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Nov. 10th, 2008 02:43 pm
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Okay, with regards to the whole NaBloPoMo thing, so far so good. On the other hand, with our upcoming move of residence, I have a feeling that my 30 posts in 30 days goal might be in peril once again. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps I didn't pick a good month to jump into this whole thing, but I suppose I'll still go ahead and try my best to hit that number. :D


A recent conversation with friends over Plurk has recently given me the idea for probably the perfect illustration of how I see call center life:


Haha! Not intending to be mean and all, and no offense meant to people who actually LIKE being in call centers. It's just me. I've always said that it's never been my first choice as a career, and most probably never will be, but necessity sometimes drives people to do things... which is also why I'm currently fighting the hard fight to try to get out of the whole outsourced customer service business. I'm still trying to find ways, and we'll see how far that takes me this time around.

I'm hoping for some change to happen soon, and I'm crossing my fingers. :D In the meantime, someone hand me a Lego head and a chainsaw. Hehe.


K's book bargain of the day:

Brand new, sealed, purchased from Fully Booked. Price: Php100.00
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About four days ago, I had this dream that really left me feeling particularly upset when I woke up. I'm writing about it now, because I can't seem to forget about it, because it was so darned vivid.

Creepy-ass dream details below )

Brrr... I want none of that ever again. =_=;;;
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Last October 2, after a short trip to the mall, Ian and I decided to explore Salcedo Village. It was an overcast, windy afternoon, so it wasn't a problem to take the Walkway from Glorietta to the Enterprise Tower, and from there, start dodging into backstreets and unfamiliar buildings (it's a favorite pastime of ours).

Among our first finds would be the local SCHU factory outlet, which, in my opinion, is brilliantly-designed. I'm not referring to its interiors, or its architecture, but rather, to the fact that the space that it occupies is divided into two sections: the shoe store itself with mirrors and seats, and boxes and boxes of shoes and bags stacked a storey-and-a-half high (sigh~!), and a little food court with a kiosk that serves yummy burgers and soda.

Ian and I have deduced that the idea is that while the girl (of whichever gender) is shopping for shoes, the guy can then go grab a burger and a drink as he waits for his partner to finally make up her mind on which pair/s to purchase.

It's so brilliant, that I wish I thought of it first. Haha!

After walking away with a new pair of shoes (purchased for only 40% of its normal retail price, had I bought it from their branch in a mall), Ian and I then went on and encountered the Makati Sports Club with all its swanky cars parked outside, the Salcedo condominiums, a quaint bakeshop here and there, the Makati Golf Club and its Korean baths, and finally, as we made our way back to The Columns, we came upon Rocci.

I've noticed the shop during previous trips to the area, since we sometimes eat at Heaven's Barbecue which is a couple of doors way from Rocci. It's pretty hard to NOT notice the sign in front of Rocci which says "CHOCOLATE", but I've never really had the chance to check out the place, because either the place was closed at the time, or I was broke. So, that day, Ian and I finally decided to be brave and go in.

and on to the food and photos~! )
Meanwhile, for our next outing, I've also set my sights on Rocci's next-door neighbor... mainly because they have a chicken on fire on their store sign. XD

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The countdown to XMAS is already well underway, and if I'm not mistaken, it's about 50 days before the occassion, ne? Hehe... well, I suppose I should get things started, so here's my wishlist for this year. :D

Not that I expect to actually GET every single item in my wishlist, but it's called a wishlist for a reason, ne? ^_^

... and world peace. :D )

Interested benefactors may contact me at anytime. Late submissions for XMAS may qualify for the chance to give me a New Year's present or a birthday gift as well. Haha! :D :D
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Well, all those plans for regular, disciplined blogging went out the window pretty fast, didn't it? Hmm... well, it did say, "30 posts in 30 days", so provided I spam LJ like a crazy person, I think there's still a chance for me to make it. XD

Anyway, real life has been catching up on me pretty fast, and to be honest, I'm currently a ball of nerves. Ian and I are scheduled to move house again this coming weekend, and I find myself perpetually worrying about everything, all at the same time. For the past few days, I've been catching myself wondering where to get a truck for carting the big furniture off from one city to another...

... and what if it rains on the day of the move and the truck we get isn't the closed type...

... and where do we get money to pay the movers with...

... did we forget anything...

... what about that last electricity bill...

... what about the deposit we should get back from our landlady...

... did I turn off the tap...

... who will feed the pigeons now...

... all while in the shower, or having breakfast, or in mid-conversation with a client on the phone.

At the same time, I'm also getting more and more excited (and nervous) as the date for something major is coming up. It doesn't help that the said date is immediately after our upcoming move.

Hehe... it's not that it's unpleasant. There's just some minor hitches here and there, but everything is actually just fine and good. I'm just all strung-up, is all, as November is turning out to be even more eventful than I initially expected.

On the otherhand, I'm also rather fond of the energy generated by the constant movement, and the excitement this all brings, peppered with the occassional meet-ups with friends. And then, there's always Plurk to keep me sane (I think. Right, everybadeh~???). XD

Oh, and of course, there's THAT prospect of better things to come, should certain plans push through. I'm crossing my fingers! :D
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It's just 3.5 more hours before my shift at work ends, and after the previous case that I worked on just before I started typing this out, I am now DRAINED. Ugh. I just can't wait to get the heck out of here, especially since my day off begins right after this shift, then I don't have to be back until Thursday night.

To be honest, I can't wait to get out of here FOR GOOD. In fact I'm tempted to just simply waltz out of here now and not show up for work on Thursday, or ever again, for that matter.

Sigh. If only things were that simple, ne?

Hehe... I need to be patient, though.

I'm currently ironing out a couple of things that would hopefully allow me to PERMANENTLY leave the whole call center hullabaloo behind. It's still a work in progress, but I'll know the results within the next couple of weeks, but so far, it's looking good. In the meantime, I'm keeping the whole thing under wraps since I don't want to jinx it. Some people out there (you know who you are) already know what I'm up to, but I just don't want to blatantly let the cat out of the bag until... well... until the cat is IN the bag to begin with.

I feel particularly sick right now, and I want to run to the restroom and throw up, but I think I can hold out another 3.5 hours without causing any form of disaster. I think.

Similarly, I think I can still also put up with my current work state for several more weeks, until I figure out how the new plans are really coming along, and if I could afford to drop my current job like a hot potato, before walking up to some people at the office and slapping them senseless.

Until then, I quote from Nigella Lawson, whenever she dumps a whole bowl of butter, or sugar, or both into a mixer: "Be brave."
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It's November again, and as with several years past, it's time for NaNoWriMo.

Not that I've ever actually participated. Hehe.

I've been looking at NaNoWriMo from afar for a good while now, but I've never really attempted to join the fray since I don't think that I have the discipline, the ideas, or even the coherence necessary to follow the rules of the project, and come up with a finished product that doesn't look like it was written by a rabid 12-year-old fangirl doped up on too much sugar and Naruto... or worse, what if I end up producing the dreaded Mary Sue? The very thought sends chills down my spine, since THAT would strip me of what very little dignity I may have left. Haha!

Yesterday, though, in a bout of overconfidence (as usual), I figured that I'll test the waters and try something easier instead. That was how I found out about NaBloPoMo. It seems easy enough, really. One post a day, for 30 days. No themes, no rules, just write.

Easy, right?

Wrong. When I signed up for the thing and added the little banner to my LJ's front page, I was thinking that with the number of delayed photo posts still waiting to be written, this should be a cinch. Several major things are also happening IRL right now, so I figured that that should give me lots of material to blog about for the next 29 days. In fact, this morning, I was composing a post in my head, which I was so damned sure would be made of pure awesome.

And then, as I tried to finally write down the awesome post I've composed this morning... pfft. Type, type, type... backspace, backspace... post replies on Plurk... check FaceBook... type, type... backspace... CTRL A + DELETE.

I realized that having plenty of material does not necessarily equate to being able to easily put it down in words, in a post that's coherent enough to actually make sense to people other than myself.


So, if you see me churning out more nonsense than usual for this whole month, it's just me attempting to be a disciplined writer. I suspect that I'll break down somewhere halfway (possibly by next payday, or when we move house), but then again, I've heard that the fear of public failure is a good motivator. Hence, this post.

Over and out.
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... goes a little something like this:

Interviewer: O HAI!
K: O RLY???
I: BAI~!

Haha! Oh, how I wish. :p


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