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Don't think you're off the hook yet.

NEVER underestimate the powers of Google Cache. You shit on the internet once, it's there forever. Or at least for a certain amount of time, EVEN AFTER YOU'VE REMOVED IT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Now, isn't that nice, hmmm?

A big thank you to R who has graced us with this wonderful morsel. XDDDDD

And so, just in case it gets wiped from cache as well, here it is. I took a screenshot of the entire cached page for posterity.

ABS-CBN'S ANNOUNCEMENT ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THEY WERE GONNA COME UP WITH A DUMB REMAKE OF AN ALREADY-DUMB FILM WHICH IS BASED ON AN EVEN DUMBER BOOK. And yes, this was exactly five days before they started washing their hands of the whole thing, claiming that they NEVER made an announcement, and then blaming Perez Hilton for everything. Personally, I think Perez Hilton should sue their asses off.

Liar, liar... )

Oh, and also, even that Erratum of yours is horrible. All is lost. The network has forever lost credibility in my eyes.

Yes, I do believe that the Spider Queen shall be pleased.

This is the reason why I don't watch local TV anymore. It's worthless.
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This is just GOLDEN, and I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] kaoko_cow for this tidbit that made my day today.

So, okay.

FIRST, ABS-CBN PROUDLY declares that they have bagged the rights for a local Twilight remake to be called "Takipsilim". And yes, I DO remember clicking on links that DO take you to THEIR WEBSITE. The news explodes, everyone picks up on it and cites the original news article on ABS-CBN's site.


ABS-CBS apparently did not expect people to react negatively to such a dumb idea in the first place, because... well... because they thought it would be awesome. SO, days later, the story was pulled from the site.

NOW, ABS-CBN is doing a major backpedal, stating that they NEVER said anything about making a local version of Twilight with an ugly-ass actor playing the supposedly-dashing Edward, and that everything we've read so far, is wrong.


Lol. So, does anyone have any screenies of the original story that was posted on ABS-CBN's website, or did we ALL (yes, all 1 million or so of us web denizens) just imagine it all up? I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide me with it, so feel free to let me know, mmmkay? XDDDD

Oh, and by the way, personally, I just don't think it's such a good idea to start pointing fingers at Perez Hilton or his blog. I mean, if your researchers put a little more effort into it (as in, one click away), it should be noted that the person closer to home that they should be citing would most likely be someone named Edgar O. Cruz instead. Just saying. ^_^;;

Big News

Nov. 26th, 2008 10:18 pm
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Still unable to compose proper paragraphs.

Tired. Just got home. Still not used to commuting. Still not unpacking stuff out of boxes and bags until now.

Just watched Bolt. It was awesome lulz!!! So, please, do yourselves a favor and spend your hard-earned money on Bolt instead of that god-awful Twilight-thing. Amen.

I am now trading in my current job for a new one that will actually allow me to have a future. The perfect job interview has happened. I am eternally grateful for this early Christmas/Birthday present. Oh, and I'll be working in the Ortigas CBD, starting this January.

Signing off again for now.
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I discovered this movie, thanks to Daryl's Plurks, and I am so glad I did. After all, who'd want to miss 2007's highest-grossing film? In Iceland? :D

Anyway, I love the concept, and it involves a topic which is close to my heart, and I know A LOT, if not ALL of my friends can also relate to. I'm considering calling everyone to our apartment once we've obtained a copy, so that we can watch it all at home, with bowls of popcorn and bottles of soda, just so we can all cringe in unison. You know, good times. Haha!

Now watch the campy glory that is Astropia! XD

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Despite the torrents of rain yesterday morning, I had a good day yesterday, with a solid morning's worth of treating myself to nice things. After work yesterday morning, I headed for Greenbelt 3 for an early morning screening of Star Wars: Clone Wars, sponsored by the company. It's the company's 10th anniversary, so this was sort of their treat to some of the employees. I'm saying "some", because it was a random drawing, and I was the only one from my account to get a ticket to that screening. I think others did get tickets to a later screening of Wall-E, though, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was nice because I got to relax on one of the couches at the theater lobby while waiting for the doors to open, and I got to pick a good seat which was right in the middle of the fourth row, my favorite spot. They also served snacks, courtesy of Jollibee, composed of a Champ burger (Jollibee's answer to the Big Mac), a peach pocket pie, and - que horror! - canned soda. I was very scared of the prospect of letting people have canned soda, instead of soda in cups, because the prospect of some idiot causing a soda shower inside the theater was just too uncomfortable. On top of that, people struggled to hold all their food... and bags... and phones... and water bottles... and jackets... and umbrellas all in their hands, and it was suspenseful to watch them do their little balancing acts as they walked up the theater steps. The whole time that we were waiting for the movie to start, I was wondering why the hell I was the only one to make use of a snack tray from the lobby, which was easily accessible as the whole stack of it was placed right beside the folks who were handing out the food.

Once everyone was settled down and happily eating their burgers (which counted as dinner and breakfast for me), the company CEO started his presentation about the history of the company, where it was going, etc. I really expected it to be boring as heck, but surprisingly, I enjoyed our CEO's talk. The presentation was actually funny and kooky, and the CEO was so down-to-earth, that I couldn't help but be amazed at how nice the people at the top are, as compared to those in the middle levels.

I told myself that I need to remember that. It's important.

As for the talk itself, it was informative, entertaining and inspiring. I would have very much liked to make a recording of it, and have it uploaded to TED.com, or something.

After the talk, the Q&A followed and I was able to throw some questions at our CEO which our HR refuses to answer (hehehe...), and after our CEO left the movie started.

All I can say is: "Star Wars: Clone Wars has its flaws, BUT IT WAS SO FUN!" haha!!! More on that in a later post, yes? :D

After the movie, the mall was open, so I decided to go shopping. I had a Visa gift card that I got from work some time ago, loaded with about 2000 pesos or so, so I decided it would be fun to shop without actually spending any of my cash.

I ended up with a pair of stripey knee-high socks (I've been wanting one for so long!), a spare pair of opaque black stockings, because you'll never know when the next formal affair would require it, a top to wear to James' niece's baptism this coming Saturday, a new set of swim wear, and a funky wrap/shawl/jacket-thing from People Are People. I got almost all of it on sale for 70 or 80% off, so I felt really great. I'm especially proud of the find from People Are People, since the item that I got used to be more than 2k, and I got it for a little over 200 pesos. Haha!

Then, when I got back to The Columns to wait for Ian to finish his work so we could have dinner together, I also found that the [profile] h_matsumoto's fur leg warmers have also arrived. Hehe. Needless to say, Ian was pretty surprised when he arrived and saw me with all that stuff. ^_^;;

So, to summarize:

- Listening to a great speaker talk.
- Watching a good movie for free, in a theater and seat that you like.
- Free breakfast
- Shopping without spending

Yep, that was a great day, by my book. ^_^

Hee hee... there's still about $5 or so left on the gift card, which I will now use to purchase my required supply of popcorn.
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That is the only way that I can probably describe the experience of having watched both The Dark Knight in the theater, AND finally being able to watch the final episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (all thanks to Jed who burned a copy for us, and Rosa who agreed to meet me so that I can claim the precious from her).

I could type out an entire post, praising Ledger's performance as The Joker, and bleeding my heart out over all the moral dilemmas that have been posed within the story, but Moriarty has already done a much better job of it, and I should probably just let everyone else read his review. I'm pretty happy that Lem shared the review with me before we got to see the movie, since in the end, I was equally astounded at how much I agreed with the review in the first place. Oh, and the review also mentions Hellboy 2, which we plan to watch because it is made of AWESOME, and I think I'm in love with Prince Nuada AND his righteous anger. ^_^;;

As for Avatar, I'd like to quote James who emailed me immediately after he got to watch the finale:

"as in P*TA! gusto ko magwala, mag-amok, lumipad at bumuga ng apoy all at the same time!"

Hehe... my sentiments, exactly.

Sigh. TDK (for which we got the complete set of tumblers with TDK designs from KFC) and Avatar. Good times. ^__^

Meanwhile, over at Plurk, Lem, Elea and I have already been discussing possible episodes for the not-coming Book 4 of Avatar. One of the first suggestions have been "WHERE'S ZUKO'S MOM, BIATCH??" and "The Boulder's Day Out".

No. Don't ask. XD
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Just a short intermission before I go on: Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, for another win! Hehe... let's just hope it doesn't all go to his head though. In the meantime, I just want to say for the record that I agree with his trainers that letting him do his training here in the Philippines is a bad idea, as showbiz and politics takes too much of the boxer's time whenever he's home. So yeah, the next time he has another match coming up, I say cancel all those TV appearances, concerts and what-have-yous, ship him back to California, and lock him up in a gym for a couple of months.

Moving on...

Lem and I spent yesterday just relaxing. After I got home from work at about 5:30am, we slept until almost noon, before we finally woke up and decided that we were getting a little hungry. We intended to head to the Legazpi Village Sunday market because we really missed the takoyaki and Hong Kong style noodles that are sold there, but we were worried that we wouldn't be able to catch a ride on anything and commute to Legazpi Village because of Pacquiao's match. After all, as we all know, whenever Pacquiao has a fight up, the whole country just simply grinds to a halt to watch TV.

Anyway, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to try to head out before Pacquiao's match started, and we were able to easily catch a jeepney to the Don Bosco area. It was drizzling at that time, so we figured there wouldn't be too many people at the Sunday Market, but lo and behold, it turned out that it was still packed even though some of the regular vendors didn't show up for today.

Upon getting there, one of the first things that caught our attention was the fact that the small tent that's set up in the area which was normally reserved for a small Catholic mass (presided over by a priest from Don Bosco Makati) has been converted into a small, make-shift theater. It basically housed two television sets on one side, and the TVs were facing slightly away from eachother. Except for a small area directly in front of the TVs, the rest of the space under the tent, as well as the whole area beyond the tent's cover, was occupied by fans who had their eyes riveted to what was going on on the TV screens.

Apparently, between the time that we closed the apartment door behind us, and the time that we arrived at Legazpi Village (which is about... ten minutes), Pacquiao's match started, and it was already well into the fourth round by the time we got there.

Now, I mentioned earlier that it's been drizzling when we left our apartment, and it still was when we got to the Sunday Market, but the people who couldn't find cover under the tent just simply stood around with umbrellas in order to watch the fight. It was quite a scene, seeing a bunch of foreigners mixed in with the locals, and then seeing them all "HAH!", and "OH!", and "GAH!", and flinch in perfect unison whenever something interesting happened to Pacquiao's match against Diaz.

Yep. Have you ever seen a tightly-packed group of about 30-40 people flinch in unison? It's fun. It reminds me of a school of Moonfish. Hehe.

With everyone distracted and all, Lem and I were able to easily find a table and order the food items that we've been craving for. We shared a box of takoyaki, Lem got himself a nice quarter-pounder from Monster Burger, and I headed for Manvy's for a bowl of those seafood stir-fried noodles that I've been craving for for months. I swear, food always tastes twice as good when you finally get to eat it after craving for it for so long! And the best part was that there were no lines at all the food booths because everyone else was busy watching the match!

By the time the match ended, Lem and I were already enjoying our mango smoothies to finish off our meal, and we figured out the result of the match from... well, from almost every person who passed our table. It was also easy to tell since everyone left the tent smiling, and people were congratulating eachother, and telling the vendors at the food stalls all about it as they finally started lining up to buy snacks and meals.

The match, as well as our meal also ended just in the nick of time, since about 20 minutes after Pacquiao was declared the winner, the rain suddenly started to come down really hard. By that time, I was already settled inside a nearby 7-11 branch, and Lem was at our apartment as he had to go back to get some money so we could watch a movie.

We watched Wanted at WalterMart, and despite what the comic book version purists have to say about it, IT WAS GREAT. True, it had a lot of deviations from the source, but for the love of God, it has Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and it has Gun-Fu. End of Story. WHAT MORE DO YOU POSSIBLY NEED?? Rawr!

But all that's for another post.

(PS. I love, love, love being able to post via email. XD)
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Yesterday, Ian picked me up from the net cafe that I was at, after I finished posting here in this blog. I already mentioned that I felt awesome that time, and everything got kicked up a notch when he gave me this adorable moose plushie which he won from some raffle at work. The moose plush toy that he got me is NOT made of terrycloth, thank goodness, but is made of something more velvety, and is actually a ton cuter because it's also wearing a little t-shirt with the eBay logo on it. *hearts. squeeeee!* XD

After that, we headed for WalterMart and had a nice meal at The Old Spaghetti House, bought some books, and then decided on the last minute to see Iron Man instead of Forbidden Kingdom.

(I don't know if anyone's noticed by now, but yeah, whenever we come by some extra cash, it will almost always inevitably end up being spent on either food, books, a movie, or - as in this case - all of the above...)


There were several occassions when Ian and I ended up grabbing eachother's arms in excitement, and I had to stop myself from giggling and squeeling like a four-year-old on a sugar-high.

- That part where Jim Rhodes glanced at the unpainted spare Iron Man suit and said, "Next time, baby." - FORESHADOWING MUCH???
- The first mention of S.H.I.E.L.D. - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!
- STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!! SAMUEL-JACKSON-SLASH-NICK-FURY makes an appearance!! - (whaddya mean they aren't one and the same person??! You lie!)

I swear, that last bit with Nick Fury in it DID make me squeal, but thankfully, the theater was empty by then as everyone else left the moment the credits started rolling. Oh, if they only knew what they missed...

Of course, purists will ALWAYS find something to bitch and moan and nitpick about, but forget about them. It's a good movie, and I'm just hoping so bad that the sequels that the movie hints of would be just as awesome as this first one. And yes, the moment that SAMUEL-JACKSON-SLASH-NICK-FURY uttered the line, "You think you're the only super hero?" it was all as good as sold for us.

Meanwhile, Ian and I are pretty happy again since all the good movies are starting to come up again. Among our picks for movies that we HAVE to see in the theater are:

- Forbidden Kingdom (because Jackie Chan + Jet Li = WIN!)
- Wanted (yes, the one where Angelina Jolie ignores all penalties and gets a +4 bonus to her ranged attack when her target is concealed.)
- Wall-E (because we love Pixar)
- Get Smart (because we love good comedies)
- The Dark Knight
- Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (because... ANG GWAPO NI PRINCE CASPIAN! AHAHAHAHAHAH! ... oops.)
- Sin City 2 and 3 (coming in 2009)
- Watchmen

Oh yeah. We need to save up. XD
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(as ganked from ruk...) 

A handwriting analysis from http://www.handwritingwizard.com

It's pretty interesting since some things were spot on...

Wheee~! )

In the meantime, I also recently ran into a hilarious article about how Uwe Boll was flat-out rejected by Blizzard when he offered to make a WoW movie. XD Haha! Nothing says "Stay the hell outta my fandom" than "we will not sell the movie rights, not to you.... especially not to you."

Ouch! XD
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Thoughts for the day:

* Hachoojin - (noun) A Japanese alien with a cold.
* Celtic Crosshair - a homing/sniper spell that can possibly be used as a move by some random, anime magical/mystical girl. I dunno, this just simply came out of nowhere. Remember, you heard it here first! I think...
* Genshiken x Lucky Star = WIN.

Yeah. Stuff like this tend to turn up during breakfast conversations with Lem, though I'm also wondering if this was brought upon by the chocolate pancake mix that I tried out for the first time this morning. Is anyone still surprised that we've been together for six years?

Oh, and of course, there's our favorite (though we figured that other people may have already come up wit it before):

* "MICRO! WAVE!!" - the possible name of a possible Sentai member move. (I consider this to be an appropriate contribution to artofvalidation and co.'s "LENS! FLARE!!")

Good morning, world. XD


In other news, Lem and I have been so desperate for video games, that we've revived my Twin Famicom, took it out of the plastic wrappings that I placed it in, and hooked it up to the TV. Besides playing The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1985), we also ended up intently playing Dr. Mario up to the point that I had to pry Lem away from the controller and kick him out of the apartment to go to work.

After he left, I kept on playing, of course, but I gave up at stage 17 since it was just starting to get INSANE.

Haha! This got me thinking that back then... that was HARDCORE, man! And it probably still is, considering that you had to finish 20 levels with NO SAVES, whatsoever.

Anyway, we do plan to get ourselves a new PS2, as jylichan has been generous enough to donate a PS2 unit to us after we lost our old one. We're still saving up, though, and we're still weighing our options between having the unit repaired and buying the necessary accessories, or selling the unit and using the money to fund a new slim-type PS2.

.... Sigh. I miss my games.

Couldn't they have at least left the damned memory card???

That was 110+++ hours of FFX!! 170+++ hours of FFXII!! Do you know how long it took us to kill that bastard, Yazmat???!! And Sephiroth in KH2??? And how long it took me to find all 101 Dalmatians in BOTH Kingdom Hearts games?? And that I already had 87 of those stupid beads in Okami??? And all my record times and sizes in We Love Katamari???????? And... and...

*froths at the mouth and faints*

I miss my baby so badly. T_T

Well, at least I now have an excuse to play EVERYTHING again. Hehe. ^__^;;


We just managed to watch Sweeney Todd a couple of Mondays ago, and my goodness, THAT WAS FUN.

And Johnny Depp? He acts! He sings! He makes me want to bear his children! The weird part was that there were certain lines when he still had the Jack Sparrow drawl, but I was happy to ignore it. As for Helena Bonham Carter, she always just seems to fit quite perfectly into slightly-unhinged female characters and I love her for it, but I just hope that she doesn't get permanently typecasted into that sort of thing.

I loved the movie, and it was a wonderful ending to a date. Haha! Now, for Cloverfield...


Maa... Hatsukoi Limited and Katekyo Hitman Reborn take so long to be updated. I wish the chapters would come out sooner and faster, but I guess it can't be helped. In the meantime, I'm stuck reading Nana. Chapter 51 and counting... ^_^;;

And speaking of updates, WHEN IS THE NEXT AVATAR EPISODE COMING OUT??? It's taking so painfully long... *Sniff.*


(Yeah, I just HAD to use that image.)

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Last January 21, Ian and I celebrated our sixth anniversary.

I made a pesto macaroni salad. He brought home a tub of vanilla ice cream. I made strawberry syrup with a batch of strawberries that I bought the day before, and that went in with the ice cream.

Then we turned off the lights, we cradled our mugs with ice cream and syrup, cuddled, and proceeded to watch Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny. XD XD XD

After that, we watched Robert Newman's The History of Oil (<-- YouTube link). Ahhh. British satirical, political humor. Gotta love it. XD

I have also found a new love in the form of Robert Newman. XD

So yeah...

Happy 6th Anniversary, baby. ^________^
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I'm currently dashing off a post even though I don't really have anything to say (well, actually, I DO have something to say, but what I've got to say requires some degree of thought and concentration as it's a pretty serious matter which I feel should be written in a pretty serious manner...) because I AM SCARED WITLESS RIGHT NOW.

I made the mistake of going over thetotorocatbus' LJ entry, and I am now alone in our apartment, cold and completely freaked out. Yes, I am sharing that link. Come! Be traumatized along with me!! AHAHAHAHA!!!


I really shouldn't have done that.

I have the same attitude to horror as I do to spicy beef biriani rice (remember the one they serve at Mister Kebab's?). I am stupidly attracted and enthusiastic towards it even though I have absolutely no guts to handle such things, and then moments later, I only realize all this AFTER I've scarred my memory (or my tastebuds) for life.


La dee daa~~~...

Ooh, look! Meme!

I knew it. This blog is too full of juvenile drivel and angst and ducks. On the other hand, I can market it under the premise of being "a light and easy read". Don't you just love euphemisms?

By the way, if you're taking that meme above, remember to edit the code or you'll end up with some link on your blog that leads to some cash advance/loan spam site.


*turns on the lights, turns her mirror towards the wall, and hides under the sheets*
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Yes, Ian and I finally managed to visit TriNoma, the newest Ayala mall which everyone has been talking about for the past few months.

Actually, the original plan was to visit Spazio Bernardo which is a condo that is located along Mindanao Avenue. Ian's family is going to be setting up a business in the unit that they've bought at that place, so Ian and I wanted to go and check it out. No thanks to today's weather though, we got terribly lazy, and the farthest that we got ever got to after boarding the MRT at the Magallanes station, was TriNoma... which, by the way, is directly connected to the MRT's North Avenue station, the last stop of that train line... which is also about 15 minutes away from Spazio Bernardo. So there. See? We had a valid excuse for malling on a cold, rainy day.


Anyway, upon getting inside the mall, Ian and I had the same thought: "Oh my God, we're in Glorietta."

Haha! We mean that in a very good way, though, because as we continued to take a tour of the new mall, we began to see that the designers of TriNoma seem to have taken all of the good elements from other Ayala-owned shopping centers, refined them, and then put them all into one structure. For example, at the ground floor, the place does feel like Glorietta because of the activity area which served as the focal point of the large space, but where Glorietta felt a teeny bit too crowded at times (partly due to the fact that vendors also shared the space), TriNoma's activity area worked rather well because it didn't have the little food kiosks scattered about, and was instead surrounded by a neat line of actual food establishments.

Also, one thing that has always frustrated me about Glorietta back then, was how the layout of the mall was sort of shaped like a snowflake with something in the middle, and then a number of small avenues and corridors radiating from it, and criss-crossing around it. I have a BAD sense of direction, and trying to find a specific shop or restaurant in that place used to be such a pain. This didn't happen in TriNoma, even though it also had its share of small alleys.

From the first floor, Ian and I then moved on to the second floor which had the food court, where we had some shawarma rice for lunch (and for dinner, we had food from the Japanese place called "Smairu". They serve CHEESE TOFU, my new favorite oxymoron). My favorite thing about the food court was the existence of booths! Ian and I didn't get to use it though, since the longest that I saw it unoccupied was about five seconds.

While taking a tour, we found an outlet of CD-R King (I finally got a new pair of headphones that DOESN'T have that Madonna-inspired mic), Comic Alley (where I picked up a Death Note replica as a present for someone), Comic Odyssey and Neutral Grounds. You know, the important stuff.

The top floor was the clincher, though, because it looked just like, TADAH! Greenbelt! Haha! I swear! The indoors portion of the fourth floor looked just like the old foodcourt of Greenbelt before it got renovated, complete with the movie ticket booth, and a TimeZone branch.

The loveliest (and most expensive?) parts of TriNoma, though, would be the outdoor areas on every floor. It had fountains, plants and walkways, all surrounded by nice, fancy restaurants, and yes, it looks just like the open-air areas of Greenbelt. Not all of the restaurants have opened yet though, but I'm sure that once everyone is up and running, those areas would look gorgeous at night. Also, if you were to look out from the railing at the fourth floor, it might be the best point where you'll be able to appreciate the way that the building sort of "cascades" downward. It's sort of shaped like the rice terraces, where the lowest floor is jutting out, and the floor above it is slightly shorter and you can still see a portion of the first floor, and so on. You then realize later that this is a theme that seems to be repeated, even in the way that the escalators were placed!

We got to try the cinemas, too, as we watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and we loved the movie theaters. Air-conditioning that isn't too cold, thick carpets, comfy seats with armrests that you can raise, reserved seating... just the way we like it. ^_^

And the best part? Even though TriNoma is in the heart of Quezon City and we live in Makati, we didn't have to go through the hour-long (or longer) commute to get home. All it took was a 20-minute train ride, and voila! We were... BACK IN GLORIETTA! Haha! Kidding aside though, once we were back in the Ayala Station of the MRT, getting home was easy since the Glorietta area is practically our neighbor.

So yeah, all in all, that was a good trip, and we really enjoyed ourselves at that place, which may have been a good thing, since I just learned from h_matsumoto that a shoot-out occurred in the middle of Makati earlier today... O_O;;;;;;; But that's another story.
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Yep, as ruthless as I plan to be with regards to my upcoming corporate conquest (operative phrase: "PLAN TO BE"), I love my days off, too. So, yesterday, it suddenly occured to my boyfriend and I to head to Mall of Asia for the day since we haven't been there for quite a while (don't worry WalterMart, we still love you). I'm quite happy that I agreed to the idea, as the trip turned into a date even though our original plan was just to walk around aimlessly, windowshop and make fun of tourists from afar.

We did all those, too, of course, but I guess the highlight would be that we finally got to try out Tokyo Cafe after eons of saying that we would. It also helped that because my day off falls on a weekday, MOA was relatively uncrowded and we were able to meander along happily without bumping into any potential stress-starters.

Ian and I have been together long enough for him to know just how much I take delight in trying out food establishments that we've never tried before, so I was giddy when he gave me his permission to drag him inside Tokyo Cafe.

He had the Yoshi Burger (Good stuff. Must try the Gyoza Burger next time...), while I had their Chicken a la Pobre (which was really tasty!!). I didn't have rice with my chicken because I wanted to make room for dessert. After all, I couldn't bear to leave without having tried one of their crepes. We had the Very Berry crepe to end the dinner and it was absolutely great! The blueberries weren't too tart, the syrup wasn't too sweet, and the crepe wasn't too soggy. They were also generous with the whipped cream and the ice cream.

The next time that we go there - oh, yes, there will be a next time - we plan to try the Hamburg(er) + Tempura thing that they have, probably one of their pasta dishes, and either another type of crepe or this dessert called Symphony, which, if I remember correctly, is described as something that has layers of ice cream, coffee jelly, whipped cream and also has a shot of espresso to top it off. Mmmmm....

Oh yeah, and the best part about Tokyo Cafe? The meal didn't cost me my spleen, as I first expected, and in fact, they don't even bill you for any service charge, and that's even though I think they should because the waitresses were really polite and attentive. Now that I think about it, eting at Amici's can possibly cost more, and Amici's is more of a self-service type of place to boot.

Anyway, we meandered and mocked a bit more after dinner, before we decided to finally get a ride home. It was a good thing that we skipped seeing a movie, since when we left the mall, it was raining really hard and the taxi line was long (have I mentioned that the monsoon season has begun and it's been raining for two days straight...?). We DID pass by the line for the local movie premiere of Blades of Glory, though, just as the audience was being ushered into one of the theaters. I asked Ian if he'd like to go see the movie as well, but when he saw the movie poster for it, he shuddered and asked for us to move away from the cinemas. ^_^;;; I sorta wanted to go see it, actually. Hehe.

All in all, though, that was a REALLY good day in my book.

Now, back to plotting my conquest.
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My boyfriend and I went out today to watch a movie, and we had a choice between Ratatouille, The Simpsons movie, and Harry P0htah Potter. Well, he pointed out that my fondness for cooking and furry rodents with small beady eyes should take precedence, so we watched Ratatouille. It turned out to be a good choice, actually.

First off, I have to say that Pixar seems to have already gotten the art of rendering water and hair down pat. Those two elements which we tend to take for granted in CG films just so happen to be the most difficult to create, and it amazes me how they managed to mix the life-like with the cartoony and make it all work. They also did a great job with the facial expressions, and I particularly enjoyed the face of an angry Colette.

Next, I just have to say that I absolutely love Pixar's stories. Toy Story. Monsters Inc. The Incredibles. Finding Nemo... and now, Ratatouille and their upcoming project, Wall-E. They just come up with stories that are both fun, funny, but at the same time, tries to give out wonderful moral lessons. I'm hoping that kids detect those lessons, even if it takes a couple of viewings. I mean, even adults can pick up a thing or two from their stories.

Anyway, I just wanted to take down some quotes from the movie, for personal reference...

~~ 0 ~~

Gusteau: "Food always comes to those who love to cook."

~~ 0 ~~

Anton Ego: "In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new."

~~ 0 ~~

Anton Ego: "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

~~ 0 ~~

Remy: [defiantly] "No. Dad, I don't believe it. You're telling me that the future is - can only be - more of this?"
Django: "This is the way things are; you can't change nature."
Remy: "Change IS nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide."
Django: [Remy turns to leave] "Where are you going?"
Remy: "With luck, forward."

~~ 0 ~~

Remy: "If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff."

~~ 0 ~~

Colette: "Horst has done time."
Linguini: "For what?"
Colette: "We don't know. He changes the story every time you ask."
Horst: "I defrauded a large corporation."
Horst: "I robbed the second largest bank in France using only a ball-point pen."
Horst: "I created a hole in the ozone layer over Avignon."
Horst: "I killed a man... with this thumb."

Needless to say, one of my favorite minor characters in the movie is Horst.
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(Yep, K missed blogging a bit too much...)

LOLLERSKATES. XD XD Now, THIS is how you stop terrorists from taking over a plane. AH-HOO!!!

For tonight, we dine in CLEVELAND!!!

(thanks to [livejournal.com profile] idle_eidolon for pointing out this bit of insanity. XD)
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Yes, my darlings, silly little K is back from the white sands of Puerto Galera. Hehe... you'd be amazed at what four days with nothing but relaxing at the beach can do to a person's psyche. I'd recommend it to everyone, except that would mean more difficulties with making reservations for my next vacation (which I am now planning and scheming for. Mwahahahaa...).

And yes, one of the first things that I did when I got to Galera was get a nice, tall glass of mango shake and relax on one of the hammocks in the hotel which overlooks a vast expanse of crystal-blue water. The mango shake didn't have the little paper umbrella, BUT it was cold, and it did have the bendy straw and the wedge of fruit balanced on the rim of the glass. I was completely serious about that bit. THAT was my whole vacation, symbolized.

Anyhoo, things that I'm currently feeling happy about:

- A happy and memorable 4-day vacation! (Pictures to follow!)

- I finally got a henna tattoo. Lem likes it so much that he told me that he's starting to wish that it's permanent. (Yep, pictures to follow, too.)

- The first thing that I did upon getting back to Makati was... TADAH!! WATCH PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

- After 54 joyful hours and several buckets of happy tears, I've finally finished Okami. Yes. I took my own, sweet time with it. I tend to do that with beautiful games, but imagine my joy when I found out that it had a New Game Plus.... Hehehe....

- I managed to sell my Nokia 6630 the very next day after coming from Galera. (thank you, Marlon!!) :D

Yayness. :) More updates later.
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My boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] idle_eidolon directed me towards this article on Digg, and I have to say that I am very impressed. Kevin Rose has guts and therefore also has my love and respect.

This is what happens when you try to think you can control this little thing called the internet... XD XD

09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0, FTW BABY! Haha!!

Ya digg that?? )

Lolz. The whole thing even made it onto BBC News. XD XD


On to other things, I haven't really been able to update this blog as often as I'd like since we've lost internet connection at home. We're using a wireless service, but its minutes have apparently already run out. Now, we have to somehow dig up both time and money, and run to the service provider's office to have our service topped-up (so to speak...). Lolz. We've actually been expecting the service to stop by February, but it's been running all the way from early December 2006 to almost May 2007, so it isn't so bad. XD XD

Plus, considering the amount of time that Lem and I actually spend online, the 1000 pesos is still the better deal as compared to having to pay at an internet cafe each time we wanted to get something done.

On that note, guess where I'm typing this post. Hint: it's free... hehehe.


Yesterday, Ian and I managed to catch an evening screening of Spiderman 3 in Glorietta. I say "managed" because it was actually a difficult affair and we were lucky to get tickets at all as almost everything was sold out.

Oh, and we also finally went to that hotpot place that I've posted about before. It was just this morning, and I have photos to prove it.

Will post about the movie (Hint: WE NEED SPIDERMAN 4, DAMMIT!!!) and the trip to Hong Tai Yang later.


Yes, I'm still confused as ever, and besides all the stuff about crossroads and such that I mentioned in my previous posts, new doses of drama have also popped up, which is just annoying me more and more.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am still currently filled with rage (I really can't help it if I'm allergic to stupid...), but I'm proud to say I've been putting that rage to good use. You'll see what I mean soon enough. :)

Meanwhile, I look forward to anything and everything that will help relax me, so I'm just glad that I get to see my friends, we can afford to watch movies, and there's a vacation coming my way. ^_________^

I'm saving my energy for something that may actually be worth my while, this time around.


I've been seeing my high school friends quite a few times recently, and as usual, meetings are filled with karaoke, lots of food and tons of gay moments. Lolz. I love those guys. We're going on vacation soon, to celebrate the 10th year of our group (yes, we're sentimental folk) and I can't wait.
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Yep, this is K's requisite senseless-raving-about-movies post, and today, we'll be talking about 300, (which many claim is the first good movie of this year). Well... I'LL be talking about 300 while people put up with my completely biased and one-sided opinions. Hehehehe.

It's been a good while since Ian and I were interested enough in a movie to actually shell out money for it, instead of just buying cheap, bootleg DVDs at a nearby mall (hey, this is the Philippines, and that's the way it works). So, Ian and I saw 300 in the theaters a couple of weeks back. We've actually been waiting for the movie to arrive in this country for a few months already, since we first saw the trailer. Plus we can never resist anything from Frank Miller. Hey, if the movie was done with Miller's direction and approval, then we're all for it. Anyone who claims that the movie's cinematography, story, visual effects, concept, etc., is crappy or shallow... will simply have to take that up with Frank Miller himself. Haha!


- Many have been trying to count the number of nipples that are found in this movie (you know who you are! Haha!), and I say it's actually 616, and not 604. You forgot about Xerxes, the deformed Spartan whats-his-name (yes, he has nipples, too), and the dancing girls in Xerxes' harem (I counted 5. I'll need to get the DVD to be sure). Hehehehe...

- Apparently, Boromir isn't the cooler one among Gondor's royal (?) sons. As we can see, Boromir went on to become a hitchhiking serial killer, while Faramir went on to become a pretty hawt Spartan soldier.

- Has it ever occured to anyone that 300 actually has the makings of a musical? Think about it... Xerxes, raising his arms to bask in his own glory, then singing....

(Immortals) FAME!!
(Xerxes) I'm gonna live forever! I'm gonna learn how to fly!~
(Immortals) HIGH!!
(Xerxes) I'm gonna make it to heaven! Baby remember my name...
(Immortals) Remember... remember...

... all with a matching special production number.

- A warning to parents, this movie bears its current rating of "Mature" for a good reason. It contains an enjoyable amount of gore, and a not-THAT-enjoyable amount of sex. And nipples. Just so you know that you might want to shoo the little 'uns away if you're watching this at home.

- When watching this movie, keep in mind that it is an ADAPTATION of Frank Miller's... well, ADAPTATION of an event that we were all taught about in high school. It is NOT meant to be historically accurate since the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel have already got that part covered.

- You do NOT mess with a Spartan queen, biatch! Stupid Greek politician had it coming, I tell you.

- This is a testosterone-fest that is set in the martial kingdom of Sparta. Turn off your brain, or keep it on silent, so that everyone can enjoy the movie, okay? If you really need to answer your gray matter's call, please quietly leave the room and take the call there. Thank you.

(Otherwise, you can just watch 300: the PG version. As swiped from [livejournal.com profile] denning)



"Only Spartan women give birth to real men."

*Leonidas being questioned about why he only brought 300 men, while there way more Greeks who are mostly composed of bakers, potters, etc.*
Leonidas: "SPARTANS!! What is your profession???"
Spartans: "HAH-HOOH!!!"
Leonidas: See? I brought more soldiers than you.

"THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAAAA!!!!" *sabay sipa. Um!*

"May you live forever." (<-- We're guessing it's the Spartan equivalent of "You moron! Get lost and die, you stupid fuck!!")


Anyway, yes, I'm fangirling, and I'm dissing the critics who couldn't provide valid arguments on why the movie is supposedly bad (thankfully, though, not too many people listen to them, even in Greece). I do however, repect those who DID manage to give some pretty good arguments, and I'm hoping that Miller would pick up some of their suggestions so that he could use it for any future movie venture.

There IS, however, one particular critic whom I want to flush down a toilet. It's another feminist who gives the rest of the female population a bad name. This feminist claimed that Leonidas' wife was merely a token character, and that the fact that she had to spout "macho" lines to prove her "strength" was an insult to all women in general. Well, I beg to differ. In case the critic was asleep instead of watching the movie that she was supposed to review, there's a few points she missed:

- Leonidas practically asked for his wife's permission before killing the Persian emmissary.
- Leonidas listened to his wife instead of the oracle when he decided to take his 299... erm... bodyguards for a... stroll.

That doesn't sound quite "token" to me.

Lastly, there is one HUGE thing that the said feminist missed, which therefore caused her to wrongly attribute the wife's "macho-ness"...

THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *kick* <--(the line just isn't complete without a vigorous kick to the stomach, really.)

Tsk, tsk.

** In our next episode, K talks about the movie Dreamgirls! Be warned! XD
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This. Had. Better. Be. Good.

Or else, heads will roll, eyes will get gouged out and people will get fed to blood-thirsty chickens.

On a side note...

Richter Belmont: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!

Vlad Tepes Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh! I was called here by /humans/ who wish to pay me tribute!

Richter: Tribute? You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves!

Dracula: I suppose the same could be said of all religions...

Richter: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!

Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!

Harhar! Good times, I tell you, so they better not ruin it for everyone.


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