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Agh. Apparently, it wasn't such a good idea to try to watch Shibuya Eco Live Save the Future special on NHK. I caught the set that featured the J-pop girlband Perfume, they performed their singles Polyrhythm, Chocolate Disco and Baby Cruising Love, and now I can't get their bubblegum-synthesized voices out of my head.

I can't help it! Their tunes are so catchy and danceable! Never mind that most of their lyrics consist of just one stanza and a chorus that's repeated over and over and over... and never mind that they still have their synthesized voices even during a live performance... and never mind that the whole audience watching the said performance all know the band's trademark "peace" sign and would readily perform it IN UNISON at the slightest provocation (which is kinda freaky, now that I think about it)...

Help... T_T

Chocolate... disco... chocolate... disco... chocolate...
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One of my friends from high school has recently introduced me to this song, and the first time that he made me listen to it, it pulled at my heartstrings. In fact, it stirred up so much in me, that it hurt.

Since that moment, days ago, a lot of things have been going through my head. A lot of the questions that I've been trying to put away at the back of my mind suddenly came rushing to the surface before I could even understand what was happening. Before I knew it, my knees were putty, and my chest felt like it was about to explode. My eyes stung, and I only managed to keep it together because I was seated at the time, and someone cracked a joke.

A few hours after that moment, we then attended early morning mass together as a group, and the priest gave a homily about second chances. Again, something stirred in me.

And so I've finally decided that this coming 2008, I'm going to try to defy gravity.

Something has changed within me, Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing, Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts, Close my eyes and leap


So if you care to find me, Look to the western sky; As someone told me lately - Ev'ryone deserves the chance to fly... (Lyrics) )

(and all thanks to the glory that is YouTube, by the way...)

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It being my day off yesterday, I was intent on just simply vegetating at home, sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of ultra-buttery popcorn. As I was flipping through the channels, I managed to catch the last 10 minutes or so of J-Melo's anime themes special on NHK. I was watching the video for the theme of a Ghibli film, and I was disappointed to find out that the show was already about to end. However, the last video that they played totally blew me away, because there is nothing quite as sexy as an all-girl brass band in short, cute dresses, playing a jazz version of the Dragon Ball Z theme, Makafushigi Adventure. Observe:

I swear, the piano parts for this piece is LOVE! Tokyo Brass Style's homepage can be found at brasta.jp. ^_^
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Hehe... yes, it's a little too early in the morning for this, I know. I think I've also done this meme before, using Wolfgang songs, but I can't remember...


Pick a band/artist/album + Answer using only titles of their songs.
- Jamiroquai

Are you male or female?:
Cosmic Girl

Describe yourself:
Black Capricorn Day

How do some people feel about you:
When You Gonna Learn

How do you feel about yourself:
Feels Just Like It Should

Describe your ex:
- don't have one, so this doesn't apply. Hehe.-

Describe your views on your significant other or crush:
Seven Days In Sunny June

Describe what you want:
High Times

Describe how you live:
Deeper Underground

Describe how you love:
Canned Heat

Share a few words of wisdom:
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance
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K's theme of the day, because I feel like I'm the small, insignificant human, trying to take down the damn colossus... and I'm still hanging somewhere near its foot, far from that stupid magical weak spot which I have to fucking stab. It's an uphill battle, alright.

I do, however, find comfort in knowing that the song is called "The Opened Way". It seems apt in some weird fashion. I dunno.

Yes, all this is the backlash of my most recent frustration, which by the way, all happened a mere few hours ago.

ARGH. Give me strength.

And ice cream. I need happy food, dammit.

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And once again, my entire high school life comes crashing down upon me, in waves of memories. And the trigger for the sudden trip down memory lane?

BUST A GROOVE, BABY!!!! *does her best impression of Kitty N... which is pretty lame...*

My goodness, it's been 10 years, and the songs from the Bustagroove soundtrack still make me dance until now. I still remember their stages, I still remember the unlockable characters, I still remember their routines when they go in Fever Mode.


By the way, has anyone else noticed that the English lyrics of Shorty's song is actually really sad...? O_O;;

My mama tells me everyday, not to move so fast across the room.
She's worried I'll break something,
but I'm at the age where i do what I wanna do.

I know I'm your baby, like you keep saying.
I wanna be free. Don't treat me like a child.
I'm never changin' as I grow older.
Forever the same, Shorty and the EZ-Mouse.

Hiro - The Natural Playboy (Hiro vs. Shorty)

Kitty N - Bust a Groove (Kitty N, practice stage)

Remember Shorty and Heat...? More videos! )
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One of the games which we grieve for, as it never made it out of Japan. T_T Sigh... Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to order a copy online someday, or I'll spot a bootleg copy in Quiapo, or something... T_T

Anyway, it's a delight to see Jin Kazama, Arthur, KOS-MOS, Megaman X, Ryu, and the Dark Stalker ladies all together in one place. ^___^ Plus I love the song. Haha!

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As mentioned in my previous post, February 4 was spent at the InterCon for the RodCon event. It was great, it was fun, we found some great stuff, some people sort of freaked us out, we attended a panel that had Carlo Vergara in it, and we managed to catch live performances by Swissy, Up Dharma Down and Radioactive Sago Project. A good day, ne? ^^

And here comes the truckload of saturated snapshots (I swear, my camera hates me, AND it apparently hates indoor light, too).

RodCon 2007. Here's to 2008!! ^__^

60+ 400x300 images under the cut, featuring books, friends, dorks and musicians )

... when the amplifiers finally dripped out of our ears, we left the hotel... and I headed straight to work. Bummer, believe me. XD

At least we've got these to show for afterwards. XD

And now, I sleep...

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K's picture of the day:

"Otacon... think you can send over more of this stuff...? It's sorta tasty."

Hehehehe... That made my day.

Anyway. Moving on.

I'm still gradually adjusting to having to be up and about by 6am. I mean, I love mornings. I love the whooshing sound that they make as I sleep right through them (K has been reading too much Douglas Adams!) but I suppose it can't be helped. At least I have taho in the morning.

As for our new routine, Ian and I have sorta worked it out. I get up at 6am and go to work, Ian shows up for work at 3pm, I go home and sleep 'til 9 or 10pm unless there's something else that I need to do, I cook dinner at 10pm, wait for Ian to come home and we get to hang out until maybe 2 in the morning. Then I sleep some more until 6am while Ian either plays, works on the PC or goes to bed as well. It works, somehow. Another good thing would be that we finally have our days off on the same day! His superior easily agreed to change his free day, while one of my shiftmates kindly changed her day off for me (thank you so much, Maricar!!), so all is good.

Also, since I'm out in the streets by 6:30 am, I tend to take the long way around to work which is down Bagtican, and then left at Ayala Extension, until I make my way to RCBC and then to our building. It's sorta nice to take that route since the street isn't as busy as Chino Roces and Buendia. I pass by houses and small condos, a kitchenette, an Indian grocery called "The Taj" (its proximity to our favorite Japanese grocery never fails to delight me), a Country Style branch, a surfboard shop with surfboards on display at the window, and a Brahma Kumaris meditation center.

I like passing by the Brahma Kumaris' front door because everyday, they write a new phrase or statement to think about on the tile panel beside their gate. I've been making it a point to take a peek at what new words of wisdom they may have for that day. It's sort of like being given a fortune cookie everyday, really. I like it.


Halloween is almost here, and as expected, the TV is filling up with programs about the paranormal, and ghost sightings, and out of body experiences, and all that jazz. Again, I am compelled to watch each and every one of them, but I'm stupid, and I know that two weeks after all this, I won't be able to sleep with the lights off. Again.

Have I ever mentioned that watching Ju-on has practically scarred me for life? And that I can NEVER AGAIN wash my hair under the shower while wondering if some disembodied arm is helping me shampoo or simply grabbing the back of my head? So yeah, no more.

But I found something scarier:

Nickelodeon is promoting a band called The Naked Brothers. Band members under the age of 10. What could possibly go wrong?

Now THAT scares the heck out of me. XD XD


I have just recently discovered the love that is Imogen Heap. Apparently, MTV has its uses, too, and so does BitLord. I'm listening to her album right now, and I'm tempted to buy the original. If we had iTunes, I'll gladly cough up.

I love the fact that everything you hear on her album, she can play live, on stage, and BY HERSELF. Well, her, some instruments and her Mac. But still, I see her and I can't help but wonder, "If I was a genius, self-taught musician, can I get away with dressing like her? Because I sure would like to... you know... dress like her and be a genius, self-taught musician..."

In any case, I like her new video because it's sort of MirrorMask-ish, and I've always been a sucker for stuff that reminds me of Dave McKean or anything remotely Neil Gaiman. T_T

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These just made my day. All thanks to Nation of Bob and Disciples of Bork. Hehe...

Remember that now-popular and often-emulated iPod ad of silhouettes of people dancing around...?

Rejected iPod ads )

On the other hand, I sure could use anything with a USB and several gigs worth of free memory right now. I've downloaded music into my PC at the office, but I can't take it home... Sigh. T_T

I currently have the FFX Piano collection by Nobuo Uematsu, No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom, some Daft Punk, the entire Guilty Gear X Midnight Carnival OST by Daisuke Ishiwatari, a couple of OK GO albums, Red Hot Chili Pepper's Stadium Arcadium (2 discs), an Utada Hikaru collection, Robbie William's Swing When You're Winning, a couple of Fallout Boy albums, and Panic! At The Disco's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (current favorite, by the way). I may have missed some. Anyway, I want that music at home, I just don't know how to do it... T_T



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