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In case you're wondering what has been keeping me busy, I've been working with a bunch of friends on starting up LoliDudes.com. So, past month or so, we've been attending cons to gather material. ^_^ Anyway, here's our report for Shizen Orchestra which was held last April 25. ^_^

With a brief special featuring Ian, of course. :D

I took all the photos. ^__^

LEL. On top of the con-attendance, the past week has also been phenomenal in my book in terms of acquiring STUFF! WHEE!! A pair of Skullcandy headphones and some Lucky Star figures. YAY! ^_____^

pikchar pikchar! )

Hehe... yes, this is my stuff-itis kicking in again. :D
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Yep! More delayed photo posts, coming right up! Hehe.

Anyway, I've mentioned in a previous post that the day before Lem's birthday, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa  since I wanted to borrow a DVD rom her. In the end, and pretty much at the spur of the moment, we found ourselves at Bonifacio High Street and Serendra, in a sugar high, and giggling over toys. It being a snap decision and all... I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to work with just my phone cam. Erk. T_T

The main reason why we headed to that area in the first place, was because Lem decided  that he wanted to treat us to some cupcakes at Sonja's. Apparently, after we tried it for the first time during James' birthday dinner last July, Lem has taken quite a liking to the pricey, pastel-colored desserts (though we still wouldn't dare go beyond the one-cupcake-a-month limit for fear of diabetic shock). It turned out to be a good thing, too, since it was Elea's first time to go to that area as well. ^_^

Being still full from the hefty lunches that we ate at Market! Market!, though, we decided to NOT head straight for Sonja's immediately aftewards. Instead, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch to try to help Elea look for a mood ring, and there, we just simply went crazy. It's really a sight to behold when you place geeks inside a specialty store like H&L...

K was caught shop-lifting a 2-foot-long model of a Star Destroyer made entirely of Lego blocks.
This photo was taken before she was carted away...

And finally, after all that running around the H&L store, the food we had for lunch was finally burned away, and we trooped to Sonja's for a bite to eat.

After all that, we headed back to Makati where Elea boarded a jeep bound for her mom's place, and we went back home to enjoy and admire our purchases. Hehe.

And thus ended Lem's pre-birthday celebration for 2008. With cupcakes and geekery. XD
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Well, it's been another week since I've last been able to post, just as expected. Haha! Anyway, Lem celebrated his 26th birthday last weekend, and it was great.

On Saturday, we met up with [profile] magiqa in the morning to hang out, and also because I was borrowing a copy of live-action Nodame Cantabile from her. Hehe... in the end, instead of having lunch at RCBC Plaza as we originally planned, Lem managed to convince us to hop into a cab, head for Serendra and have lunch at the open-air area at Market! Market! instead. Lunch was good and filling (we were hungrier than we thought, apparently), and after that, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch where there was a Lego Star Destroyer, baby pandas, kittens, giant Lego people, and a whole lot of other fun things. Us being the children that we insist we are, we ran happily ran around the store for a good couple of hours. We didn't walk away empty-handed though, because as Elea has put it, that store causes an auto-cancel on all will saves.

I ended up purchasing Kiwido, Lem ended up with a cute doggie-shaped pouch for his MTG cards, and Elea got herself a copy of Super Munchkin.

After that excursion, Lem then treated us to cupcakes at Sonja's. I did mention in a previous entry that the said cupcakes are only meant to be eaten about once a month on average, due to its off-the-charts sugar content, so we stuck with the schedule and gave Elea a reason to put her phone cam to good use. :D

Pictures to follow! ^_^

The next day, we celebrated with Lem's family at The Columns. There was a lot of food, the kids were all there, and it was just fun, basically. Lem got to make good use of the swimming goggles that I got him for his birthday, so all's good. I suppose the only thing that ruined it for me was the fact that my stupid knee decided to do cartwheels as I was walking inside the room, thus sending me sprawling on the floor, in pain, and in front of everybody. T_T;;;

It's been 4 days since I took a dive back there, and I still have a nasty, purple bruise on my left knee, and I still can't run or climb up and down stairs quickly. It's gonna take me about another half week before the damned knee starts functioning normally again. Oh well. ^_^;;
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I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past few weeks, I haven't even SEEN my LJ, much less post in it, and I'm just so very glad to be back. Anyway, certain PC restrictions at work have been keeping me from accessing my LJ, plus the paid time that I've been gifted with has recently run out, which means that I can no longer post entries via email.

Speaking of paid LJ accounts, I have just realized how much I LOVE those extra features, and that I really should put funds in my EON account so that I can, in turn fund my PayPal account to pay for more paid time. Now, if only I wasn't so damned lazy when it came to actually going to the bank and queuing in order to make a deposit into my debit card...

I suppose I could have also just gone to a cafe and rented a PC in order to post, but recently, most of my free time has been devoted to working out at the gym and swimming in the pool as often as possible. Both facilities are located at The Columns, on Ayala Avenue, and ever since a condominium unit there got turned over to Lem's parents some time ago, we've been going there often and making full use of the facilities. This left little time for going to cafes and blogging, as we usually ended up pretty exhausted after all that physical activity. Well, that and the fact that I had ENORMOUS difficulty with tracking down a net cafe in Makati which had PCs with PhotoShop installed in them. This resulted in me not wanting to blog much anyway since all the photos that I wanted to talk about were still stuck in my camera.

But then, that's that. I'm currently at Lem's house in Fairview, borrowing his mom's laptop and leeching off their Wi-Fi, so all's good again, until I figure out how to squeeze in blogging time for myself once I'm back in Makati.

Anyway, last July 20, Lem and I hung out with his family and their relatives at his parents' condo unit at The Columns after church. I suppose it also served as some sort of house-warming? There wasn't any furniture in the place yet since it's been acquired only very recently, and we all sat on couches on the floor, but it seemed to work well that way, and we enjoyed ourselves. :D

Meet the Clan ^_^

Image-heavy family photos post coming up! )

And that's a wrap. Photos are also available at My Multiply Album. ^_^
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*stretches and yawns*

Yes, as I've mentioned in a previous post, this is my first rest day in two weeks and I plan to make the best of it. And yes, as the title of this post suggests, I skipped work yesterday because I was seriously starting to feel like my body was about to just simply fall apart. I needed the break more badly than I thought I did. Thankfully, I still have some paid leave credits at my disposal, so I don't have to worry about my salary getting affected whenever I do decide to take some extra time off. Hehe.

Anyway, yesterday was great. I managed to catch some proper sleep, I made dinner for Lem and myself, and at 3am this morning, as we sleepily cuddled under the sheets to a cold morning, we both suddenly woke up for some reason, and found ourselves discussing characters from the Marvel comic book Universe until about 5am. That was awesome, and I suggest that everyone give it a try some time. 

Then, Lem and I also decided to spend one of my days off at his parent's condo at The Columns on Ayala Avenue, so that we can finally test out the pool on the seventh floor deck. Oh, and so that we can also test out Lem's newly-purchased swimming shorts as well, haha! The weather's been rainy and very windy lately, but when we woke up this morning, the clouds seem to have all gone, and the chances of having a good dip in the pool currently seem very promising.

When Lem went to work this morning, I've already deposited our stuff in their condo, and the first thing that I did then was take a quick shower, put on my swimsuit and head for the pool! Whee!! The pool was still frighteningly cold when I waded in, but the sun finally came up and I was able to adjust to the temperature.

By the way, note that I said "waded in", and "having a good dip in the pool". That's because I can't actually swim, and despite all the trips I've taken to Puerto Galera and Antipolo, water just isn't my element and I sink faster than a rock. That doesn't stop me from jumping in anyway, though, haha! And yes, I do just spend my time tip-toeing around the pool and trying my best to learn how to at least float, and as weird as it sounds, I actually do manage to enjoy myself that way.

Going back to the topic at hand, I had the pool to myself and I was wading around happily in it until about 7:30 am. It did me tons of good as I did find myself very relaxed and very refreshed afterwards. I then toweled off, headed back up to the room and showered, before heading back downstairs and accross the street to a nearby JolliJeep to have breakfast. 

That's what I like so much about the location of Lem's family's condo. You have access to all these wonderful facilities which is exclusive to the residents, which of course makes one look filthy rich. On the other hand, despite the expensive neighborhood and the proliferation of Starbucks branches, there's still the option to eat good meals at dirt-cheap prices, and quite frankly, Lem and I just can't imagine life without access to these sorts of eateries. 

As a bonus, accross the street from the JolliJeeps is my office building where I have access to free coffee and hot choco (which I occassionally take home with me from time to time... cough...), and in the same building is a 2GO Courier office which also offers free internet usage (limited to 1 hour, but still...). So yeah, that's the way to go, I think. XD

Hehe... sorry, I'm a cheapskate AND I'm broke, so there. XD
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Yep, this is another one of my trademark much-delayed, image-heavy photo posts! And yes, once again, it features a couple of my favorite things in the whole world, namely food and good friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time.

I mentioned some time ago that one of my good friends from my Sutherland days has recently visited the country to take a short break from her job in Dubai. And yes, when she dropped by, she was so VERY rich, and treating out four people to a place that we would normally never even go anywhere close to was absolutely peanuts to her. Thank goodness, because if it wasn't for her generous visit, I don't think I would have ever gotten to try out a place like Thousand Cranes in Greenbelt. Also, considering our well-documented fondness for hotpot and shabu-shabu places, having been able to try a new place like this was just a real treat for Lem and myself.

Raz's Manila visit, a mini-Sutherland reunion! Photos ahead! ) After all the activities of that day, I reluctantly had to leave early, and catch a cab to work. Sigh. I woud have really liked to stay behind a bit more, and maybe have a drink or two with the girls, and at the time, I was seriously considering calling in sick at the office. I didn't have a valid excuse, though, and I also realized that I needed the money and I was way past the allowed two-hours-before-your-shift allowance, so I dragged myself to work anyway.

Raz has since gone back to Dubai, and I sure hope we get to see her again some time soon! It's always so nice catching up with friends like that. ^___^ I just hope that the next time she drops by, maybe WE could end up treating her out instead, hehe.

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Yay for much-delayed and image-heavy posts!

First, some intermissions:

* GameLoft will be opening an office in Manila, and I am kicking myself as to why I do not have the qualifications nor the portfolio to try for the vacancies that they have recently posted. I am thisclose to emailing Vincent Ricot to beg him to let me work for them as... I dunno... a receptionist? Person who makes photocopies and coffee? Gargh. I KNEW I should have insisted on taking up Fine Arts back then... T_T

* As ganked from [livejournal.com profile] ruk, Epson has launched their recent photography/graphic arts contest. Prizes include a 2-day trip to Japan in order to attend the awards ceremony, 2 million Gil Yen, and some Epson goodies, of course. So, if you want to join, just check out Epson's site for complete details. I've been considering joining, but I realized that the world is not yet ready for my greatness... Yes, that's the caffeine talking. Pay no heed.


Anyhoo, last July 6 was a very full and busy day. In the morning, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa whom we haven't seen for SO VERY LONG. Apparently, ribbon and lace was necessary to coax her out of her work schedule and spend some time with us, as she dropped by to purchase that loli headpiece that I posted about some time ago (my first customer! WHOO!). She's already written a better and more complete entry about that day, so I'll just leave it at that and let you guys go to her post if anyone's interested. :D

After spending the first half of the day with Elea, Lem and I then trooped over to Mall of Asia to meet up with my high school friends. A member of our group celebrated his birthday, and we were lured with the prospect of free food.

Hehe... seriously though, we WERE there to celebrate James' birthday, and I suppose it also served as a sort-of-going-away-party for Kate who, as of July 15, has already gone off to Singapore to work and live there for the next 2 years. James will also be following suit by July 24. I'm gonna miss them pretty badly, and I promised to write them letters once they're done with job-and house-hunting, and they figure out what their new mailing address will be. Sniff.

Anyway, moving on... we met up at Powerbooks and debated until we were finally able to make up our minds as to where we would be having dinner that night. We finally settled for Super Bowl of China, since it's one of the places that the celebrant really likes. When we got there, we were relieved to find that the place had plenty of available seats despite the fact that the mall itself was jam-packed with people (this is why I make it a point to avoid malls whenever they hold sales...). We then started ordering food and the celebration began! :D

Dinner at Super Bowl of China )

After gorging on all that food, James was apparently still not content with fattening us up, so we took a cab to Serendra (The Fort), and he also treated us to dessert at the much-hyped specialty shop, Cupcakes by Sonja.

I was pretty excited to finally get to try one of the famed cupcakes, since I've never had the chance to do so since the shop opened in late 2006. I've read a lot about it, and though the merchandise has received rather mixed reviews, I've always wanted to at least see the venue ever since I saw the photos from Jin Joson's Death Note cosplay shoot.

Cupcakes by Sonja. More, yes? No? Maybe? )

And that was how James' birthday went. Bow.
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I was browsing through old posts, as well as checking old blogs that I haven't visited in a VERY long time, when I ended up visiting one of Lem's old blogs. He had a phase where he only posted images that he edited/created, which served as his whole entry, and I found one particular old entry of his which made me melt into a fit of giggles:

This tickled me pink the first time he posted it all those years ago, and I think it still amuses me endlessly even until now. Needless to say, I love the fact that he knows me so well. XD
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Just a short intermission before I go on: Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, for another win! Hehe... let's just hope it doesn't all go to his head though. In the meantime, I just want to say for the record that I agree with his trainers that letting him do his training here in the Philippines is a bad idea, as showbiz and politics takes too much of the boxer's time whenever he's home. So yeah, the next time he has another match coming up, I say cancel all those TV appearances, concerts and what-have-yous, ship him back to California, and lock him up in a gym for a couple of months.

Moving on...

Lem and I spent yesterday just relaxing. After I got home from work at about 5:30am, we slept until almost noon, before we finally woke up and decided that we were getting a little hungry. We intended to head to the Legazpi Village Sunday market because we really missed the takoyaki and Hong Kong style noodles that are sold there, but we were worried that we wouldn't be able to catch a ride on anything and commute to Legazpi Village because of Pacquiao's match. After all, as we all know, whenever Pacquiao has a fight up, the whole country just simply grinds to a halt to watch TV.

Anyway, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to try to head out before Pacquiao's match started, and we were able to easily catch a jeepney to the Don Bosco area. It was drizzling at that time, so we figured there wouldn't be too many people at the Sunday Market, but lo and behold, it turned out that it was still packed even though some of the regular vendors didn't show up for today.

Upon getting there, one of the first things that caught our attention was the fact that the small tent that's set up in the area which was normally reserved for a small Catholic mass (presided over by a priest from Don Bosco Makati) has been converted into a small, make-shift theater. It basically housed two television sets on one side, and the TVs were facing slightly away from eachother. Except for a small area directly in front of the TVs, the rest of the space under the tent, as well as the whole area beyond the tent's cover, was occupied by fans who had their eyes riveted to what was going on on the TV screens.

Apparently, between the time that we closed the apartment door behind us, and the time that we arrived at Legazpi Village (which is about... ten minutes), Pacquiao's match started, and it was already well into the fourth round by the time we got there.

Now, I mentioned earlier that it's been drizzling when we left our apartment, and it still was when we got to the Sunday Market, but the people who couldn't find cover under the tent just simply stood around with umbrellas in order to watch the fight. It was quite a scene, seeing a bunch of foreigners mixed in with the locals, and then seeing them all "HAH!", and "OH!", and "GAH!", and flinch in perfect unison whenever something interesting happened to Pacquiao's match against Diaz.

Yep. Have you ever seen a tightly-packed group of about 30-40 people flinch in unison? It's fun. It reminds me of a school of Moonfish. Hehe.

With everyone distracted and all, Lem and I were able to easily find a table and order the food items that we've been craving for. We shared a box of takoyaki, Lem got himself a nice quarter-pounder from Monster Burger, and I headed for Manvy's for a bowl of those seafood stir-fried noodles that I've been craving for for months. I swear, food always tastes twice as good when you finally get to eat it after craving for it for so long! And the best part was that there were no lines at all the food booths because everyone else was busy watching the match!

By the time the match ended, Lem and I were already enjoying our mango smoothies to finish off our meal, and we figured out the result of the match from... well, from almost every person who passed our table. It was also easy to tell since everyone left the tent smiling, and people were congratulating eachother, and telling the vendors at the food stalls all about it as they finally started lining up to buy snacks and meals.

The match, as well as our meal also ended just in the nick of time, since about 20 minutes after Pacquiao was declared the winner, the rain suddenly started to come down really hard. By that time, I was already settled inside a nearby 7-11 branch, and Lem was at our apartment as he had to go back to get some money so we could watch a movie.

We watched Wanted at WalterMart, and despite what the comic book version purists have to say about it, IT WAS GREAT. True, it had a lot of deviations from the source, but for the love of God, it has Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and it has Gun-Fu. End of Story. WHAT MORE DO YOU POSSIBLY NEED?? Rawr!

But all that's for another post.

(PS. I love, love, love being able to post via email. XD)
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I was feeling pretty sick and bummed out last week, so I decided to call in sick for my shift last Tuesday, and Lem convinced me to spend my days off (which are on Wednesdays and Thursdays) at his parents' house in Fairview. It was great. I've convinced myself that I should probably call in sick on a quarterly basis or something, just to keep myself from burning out completely. I never thought that a three-day weekend would be so nice.

Anyway, it was pretty cool since I was able to spend my rest days playing with their cats, and watching Lem's 6-month old nephew roll around on his grandparents' bed. Another fun thing is that the said nephew has recently acquired a new baby walker which has rendered him effectively mobile. It's always fun to watch him take his wheels for a ride, hehe. XD
I guess my only problem was that even during my rest days, I still slept during daytime to keep my body clock from going haywire on me. The good of it all was that I was able to spend my evenings editing and uploading photos, surfing, blogging, watching downloaded anime, and downloading music that I could stick into my new cellphone, all on a borrowed laptop. The bad part is that I missed the opportunity to sleep during the deliciously cool evenings, Lem was asleep while I was awake, and I ended up sleeping while everyone else in the house was already awake. This was rather awkward, considering that Lem and I slept on a mattress in the living room of their home's newly-constructed second floor (construction is still ongoing, and not all of the rooms have been completed yet. More on that next time...).
However, I guess it was also nice to nap in the mornings and afternoons, especially since the family cats were nice enough to keep me company, and we would end up napping together, with me on the mattress and them on the nearby rugs and mats. I have to admit that I've really missed the pleasant feeling of waking up and finding a pet nearby, even if it means waking up from time to time to shoo away the big tom cat who insisted on sleeping on Lem's side of the mattress while Lem was at work. I would have happily shared the bed space, but unfortunately, I'm scared of triggering Lem's allergies, so the tom had to settle for the rug.
On Thursday morning, I hitched a ride with Lem's parents to Makati, and we dropped off his sisters at their respective college buildings inside the UP Diliman campus along the way. As we were going down the tree-lined streets, I realized that I never fail to be amazed at how pretty all that greenery is. I really wish that Lem and I could still afford to hang out at the campus as much as we used to. Oh well. Maybe we'll find some time soon.
After leaving the UP campus, we headed straight to Makati and I tagged along as Lem's parents inspected their new unit at The Columns on Ayala Avenue. After the inspection, we were checking out the establishments at the ground floor of the building, and I was happy to find that a whole bunch of other shops have already settled in. I was especially pleased to find that a convenience store (MiniStop) has recently opened, but at the same time, the realization that Makati is being overrun with Starbucks outlets also finally dawned upon me.
We were checking out the new Starbucks branch at the ground floor of The Columns, when I realized that, wait a minute, there's also a Starbucks at the third floor of the RCBC Towers which is right accross the street. And another one at the ground floor of the PeopleSupport building which is right accross the street from RCBC. And then another one at the ground floor of the Standard Chartered building about 100 meters away down Ayala Avenue. And another one in Legazpi Village, near Washington Sycip park, a couple of blocks away. And then another one at the Insular Life Building. And another one at Enterprise Tower. And then there's one at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati. And three inside Glorietta. And one in Greenbelt... and all that's just on one side of Makati, along the Ayala and Pasong Tamo area, I haven't even mentioned the ones that can be found in the Makati Avenue and Jupiter street area, and I'm pretty sure that there's a whole lot more that I don't even know about, hidden in nooks and corners all over the Valero and PRC areas.
It's a little unnerving, as these are the ingredients that make up some of the tastiest (and silliest) conspiracy theories, RPG campaigns, and cartoon plots.
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Right now, I am EXHAUSTED. I'm just really, really thankful that my day off is tomorrow, so I can at least rest and catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, it's not me who's sick. It's Lem who came down with an ear infection and some sort of allergy. We don't know why either, but last Friday, he just simply woke up that morning with a bad case of swimmer's ear on his right ear. So he went home to Fairview, and then this morning, he came back with an equally bad case of allergies. And both now both ears are inflamed, too, which has effectively rendered him half-deaf. T_T

The ear infection is new to me, but I've seen the allergy a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly started getting all these red spots all over his body. It was a little scary because the spots looked like mutated mosquito bites (as in, the mosquito that bit him must have been a mutant) and they were all over his legs, arms, his shoulder and torso. It really scared me. I sent him to see a doctor, and he got a shot for the allergy, and then he went home to Fairview where he was then taken to a hospital a second time and he had to be given the anti-allergy medicine via an IV, just to get those red spots to go away.

This morning, as I got home from work and I was settling in for some rest, Lem arrived with his two infected ears and a whole lot of spots all over him. Good thing I've already showered and all, because after about 30 minutes, I was dressed again and we hopped into a taxi and we headed for Makati Medical Center. We made a quick stop at Lem's office so that he could ask permission to take the rest of the day off, had a quick meal, and by 8am, we were in the waiting area for an EENT specialist to have his ears checked.

We were told that the doctor's office would open by 9am, so we decided to just wait it out until then. However, the doctor didn't arrive until about 10am, after Lem had a good nap in his chair. So, the doctor took a look at him, and basically stuffed his ears with a bit of cotton and told him to keep up the ear drops that he's already using. Apparently, the cotton was to keep the medication from dripping out of his ears.

Then, we headed for the emergency room to have his allergies checked. After a long wait, a doctor prescribed an anti-allergy shot for him again which basically KO'ed Lem for about an hour or so. Thankfully, the emergency room has dividers in between beds, so I was able to stay in the chair beside Lem's bed while he slept. After another hour or so, they gave him another shot, this time for a dose of steroids, which promptly sent him off to sleep again. We weren't able to leave the hospital until about 1:30pm since we still had to wait for the doctor to issue a medical certificate that Lem could bring to work tomorrow, as well as a new set of prescriptions for more allergy-fighting stuff, as well as some steroids. We then walked out of the hospital, bundled ourselved into a taxi - yes, no more hopping into taxis as he was groggy with medication, and I was just plain zombified from lack of sleep and exhaustion - and got home by about 2pm.

And by 7:30pm, I was back here in the office. Sigh. Have I mentioned how thankful I am that it's my day off tomorrow?


As for the allergy that Lem has suddenly sprouted, we're still not quite sure what it is, though we're both under the impression that it's skin asthma, aka Atopic dermatitis. I remember that Ritchie and Mitchiko's daughter, Cayleigh, also had to be given steroids when she was a baby, and that the kid is banned from eating things like chocolates, seafood, eggs, preserved meats, and things with lots of preservatives in them. Before we left the hospital, we were warned by the doctor to stay away from the exact same things. I was also reading up on the topic a bit earlier, and the symptoms all seem to match, so I'm sort of convinced.

Of course, it would have been nice if we could pinpoint what exactly has been triggering Lem's allergies, but I heard that those kinds of medical labwork are pretty pricey. At the moment, we're already very thankful that we've both got healthcare coverage that lets us run to the nearest clinic with impunity whenever we need to. I could only imagine just how much the bill for yesterday's emergency room visit could have been if it wasn't for his insurance... or all the other hospital visits before that, for that matter. True, the prescriptions are expensive and we had to ask money from Lem's mom to buy the medicine, but that's STILL a lot of money saved, as compared to going sans-healthcard. *kisses her own Maxicare card*

Speaking of healthcards, my parents will also be receiving their own Maxicare cards by next week, so I'm still poor, but at least I wouldn't be such a neurotic worrier when it comes to my parents anymore.


During all the waiting that I did while I was at the hospital, I also discovered an immense appreciation for the new cellphone that I have. For one thing, I now actually own a phone that has a radio and actually requires a memory card, so yay, that really made the waiting a whole lot easier, actually. Also, the phone comes loaded with a flash mobile version of Sudoku, a game I've never played before and have never been interested in. However, in the span of a morning, I discovered that there may actually be some hope for me to recover from my irrational fear of a lot of numbers grouped together.

Apparently, it's actually pretty fun once you get used to it, but then again, I've always been accused by one too many people of being a stickler for Patterns, so I don't think that counts. T3T

(posted via email)
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Yesterday, Ian picked me up from the net cafe that I was at, after I finished posting here in this blog. I already mentioned that I felt awesome that time, and everything got kicked up a notch when he gave me this adorable moose plushie which he won from some raffle at work. The moose plush toy that he got me is NOT made of terrycloth, thank goodness, but is made of something more velvety, and is actually a ton cuter because it's also wearing a little t-shirt with the eBay logo on it. *hearts. squeeeee!* XD

After that, we headed for WalterMart and had a nice meal at The Old Spaghetti House, bought some books, and then decided on the last minute to see Iron Man instead of Forbidden Kingdom.

(I don't know if anyone's noticed by now, but yeah, whenever we come by some extra cash, it will almost always inevitably end up being spent on either food, books, a movie, or - as in this case - all of the above...)


There were several occassions when Ian and I ended up grabbing eachother's arms in excitement, and I had to stop myself from giggling and squeeling like a four-year-old on a sugar-high.

- That part where Jim Rhodes glanced at the unpainted spare Iron Man suit and said, "Next time, baby." - FORESHADOWING MUCH???
- The first mention of S.H.I.E.L.D. - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!
- STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!! SAMUEL-JACKSON-SLASH-NICK-FURY makes an appearance!! - (whaddya mean they aren't one and the same person??! You lie!)

I swear, that last bit with Nick Fury in it DID make me squeal, but thankfully, the theater was empty by then as everyone else left the moment the credits started rolling. Oh, if they only knew what they missed...

Of course, purists will ALWAYS find something to bitch and moan and nitpick about, but forget about them. It's a good movie, and I'm just hoping so bad that the sequels that the movie hints of would be just as awesome as this first one. And yes, the moment that SAMUEL-JACKSON-SLASH-NICK-FURY uttered the line, "You think you're the only super hero?" it was all as good as sold for us.

Meanwhile, Ian and I are pretty happy again since all the good movies are starting to come up again. Among our picks for movies that we HAVE to see in the theater are:

- Forbidden Kingdom (because Jackie Chan + Jet Li = WIN!)
- Wanted (yes, the one where Angelina Jolie ignores all penalties and gets a +4 bonus to her ranged attack when her target is concealed.)
- Wall-E (because we love Pixar)
- Get Smart (because we love good comedies)
- The Dark Knight
- Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (because... ANG GWAPO NI PRINCE CASPIAN! AHAHAHAHAHAH! ... oops.)
- Sin City 2 and 3 (coming in 2009)
- Watchmen

Oh yeah. We need to save up. XD
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I find it so weird, that as I was on the way here to the internet cafe that I am in right now (i-Hooked Cafe, Makati), I was thinking about how little has happened to me recently that it's possibly not even worth posting about.

And then lo, and behold, on my way here, I was given blog fodder, haha!

Today is my only day off for the week, and I spent the last 15 hours or so sleeping, from 9am this morning, until midnight. I think I could have gone on for longer if Ian hadn't come home from work (I didn't even notice that he left in the afternoon) and woken me up. I'm guessing that he may have feared that I've slipped into a coma or something.

Anyway, Ian has an activity for work tomorrow, and he and his workmates have to do some practicing at a workmate's flat (it involves the eBay song, and some interpretative dance. Don't ask...). The said workmate lives close to Makati Cinema Square, so Ian and I decided that he'll show me where he's staying, and then I can go head to i-Hooked, and surf and actually get some work done for the day.

So I left Ian with his workmates, and decided to walk from Makati Cinema Square to Export Bank avenue, near the corner of Pasong Tamo, by going down Amorsolo. I figured it was the safest way to go since Amorsolo has both Creekside Mall and Mile Long Plaza which is filled with girly bars and karaoke joints, so that meant that the area is well-lit and has people in it.

I was enjoying the night air, and the long walk (I love Makati, you can just walk EVERYWHERE), when I approached the front of one of the clubs. There was some commotion going on, and when I got close to the crowd, it turned out that there was a very drunk Japanese lady slumped on the floor, crying. The security guard, the waiters, and the mama-san of the place that she just tumbled out of didn't know what to do with her as they all didn't know how to speak Japanese (it turned out that the only GRO that they had that spoke the language was absent that day), and they didn't know how to a.) get her to pay the bill, and b.) get her home safely.

Being the idiot that I am, I got myself involved in the trouble.

The mama-san asked if I knew how to speak Japanese, and I said no. By the time I said it, though, she's already grabbed my arm and shoved me towards the crying lady. Not knowing what to do, and getting worried about the lady myself, I decided to try anyway, and just give up and walk away if I failed on the first go. That way, everyone can say that I at least... well, tried.

I noticed that the lady looked like a typical OL/Oeru, so I figured she'd probably know how to speak some English, and I can use what little smattering of Japanese generic terms and phrasebook bits I knew.

Well, long story short, I managed to get the lady to give me her bag and wallet, and pay for her tab. I also ended up asking the security guard to hail us a taxi, helping the lady into the taxi, getting into the taxi myself and asking the driver to take us to The Columns on Ayala Avenue (thankfully, her wallet had a tag with her name and address on it written in English). I also ended up paying the driver with money from the lady's wallet, and walking into the building lobby with her draped on my back and still sobbing, but half-unconscious.

Once I got through the door, the doorman and the front desk staff got her off my back, both literally and figuratively. I showed them the tag on her wallet, and they confirmed that she was indeed a resident of the building, and that they had a spare key to her flat. I was about to leave at that point, but they asked me to accompany all of them to the flat as some sort of safeguard, since they had no female staff to witness that they didn't molest the lady in any way, or steal from her in case something turned up missing. T_T;;

So, up we went, got the lady through her door, and tossed her on her bed, shoes and all (she had an awesome apartment, by the way). One of the staff turned on her airconditioner, and I covered her with half her comforter and tucked her purse inside with her. She was fully knocked-out by then, so we left her in her room, locked the door behind us, and we all agreed that after all that, it was US who now needed a drink. Haha!

Sigh. Of course, it has only occurred to me now just how much trouble I could possibly have been in if it turned out that she WASN'T a resident of that building and if she actually lived much farther away. Or if we actually left her in the wrong apartment.

This has got to be one of the weirdest midnight walks that I've ever taken.

 Well, at least I got a free taxi ride to the area I was headed for in the first place. -____-;;;


Mar. 18th, 2008 11:18 pm
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It's been a while since I last posted, so you can probably tell that it's my day off today. Hehe. Anyway, before I begin, I just wanted to comment that there has GOT to be something VERY wrong with this world when the Dalai Lama is being accused of inciting violence.

The DALAI LAMA is being accused of inciting VIOLENCE.

See? That sentence doesn't seem to work at all, does it? The very way that those specific words were placed together in that specific order is, in itself, quite wrong I think.



There. Now that I'm done at shaking my head at the sadness of the world, let's talk about nicer things.

I passed by Donau Gourmet again this morning to pick up some pretzels (or Brezels, as indicated on the receipt) as a small treat to celebrate the end of yet another workweek. I was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Sager recognized me when I came in the store, and she got the pretzels for me. She also gave me a couple of Kaiser buns with roasted poppy seeds on it, and I decided to pick up a couple of polska kielbasa as well.

Unfortunately for me, I never got to taste the kaiser buns since Lem wolfed them down when I got home. T_T

Speaking of which, it was also nice that Lem made a batch of soup for breakfast/dinner (it really depends on what time your actual day begins). He was just done cooking by the time I got back to our apartment, and it was such good timing too, since the pretzels and the soup went very well together. I imagined that we can eat the bread with liver spread or something, but the soup worked wonderfully, and it ended up being quite a filling meal.

As for the kielbasa, it's in the fridge now, and I'm planning to cook it tomorrow with some button mushrooms and greens on the side. ^_^


It's summer now.

You can tell. It's in the air. I could taste it.

I can't wait to go to the beach! ^___________^
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Yes, I know that it's VERY late for this, considering that I first wrote about the lovely little German deli/cafe in Amorsolo last February 10, took the photos on February 15, and I'm only posting the said photos about a full month later. Sorry. ^_^;;;

Anyway, the place finally has a name in this blog, and it's Donau Gourmet, just like it says on the glass panel that greets visitors as they come in:

So remember kids, you heard it here! Haha! XD XD And no, I'm not getting commissions from plugging for this place (though it would be nice it I did). I just like promoting places that I like because it's my way of helping to keep it there. Lem and I have already seen too many of our past hang outs close down, so we do what we can. XD

More photos of the rest of the shop + food! )

And there you go! More photos at my Multiply album! ^__^
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Hehe... I just came back from a quick trip from Waltermart Makati to do a couple of things that I've been meaning to do for a while. I was home, I was alone, and I was bored, and Waltermart is one jeepney ride and ten minutes away, so I figured, what the heck. So, I've gone ahead and:

- bought myself new swimwear, because I've gained weight since I bought my one and only swimsuit several years ago.

- went to a salon for a foot spa treatment, because there's this pair of flat shoes that I bought last month that, though cute, walking around in it has made the soles of my feet tough in a matter of a few weeks.

- had my eyebrows tamed at the same salon, because my eyebrows have wills of their own and is the type that only mad scientists would envy.

Of course, I do still feel a little guilty and a little silly about it, but I did enjoy myself and I'm comforted by the fact that I still managed to spend within my means.

Anyway, the foot spa treatment was actually my main objective for today. I was watching TV this morning and caught a glimpse at the soles of my feet, and I just noticed that the soles have gotten hard and were actually peeling. Ugh. So I happily handed over two hundred pesos to the ladies at the salon I went to, and had my soles scraped until they were tender again.

It was nice to get rid of the hard layer of skin, but the experience was also slight torture for me since I have very ticklish feet. It's so bad that sometimes Lem can't even give me a footrub because I keep jerking away and I have to ask him to stop before I end up kicking him in the face by accident. So, as I sat there in the salon chair, I had to put in a lot of effort to keep myself from giggling like a maniac as the lady started scrubbing and scraping my soles. I felt like Toph in that Avatar episode where she and Katara went to a spa and she was given a similar treatment.

As for the eyebrow fix... well it cost sixty pesos, so I figured I'd go ahead before I chickened out again. XD I'm pretty happy with the result though, and I'm just thankful that I no longer have to worry about some men I know who actually have nicer eyebrows than I do (the shame!).


Speaking of retail therapy, Lem and I finally gave in last week and bought ourselves yet another cable box. Yep, since December 2007, Lem and I have been deprived of television since the cable box has been set to mute, and the remote control was somehow broken along the way. And since the only way that we could un-mute it was via the remote control as the volume controls on the cable box worked independently from the controls on the TV set itself... well... we've been unable to find a replacement cable box remote, so we gave up and bought a new cable box set.

When we installed the new one, we found that the remote for the new one also works for the old set, so we now have a spare cable box, just in case.

Anyone want to buy it for 500 pesos? XD

Anyway, now that we can watch TV again, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the History Channel has been added to our channels. It's so full of mame chishiki, which we are complete suckers for, that we can't stop watching.

Damn you, History Channel. Why do you have to be so damned interesting..? T_T
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I finished watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi the day after I posted about it here in my blog (more detail on that later), and yeah, needless to say, watching a 24-hour-long series can really mess up your brain... Yep, I ended up with more weird dreams that I can now add to my already-growing list of visions, which include Armageddon and other such crap.

In my dream, I went home to my parents' house in Novaliches because there was a Balikbayan that I wanted to greet. I had the feeling that I was really looking forward to this person's visit, and I was eager to meet him ASAP. The moment I got in through our front door, I dropped my bag and asked my parents, "Nasa'n na siya? Anjan na ba si Zu Wei?" ("Where is he? Is Zu Wei already here?"). I then started calling out for the person that I came over to meet, and I headed for my old room (the one now occupied by my aunt). This in itself was already weird since I don't even like going anywhere near that place because it's so messy and dirty and cluttered, that my aunt's stuff literally spills out into the hallway whenever you open her door.

Anyway, my dream self opened the door of my old room, and there, in a version of my room back when I still occupied it and it was neat, there sitting on the floor near the door and opening a suitcase was Philip Lee. He was wearing dark jeans, a white and black plaid long-sleeved shirt (untucked and with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows), and gray socks. I remember that I took careful note of the socks, because in our house, shoes and slippers are not allowed to be worn inside bedrooms, and my dream self was worried about having to explain this house rule to our guest.

After finding him in my room as he was unpacking, Philip Lee gave me a big smile, said "hey!", and stood up to greet me. As we were stepping towards eachother to - um, I don't know why either... shake hands, maybe...? - I woke up.


So, as I lay in bed, sleepy, confused and trying to remember what just happened, there was a portion of my brain that kept screaming, "DAAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!".

For the rest of that day, I either:

a.) wallowed in frustration at the fact that I couldn't even get to Philip Lee _in my dreams_
b.) giggled, squee-ed and blushed like an idiot at the mere thought of finding him waiting inside my house, and
c.) wondered who the hell Zu Wei is and what has THAT got to do with anything.

For the last item, I'm already dismissing that as some random tidbit that my brain somehow dug up in my cluttered subconscious, and it could be the brand name of my cheap-o spatula, for all I know.

I later told Lem about that dream as we were having dinner at home before I sent him off to work, but he just looked at me, frowned, and said that I was weird. He has also expressed undue concern at the prospect of being usurped by a figment of my imagination, and it needed a fair amount of cuddling to comfort him. XD (Don't worry, baby! I'd still choose you over Philip Lee! Afterall, who else can take my weirdness and quirks??? XD)

Haha! I'm sorry, but I've just really been preoccupied with this Korean star. I even managed to somehow dig up his official site, plus I've been collecting pictures of him which I store in my office mailbox. Whenever the day starts getting bad at the office, I just open up the email with his photos in it, I stare at it a bit, I giggle, and the world is fine again. Haha! I feel so damned silly, but it feels good, I don't care. XD

Can you blame me? I mean, JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin... )

So, Philip Lee, if you're reading this, now you know...

Please leave your slippers/shoes at the door when you enter a room in our house in Novaliches. XD
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Andre's Blog
I found out via YM the other day that one of my old college classmates seems to be starting out a new career as an OPM pop star, and he's currently promoting his single. I thought I'd help along. Hehe. ^_^v (It also helps that it's one of the better things on the radio right now, especially if you're as sick of novelty songs and remakes/cover songs as I am. Revive the Filipino music industry!)

Not really a link, but I figured I should just mention that as Elea has recently found out, one of our friends from our UST co-op days has finally decided to tie the knot. Wow.

Work, marriage, kids... Goddammit, we're getting old! It's such a far cry from the days when the biggest occassion you could possibly run into in a year was someone's debut/18th birthday! XD XD


I'm currently at work, itching to get the heck out of here and start enjoying my days off for this week. Hehehe... Oh, and I'm also on break, and enjoying the sudden, miraculous breakdown of the office firewall that keeps me from accessing LJ. :D

I'll be going to our house in Novaliches today and Ian and I will be spending the night there, and then the next day, we'll be spending the day at their house in Fairview. It's rare that Ian and I are both free (he's currently enjoying a one-week hiatus prior to starting a new job), so we figured that we'd take advantage of it.

Another motivation to go home to Novaliches is the fact that... TADAH!!


Yes, I can be easily lured into the dumbest of traps by simply showing me the cuteness that is either a puppy, a kitten, or a newly-hatched penguin.
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Just posting some photos that I've taken of Wasington Sycip Park. The park is right smack in the middle of Legazpi Village, right accross the Union Church of Manila. Ian and I like to hang out there whenever we feel the need to detox from the activity of the busy city of Makati. Since we don't really have the chance to head over to the UP campus and stroll under the trees and sit on the grass while eating fried fishballs, this is the next best thing. We consider it as a quick fix, which can then be capped by a cup of strawberry cornflake shake from Sango afterwards. Lolz.

As the date suggests, the photos were taken a few days before my well-documented haircut. I just figured that the last time I blogged about the park, I just took photos of the ducks but didn't really bother to note how pretty the place generally is. So, here's the results. ^_^;;

Insert cosplayer HERE. *points up*

Just taking a little stroll... )

(More photos in my Multiply Album)

I have to admit that the park is one of the reasons why we love staying where we are right now, despite some recent drawbacks. ^_^
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Last January 21, Ian and I celebrated our sixth anniversary.

I made a pesto macaroni salad. He brought home a tub of vanilla ice cream. I made strawberry syrup with a batch of strawberries that I bought the day before, and that went in with the ice cream.

Then we turned off the lights, we cradled our mugs with ice cream and syrup, cuddled, and proceeded to watch Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny. XD XD XD

After that, we watched Robert Newman's The History of Oil (<-- YouTube link). Ahhh. British satirical, political humor. Gotta love it. XD

I have also found a new love in the form of Robert Newman. XD

So yeah...

Happy 6th Anniversary, baby. ^________^


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