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Hello, world!

Yes, I've finally found the time and energy to actually write a blog post that doesn't mainly cosist of bullet points. Hehe. I've spent about a week, staring at LJ, and telling myself to write something, only to end up shutting down the LJ window, and napping at my desk at the office. We always do that when there's no calls, and we've run out of websites to surf. :D

I suppose the excessive napping can be blamed on the fact that I'm still not used to commuting between Makati and Quezon City everday. Oh well.

Anyway, since November 15, a lot of things have happened. As mentioned previously, we moved house, and instead of being southern, condo-dwelling, Makati city rats, Ian and I are now suburb-dwelling, northern, Fairview... um... rats. Seriously, though, we've moved into the first floor of Ian's parents' house. :p

The house used to be a bungalow, but since last year, it's been remodeled and expanded, and a second floor has been added. So, while Ian's parents and sisters have their rooms at the second floor, a good chunk of the first floor has been allocated to us, and we even have our own bathroom and kitchen. It's probably the biggest place we've ever stayed in, maybe even bigger than my old apartment in Sampaloc (and many of our friends who have been to the Sampaloc place would know that it was roomy!).

Of course, I can't deny that we do miss the convenience of being able to WALK to work if we chose to, or being able to go out of the house at 3AM and walk into some restaurant that caters to whatever craving we might have at the moment. We also miss being able to step out of the office and be home, showered, and in bed in 20 minutes flat.

The pros greatly outweight the cons, though, as moving to Fairview means that we no longer have to deal with rent, association dues, and electricity bills. That's about Php10,000 per month that we no longer have to pay for, which is a huge burden off of our shoulders. Now, all we have to save up for would be commuting expenses, and whatever else we think we should save up for, such as books, Cheetos, popcorn, ice cream and Bacos. Hehe. XD

And speaking of commuting... well... the 1 to 2-hour commute (depending on the day of the week and the weather) takes a bit of getting used to, especially for someone like me who gets impatient quite easily. I'm just thankful that there are many routes to and from Makati, and that there are many buses, trains and FX rides that ply those routes. This means that I can get to and from work in only 1 or 2 comfortable rides, instead of, say, 4 rides like some of my officemates who live at places even farther away.

Meanwhile, as for the experience of moving house again, my first week was weird because I kept forgetting that we LIVED there now. For some reason, I kept waking up thinking that I was only going to spend a night or two there, like what we used to do during my days off. It took me more than a week before I could finally wrap my mind around the fact that FAIRVIEW would be the place that I'll be going home to everyday, from now on. Haha!

To add to the confusion, our new home was a MESS during our first week, as we struggled to get stuff out of bags and boxes and tried to find places for everything. We also decided to sort through all that stuff and try to find things that we can finally part with, since it was already a given that we'll be acquiring even MORE stuff along the way, anyway. And then there's also all the cleaning, mounting, wiping, sweeping, scrubbing, washing and organizing that had, and still need to be done. Needless to say, I was exhausted for the whole week, and I worried endlessly about our laundry since I haven't used a washing machine since I was in high school. One has to understand that for the past ten years or so, "doing the laundry" for me, was dropping it off at the laundry shop, then coming back a week or so later to find it all clean and neatly-folded. Sigh.

Right now, our room already has some semblance of order to it, though we're still trying to figure out where to place our basket for dirty clothes, and some other knick-knacks and boxes we have lying around. I've also managed to add more clothing to our huge plastic storage box which contains items we plan to sell on eBay, and I've also filled up a large paper bag with clothes and other items that I'll be dumping at my parents' place, since they have a penchant of giving stuff away and they know lots of people who may need it.

Meanwhile, one of the first things that we did upon moving in was to find and visit the nearby thrift and surplus stores. Haha! So yeah, stuff-acquiring is imminent.

Oh, and one other perk of moving into an actual house is that we have pets. :3 There's two dogs who stay in the area behind the house, close to our kitchen (which we refer to as "Door B"), and at our front door, in a huge cardboard box, is the family cat who just gave birth to a litter of four kittens yesterday ("Door C"). Then, in case you were curious, the other door which leads into the main area of the house ("Door A"), opens up to show couches, Ian's mom's beeeyooooteefoool, spankin'-new kitchen, and Ian's almost-one-year-old nephew, Josue. Hehe.

Well, THAT's long enough for now.

Pictures to follow once our new home doesn't look like a disaster zone anymore! ^_^
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We moved house over the weekend. Just popping in to say "hello, I'm still alive, sorry to disappoint". Brain is still fried. Very tired. Lots have happened. Nice things. Coherence will come back in maybe another week. I hope.

* NaBloPoMo attempt has failed. Will have to revise banner on LJ to show that.

* I REALLY need to get used to commutes to and from home that are longer than 20 minutes...

* Nov 12-13: Paid all our dues and scrambled to find a truck for moving our belongings.

* Nov 14: The truck arrived, we put our stuff in it and brought it all to Fairview.

* Nov 15: Went back to our old apartment for the last time to clean it, then meet up with our landlady, discuss our deposit and hand over our keys.

* Nov 15: while waiting for landlady, we went to Waltermart where I bought more home stuff, AND a copy of The Ultimates Vol. 1 at Bibliarch. It was on sale. And not having to pay rent ROCKS so hard.

* Nov 16: Spent the day cleaning, arranging, taking stuff out of boxes, etc.

* Nov 16: On our first day at our new home, Ian took me to a nearby Japanese Surplus Store where I scored TWO Totoro plushies, as well as a large, orange, Dragon Quest Slime. Pics to follow. I plan to go back there next payday.

* Nov 17: More cleaning, installing, drilling, etc.

* Nov 18: Went to Makati to spend the day there and haul more of our stuff that we left at The Columns, back to Fairview. Got a french manicure. I love it.

* Nov 19: Went to Ortigas for a mega-boss battle. It went better than I hoped, and I am optimistic. Results by next week. Managed to get blisters all over my feet due to bad shoes, though... More cleaning, etc, upon returning to Fairview.

* and there's doggies. And a pregnant cat. And a particularly cheerful baby here.

That's it for now. Imma gonna go back to bed nao. X_X
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Well, all those plans for regular, disciplined blogging went out the window pretty fast, didn't it? Hmm... well, it did say, "30 posts in 30 days", so provided I spam LJ like a crazy person, I think there's still a chance for me to make it. XD

Anyway, real life has been catching up on me pretty fast, and to be honest, I'm currently a ball of nerves. Ian and I are scheduled to move house again this coming weekend, and I find myself perpetually worrying about everything, all at the same time. For the past few days, I've been catching myself wondering where to get a truck for carting the big furniture off from one city to another...

... and what if it rains on the day of the move and the truck we get isn't the closed type...

... and where do we get money to pay the movers with...

... did we forget anything...

... what about that last electricity bill...

... what about the deposit we should get back from our landlady...

... did I turn off the tap...

... who will feed the pigeons now...

... all while in the shower, or having breakfast, or in mid-conversation with a client on the phone.

At the same time, I'm also getting more and more excited (and nervous) as the date for something major is coming up. It doesn't help that the said date is immediately after our upcoming move.

Hehe... it's not that it's unpleasant. There's just some minor hitches here and there, but everything is actually just fine and good. I'm just all strung-up, is all, as November is turning out to be even more eventful than I initially expected.

On the otherhand, I'm also rather fond of the energy generated by the constant movement, and the excitement this all brings, peppered with the occassional meet-ups with friends. And then, there's always Plurk to keep me sane (I think. Right, everybadeh~???). XD

Oh, and of course, there's THAT prospect of better things to come, should certain plans push through. I'm crossing my fingers! :D
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K's photo of the day:

Chorus of cans. Hehe... mini-trash bins sold at Japan Home. We bought one of them white bunnies when we first moved to South Star Plaza. It apparently has relatives. :D


I've been rather preoccupied over a lot of things recently, and first and foremost on my mind has been our impending move. Yep, we'll be moving house again before the year ends, and though it's still quite a number of months away, Lem and I have been mentally preparing for the arduous task ahead. We've been planning how to start packing our stuff away, how to start cleaning the old place before we leave, which truck company to hire, how to arrange everything in the new place, possible new commute routes to and from work, etc, etc, etc...

I've already lived at NINE addresses to date, and this next move will be my tenth in eight years. I'm telling you, even though I've done this many times before, it never gets any easier. As Lem and I have learned, though, it still does pay to plan ahead to at least try to minimize rough edges as much as we can.

Anyway, one VERY good thing about this next move would be the fact that we will no longer have to pay for rent, and that... is just AWESOME. We can actually AFFORD things once we move. Of couse, as I've told [livejournal.com profile] jylichan over YM recently, I do fear an imminent shopping spree once we discover our spanking-new purchasing power, but once that's over and out of our system, I realized that it's time that I finally got down to it and started on finally, finally, FINALLY doing something to improve myself. I am long overdue for an upgrade.

For the past year or so, I've been having this really bad itch to do something, ANYTHING, that would help me improve myself. I want to take language classes, photography classes, art classes, programming classes, cooking classes, baking classes, design classes... anything that I can possibly take on that would allow me to broaden or improve upon my skills. I want to LEARN.

And then, of course, I want to finally earn my degree.

As you all know, I'm still an undergraduate. I spent four years in Architecture, but I was never able to reach the fifth and final year due to a severe lack of money at that time. I decided to start working then, and I haven't really had much time for anything else after that. Everything that I learned along the way, I had to learn by myself during my free hours since I had no money for formal lessons or courses, so most of the things that I know are rather rough, or half-baked at best, and that really gets to me sometimes.

That's why, when Lem and I realized that we'll actually have more money after the move, everything that I've been only THINKING of doing so far, suddenly resurfaced from whatever nook in my brain they decided to hide themselves in. The sheer possibility of realizing those plans and ideas makes me giddy.

I guess what I just really want to say is that... I'M VERY EXCITED at the prospect of going back to school, or at least learning new things.

That's why lately, I found it quite serendipitous that [livejournal.com profile] ruk has mentioned to me in a previous post that Asia Pacific College has some sort of program specifically for undergrads like me, and Lem's mom has also given me a heads up about UP's Open University Program. Meanwhile, Lem has suggested De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, as they have programs that are especially-tailored for people who are also working full-time.

So, with the hope of going back to school in 2009, I've been sending off inquiries and weighing my options for the past few weeks, and so far, I've been considering these schools:

- According to Ms. Bea (hehe... I suddenly found that I like calling you that... XD), this program involves classes that are held on Saturdays.
- By the end of the program, I would have earned an MA.
- From the looks of it, I qualify for APC's Socialized Financial Assistance grant. Afterall, I'm officially the only employed person in my family, and my annual income falls below the 300,000.00 limit. If I do get 35% off of my tuition (provided I take the admissions test and get accepted...), that would be a great help, and I'll be able to pay for my own fees.
- If I find that I like the environment, I may actually enroll again and take up their MultiMedia Arts Course, hopefully under a grant as well. It isn't Architecture, but at least it's close and it's something I enjoy doing.
- I THINK, that some of the units that I've previously earned at UST MAY quite possibly be credited, so I don't have to take up English and Filipino and... brrr... Algebra again.

- Business attire is required to be worn at all times at this college, and as you all know, I prefer being a casual slob most of the time. I may have to overhaul my wardrobe just for this. ^_^;;;
- The prospect of a long commute from Quezon City to Magallanes in order to attend classes.
- The high cost of living that is associated with this school. I may have to prepare a budget for Starbucks coffee on a regular basis.

UP LOS BANOS Open University Program
- It's UP. What else can I say?
- It's a long distance learning program, so no commuting to classes involved.
- The tuition should be well within my means, even without any sort of grant (again, provided I take the admissions test and get accepted...).

- According to the website, I'll be required to complete PE as well as NSTP services. Even back in UST, I did everything that I possibly could to avoid these two banes of college life, so I seriously don't want to have to deal with this. T_T
- I think I may have to take classes like English and Algebra all over again, which sucks, big time. - The possibility of having to go to the UPLB campus in order to either enroll, or take up PE/NSTP courses.

DLSU - CSB School of Professional & Continuing Education (SPaCE) Program
- The program is meant especially for working people who want to earn a degree.
- classes are in the evenings, so commuting shouldn't be a problem.
- They're offering business courses, which I don't mind, and which I'm also interested in.
- The campus is in the heart of Manila, an area which I am very familiar with, and is also just one ride from Quezon City
- They also have the BASAP financial assistance program which I may or may not qualify for... depending on how I declare my annual income. ^_^;;

- I'm from UST, the mortal enemy of anything La Salle. I know that this is REALLY not the time for me to suddenly and inexplicably start showing any form of school spirit, but it still feels weird. ^_^;;
- As with APC, I fear the high cost of living that is associated with this school.
- If I don't qualify for financial assistance, I fear that the tuition may be too much for me to pay for on my own, and the last thing I want right now is to mooch off of other people after trying to be self-sustaining for this long.

I still do plan to work full-time even if I start studying again, but I'm not quite as worried about that as my current company also has a program that accomodates the schedules of working students.

Oh well, I shouldn't really get my hopes up just yet, especially since I don't even have the full details of those courses yet, and there's still about a bajillion things we need to straighten out first before I can turn my full attention to anything school-related again.

I have to admit that it feels very nice to have a plan, though. It's a start. :)

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Yes, this is yet another one of K's-terribly-late-but-there-it-goes-anyway posts. ^_^;;

Hehe... I've already posted a whole bunch of "before" photos of our new apartment, so here's the "after" photos, just to show that we actually managed to climb out of the mountain of stuff that was all over our floor when we first moved in. XD

See? It's all better now. :D
Photos taken last January 17.

The current state of the apartment )
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I've been talking about uploading more photos of the apartment, but it's just now that I finally managed to do it. Hah! In any case, we all know what it looked like on the day that we got the keys, so here's some more photos of what happened directly after that, when the moving and unpacking frenzy started. Hehe.

(Yes, that is a mini-plastic bunny trash can which now sits happily on ourbathroom counter. It gets fed cotton with astringent, empty shampoo sachets and used Q-tips on a regular basis, that's why it's so happy. Courtesy of Japan Home. And yes, it's actually supposed to be a toilet paper holder, but it's more fun to "feed" it than pull its guts out...)

Moving in, phase 2: The mess that follows )


Now, one of the things that I absolutely love about our new place would be the window, which provides good ventilation and a great view...

When lying down on the bed on a breezy afternoon, this is what we see.

the views from our window )
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Hello, world!

A lot has happened since the last time that I posted, but I haven't been able to post since things have gotten a bit busy, plus I've been spending my time resting or finding new ways to make my life more difficult re-organize all the stuff that we have after we unpacked the boxes and bags, and all that.

I also haven't been able to post from the office and this is just something that I'm typing up at a cafe. There's something wrong with the office connection so it's not even worth leeching from right now. (actually, I've found that I like my job. You'd be surprised at how being penniless can induce that level of affection.)

In any case, the pictures that I've been meaning to post are still not uploaded, but I'll get around to that eventually. We're also still refrigerator-less and there's still stuff lying around in the middle of our new apartment, waiting to find its proper place. Otherwise all is good.

For a quick set of updates:

- we've finally finished paying off the downpayment/security deposit for the apartment, and we're looking forward to getting some money soon so that our rent for January is already secured. YAY!!

- our lovely landlady has sent people to fix the VERY leaky sink in our apartment, as well as cover up the hole in the window where an air-conditioner used to be. These are very good things since we don't have to worry about our water bill so much anymore, and we also don't have to worry about stray fireworks shooting straight into our room come New Year's Eve.

- We missed the Hill Party. T_T

- Ian and I spent Christmas with his family. Actually, it was with his family at a relative's house, so Jed was there, as well as a whole set of cousins and three cats (with whom I have fallen in love with). Hehehe... the food was good, it was nice seeing Jed, there was a violin performance, the house was overrun with waist-high kids with Nintendo DS units in hand (and I felt like a dinosaur. I want a pink DS Lite, dammit!!!!), the adults were all wanting a Wii, a gummy rat was splattered into the wall repeatedly (much to the delight of one particular waist-high kid), and everyone got presents.

- Ian got a new phone! Yay! My first instinct when he got it was to surgically embed it in his arm, but the thing came with a strap, so that's good. His sisters, on the other hand, each got a 2GB second-gen iPod Nano. Wow. ^_^

- Ian and I have already decided to save up for a Wii so we can buy it some time next year, and we're already setting up our apartment to have space for playing. We don't want and Wii-related accidents to be reported from the Philippines, now, do we? Well... we'll buy a Wii AFTER we buy a ref and pay our rent and bills. ^_^;;;;

- PLDT is an ass, as always. They want us to pay 6000++ pesos so that we can discontinue their service. I decided that, to hell with it, we'll let the bill in our now-empty, roach-ridden, old apartment keep running, then they can disconnect the damn thing and ban me forever for all I care. Meanwhile, Ian and I will be keeping the modem and handset, and getting Globelines, just like we always wanted.

- I've been spending a whole lot of more time at JapanHome lately, and a good number of the plastic boxes, organizers, hangers, etc that we currently have all come from that place. I should probably already have a loyalty card for that store...

- I can't wait for James to get back from the US. He's got all my nice, new booksies. ^______________^ (I love you, James!! Mwah! Mwah!!)

There you go. Now, Ian and I are trying to decide how to celebrate the new year... by joining the street party at Ayala, watching the Pyrolympics at the Bay, or watching the Pyrolympics from the safety of our apartment window (have I ever mentioned that we have a GREAT view of the bay??).


Keep those fingers on, stay away from fireworks!
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I am currently kicking myself for not having a refrigerator at home. The office Christmas party has just ended and the food is literally too much. Ian and I could be going home with a whole bilao of pansit malabon, a dozen sticks of pork barbecue, a big batch of beef and mushroom... thing... and a whole box of brownies (though I think some officemates would protest to that last bit), but nooOOOooooOoooo.....


I tried to convince Ian to take the entire, unopened batch of pansit to his house in Fairview, but I guess he's too lazy. And I don't blame him since we're pretty much happy, stuffed little pigs right now. Heheh....

Argh. On top of that, Ian won a Christmas ham from the raffle.

I am so kicking myself for not having a refrigerator right now.

Sigh. Ian and I ditched our old fridge because it's really broken down and dirty, plus we were scared that it may be harboring the little roachies which we so hate. The last thing that we want to do is create an infestation in our new apartment after we took all that effort to get away.

But that doesn't change the fact that...

I am so kicking myself for not having a refrigerator right now.

... or at least an ice chest.

We even considered just taking small portions home in those microwavable plastic food containers which are normally sold in convenience stores, so we set off to buy some. Lo and behold, in the FOUR convenience stores in the area which, on ANY OTHER GIVEN DAY, has those containers for sale... well, not one of them had any in stock today. Not even paper plates. How ironic.

The ham will stay in the office fridge until tomorrow. And then for the next two days, Ian and I will be eating it morning, noon and night (sadly, office policies prohibit us from storing food in the pantry for more than 24 hours). Sigh. Ian and I could be eating free for the next couple of days...

Sigh. At least, the sole office janitor will have much to feed his family with for the next couple of days. I feel a little better (and by that, I mean "very, very slightly") knowing that the food will go where it's needed. The guy deserves it too. Imagine having to clean up after 130 spoiled brats and idiots everyday...




I really should learn to tone down my must-hoard-like-a-squirrel instincts.
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I'm alive. Barely. Sorta.

Work + cleaning + unpacking boxes/bags + organizing = zombie

Just a few quick updates:

- the view of the sunset from our window is gorgeous.
- having a complete 180 panoramic view of the horizon is great. Just wished we faced East instead.
- the room gets farking hot for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I plan to tint the windows eventually to keep the heat and glare out, but for now, thank God for curtains and electric fans
- I get to watch the evening fireworks show at the bay from our window
- we are currently refrigerator-less
- pictures to follow soon


to Miss [livejournal.com profile] guia



I've been getting your texts as well as Mitchiko's but I've been loadless and half-dead lately. T_T I also haven't been able to go online much lately since we no longer have our own internet connection.

Anyhoo... GOMEEEEN!! T_T We can't make it to the party. We've both had so many absences and lates at work from Dec 1 to 15 (the times when we were looking for a new apartment/moving out of old place/moving in to new place) that we've pretty much sold our souls to our employers for the other half of December and part of January to do special projects and all that crap. Plus we need the money. Hehehe.

I feel bad because the last time I saw you girls was at Bizu (so long ago!) and I missed the trip that came after that... ;_;

I was also hoping to finally get to see Cayleigh, too. T_T

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K's picture of the day:

K is back from the half-dead. Sorta.

It's been crazy and just completely insane. Today would be our last day at Palm Tower as tomorrow would be the day the we need to get out of there.

Have I mentioned that it's been insane?

Hauling. Cleaning both old and new places. Reserving a truck for moving the furniture. Meetings. Signatures. Trips back and forth and sideways. Work (such an inconvenient thing to have when you have other, more important things to attend to. I REALLY gotta find a way to make money without working. Hehe... kidding). Calling the phone company to cancel our account. Scrambling to get our move out papers straight. Pestering our pig of a landlord.

I can't wait for the moving out to finally be finished so that we can at least focus on just one task which is SETTLING IN.

Here's to probably another week of craziness, missed meals, being incredibly dusty, aching muscles and not enough sleep.


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- This may be the last time I'll be posting using our own internet connection, as we will have to tell PLDT to stop the service soon since we're leaving Palm Tower. We're not sure if we can afford to have our account continued at the new place. We'll have to check our finances first.

- This will be the most hectic week for us, what with the tasks involved with MOVING OUT (and dealing with another prick of a landlord... I swear, landladies are so much easier to deal with...), the actual task of HAULING THINGS back and forth, and then there's the tasks involved with MOVING IN to the new place. All that on top of various forms of paperwork, bills, and our jobs, as well as the need to eat and sleep. So, if I don't reply to emails, etc, for the next two weeks or so, you now know why. My cellphone, on the other hand, is always on, so you know how to reach us if you need to.

- We will be going fridge-less for the first month or so of our stay at the new place because our current fridge needs to retire after five years (or more... I got it second-hand) of loyal service.

- I will be pushing my luck by saying: If anyone has any of these which you no longer use and would like to donate, we would love you forever. Haha!

+++ Beanbags
+++ a small fridge (hehehehe....)
+++ a PC chair (ours is begging to snap in half soon)
+++ a book shelf (the one we have isn't enough anymore, I think)
+++ a starbucks 2007 planner (wala lang.)

Yes, K is delusional once again.

On a side note... K's phrase of the day: "Look, I bought a pigball!!"




I'll be lying low on the bento posts as well. Actually, I have several picture sets that I still want to post and are just patiently waiting in my Photobucket account, but ever since some friends have pointed out a bad mistake that I've been doing which involves the use of furikake (hello, [livejournal.com profile] khursten, [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_rose... ^_^;;;;) I've gotten a little shy about it.

Hehe. Yeah, I still have some dignity left around here somewhere, I think.

Anyway, they're still food pics, so I'll be posting those up once we aren't going insane from the move anymore. Sayang e. ^_^;;
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(bed in photo not ours. It will be moved out by our landlady soon.)

Wheee!! A whole lot more space, proper ventilation (as opposed to the mere hole in the wall, which is pretending to be a window, that we currently have), a high ceiling, a hall closet, a proper bathroom counter and NO ARMIES OF TINY, INVADING ROACHES!!!

We'll probably bring with us several of the pet spiders that we currently have (whom we have deliberately fed and taken care of) to the new place, just to make sure that the feature which has been described above in all caps should stay that way.


Well, we just signed the new contract and got the keys this morning, so here's a preview of the new place. We'll hopefully be able to start moving our stuff in soon, so wish us luck! ^_^

the new place! )

In any case, the new place ain't perfect and it isn't class A eiher, but, as Ian and I have learned from the past four years, it's nothing a bit of sealant/ duct tape/ nails/ scrubbing/ soap/ cleaning/ sweeping/ shelf lining can't take care of.

We're fairly excited with the move and we can't help but keep browsing shops like Japan Home as we begin mentally marking down the things that we need and want for the new place.

Ian also wants to paint the place since he dislikes the color of the walls, though I'm not quite sure how we're supposed to manage that with our six-day workweek.

Yosh! Much to do, much to do!! ^____^
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The Soup Kitchen, Glorietta



I really should be working right now, but I'm hungry, my head hurts, I'm not in the mood, it's cold and windy outside, the storm is on its way, the room smells of strawberries, I'm sleepy, no news is interesting right now... and so on and so forth.

Hehe. But no, really.

First up, before I go on, let me just say... VIVA MIYAMOTO!!!! ^___^

In any case, I haven't checked my salary yet, but I'm expecting that it won't be much because of the four days that I missed work because I got sick. On top of that, I've just been thinking last night that Ian and I will have to give up our phone line and internet connection once we move, unless PLDT actually agrees to transfer our line to the new place (the chances for which, I think, are nil). Anyway, until we settle in a new place and set our finances straight, the joys of a DSL connection and a landline will have to wait indefinitely. T_T

Sigh. Well, at least there are two good points to that:

- without phone and internet bills to pay for, maybe we'll finally be able to save up for that dream desktop unit that we want. Mmm... I can see it now. 19-inch LCD monitor, shuttle case, P4, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD... and that Badtz Maru keyboard and mouse set that I saw at Gift Gate once. Haha!

- in case we do decide to get a phone line and internet connection again in the future, at least we can now get GLOBELINES, dammit. Hopefully, we wouldn't have to bear with any more PLDT-exclusivity rules

- the lack of a phone line will finally be a good reason to convince Ian that YES, we need to get him a new mobile phone. We'd have to get him another Sun Cellular SIM card though so we can take advantage of their unlimited calls feature.

Oh well. When we move, it's going to be "Hello, internet cafes" all over again. I suppose it's alright since we rent to play Guild Wars anyway. I'm just bracing myself against the imminent shock that would be coming once Ian and I are disconnected from teh Intarwebs once again. :(
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Some random snippets first...

- Bunnies can't cook turkey!
- The Sims... WII!!!

I just HAD to do that... XD


As I've mentioned previously, Ian and I spent our last day off house-hunting in Sampaloc. It was a good walk, and if it wasn't such a hot day, we could have gone on and checked out other areas as well. In any case, we spent our time on the Forbes side of UST, knocking on gates and checking out various rooms. Some were cheap, while others were ridiculously expensive for space that could pretty much pass as a broom closet. Others were places we'd like to live in but is just simply beyond our budget.

We found this one place which was at the corner of Ma. Christina and Py Margal, and it was a 2-bedroom place for 9k a month. Still too much though, and we have no idea how to fit our queen-sized bed through the tiny doorway. Haha! So much for that.

Anyway, moving on, we ended up re-visiting the places that we used to frequent back when I still lived at M dela Fuente, and oh, did it make our hearts ache with nostalgia; the familiar air of the vicinity, the cozy little sidestreets, the small (and wonderfully cheap) eateries tucked away in nooks... I was even delighted by the fact that when we were at Asturias, I saw that the peanuts vendor, the banana-Q vendor, and the rest of the usual sellers in the area, they were all still there, and I still recognize their faces.

Some things changed, too, of course. New shops, new buildings, and the construction site which was right beside my old apartment is now a beautiful row of townhouses. I'd love to live in one of those pretty places, and that's even though I used to hate it since the workers who were constructing it always used to splatter cement on my veranda.

So yeah, we ended up visiting my old place in Sampaloc as well and we just wanted to go back so much. We were just looking at it from accross the street, and I miss the veranda, my cat, and the kitchen, while Ian misses the space and the surrounding area. Hehehe... I guess I can't blame him, especially since we used to be able to fit up to ten people in there (Luis included, so that would be eleven people)! Haha!

We just remembered those times when everyone would just grab some chips and soda from the store and we'd all end up hanging out at my place, playing video games, playing RPGs, watching some weird movie from Elea's or Jyli's DVD collection, and just basically gabbing and laughing until we got hungry again and we have to buy more chips, or head over to DonQ's for a dose of one of their combos.

Masilog = Maling, sinangag, itlog (Spam, fried rice and egg). For those who weren't content with that, they'd end up ordering something like mamamasisiloglog = 3 slices of Spam, 2 cups of fried rice and two fried eggs.

Fun times. :)

Sigh. In any case, we weren't able to find anything on that day and we couldn't go much further since it was so darn hot. We're still looking for a place, and we'll hopefully be able to find something soon, but we had a nice trip anyway. We sorta forgot to pass by UST though to see what changes were made in the campus. Hehe... now that I think about it, maybe we SHOULD have passed by. I heard there's an Ice Monster branch at the new carpark complex.

Our day off will be coming up again, so yeah, off we go again to look for a new place. Wish us luck! ^_^


I've been planning to write about so many things lately, but I've just been too lazy. Hehe... I have some photos sitting on our drive that I've been meaning to use. I swear, I have it all in my head already. So I'll just post those tomorrow, hehe.


By the way, people, I haven't been on Trillian/YM for over a month now because it was replaced by an internal IM at the office. So... I haven't been able to get any offline messages (if any). And I normally just sleep when I'm at home, so there. ^_^;;
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I've been stuck at home for a couple of days now since coming down with a fever, with matching cough and a cold. I'm feeling better now, thanks to some paracetamol and massive helpings of vitamin C tablets, but the fever keeps threatening to rear its ugly head every few hours or so and I can only do so much to keep it at bay. Besides, I'm trying to be careful since a relapse feels twice as worse as the first time a sickness hits. Another reason to get well ASAP would be so that Ian doesn't catch whatever it is that I have (though I fear it may be too late, actually... T_T;;)

Sigh. So much free time and not enough energy to go out to the mall or ukay-ukay. Haha! Anyway, since I'm stuck here, I just decided to spoil myself stupid.

Well, not really.

Anyway, on with the updates:


Manny Pacquiao won against Morales by TKO in the third round. Hehe... I saw the clips from the match in the news, and I have to admit that was pretty fast-paced. A bit too fast though. I sort of feel sorry for the sponsors since they didn't get maximum exposure, though I understand that if you're fighting with a fever, it's always a good thing to get things done as quickly as possible. Manny was also a good sport. The part where he approached Morales after the match to check on him, and the part where Morales raises Manny's hand to announce the winner of the match were also good touches.

I also do believe that I mentioned sometime back in January that the whole country stops and crime rate drops to zero when Manny has a match, right?


We're moving house again, and yup, we're house-hunting once again.

Yup, by this December, we'll be having yet another address. We're moving because the whole building we're in is practically infested with tiny cockroaches that just get EVERYWHERE!!!! It's practically driving us insane, so we decided that the amount we're paying each month isn't worth the agony we're going through. I am MOST particularly bothered when I'm trying to cook/chop/prepare food on the kitchen counter, as on top of concentrating on cooking, I also have to swat away the little buggers or move the food away accordingly.

Can anyone recommend a place in Makati, Malate, Ermita, Sampaloc or somewhere/anywhere accessible to Makati at odd hours?


I recently bought a pair of DVDs which has episodes 1 to 90 of Bleach. Ian has been enjoying it, so that's good. We also get to re-watch those episodes on actual TV now instead of watching it on the tiny YouTube frame. Haha!


GO, JAPANESE POLICE!! I TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE! Heck, I'd trust anyone who can one-up Darth Vader... XD XD

Darth Vader VS Japanese Police


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