't it?

In other news, I also just finished reading an article in today's issue of the Philippine Star on how a Filipino family who was immigrating to Winnipeg, accidentally left their two-year-old in Ottawa as they scrambled to catch their connecting flight. The toddler was eventually found by Air Canada staff, calmly exploring the departure gate area. He was taken into their offices and babysat by AC's office staff, while the kid's dad took another flight from Winnipeg, back to Ottawa, got his kid at the airport, and then boarded yet another plane back to Winnipeg, this time with his kid on his lap. Apparently, it was another case of "I thought he was with YOU!!".

Susmaryosep. XD XD

Meanwhile, the Vatican's premier astronomer has just announced that they are not discounting the possibility that we may have brothers and sisters scattered throughout the galaxy. Calling all conspiracy theorists! On your mark, ready, set, GO!! XD


To be honest, news like this cheers me up, considering just how much bad news has been floating around recently.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I now have to shop for enough groceries to keep us from ever having to eat out until next payday. T_T;;
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FINALLY. I've finally managed to get my hands on a decent PC and actually have enough time to sit down and type away. Anyway, there's been a LOT of things that I've been wanting to post about, but a sudden lack of resources have prevented me from doing that.

The last half of December 2007, and the first week of January 2008 has been particularly eventful, and I'm actually quite glad about it all, even though some of those events weren't exactly pleasant. Anyway, I'll try my best to make this short and sweet:

- Currently reading:
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn (dammit!! The next chapter is taking so long!!)
* Hatsukoi Limited (NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!!!)
* Genshiken

- Currently watching:
* Girls Bravo (Just finished it this afternoon. Ecchi comedies, FTW!)
* Howl's Moving Castle (Just managed to watch it last week, for shame!)
* Busou Renkin (Halfway done. Disc c/o Jyli)
* History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi (10 episodes and counting)

Hehe... I've been pretty much out of the loop when it comes to anime and manga, that I'm just glad that I've been having more chances to enjoy them recently. I still have a lot of catching up to do!


Because of a recent incident, I still haven't been able to edit and upload some of the pictures that I've taken during the UST 2007 Paskuhan, and nor have I been able to work on all the photos from our barkada's Christmas party last December 22-23. I've really been wanting to put those pictures up since I know that my high school friends would also like to see those photos online.

But then again, I guess I should just be thankful that I still have the photos to work with at all. ^_^;; Maaa... I guess just one regret that I have is that I wasn't able to back up some of the files that we had on the laptop, including some old photos from my old phone which I haven't been able to store anywhere else. Sigh.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I manage to go to Ian's house in Fairview to do all that since there doesn't seem to be a single, reasonably-priced net cafe in the city which has Adobe Photoshop installed on their PCs... I guess the photo updates will have to wait.


More on updates, as a continuation from the previous list:

- Christmas was spent at work. Then you guys know what happened next. XD

- New Year's Eve was spent at work... and then after work, Ian picked me up and we headed for TriNoMa so that I can treat my parents to lunch.

- Watch out world, I learned how to make sansrival, and I've been making and giving away trays of it...

- January 2: jylichan dropped by our apartment to feed us FRIED SNICKERS BARS!! ^__________^ Photos of glorious food item to follow.

- Been using the office gym, FINALLY, and so far I've been able to keep it up. An hour and a half four times a week should be okay for starters, right? Considering that the last time I actually did any serious workout was back in 2001 (?) when I played soccer... I've also been changing my eating habits, so I hope I'll be able to maintain this momentum for the whole year. I figured it's best to start out slow and steady instead of burning myself out immediately.

- January 6: went to The Spa in Acropolis with Rosa, Mitchiko, and Tin. Mitch and Tin treated me for the spa and for dinner with a whole bunch of Hill People at Serye Eastwood afterwards, since I'm currently broke. ^_____^ I still can't stop saying THANK YOU!! The trip to the spa was so goooooooooood. ~_______~ Tin also gave me a small box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates which is now carefully stashed away in our fridge (Ian knows better than to breach my supply of chocolates though...). Photos taken at the dinner to follow.

- January 8: Met up with Rosa at the new JFMO library in Pacific Star. That library is so gorgeous now!! The last time that I was there, they were still at the 12th floor, but the new one... bean bags in one corner, high windows, ipods loaded with Japanese songs, a mezzanine... WOW!

- When I met Rosa, she brought along miss h_matsumoto with her, so I finally got to meet her in person. ^_^

- Ian's mom and sisters gave me a cute corduroy bag which I now use, and Rosa gave me a 2008 Starbucks planner (YAY!!!!!)


... Ehe... everything seems incoherent back there. Sorry. I can't seem to think straight right now, especially when there's A LOUDMOUTH WOMAN WHO JUST LEARNED TO USE SKYPE SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME, SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS TO SOME KOREAN DUDE ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD SHE'S SAYING.

I miss having my own desktop PC.

I better close here for now before I stuff my mouse down her nose... ^_^##

Eitherway, may 2008 be good for everyone.
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For one thing, when I was a student/bum, I didn't have to worry about things like insurance. Sigh.

Here's the thing:

I'm covered by my current company's HMO, and the health plan is GREAT. I love this.

The problem is that the only other people that they can cover for free would be my husband and children, if I had them. I was told that if I wanted to get health plans for my parents, I'd have to pay 1200php for EACH one of them, PER MONTH. So yeah, on top of witholding tax and the requisite deductions like SSS, etc etc, I'll also have to pay another 2400php A MONTH to give my parents proper health care.



Sigh. This is really going to make things harder for me, and I will have to redouble my efforts to save up, and budget and scrimp. In fact, I think this is the part where I get tested on just how hardworking I can be. This is the part where my willpower will get stretched to the limit.

Of course, I can just simply NOT get my folks health care plans... but I feel that it's important that I do this. They're getting old, and they have a lot of aches and pains that they complain about. For so, so many years, I've watched them self-medicate and second-guess, and just simply do ANYTHING it takes to avoid going to a hospital because they're too scared of whatever bill it may incur. I want them to stop doing that already. I want them to have themselves checked and treated as necessary without worrying about the costs of lab tests and consultation fees. Having them covered by the company HMO will make all that possible.


This is so hard on me.

On one hand, I want to save up, and buy myself all the things that I want, and eat at nice places whenever I want to. On the other hand, I know that I have a responsibility to keep, and that I will have more peace of mind with knowing that my parents can finally see a doctor whenever they need to.

I bet this wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't so damn greedy and capricious and shallow.


At the moment, the only answer to this dilemma that I can think of would be a TREMENDOUS amount of overtime work at the office. I'll also have to work extra hard so that I can be sure to grab all those performance bonuses each and every month. And I'll have to get promoted soon.

My Grand Plan (TM) must go on without a hitch so that I can give more, both to myself and the people that I love.
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Yesterday, Ian bought a copy of Michael Moore's Sicko, and after we watched it, we decided that someday, we're migrating to either Canada, UK or France. Somehow.

While we were watching, I kept remembering those years when my dad stayed in the US. He used to tell me that he would avoid going to the hospital if he could help it since the trip would apparently cost him about a week's worth of hard-earned wages. He also had a cyst on his back which was just removed by my uncle who is a doctor, all in my uncle's basement where my dad has set up camp while he was in New York. After the operation, my dad wouldn't even dare go to the clinic to have the wound dressed, and he'd just wait for either my uncle or my aunt (who is a nurse) to get back and dress it for him. In exchange, he'd chip in for the week's groceries or do some minor repairs around the place.

Anyway, the last time that I met up with my folks, my dad mentioned that he may be going to Canada by either January or February 2008, if all goes well.

I really hope that all goes well.
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I've been pretty busy since I got back from my vacation that I haven't really been able to read my mail. I'm still plodding through them, so if you've been expecting a reply from me, it should be on its way... within the next few days... ^_^;;;


In any case, I'm still busy. I've been helping my dad to get some documents straightened out, and I've also been running errands for him, to help him get a job. Sigh. He has no money at all, so he barely even has fare to go out and do all these things himself.

I actually just spent the afternoon with him since he dropped by for lunch, and I bought him some food that he could eat once he's home, and I also gave him a tiny bit of money. I really wish I could give more, but I can't do that right now.

Sigh. I feel so angry at so many things right now, and chief among all those is my own mother. I really shouldn't be feeling this way, I know, but it's all just wrong, you know? My dad deserves better and it pains me so much to see him in the state he's in right now, and to know that despite having worked abroad for years, he has never gotten to actually enjoy the fruits of his labors. Now, he feels like he has to start over again. It's back to square one, and it seems as if everything that he did in the past has been for nothing.

It's very painful for me to see him like this. I just wish there was more that I could do.

Sigh. Yes, I've actually started considering betting in lotteries, hoping for a windfall so that I could set my dad up to have his own business and pay for all the debts that they managed to build up.

Maa~... T_T


I've just finished watching the entire first season of Heroes, after a non-stop DVD marathon at home.

Goddammit. It was like a book that I couldn't put down, as I couldn't even bring myself to press the stop button on the remote. Before I knew it, the second season was already being introduced. NUUU~~...
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(June 3, 2007)
First off, this is not directed to anyone in my flist, and I have someone else in mind as I say this. I just have to get it off my chest:

Just remember that it's a karmic year, love. What goes around comes around, never forget that.

No harm has been done to me or mine, but I just find it completely annoying to have to bear witness to such stupidity, hypocrisy and downright cheapness even from this far.

With that out of the way, on with semi-coherence! ^_^


Now that my wonderful summer fun is over, it is, unfortunately, time to come back to reality. There's the fact that I am now itching to process too many pictures from our vacation, the fact that my camera is still dead, and the fact that more maternal issues have apparently sprung from nowhere while I was off enjoying myself.


The sorting, cropping, renaming and archiving of the whole 300++? photos is something that I'm actually looking forward to.

I am now hunting for a new and better digicam. I gotta admit that after 3 years of rough handling, I suppose that I've already gotten my 5000 pesos' worth from my old camera, so I suppose it's about time to upgrade afterall. I'll have to save up first though, and I still owe some people, and there's still the rent and bills, but I'm sure that I'll find something within my budget soon.

As for the maternal issues... sigh.

No. Menopause is NOT an excuse for everything )
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My dad is currently selling a piece of property which is located in San Pablo in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. It's 1,000 sqm of ricelands which comes with a tax declaration, and it's going for Php 70,000. It's sort of a rush sale and the price is negotiable. :)

If you or anyone you know might be interested, just leave a comment and I'll give you my dad's contact number as he has all the details for the place. ^_^


(comments are screened)
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After a LOOOONG time of not having slept in my own room in Novaliches, I finally managed to spend the night with my parents at our house. I had Lem with me, and we stayed in my room where we were reunited with my old bed from my former apartment at Sampaloc, and the bed which I had when I stayed at an apartment in Palanan here in Makati.

Oh, and my pitbull was there, and from the looks of it... she's gotten really FAT! Haha!! If I could afford it, I'd probably get my dog a treadmill, just to lose some of that weight. ^_^;;;

My parents were intent on feeding us, and I had a long talk with my dad about their plans for the future. Other than that, all was good, and Lem and I even managed to catch a couple of NGC shows that we thought we had no hope of seeing. :D


Again, after a LOOOOONG time, I FINALLY managed to get myself an IR port and download all the photos which I took with and have been keeping in my old Nokia 7250i for the past three years. So, with the photos safely downloaded, I could finally afford to delete them all, and swap phones with my dad who has been offering me his unit for the past five months. I now own a Nokia 7360 in the color Coffee Brown. It's still 3G technology-less, but at least it's a step up. Plus, I actually really do like it because it's actually quite pretty. Haha!


Still selling my Nokia 6630. Any takers? If not, I guess I'll just put it up on eBay once I get back on Sunday. ^_^



I'm finally off to Puerto Galera tomorrow morning!! ^________^

I'll see you guys in a bit. If you need to reach me, just text me. Hehe. :D
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I mentioned in a previous post that Ian's folks dropped off some groceries the last time, right? Well, in that batch of groceries, they also gave us 3 cartons of fresh milk, and 2 cartons of fruit juice. I remember that Ian and I happily stocked the fridge that day, and that the cartons looked so pretty, lined up neatly in the bottom shelf.

At that point, I also remember thinking to myself, "Wow. I've never had so much fresh milk at one time, in like, my entire life..."

Lolz. Oh, the sadness of it all. XD XD XD

Seriously, though. When I was growing up, my parents went through several droughts, and because of that, fresh milk was considered (and still is, though not as badly anymore) a luxury. After all, a carton costs about 75 pesos, and it contains about 4 glasses of milk which has to be consumed as soon as possible, because it can go bad. Compared to 50 pesos worth of powdered milk, which can last for about a month, and only needs a scoop's worth to make a glass of milk... well, you can see the difference, right?

So, whenever we had fresh milk at home, it was such a rare treat that my parents would immediately set it aside for me. They wouldn't touch it, even if I offered my glass to them, because they'd rather have me drink it instead.

Anyway, so you could just imagine how I felt, as I admired the neatly-stacked cartons in our fridge. XD XD I'm just glad that nowadays, I can afford to buy milk for myself and my parents so that they can get that much-needed calcium, too. XD XD XD


I've been meaning to announce the glories of Multiply.com for a while now, but I've been forgetting, so here it is:

I've had the account for a good while now, and I remember that I created it several years ago, because Luis was hiding from one of his psycho-stalker girlfriends at that time and had to move his blog. Haha! Anyway, it looked ugly back then, and after all these years, it's only now that I actually managed to start using it.

Plus, it was a MAJOR thing for me to figure out how to finally merge both my LiveJournal entries and Yahoo! Photos stash in the same place. Amen.

And yeah, they have that nifty badge-maker thingy, too. :D
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Hehe... as I've mentioned before, Lem and I ended up spending Christmas eve with his folks in Fairview, which was pretty refreshing since Christmas for me for the past several years were spent... well... at work. XD

And yes, this is another VERY delayed picture post which involves Lem's family and relatives, a gummy rat, Jed, Nintendo DS...-es (how DO you pluralize that???), and most importantly, CATS!!

Yep. This photo pretty much sums up Christmas 2006. Hehehehe...
(all photos taken by Ian's sisters)

40+ pics under the cut. )
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It's already the middle of January and yet I've been forgetting to post about the stuff that happened at the start of it. Hehehe.

In any case, Ian and I spent New Year's eve at home. He got home at around 10:30pm-ish, which was just in time before the streets got peppered with wayward firecrackers, just as they always do in this country at that time of the year.

Anyway, we had a simple dinner, and we basically spent our time from around 11pm until 1am just simply looking outside our window and watching everyone else's Really-pretty-and-expensive-fireworks (TM). It was great. Fireworks were going off at eye level, and when you scanned the whole horizon, you almost couldn't decide which direction to look. The street in front of us had their own show, so did the apartment building to the right. Straight ahead is Mall of Asia who had their own ideas, and then there's everybody else as well.

By the time midnight struck, we turned off the lights, set the curtains aside, and just sat on the bed and watched all the pretty lights. We tried to take photos, of course, but that didn't work out, so you'll just have to take my word for it on how gorgeous it all was.

By the time that we were going to bed, we were wondering if perhaps we'd go into epileptic seizures the next time we saw another burst of fireworks.


Since we weren't able to spend New Year's Eve with my parents (which my mom was very sad about since we barely see eachother at all to begin with...), we made up for it by taking them out for dinner on January 1.

Ian and I headed to Mall of Asia, made reservations and then met up with them later on.

Very pretty place, really. If it hadn't been packed full of people that day. Sigh.

Some more photos, as well as how the dinner went )


And then there's this year's Pyrolympics.

Ian and I really wanted to go and watch the show at least once, but since he had work until 10pm, plus we've expected that the area would once again be packed with people, we opted to just stay at home.

But then, have I mentioned that we have a great view of the Mall of Asia-side of the bay?

Hehe... so yeah, on all the nights of the Pyrolympics, I was able to watch the show from home. I had no idea which country was performing, of course, but that's okay. Sadly, Ian never got to see any of it because of his work hours, but then again, there's still next year, right? ^_^;;

I took photos, and here they are (sadly, Photobucket resizes anything that is wider than 800px, so I had to upload it to Geocities instead...)

Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 1
Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 2
Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 3

I couldn't get the perfect shots though, since my camera has this bad habit of NOT capturing the moment, but instead enjoys catching the moment directly afterwards.

One thing that I can never show in these photos would be just how BIG those fireworks are. I mean, considering my distance from the building that blocks my view, plus the distance of THAT building to the bay itself... well, that's pretty far. And to think that sometimes, the burst of fireworks seems to be able to cover the whole width of the building, so I can't even start to imagine how that would probably look like, if we had actually been at the site of the display.

There were other shows after the third day, but at that point, I didn't bother to get the camera out anymore since it was so much nicer to just keep watching the sparklies.

And no, I did not go into an epileptic seizure.
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Hello, world!

A lot has happened since the last time that I posted, but I haven't been able to post since things have gotten a bit busy, plus I've been spending my time resting or finding new ways to make my life more difficult re-organize all the stuff that we have after we unpacked the boxes and bags, and all that.

I also haven't been able to post from the office and this is just something that I'm typing up at a cafe. There's something wrong with the office connection so it's not even worth leeching from right now. (actually, I've found that I like my job. You'd be surprised at how being penniless can induce that level of affection.)

In any case, the pictures that I've been meaning to post are still not uploaded, but I'll get around to that eventually. We're also still refrigerator-less and there's still stuff lying around in the middle of our new apartment, waiting to find its proper place. Otherwise all is good.

For a quick set of updates:

- we've finally finished paying off the downpayment/security deposit for the apartment, and we're looking forward to getting some money soon so that our rent for January is already secured. YAY!!

- our lovely landlady has sent people to fix the VERY leaky sink in our apartment, as well as cover up the hole in the window where an air-conditioner used to be. These are very good things since we don't have to worry about our water bill so much anymore, and we also don't have to worry about stray fireworks shooting straight into our room come New Year's Eve.

- We missed the Hill Party. T_T

- Ian and I spent Christmas with his family. Actually, it was with his family at a relative's house, so Jed was there, as well as a whole set of cousins and three cats (with whom I have fallen in love with). Hehehe... the food was good, it was nice seeing Jed, there was a violin performance, the house was overrun with waist-high kids with Nintendo DS units in hand (and I felt like a dinosaur. I want a pink DS Lite, dammit!!!!), the adults were all wanting a Wii, a gummy rat was splattered into the wall repeatedly (much to the delight of one particular waist-high kid), and everyone got presents.

- Ian got a new phone! Yay! My first instinct when he got it was to surgically embed it in his arm, but the thing came with a strap, so that's good. His sisters, on the other hand, each got a 2GB second-gen iPod Nano. Wow. ^_^

- Ian and I have already decided to save up for a Wii so we can buy it some time next year, and we're already setting up our apartment to have space for playing. We don't want and Wii-related accidents to be reported from the Philippines, now, do we? Well... we'll buy a Wii AFTER we buy a ref and pay our rent and bills. ^_^;;;;

- PLDT is an ass, as always. They want us to pay 6000++ pesos so that we can discontinue their service. I decided that, to hell with it, we'll let the bill in our now-empty, roach-ridden, old apartment keep running, then they can disconnect the damn thing and ban me forever for all I care. Meanwhile, Ian and I will be keeping the modem and handset, and getting Globelines, just like we always wanted.

- I've been spending a whole lot of more time at JapanHome lately, and a good number of the plastic boxes, organizers, hangers, etc that we currently have all come from that place. I should probably already have a loyalty card for that store...

- I can't wait for James to get back from the US. He's got all my nice, new booksies. ^______________^ (I love you, James!! Mwah! Mwah!!)

There you go. Now, Ian and I are trying to decide how to celebrate the new year... by joining the street party at Ayala, watching the Pyrolympics at the Bay, or watching the Pyrolympics from the safety of our apartment window (have I ever mentioned that we have a GREAT view of the bay??).


Keep those fingers on, stay away from fireworks!
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First off, K's... um... Evangelion-...esque? bento?
Clicky the piccy!

Day off today, or at least the end of my day off anyway. Not feeling particularly uppity right now, but at least there's not much to worry about since all bills and the rent have been paid for and are now out of the way.

I also forgot to mention that we received a letter from PLDT several weeks ago, stating that the dispute that we have filed regarding our missing June payment has, well, not exactly been resolved, but that due to our "excellent payment history", they've credited the amount back to our account. Yayness. Thanks to everyone who helped pass this particular issue of mine along (Uncle Benjie!). Hehe. We're not sure if strings got pulled or what, but we're just glad that it's over since when the letter arrived, we were just about ready to give up and just pay up, just to get rid of it once and for all.


On other news, Lem lost his phone last week due to a case of shallow pockets, so if you have his number, please scratch it off your phonebook since it's now gone. I suppose it's about time he got a new phone anyway since the one he had was really broken (the mic doesn't work anymore so if you called him, you'd never hear him on the line even though he could hear you fine). We'll try to see if we can get him a new phone this coming week... just one of those cheap models, and maybe one of those strap-thingies so that we can make sure that his phone stays strapped on him somehow at all times from now on.


Next up, I just got word that my high school friend James would most likely be staying in the US for a whole year instead of just the two weeks that he planned. He left abruptly last September since his grandmother died and his mom dragged him along even though their flight was two weeks earlier than what they initially scheduled. This morning, he texted me and said that his company now wants him to work at their head office in the US, so he may end up spending the holidays there.

It's sorta weird since if that's the case, this would be the second year that our circle of friends would be incomplete by the time the UST Paskuhan event comes along (it's a university-wide christmas party in the college that we all came from, and it has a free concert and fireworks show. The first time that we were incomplete was last year when Ian and I were moving from one apartment to another). I'm also slightly frustrated since we were supposed to have a group studio pictorial at one of the nice studios here in Makati to sort of celebrate our tenth year together (courtesy of a gift certificate from that studio which James has somehow managed to swipe...), and we've already worked out a theme and all. Sigh. Oh well. So much for that.

Anyway, James promised to send me some books, so we'll see how that works out.


Speaking of books, I have to remind myself to save up for the copy of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things which I've asked Jyli to ask his mom to get for me (his mom won a thousand-dollar gift certificate to spend on books! WOW!!). He said his mom would be back in the country by this December, so that should give me some time.

Sigh. If only shipping to and from the US wasn't so expensive... T_T Shipping a book via 2GO's next-day delivery around the country only costs 48 pesos (less than a dollar!!), so I've gotten used to just receiving and sending stuff via courier... And then I see all those lovely one-dollar books on eBay... which would most probably cost me 2000 pesos ($40?) to have it shipped via FedEx. I've also heard horror stories about books being lost in transit or being heavily taxed by customs if they're sent via EMS, so that's a no-go, too. Meh. At least there's still the secondhand bookstores around. It's just difficult to wade past the romance novels and boxes of National Geographic to find something that you want, that's all.


And by the way, Ian's Uncle Benjie shared this baby video with us which featues no less than their year-old baby boy, Teo, who has bounced right back into action after open heart surgery.

hee hee! Cuteness. <3

And yeah, I'm a bit annoyed right now that LJ only allows embedded videos from YouTube and nowhere else. :/
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It doesn't help that I just learned from my dad that he, my mom and some other relatives are going to Ilocos Sur tomorrow, of all days, to make it to his half-brother's funeral on Saturday.

It also doesn't help that I'm neck-deep worried about the farm in Bulacan, particularly our mango and mahogany trees that we have there. The trees aren't that old yet, so I fear for them.

What worries me most is that my parents have ruined their present because they are placing their entire future on those trees.

I can only pray.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this will officially be the first post that I have ever written in the comfort of our own home, on our bed, but not necessarily in my underwear.

Hehehe... no, we haven't exactly gotten DSL connection yet, and I'm typing this on Lem's family's old laptop since the video card of our PC has recently died, but at least the phone line is up, we have a landline, and we could at least make do with our dial-up settings for now. I never thought that the sound of the modem dialing could ever sound so good. Lolz.

Oh, and we can now have food delivered, so all is well.

In any case, on with the post.


The past week has been particularly difficult because both Lem and I caught the flu at the same time. We were both coughing and sniffing and dragging ourselves to work, and it was a pretty pathetic sight whenever we had to check eachother's temperature. Thankfully, Lem managed to bounce back first so that at least one of us was in proper functioning condition to take care of the other. I've been recovering slowly, and I still have a cold which is a major hindrance when you have to take calls for the whole week.

Thankfully, though, Lem's mom gave us some money to buy some really strong orange juice CONCENTRATE to keep the Vitamin C levels up.


Speaking of work, some time last week, there was a minor earthquake in our area. It was really small, but when you're up on the 25th floor, it really doesn't seem like it.

I was in the middle of a call when it happened, and I thought that I was just really dizzy since I haven't eaten yet and I was very tired. It wasn't until I caught the look on the face of the people seated around me that I realized that it was an earthquake. It lasted a couple of minutes.

The funny part was that throughout the entire thing, we were all communicating via hand gestures and facial expressions because we were all in the middle of delivering quality customer service (naks!). I later learned that during the entire time, the thoughts that were crossing our minds were unanimous:

"a) Should I crouch under the table and keep talking to my customer? or

b) Should I tear the headset from my head, scream like a ninny and dash for the fire exit? or

c) should I politely ask my customer to call back after an hour since we are currently experiencing some major technical problems, and THEN scream like a ninny and dash for the fire exit?"

We had a rather slow reaction time on that day, however, and the earthquake ended before we could make up our minds. O_O

Lem, being the doggie that he is, slept through the entire thing. XD


Lem and I treated my parents to Avenetto's last Sunday, March 5. It's officially the first meal outside of our house in Novaliches that we had.

In any case, it was an early celebration of my dad's birthday which isn't until the 24th, but my dad has been craving for white sauce on pasta pretty badly recently, so Lem figured that it's okay to arrange to have the meal at a pasta place.

We ordered the platter with the potato balls, chicken wings and fries as an appetizer, an then we also ordered Nut Pesto for Lem and myself, and Ham and Bacon Carbonara for my parents.

Lolz. It was my parents' first time to eat at Avenetto's and I think that they were a little overwhelmed with the amount of food set on the table. They only managed to eat half of their pasta and took the rest home (since they enjoyed the appetizers a little too much and left little space for the pasta, hehe), while Lem and I finished all the Pesto.

Conversation was okay and I would have enjoyed everything thoroughly if only my mom stopped talking about me. During moments like those, I could only exchange tired looks with my dad, and Lem had to endure and listen as my mom talked about me when I was six months old.

To cap off the day, we later bought my dad a t-shirt which says "Jaworski, Toyota, #7" on it which he proudly wore later on.


The day before we had lunch with my parents, March 4, I had dinner at Gerry's Grill with James and Marlon, two of my gay high school buddies. James and I have met previously since we now both work in Makati, and Marlon has recently joined us on his first week of being part of the Makati workforce.

We went on yet another binge and finished ALL of the food we ordered, and now I have to think about how to lose the weight that I may have gained from all the lunches and dinners that I've been going to.

Anyway, I've just been particularly happy to see these people as I lost touch with them for over a year. I only managed to get back in touch with them around the end of February when, by some stroke of luck or coincidence, James walked in Avenetto's with his officemates while Lem and I were waiting for our food to arrive. We talked a little, exchanged numbers, and then later that week managed to arrange for a late lunch at Super Bowl of China where I was properly updated on everything that has happened to everyone while I was gone.

Apparently, in the year or so that we all sort of drifted apart, everyone in our circle of friends underwent some form of major upheaval, and now that those changes are over and we're moving on, here we are being brought together again. Lolz. I find everything to be timely and proper. I think that we've all just finished our trial-by-fire stages for this half of our lives.

James has also informed me that June of 2007 will mark the 10th year anniversary of our group. I reeled at the number and I marvelled at how much has happened since we first all got together. I feel rather proud about it. ^_^


Speaking of anniversaries, me and my friends from my Convergys days will be getting together at the end of this month to celebrate our first year anniversary.

Lolz. I know, I know. Too many dinners, too redundant a theme for this journal post.

I dunno.

I just feel happy and very, very thankful that I've managed to make friends along the way. Here's to more. :)


After work yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] evang1982 and I met up at the Internet cafe that I usually go to and waited for Lem to get out of work at 5am. So, in usual tambay fashion, we later went to McDonald's at his building where his company ID had some available perks and made a couple of large fries last longer than it should.

Lem later joined us and we figured that with our awkward schedules, the clock of the world was just all wrong.

For example, considering my normal work hours, I can call home and say that I'll be staying up late today. During the time that I'm making that call, the sun will be just rising over the horizon and birds will be tweeeting about.

Oh well. So much for the concept of going out and getting drunk after work on a Friday night. XD XD

We all just ended up hanging around a park near RCBC where the guys discussed their decision to buy a M:tG Booster Box (possibly the Ravnica block) and I fed the resident cat.

Later, we went to our apartment where they twinked out after Evang found our copy of the RPG Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM) on our shelf, and we also showed Evang the first two episodes on Stripperella as he has not yet seen the show.

The two boys later on went to Makati Cinema Square to scout for their beloved cards while I slept.

Sigh. Days off are precious. ^_^
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K's Quote of the Day:

"I can do no great things, but I can do small things with great love."

K's pictures of the day:
Cosplaying Dogs )


Hehe... here I am again, at 4 in the morning, sitting inside an internet cafe which is located beside our building, waiting for Lem so we can have breakfast together and maybe watch the sunrise.

Sigh. Lem knows how much I absolutely love mornings. Afterall, it's the best time to sleep since it's nice, fresh and cool. :D

Unfortunately, though, what I'm doing right now is a mistake on my part as this would most probably mean that when I wake up by noon, I'll be grumpy again and I'll be scrambling to get dressed in order to make it to my 1pm shift at the HR department. ^_^;;; In any case, my body is slowly adjusting to the 13-hour workday. Hopefully, by the middle of March, it will stop being a problem.

As for my knee though, it's still bummed but it's not as bad as before. I still have difficulties with stairs and slopes, I need to slow down when I board vehicles, and I can't bend or stretch my leg fully yet, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Hehe... the people in the HR department have been kind to me and they allowed me to just conduct the phone screenings for now so that I don't have to run around the office (yes, what I'm supposed to be doing there requires a lot of walking around the place).


Lem and I visited my parents last Sunday, and good heavens, he managed to acquire my baby pictures. Lolz. Now I know how it probably felt when his mom took out the family photo albums during my first few visits to his house.

Anyway, once everything's settled down and we've cleared other current priorities, we plan to sit down one of these days and scan them so that we can just keep it all in a disc, in case the photos get ruined.

And another thing, when we arrived at our house, my pitbull, Lucky, came BOUNDING towards us. Luckily, we were sitting on the couch when the dog found us, so no one was injured from the onrush of the 60 pounds worth of drooling, whining, fluffy, cuddly ball of fur.

Needless to say, Lem and the dog were inseperable during our stay there. I have a feeling it's going to be like that from now on and I feel happy about it. ^_^


Lem has gotten into sending eBooks to my office email account, and I'm actually very glad that I'm one of the few agents whom the IT department have apparently overlooked as we are able to send and receive mail from outsiders.

Despite the hectic pace and the load of work (and the no-pen-and-paper policy on the production floor), I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I can actually still afford to finish a book. It gives a nice, satisfied feeling to know that I can still be overworked, underpaid AND well-read. ^_^;;


My TL threw me into the Lions' Pit again today. Without any warning, with a broken knee and in scruffy clothes, I was forced to face people I'd really rather not. Serves me right for coming to work in casual wear on a Wednesday. T_T


One of my main gripes with my bum knee right now is the fact that after months and months and months, it has just occured to me that I want to wear high heels to work again.

This sucks.
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When leaving the comfort of your sires' domain, one of the most important things to consider is laundry, because... well, otherwise, you'll be naked and/or smelly.

In any case, if you're like us and do not have enough money to get a maid and a 2-bedroom place with space for a washing machine, a hanging area, and a steam press, there are three magical words which you must always consider when making your future apparel purchases:


Not only does this wonderful fabric save you costs by not having to pay for ironing, it can also potentially save you from minor burn scars in odd parts of your arms, hands or legs.

Another tip: wear/buy slacks, try to ditch the jeans. Again, this is for the purpose of reducing laundry costs since laundry is paid for by weight, but never forget the WASH AND WEAR rule of thumb. If the slacks are not of this material, then you might end up paying more than you should. And let's not forget the potential minor burn scars, in case you decide to undertake the task yourself.

It used to be that ironed jeans was the only way to go for us, but trust me, after several attempts with the whole ironing business, unpressed jeans are going to start looking REALLY sexy on your partner.


Also, buy clothes which are designed to be and are deliberately crumpled. Hopefully, if you wear these things often enough, it will eventually come to a point where you can go out in a crumpled office blouse and people will still think that it's part of the design.

However, as much as we want to conserve our clothes so we don't have to send them to the laundry too often, the one exception to the rule is UNDERWEAR. It should always, always be immediately cleaned.

As contributed by avid researcher [livejournal.com profile] twoeyesleft, the following evolution cycle must NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed to happen.

Seven-Day Underwear Evolution Cycle

Underwear worn in the normal manner (1st instance) - repeated occurence (2nd instance) - repeated occurence, reversed back-to-front - repeated occurence inside-out - repeated occurence inside-out-and-reversed - threepeat, baby! (3rd instance) - underwear gains sentience.

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I forgot to note that Lem and I had to pass by my house in Novaliches last Sunday to visit my parents and to help fix their PC (sadly, this is the first time that my folks will own or use a computer, so the maintenance work is extra-difficult since they're computer and internet-illiterate and technologically-impaired. Lots of teaching needs to be done).

Anyway, Lem is starting to like coming over to my house due to one factor:

My dog.

Yes, I'm afraid that my boyfriend has fallen in love with my 10-month-old, 60+ pound pitbull, Lucky, and vice versa. XD Oh, and the family cats too.

So, while Lem was happily fixing the PC, Lucky was sleeping on his leg. That made the PC-fixing process enjoyable for him, I think. It was just so adorable.

Lem fixed the PC and I went picking up random food items in the kitchen while my mom placed more food items in a plastic bag.

A few days later, Lem went back to his house and now we have a surplus of Orange Juice. XD XD

and speaking of dogs....

a pic of one of my friends' dogs. )

I should really take Lucky's picture one of these days.....


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