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First of all, I'd like to acknowledge that I am perfectly aware of the fact that I tend to whine and complain a lot on my blog. It's quite possibly the only place that I have where I could be the irresponsible, spoiled brat that I want to be, but can't afford to be. It's where I could assume and generalize and judge with impunity without ever having to worry about the consequences. Much. Most of the time. It's where I could pretend to be a diva, and the rest the world would just have to live with it. Hah.

Whenever I write here on my journal, I like to think that I suddenly get taken over by the spirit of the crazy person in your neighborhood who likes to talk to herself the whole day, then kick the wall and scream furiously at nobody in particular. That's what's so fun about it. Few restrictions, fewer consequences, and if someone doesn't like what I have to say, then they can simply stop reading. Simple as that.

Recently, though, another batch of my whining and complaining has made me realize that:

a.) ohmigod, there are actually people who take the time to read what I churn out.

b.) there are still lots of good people in the world.

c.) the world is still awesome.

d.) Damn, does this mean I need to cut down on the cussing?

Haha! I don't think I'm about to stop myself from possibly offending some one person out there with my presumptions, online arrogance and/or vocabulary... but at least now, I'm aiming to at least be entertaining in one way or another. :D

Seriously, though. Thank you. :)


Regarding the EVIL TOOTH that has been causing me grief for this whole week... well... it's still there. ^_^;;

By Saturday morning, we somehow managed to raise the funds for the procedure that the dentist wants to perform on me, thanks to help from Ian's mom, as well as the money that lonesojourner sent over. Unfortunately, my dentist has a strict by-appointment-only-on-Saturdays rule, and she was fully-booked that day when I called.

After discussing it with Ian, we figured that the best plan right now would be for me to finish my work week and not skip any of my shifts (because I need the money!), and then have a good rest on Tuesday morning, after I finish work for the week, and then go for the procedure on Wednesday morning. I could have gone for it on Tuesday, but my dentist has told me that it's important that I've had enough sleep the night before, instead of coming straight from the graveyard shift. Something to do with the bleeding in my gums after the tooth is removed. :/

Anyway, I'm actually pretty nervous about the whole thing, because despite me having been a VERY regular customer at the hospital when I was younger, the most I've ever had done would be shots, the occassional blood sample, and maybe a CAT scan once. I've never had as much as a stitch or a suture (is that the same thing..?), so the idea of someone taking a scalpel to my GUMS at the BACK OF MY MOUTH, and then YANKING something out, pretty much horrifies me. O_O;;

Oh well. It's gotta be done.

I find that despite the dread, I also can't seem to wait for Wednesday, because I just want to get rid of the EVIL TOOTH already. Ugh. In the meantime, I also have a case of the sniffles and a cough to keep me busy. Ian also told me that I had a slight fever last night. Well, at least the lump inside my mouth is going down, which is probably due to the antibiotics. Wish me luck. ^_^
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Despite the torrents of rain yesterday morning, I had a good day yesterday, with a solid morning's worth of treating myself to nice things. After work yesterday morning, I headed for Greenbelt 3 for an early morning screening of Star Wars: Clone Wars, sponsored by the company. It's the company's 10th anniversary, so this was sort of their treat to some of the employees. I'm saying "some", because it was a random drawing, and I was the only one from my account to get a ticket to that screening. I think others did get tickets to a later screening of Wall-E, though, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was nice because I got to relax on one of the couches at the theater lobby while waiting for the doors to open, and I got to pick a good seat which was right in the middle of the fourth row, my favorite spot. They also served snacks, courtesy of Jollibee, composed of a Champ burger (Jollibee's answer to the Big Mac), a peach pocket pie, and - que horror! - canned soda. I was very scared of the prospect of letting people have canned soda, instead of soda in cups, because the prospect of some idiot causing a soda shower inside the theater was just too uncomfortable. On top of that, people struggled to hold all their food... and bags... and phones... and water bottles... and jackets... and umbrellas all in their hands, and it was suspenseful to watch them do their little balancing acts as they walked up the theater steps. The whole time that we were waiting for the movie to start, I was wondering why the hell I was the only one to make use of a snack tray from the lobby, which was easily accessible as the whole stack of it was placed right beside the folks who were handing out the food.

Once everyone was settled down and happily eating their burgers (which counted as dinner and breakfast for me), the company CEO started his presentation about the history of the company, where it was going, etc. I really expected it to be boring as heck, but surprisingly, I enjoyed our CEO's talk. The presentation was actually funny and kooky, and the CEO was so down-to-earth, that I couldn't help but be amazed at how nice the people at the top are, as compared to those in the middle levels.

I told myself that I need to remember that. It's important.

As for the talk itself, it was informative, entertaining and inspiring. I would have very much liked to make a recording of it, and have it uploaded to TED.com, or something.

After the talk, the Q&A followed and I was able to throw some questions at our CEO which our HR refuses to answer (hehehe...), and after our CEO left the movie started.

All I can say is: "Star Wars: Clone Wars has its flaws, BUT IT WAS SO FUN!" haha!!! More on that in a later post, yes? :D

After the movie, the mall was open, so I decided to go shopping. I had a Visa gift card that I got from work some time ago, loaded with about 2000 pesos or so, so I decided it would be fun to shop without actually spending any of my cash.

I ended up with a pair of stripey knee-high socks (I've been wanting one for so long!), a spare pair of opaque black stockings, because you'll never know when the next formal affair would require it, a top to wear to James' niece's baptism this coming Saturday, a new set of swim wear, and a funky wrap/shawl/jacket-thing from People Are People. I got almost all of it on sale for 70 or 80% off, so I felt really great. I'm especially proud of the find from People Are People, since the item that I got used to be more than 2k, and I got it for a little over 200 pesos. Haha!

Then, when I got back to The Columns to wait for Ian to finish his work so we could have dinner together, I also found that the [profile] h_matsumoto's fur leg warmers have also arrived. Hehe. Needless to say, Ian was pretty surprised when he arrived and saw me with all that stuff. ^_^;;

So, to summarize:

- Listening to a great speaker talk.
- Watching a good movie for free, in a theater and seat that you like.
- Free breakfast
- Shopping without spending

Yep, that was a great day, by my book. ^_^

Hee hee... there's still about $5 or so left on the gift card, which I will now use to purchase my required supply of popcorn.
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Hee hee... I think today serves as a very nice cap to my rest days. This morning, I spent about an hour going to several different banks to pay for various things like rent, and stuff from eBay. After I finished my errands, I decided to wait for a jeepney at Amorsolo Street and head home, but on a whim, I decided to stop by Donau Gourmet again, since the last time that I've been there must have been a couple of months ago when I treated my parents to a tour of Legaspi Village.

I ordered the house specialty, which is Chardonay Spiral Sausage on a bed of Pineapple Sauerkraut (did I get that right...?) since I've never tried it before, and it being payday, I was feeling especially brave. So I sat down, texted people and drank my coffee as I waited for my food to be served. After the one other customer at the time left, the co-owner of the place, Mrs. Sager sat at my table and said, "You're KC, right?"

We ended up talking as I ate (the Spiral Sausage and Sauerkraut was AWESOME, by the way), and she said that she's seen the photos that I took which I posted in an entry some time ago, and that someone has gone there saying that I recommended the place (was that you, [profile] kaoko_cow? Did you buy a lot of stuff? Because Mrs. Sager seemed pretty happy that you dropped by, haha!). What surprised me was when she told me that the meal I ordered was free! WOW!

I was really surprised, because to be honest, I've never had that happen to me before. Haha! The only times when I enter a restaurant and leave without paying is either when a) I'm attending someone's party for some reason, b)  a wedding or a baptism, c) I'm with my boyfriend. And even then, I'm always ready to pay for my own meal, just in case.

So, when I learned that Mrs. Sager was going to feed me for free, I felt really happy, and really embarrassed, because I was wishing that I ordered something cheaper. ^_^;;

Anyway, as we were talking, I learned that they need a new book-keeper/accountant PRONTO. Apparently, their current accountant has been giving them a hard time and has also been causing them losses, which is horrible for a business that only started last February. So...


Just email me your resume at ksolaris at gmail dot com, and I'll hand it over to Mrs. Sager so she can go over it. A word of warning, though... they don't have much staff, and they're trying to keep the overhead to a minimum since they ARE just starting out, so be prepared to do the paperwork, as well as some of the footwork yourself (which isn't so bad, considering that their bank is just a few blocks away, or at most, is along Ayala Avenue). Also, the current accountant has managed to butcher the books, so you'll have your work cut out for you. They need someone who is close to obsessive-compulsive when it comes to files and receipts, and who cares enough to make sure that none of their checks bounce (the current accountant managed to do just that two days ago, I was told. Six checks. Ouch.).

Also, this is me shamelessly plugging for the establishment, by the way, because AHLAVET!! Support the place!


Now, go go go! And bring your friends, officemates, boss, dates, neighbors, and family! Show the love, children! Hehe! XD
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First of all, a plug:
CNN is conducting a short survey. In return for your time, which would be about ten minutes, they will donate $2.00 to charity of your choosing. Now isn't that neat? I've personally chosen to give my $2 to the WWF. ^_^v So, just head over to CNN's website, and look for the following banner ads sprinkled around the pages:


Here in Manila, summer has already been officially declared as over, and the rains have been making that point obvious. Sigh. I'm just glad that I was able to squeeze in a couple of out-of-town trips during that relatively short period, so that I could at least say that I HAD a summer to speak of. Haha!

The bad thing about the sudden transition from dry to wet season is that you get so used to anticipating sun and heat, that you never bother to bring an umbrella, except maybe on some whim. When you all get caught in the rain, though, that's when you realize that the umbrella that you brought with you yesterday just because you felt like it, is sitting on a shelf in your room today, all nice, dry and cozy.

And that's also probably the reason why today, I am sniffing and coughing like an asthmatic mongrel. Sigh.


Speaking of the rains, I got into a nasty spat with another commuter the other night, when I was taking a jeepney on the way to work. There was a really heavy downpour that night, and everyone just wanted to get under a roof or inside a ride. This office girl who was seated beside me, for some unknown reason, decided it would be a good idea to raise the plastic tarp that kept the insides of the jeepney from being drenched, just so she can take a peek outside at... more rain. Since she was seated in the middle of our row, and the tarp was one long piece, raising a part of it caused the water to slip down towards sides, instead of going straight down and falling harmlessly down the side of the jeepney.

I was to her right, there was another guy to my right, and to the man's right was the jeepney's entry/exit point. As the water slipped to the side, my back and my jacket got drenched after I took so much effort to keep myself dry, while the man's butt got wet because the water from the tarp pooled in his seat.

I called the girl's attention, and this is where it all went wrong.

Instead of at least TRYING to look sorry, or apologizing to us, the girl gave us that LOOK, then rolled her eyes at us and looked towards her friend who was seated to her left. I swear, I just snapped right then and there. A lot of sharp words were sent flying her way, and I finally got to use TWO lines that I've been saving for occasions like this, while the guy with the wet pants acted as my one-man pep squad:
1.) That's MISS bitch, you piece of shit!


2.) Well it's either you were born retarded or raised stupid, which one is it?? (I later realized that this line also works with the same potency if it were translated into the vernacular, so feel free.)

That pretty much threw the girl off-balance. Line #2 is affectionately attributed to Luis Sison Jr., who has, to my sincerest gratitude, prepared us for situations like this. Seriously, we used to joke around on what would be great things to sling at someone in an argument, and it looks like all that came to good use afterall. XD

The girl didn't really have much to say after that, though her friend was profusely apologizing on the other's behalf. However, the fun REALLY begins when they prepare to get off the jeepney.

They asked the driver to drop them off in front of King's Court along Pasong Tamo Avenue, and as we locals know, when it rains, that area tends to get flooded with enough water to go over the gutter. So, the friend disembarks first, and we watch as she skips quickly to the higher ground offered by the sidewalk. However, as our female offender was about to completely get off the jeep, she looks at us again, flips her hair, rolls her eyes at us and says, "Che!"

She doesn't get away with it, though, because with one foot on the little step on the back of all jeepneys, the man beside me TRIPS HER with his leg and causes her to fall face first into the flooded street, bag, purse, folders, binders, paperwork and all! XD Oh, sweet justice! And to top it all off, everyone else in the jeepney who was silent until then, all started cheering and clapping!

The jeepney then drives off, and the last we see of the girl is on her hands and knees in dirty floodwater, with the water reaching almost up to her elbows. I remember that only the area near her shoulders retained the gray color of her matching slacks and blazer, because all the rest of it got darker because of the water, but that small gray area turned dark as well because the rain was still pouring at the time. Her humongous bag was floating near her arm (and I could only imagine what happened to its contents), and a couple of folders were floating towards the nearest drain. Her friend could only watch from the sidewalk. I swear I'll never forget that. XD

The man and I did a hi-five, and I got off at my stop a couple of blocks later. I had to dry my jacket and the back of my shirt under the hand dryer at the office, but I didn't mind quite as much anymore. XD

So the lesson we learned here is: Don't be an asshat. ^_^v
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I find it so weird, that as I was on the way here to the internet cafe that I am in right now (i-Hooked Cafe, Makati), I was thinking about how little has happened to me recently that it's possibly not even worth posting about.

And then lo, and behold, on my way here, I was given blog fodder, haha!

Today is my only day off for the week, and I spent the last 15 hours or so sleeping, from 9am this morning, until midnight. I think I could have gone on for longer if Ian hadn't come home from work (I didn't even notice that he left in the afternoon) and woken me up. I'm guessing that he may have feared that I've slipped into a coma or something.

Anyway, Ian has an activity for work tomorrow, and he and his workmates have to do some practicing at a workmate's flat (it involves the eBay song, and some interpretative dance. Don't ask...). The said workmate lives close to Makati Cinema Square, so Ian and I decided that he'll show me where he's staying, and then I can go head to i-Hooked, and surf and actually get some work done for the day.

So I left Ian with his workmates, and decided to walk from Makati Cinema Square to Export Bank avenue, near the corner of Pasong Tamo, by going down Amorsolo. I figured it was the safest way to go since Amorsolo has both Creekside Mall and Mile Long Plaza which is filled with girly bars and karaoke joints, so that meant that the area is well-lit and has people in it.

I was enjoying the night air, and the long walk (I love Makati, you can just walk EVERYWHERE), when I approached the front of one of the clubs. There was some commotion going on, and when I got close to the crowd, it turned out that there was a very drunk Japanese lady slumped on the floor, crying. The security guard, the waiters, and the mama-san of the place that she just tumbled out of didn't know what to do with her as they all didn't know how to speak Japanese (it turned out that the only GRO that they had that spoke the language was absent that day), and they didn't know how to a.) get her to pay the bill, and b.) get her home safely.

Being the idiot that I am, I got myself involved in the trouble.

The mama-san asked if I knew how to speak Japanese, and I said no. By the time I said it, though, she's already grabbed my arm and shoved me towards the crying lady. Not knowing what to do, and getting worried about the lady myself, I decided to try anyway, and just give up and walk away if I failed on the first go. That way, everyone can say that I at least... well, tried.

I noticed that the lady looked like a typical OL/Oeru, so I figured she'd probably know how to speak some English, and I can use what little smattering of Japanese generic terms and phrasebook bits I knew.

Well, long story short, I managed to get the lady to give me her bag and wallet, and pay for her tab. I also ended up asking the security guard to hail us a taxi, helping the lady into the taxi, getting into the taxi myself and asking the driver to take us to The Columns on Ayala Avenue (thankfully, her wallet had a tag with her name and address on it written in English). I also ended up paying the driver with money from the lady's wallet, and walking into the building lobby with her draped on my back and still sobbing, but half-unconscious.

Once I got through the door, the doorman and the front desk staff got her off my back, both literally and figuratively. I showed them the tag on her wallet, and they confirmed that she was indeed a resident of the building, and that they had a spare key to her flat. I was about to leave at that point, but they asked me to accompany all of them to the flat as some sort of safeguard, since they had no female staff to witness that they didn't molest the lady in any way, or steal from her in case something turned up missing. T_T;;

So, up we went, got the lady through her door, and tossed her on her bed, shoes and all (she had an awesome apartment, by the way). One of the staff turned on her airconditioner, and I covered her with half her comforter and tucked her purse inside with her. She was fully knocked-out by then, so we left her in her room, locked the door behind us, and we all agreed that after all that, it was US who now needed a drink. Haha!

Sigh. Of course, it has only occurred to me now just how much trouble I could possibly have been in if it turned out that she WASN'T a resident of that building and if she actually lived much farther away. Or if we actually left her in the wrong apartment.

This has got to be one of the weirdest midnight walks that I've ever taken.

 Well, at least I got a free taxi ride to the area I was headed for in the first place. -____-;;;
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Well... just a little bit.

Anyway, at this moment, I should be at work, but instead, I'm here at Ian's house at Fairview, typing away. I know it's teetering on the edge of irresponsibility, but screw it, after what happened earlier, there's no way I'm going to the office. No. I'm staying here for today, thank you very much.

Last night (technically about six hours ago) at about 11:30PM, I was getting ready for work when the fire alarm in our building went off. I ignored it for a few moments, thinking that another one of the brats on our floor may have set off the alarm for fun again. I noticed after a while, though, that the alarm wasn't stopping at all, and I could already hear the sound of people's footsteps as they ran in the hallway.

I called Lem out of the shower (he couldn't hear the alarms in the bathroom), and we hurriedly got dressed, and gathered items that came to mind as we prepared to leave our room. Keys. Phones. Camera. Money. Documents. Authographed Neil Gaiman books. So we went down the fire escape, and I was half-hoping that it was a dud, and that we'll just be sent back upstairs the moment we reached the lobby. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Video taken on our way out of the building:

FIRE IN THE HO---... hallway...? )

Anyhoo, we finally managed to get back into our room by about 1:30 AM, and we spent some time cleaning up the messes we made when we scattered things around in a hurry when the alarm first rang. We also had to put the books back on their shelves, among others. By the time we were done, the adrenaline rush was gone, my muscles in my arms and legs were shaky and I got one hell of a headache. Plus, I needed a bath.

Some things to point out, though:
- Goddammit, I almost left my original Clow Cards behind!
- We left the bulk of Lem's MTG cards!
- I left Yuki and Doro behind! I completely forgot! I'm so sorry~!! T_T
- Lem decided to take from the room... our bills. XD I told him later, "Seriously, you should just let THOSE burn. In fact, make SURE it gets burned." XD XD

We're just ever so thankful to God that no real damage and harm was done. However, we're taking this as a warning, and we really should place some of our valuables elsewhere... and I should start leaving some clothes at my parents' house, too.
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Hehe... yes, my little trip to the salon turned into a full-blown pilgrimage which spanned three cities and about 10 full hours or so. ^_^;;

I was originally supposed to go to Greenbelt and have my hair fixed at Piandre, until I managed to get one of my gay friends to accompany me to another salon in Robinson's Malate which he recommends.

So that's two cities: Makati and Manila.

Upon getting to the now-gorgeous Faura wing of Robinson's Malate, and after a meal at Chaikofi, we headed for Bench Fix. Unfortunately, Fix, as well as all the other salons in the mall, all refused to give me the curls that I so desperately wanted because of the glaring fact that my hair was rebonded.

Apparently, rebonded hair can never be permed as the chamicals needed for the job simply can't "stick" onto the hair for it to be actually effective. Had I insisted, they COULD have gone on with the operation, only for me to lose all that work the moment I showered. So, not only will the chemicals go down the drain, but my money along with it. They recommended that I either have my hair rebonded again (hence turning it into a permanent, vicious cycle), or I can wait for another year or so for more natural, untreated hair to grow out, all the while keeping my head a big, confused mess.

I swear, at that point, I felt like crying.

Thankfully, my friend James suggested that we try another mall in Manila to try to get one of those rotating hair brushes. He suggested that I can just get my hair rebonded again, and then just curl it as necessary.

It took two malls and a couple of hours for us to concede to the fact that the damn brush was not being sold anywhere, just when I needed it. Not completely giving up though, he showed me how to use benders and those curlers with the elastic bands on them in order to get curls into my hair if I wanted it. I bought a set and I'm waiting for a chance to try what I learned.

Anyway, as I was about to submit myself for another rebonding session at one of the mall salons, I backed out completely when I was informed of how much they will be charging me for rebonding EVEN IF I CROPPED MY HAIR REALLY SHORT. Now, I know that I said that I was willing to pay for some expert to perform a miracle on my hair, but I'm not THAT gullible.

Desperate, I called up Ian who was then in Fairview and asked if the original hair dresser who rebonded my hair back in May is still available. He made a quick check with his mom, and hallelujah, I got the go signal, and I immediately dashed for their little shop in Fairview, Quezon City.

I started my salon search at 9:30 am that day, got to Fairview by about 4pm, and had to stay in the salon chair until about 9pm.

Oh yeah. All for the sake of vanity, I tell you.

Peek-a-boo )

All in all, despite that whirlwind of a day, I got a new haircut, and I got rid of the problem areas which was my main goal anyway. It's still a shame that I couldn't get the exact style that I originally wanted, but I guess beggars can't be choosers, ne? ^_^;;

I got to pass by Ian's house in Fairview again, after a LOOOONG time, and have I mentioned that they've been adding a second floor to the house? The place is HUGE!!! And I absolutely love the fact that the rooms on the second floor all have access to this wide, common veranda which is big enough to accomodate a small coffee table, seats, and much more, now that I think about it.

Oh, and their local cat population has also now grown to four, with more on the way. XD
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Yesterday morning, probably just a bit before noon, there was an earthquake... and when it happened, Lem and I were in bed, watching episodes of Lucky Star. Lolz.

We were giggling over something, when we felt the bed move. I was about to turn to him to ask if he was causing it, but he beat me to it and asked the question first. This was actually a rather scary moment, because our bed is a heavy, queen-sized spring mattress on a solid wooden platform. It's not the elevated type with four legs, so to feel something so heavy and so solid wobbling under us sent us in a sort of mild panic.

The funny part is what happened immediately after we realized that the building was swaying. We jumped out of bed, and Lem was dressed and at the door in about ten seconds flat, while I spent the next minute or so running around the room, getting dressed, hunting for my keys, grabbing my cellphone, turning off the TV, the DVD player and the electric fan (what if a fire starts because of it??), closing the window (what if it rains???), getting my shoes out (I picked one of the cute flats that I bought last month), and looking for my comb.

We were laughing our heads off as I was struggling to get my shoes on, and as I was exclaiming that I fail at life.

Anyway, we finally made it out the door (after locking our room first, of course) and down the fire escape, and into the ground floor lobby where a bunch of other people have come down from the higher floors and gathered. I headed straight in front of the mirror at the lobby and proceeded to fix my hair, since it was still a complete mess when Lem and I left our room.

Not everyone seemed to have felt the quake, though, as we found several of the foreigners living in our building struggling to explain to the confused female security guard what just happened. I guess the people on the ground floor didn't feel anything. :/

One of the things that we noticed, though, was that most of the people who came down from their units during the earthquake were foreigners, while there were rather few of us locals who did the same. This pretty much left Lem and I wondering if we Filipinos are just simply oblivious to such things, or if we're just used to it, or if the majority of people just aren't properly informed on what they should do in such occurences. Either that, or there's just this prevaling thought that as long as the building is still standing and it hasn't crumbled to rubble yet, it should be okay.

We later noticed that the third reason seems to be the correct one, since there were some people who were saying that they were so scared by the earthquake that they took the elevator down to the ground floor. Yeah, that pretty much broke one of the main rules of what NOT to do during fires and earthquakes. ^_^;;;

After a quick look around, Lem and I realized that we were hungry, it being lunchtime and all, so we took a cab to Mall of Asia to find a meal as well as to get away from the building for a while. At the time, we were also wondering if perhaps our building was structurally unsound, and it was just OUR building that was falling apart. Thankfully though, the radio announcer of the station that the driver was listening to also that they were located in Legazpi village and that they felt the quake as well. It was such a relief.

All in all though, we're just glad that there wasn't any damage that was caused by the earthquake. We had a good meal at the mall, then we went back home to continue our Lucky Star marathon.


I just gotta remember to keep my keys in my bag, and move faster next time... T_T
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Hehe... as I've mentioned before, Lem and I ended up spending Christmas eve with his folks in Fairview, which was pretty refreshing since Christmas for me for the past several years were spent... well... at work. XD

And yes, this is another VERY delayed picture post which involves Lem's family and relatives, a gummy rat, Jed, Nintendo DS...-es (how DO you pluralize that???), and most importantly, CATS!!

Yep. This photo pretty much sums up Christmas 2006. Hehehehe...
(all photos taken by Ian's sisters)

40+ pics under the cut. )
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Between today and the last time that I posted an entry (which was eight days ago), lots of fun things have happened which I have been wanting to write about... but have been too lazy, distracted, busy, and/or exhausted to do so.

I'll be getting to all that eventually, so yeah, I'll still be spamming everyone's flists soon with photos, and stories about neighborhood cats, and accounts of the trip to the grocery, and... well, you know. My usual load of random crap.

But before all of that, though, there is ONE thing that I must post before January ends:

Happy fifth anniversary to us, baby!


I promise to:
- stop drooling on your shoulder when we sleep, if you can promise to stop doing the same on my hair. XD
- not hog the pillows if you don't steal the blanket
- let you have the TV remote to watch Japanese female wrestling matches, as long as you swear to stop at any channel that features cute, furry mammals, when you're channel surfing.

Hahaha!! XD XD XD

And yes. It's been five years. Just take our word for it. :D
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It's already the middle of January and yet I've been forgetting to post about the stuff that happened at the start of it. Hehehe.

In any case, Ian and I spent New Year's eve at home. He got home at around 10:30pm-ish, which was just in time before the streets got peppered with wayward firecrackers, just as they always do in this country at that time of the year.

Anyway, we had a simple dinner, and we basically spent our time from around 11pm until 1am just simply looking outside our window and watching everyone else's Really-pretty-and-expensive-fireworks (TM). It was great. Fireworks were going off at eye level, and when you scanned the whole horizon, you almost couldn't decide which direction to look. The street in front of us had their own show, so did the apartment building to the right. Straight ahead is Mall of Asia who had their own ideas, and then there's everybody else as well.

By the time midnight struck, we turned off the lights, set the curtains aside, and just sat on the bed and watched all the pretty lights. We tried to take photos, of course, but that didn't work out, so you'll just have to take my word for it on how gorgeous it all was.

By the time that we were going to bed, we were wondering if perhaps we'd go into epileptic seizures the next time we saw another burst of fireworks.


Since we weren't able to spend New Year's Eve with my parents (which my mom was very sad about since we barely see eachother at all to begin with...), we made up for it by taking them out for dinner on January 1.

Ian and I headed to Mall of Asia, made reservations and then met up with them later on.

Very pretty place, really. If it hadn't been packed full of people that day. Sigh.

Some more photos, as well as how the dinner went )


And then there's this year's Pyrolympics.

Ian and I really wanted to go and watch the show at least once, but since he had work until 10pm, plus we've expected that the area would once again be packed with people, we opted to just stay at home.

But then, have I mentioned that we have a great view of the Mall of Asia-side of the bay?

Hehe... so yeah, on all the nights of the Pyrolympics, I was able to watch the show from home. I had no idea which country was performing, of course, but that's okay. Sadly, Ian never got to see any of it because of his work hours, but then again, there's still next year, right? ^_^;;

I took photos, and here they are (sadly, Photobucket resizes anything that is wider than 800px, so I had to upload it to Geocities instead...)

Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 1
Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 2
Pyrolympics 2006 - Day 3

I couldn't get the perfect shots though, since my camera has this bad habit of NOT capturing the moment, but instead enjoys catching the moment directly afterwards.

One thing that I can never show in these photos would be just how BIG those fireworks are. I mean, considering my distance from the building that blocks my view, plus the distance of THAT building to the bay itself... well, that's pretty far. And to think that sometimes, the burst of fireworks seems to be able to cover the whole width of the building, so I can't even start to imagine how that would probably look like, if we had actually been at the site of the display.

There were other shows after the third day, but at that point, I didn't bother to get the camera out anymore since it was so much nicer to just keep watching the sparklies.

And no, I did not go into an epileptic seizure.
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As snagged from [livejournal.com profile] ruk

100, in no particular order )
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Some random snippets first...

- Bunnies can't cook turkey!
- The Sims... WII!!!

I just HAD to do that... XD


As I've mentioned previously, Ian and I spent our last day off house-hunting in Sampaloc. It was a good walk, and if it wasn't such a hot day, we could have gone on and checked out other areas as well. In any case, we spent our time on the Forbes side of UST, knocking on gates and checking out various rooms. Some were cheap, while others were ridiculously expensive for space that could pretty much pass as a broom closet. Others were places we'd like to live in but is just simply beyond our budget.

We found this one place which was at the corner of Ma. Christina and Py Margal, and it was a 2-bedroom place for 9k a month. Still too much though, and we have no idea how to fit our queen-sized bed through the tiny doorway. Haha! So much for that.

Anyway, moving on, we ended up re-visiting the places that we used to frequent back when I still lived at M dela Fuente, and oh, did it make our hearts ache with nostalgia; the familiar air of the vicinity, the cozy little sidestreets, the small (and wonderfully cheap) eateries tucked away in nooks... I was even delighted by the fact that when we were at Asturias, I saw that the peanuts vendor, the banana-Q vendor, and the rest of the usual sellers in the area, they were all still there, and I still recognize their faces.

Some things changed, too, of course. New shops, new buildings, and the construction site which was right beside my old apartment is now a beautiful row of townhouses. I'd love to live in one of those pretty places, and that's even though I used to hate it since the workers who were constructing it always used to splatter cement on my veranda.

So yeah, we ended up visiting my old place in Sampaloc as well and we just wanted to go back so much. We were just looking at it from accross the street, and I miss the veranda, my cat, and the kitchen, while Ian misses the space and the surrounding area. Hehehe... I guess I can't blame him, especially since we used to be able to fit up to ten people in there (Luis included, so that would be eleven people)! Haha!

We just remembered those times when everyone would just grab some chips and soda from the store and we'd all end up hanging out at my place, playing video games, playing RPGs, watching some weird movie from Elea's or Jyli's DVD collection, and just basically gabbing and laughing until we got hungry again and we have to buy more chips, or head over to DonQ's for a dose of one of their combos.

Masilog = Maling, sinangag, itlog (Spam, fried rice and egg). For those who weren't content with that, they'd end up ordering something like mamamasisiloglog = 3 slices of Spam, 2 cups of fried rice and two fried eggs.

Fun times. :)

Sigh. In any case, we weren't able to find anything on that day and we couldn't go much further since it was so darn hot. We're still looking for a place, and we'll hopefully be able to find something soon, but we had a nice trip anyway. We sorta forgot to pass by UST though to see what changes were made in the campus. Hehe... now that I think about it, maybe we SHOULD have passed by. I heard there's an Ice Monster branch at the new carpark complex.

Our day off will be coming up again, so yeah, off we go again to look for a new place. Wish us luck! ^_^


I've been planning to write about so many things lately, but I've just been too lazy. Hehe... I have some photos sitting on our drive that I've been meaning to use. I swear, I have it all in my head already. So I'll just post those tomorrow, hehe.


By the way, people, I haven't been on Trillian/YM for over a month now because it was replaced by an internal IM at the office. So... I haven't been able to get any offline messages (if any). And I normally just sleep when I'm at home, so there. ^_^;;
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Wear sunscreen

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience... I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked... You're not as fat as you imagine.

Don't worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.

Do one thing everyday that scares you.


Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.



Don't waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind... the race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself.

Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements.


Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life... the most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don't.

Get plenty of calcium.

Be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone.

Maybe you'll marry, maybe you won't, maybe you'll have children, maybe you won't, maybe you'll divorce at 40, maybe you'll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary... whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's. Enjoy your body, use it every way you can...don't be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it's the greatest instrument you'll ever own.

Dance... even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.

Read the directions, even if you don't follow them.

Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.

Get to know your parents, you never know when they'll be gone for good.

Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.

Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.


Accept certain inalienable truths: prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will get old, and when you do you'll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.

Respect your elders.

Don't expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you have a wealthy spouse; but you never know when either one might run out.

Don't mess too much with your hair, or by the time you're 40, it will look 85.

Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than
it's worth.

But trust me on the sunscreen...

---- Mary Schmich, published in the Chicago Tribune as a column in 1997.

(I found this while I was randomly surfing, and it brings back so many good memories. Also, I now believe that everyone should get the chance to read this once a year or once every two years, since I realized that its meaning changes as time moves.)

audio version by Baz Luhrmann, 1999. )


Sep. 28th, 2006 11:47 pm
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And one of the strongest typhoons I have ever seen finally goes away.

Sigh. And we're exhausted.

The power just came back on an hour ago after around 13 hours of outage. The strong winds have uprooted trees, shattered glass store fronts and also sent pieces of roofing flying away. And in our case? It was one of our windows that the typhoon decided to pick on.

Ergh. I woke up at around 8 or 9 am with water in my face. I groggily thought that I just had to close one of the windows, but then I realized a few seconds later that the cork board thing that has been covering one of the windows has been torn off its place by the wind, and the rain was coming in almost horizontal. It was almost as if someone outside our window was aiming a firehose at us.

As for why we have cork board covering one of our windows, well, an AC unit used to be there but was removed by the landlord when we moved in. However, the landlord decided that replacing it with a one-inch thick, patched-together length of cork board would be enough... landlord also promised to replace it, but after almost a year, the cork board remained... until now.

Anyway, so I panicked and tried to put the board back into place. I then had to move our huge bed away from the windows to keep it from getting wet. And then to kick things up a notch, the entire window side of our room also started leaking for some reason and I was racing to place rags in four places, sop up the water then squeeze it all out in the basin that I grabbed from the bathroom. The water was coming in so quickly though, that I've barely squeezed one rag dry when another one is already dripping and creating a puddle on the floor.

Thankfully, Lem came home early and helped me out (it finally occured to our employers to stop admiring the rain and send us home... sometimes, I want to drag them out in weather like today's, then drop them off at Quiapo with 20 bucks in their pocket. Let's see how much you'd like typhoons THEN...). The rain subsided eventually, but it was a hard battle since Ian had to find a new board while I held the old, disintegrating board against the wind, and we then had to make repairs WHILE the typhoon was at its strongest. There was also no power at this time.

When the rain and the wind slowed down, we were finally able to go about the difficult business of restoring order into our room. We pretty much looked like we just moved into the place, with all our stuff scattered and stacked in the middle of the floor, pieces of wet corkboard all over, and rags in odd places.

So to sum things up, my only day off in the week pretty much, literally and figuratively, flew right out the window. Our room is still in a state of chaos but at least we're dry now. Through all this, I still managed to cook up the meal I've been planning for today, sans the pretty things that were supposed to come along with it.

To sum things up, we're exhausted.

At least the power's back on. Lem is playing GTA, I've finally had my fill of popcorn, and here I am, typing away. We still have much to do tomorrow, though. More cleaning. More repairs. Sigh.



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