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Thank you, WebKare. (as ganked from [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_rose ).

Oh, and dibs on Ryuuji. (AHAAAAAAAA~~Y~~!!)

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My work schedule has recently shifted again, and I somehow ended up with my former schedule, with me starting work at 12:30 am, and leaving the office at 9:30am. I actually do like this new (or old?) routine, since I don't have to deal with traffic, and by the time I leave the office, malls, banks and other establishments are already open and ready for me to frolic in.

Now, because of this new schedule, it also meant that the ukay-ukay place near our office which I frequent is already open by the time I pass by it on my way home... *cough*

So, I decided to pass by some time last week, and lo and behold! I was able to get TWO cotton yukatas for 50 pesos each! Hehe. It's nothing fancy. Each one is just white cotton with a repeating pattern printed on it in blue, or indigo if you want to be finicky about it. It's really more of the type that can be used for lounging around at home, or the ones you can find provided with your room at a ryokan or onsen, as opposed to one that you'd wear to a summer festival, since it's not quite as pretty.

I already have my own red-and-white yukata, but Lem has also been wanting one, waaaaaay back when I still lived by myself in Sampaloc and he saw me wearing my yukata. That's why when I saw the two white-and-blue ones for sale, I got them immediately. I also figured that it was unisex enough so that I can also use them if I wanted to. Hehe...

My only dilemma now is that the Yukatas don't come with an obi, or even a matching koshihimo. :(

Because of this, I've decided that I'll most likely just MAKE the damned things since I can't seem to find any place that sells it. Plus, even if I did, I figured that I'd most likely end up paying much more for the obi than I did for the yukatas themselves (but then again, that's relative, considering that the yukatas are only 50 pesos each...).

So, to outline the project, it looks like I'm going to be making...
  • about 4 lengths of koshihimo substitutes. I need only 2, but you'll never know when Lem might lose his, or if I might want to tie a proper obi...
  • one obi for myself (about 5 inches wide or so, according to
  • [info]magiqa and her friend)
  • one obi for Lem (about 3 inches or so, should be fine for a guy, right?)
Now, I'm still a little iffy with the lengths and widths that I need to work with. Can anyone point me to some reference material that I can possibly use? I'm considering dropping by the JFMO library one of these days to see if they possibly have any sewing patterns I can possibly photocopy and use, but I'm not sure if they even HAVE such material in the first place.

All this will have to wait until after payday though, when I can actually afford to buy some cloth. Hehe. Wish me luck.
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First of all, a plug:


I was watching the news this morning, and CNN was running a story on how the recent earthquake in China ruined the panda research facility. In the clip, they mentioned that the main road that leads to the facility has been blocked, and the only way to reach the place would be to take a one-day detour. Because of this, the panda's fresh supplies of bamboo have been severely hampered.

I'm such a softie when it comes to animals, and this story just breaks my heart. I was thinking of giving a donation, but I don't think they accept PayPal. T_T

In my imagination, I'm hoping that Jordi steps in and helps the animals... T_T


For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I don't know what got into me, but I was in the office one slow workday, and then I suddenly got this itch to make a loligoth headpiece. The next day, I found myself in a lace shop, going gaga over rolls of very pretty lace and ribbons. I made some purchases, and now I have two headpieces sitting in my closet, all pretty, packaged and ready for use. One is a black-on-black piece for a kurololi outfit, while the other one is mainly black with a white lace ruffle trim, with a rose piece.

Of course, it's occurred to me that I don't own a loligoth outfit to go with the headpieces, so I may just sell it eventually.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a nearby ukay-ukay store had a discount day, and all garments sold for 20 pesos per piece. I walked away with about 7 pieces, one of which was this long, black, one-piece dress with long sleeves, which looked more like something a nun would wear, sans the white collar.

I actually intended to practice on this black dress/smock because as I was looking at it in the store, the only thought that was going through my mind was "It's really nothing that a needle and some thread can't fix." I intended to nip that thought in the bud, as I was under the impression that I was having another episode of misplaced over-confidence. So, I bought it and told myself that if I ended up butchering the dress, then it's no biggie since it's only twenty pesos anyway, PLUS I'd finally get that voice in my head to shut up.

I went home and trimmed the sleeves to a more reasonable length, but I thought that it would be such a waste if I just used the trimmed-off portion as a rag afterwards. Instead, with some hemming, and a bit of extra lace I had lying around, it turned into an arm accessory for - you guessed it - a loligoth outfit. It now looks like the thing that Jam Kuradoberi has on her arms, except it's in black, and would go well with a kurololi ensemble.

It HAS occurred to me that I seem to be accidentally building a whole ensemble anyway, piece by piece, but we'll see if anything else pops up from the scraps that I have at home. Who knows, maybe I'll end up selling a whole ensemble on eBay or something. I've considered wearing it myself, but I think that I'll need to slim down some more first and maybe get a Glutathione shot. Haha! Sorry, but I just don't have the pale complexion that goes well with the loligoth look, so I won't even dare try. Maybe I'll dress up someone else someday, I dunno.

As for the dress itself, it's wearable now, though it's still lacking some elements so my mannequin is still wearing it, with bits and pieces of lace and ribbon pinned to it, as I try to decide how to proceed. I plan to drop by the lace shop again soon to get more materials, especially since Lem made some interesting recommendations (I've been getting the feeling that he may be enjoying this as much as I am) and I want to try them out and see how it looks.

Apparently, it WAS nothing a needle and a bit of thread can't fix.

It's a lot of work though, since I don't own a sewing machine, and I don't know how to use one even if I did (I swear making ruffles by hand is a BITCH!), but it feels very good to be making something with my hands again that isn't food. Haha! I guess I do get a sort of rush with every finished product I churn out. ^_____^

Now that I've been bitten by the sewing bug, it also doesn't help that I watched a special on NHK about recycle fashion. So, the next time you see me buying a tattered/torn/old shirt, please don't panic just yet. I ain't going hobo. It's just me trying to gain more XP to level up my sewing skills.
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Hehehe... I think I must have snorted in glee when I read about this from [livejournal.com profile] h_matsumoto's blog. XD

The local Hard Gay Man cosplayer is recruiting for volunteers to be his bouncers at tomorrow's ToyCon. Heck, if Lem and I can possibly make it to the ToyCon, I'd like to join in for kicks. XD

i'll announce it 3 times.... SAY (1) SAY (2) SAY (3) ------attending TOYCON? become a HG BOUNCER!!! Jun 10, '08 4:29 AM

SCENARIO: alodia had bouncers who shoved people around, HARDLY... - complaints heared by my hip-gay-dar from soon-to-be-HG-fans.... say say say.... thats a hard story...

i would like to announce: HG's volunteer bouncer club now open for new recruits!!!

apply now! how to register? WEAR A BLACK TOP?SANDO/TSHIRT/LEATHER VEST/ETC on TOYCON's event in megamall

so alodia has bouncers, what do we have?

support and become HG's bouncer!! (thrusting not needed)


goal: SHOVE PEOPLE TOWARDS HG!!! i will harass one and all (except 65 years old and above, due to possible heart conditions)

spread the love -and the news!!! (HG bouncers are expected to be proud)

remember: BLACK TOP: shirts, sando, leather vest, neck tie, whatever!!! fooooooooooo!!!!!!!

alodia baby, here i come!

Haha! ToyCon's tomorrow! So search your closet for those black tops! Now GO! Fuuuu~~!! XD XD
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Agh. Apparently, it wasn't such a good idea to try to watch Shibuya Eco Live Save the Future special on NHK. I caught the set that featured the J-pop girlband Perfume, they performed their singles Polyrhythm, Chocolate Disco and Baby Cruising Love, and now I can't get their bubblegum-synthesized voices out of my head.

I can't help it! Their tunes are so catchy and danceable! Never mind that most of their lyrics consist of just one stanza and a chorus that's repeated over and over and over... and never mind that they still have their synthesized voices even during a live performance... and never mind that the whole audience watching the said performance all know the band's trademark "peace" sign and would readily perform it IN UNISON at the slightest provocation (which is kinda freaky, now that I think about it)...

Help... T_T

Chocolate... disco... chocolate... disco... chocolate...
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I was watching NHK earlier to check out the Shinjuku Eco Live performance, when after a few sets, they cut to a news break to report a stabbing spree in Akihabara. I checked CNN and BBC, and they were running the report too. It was pretty weird, because when they first ran the report on NHK, they said that 3 men have died, and then a few more song numbers later, the report was changed to 6 casualties. Now that I'm checking it on CNN.com and NHK's site, the number is now 7, with the latest victim being a young woman.

It's pretty scary, isn't it? I mean, the middle of a  busy intersection, in a part of the city filled with kids and tourists, on a weekend, in broad daylight. Brrr... :(

On a side note, I have to admit that my first thought when the report came on was, "Oh my God, did any cosplayers get hurt?"

I fail at life, I know.
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I woke up at noon today, which is pretty early for me, considering that I normally sleep at about 7am everyday, since my work ends at 5am. Unable to go back to sleep and trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, I turned on the TV for some background noise and somehow ended up settling on Al Jazeera which, besides BBC and CNN, actually has a lot of interesting things featured once they finish reporting on political crises, explosions, accidents, scandals and stock market tragedies.

One of their reports stated that the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure received flak from the Muslim community for a 3-second shot featuring a baddie flipping through the pages of a Koran, right before he orders a hit on the show's main protagonist. Shueisha was very apologetic about it and pulled out all DVDs that showed the scene, which was very nice of them to do. However, this report also sent thoughts racing through my head, two of which were:

"It was 3-seconds long. How did they find this? A Muslim anime fan? Or do they have a committee that's tasked to watch, read and listen to ALL media ever invented, as they try to find anti-Muslim material? Hmm... that reminds me of some people..."


"Well, you don't hear ANYONE complaining about hentai, though. Nope. Not hentai. Never hentai." XD XD

After that snippet, they also ran a short report on how a local government-run Myanmar TV station has been airing ads, stating that companies like BBC and VOA are "destructionists" and should not be listened to.

Yes, even if you're living in a tent, have to line up for 4 hours for rice and water rations, struggling with disease and have several dead family members from the recent natural disaster that struck your city, you are NOT to believe the white dudes way over there who are telling everyone else that... that... well... that you're living in a tent, that you have to line up for 4 hours for rice and water rations, that you're struggling with disease and that you have several dead family members from the recent natural disaster that struck your city. No, no, no.

Really, that's just silly. T_T;;

Speaking of silliness, though, here's another Al Jazeera feature that was gleaned from the int3rwebs. Japan Binocular Football!! See it to believe! XD XD

And now, back to our scheduled program. And yes, most of my mornings are like this, though I normally get strange, silly news like this from Fox TV and not Al Jazeera. Today may have been an exception.
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I find it so weird, that as I was on the way here to the internet cafe that I am in right now (i-Hooked Cafe, Makati), I was thinking about how little has happened to me recently that it's possibly not even worth posting about.

And then lo, and behold, on my way here, I was given blog fodder, haha!

Today is my only day off for the week, and I spent the last 15 hours or so sleeping, from 9am this morning, until midnight. I think I could have gone on for longer if Ian hadn't come home from work (I didn't even notice that he left in the afternoon) and woken me up. I'm guessing that he may have feared that I've slipped into a coma or something.

Anyway, Ian has an activity for work tomorrow, and he and his workmates have to do some practicing at a workmate's flat (it involves the eBay song, and some interpretative dance. Don't ask...). The said workmate lives close to Makati Cinema Square, so Ian and I decided that he'll show me where he's staying, and then I can go head to i-Hooked, and surf and actually get some work done for the day.

So I left Ian with his workmates, and decided to walk from Makati Cinema Square to Export Bank avenue, near the corner of Pasong Tamo, by going down Amorsolo. I figured it was the safest way to go since Amorsolo has both Creekside Mall and Mile Long Plaza which is filled with girly bars and karaoke joints, so that meant that the area is well-lit and has people in it.

I was enjoying the night air, and the long walk (I love Makati, you can just walk EVERYWHERE), when I approached the front of one of the clubs. There was some commotion going on, and when I got close to the crowd, it turned out that there was a very drunk Japanese lady slumped on the floor, crying. The security guard, the waiters, and the mama-san of the place that she just tumbled out of didn't know what to do with her as they all didn't know how to speak Japanese (it turned out that the only GRO that they had that spoke the language was absent that day), and they didn't know how to a.) get her to pay the bill, and b.) get her home safely.

Being the idiot that I am, I got myself involved in the trouble.

The mama-san asked if I knew how to speak Japanese, and I said no. By the time I said it, though, she's already grabbed my arm and shoved me towards the crying lady. Not knowing what to do, and getting worried about the lady myself, I decided to try anyway, and just give up and walk away if I failed on the first go. That way, everyone can say that I at least... well, tried.

I noticed that the lady looked like a typical OL/Oeru, so I figured she'd probably know how to speak some English, and I can use what little smattering of Japanese generic terms and phrasebook bits I knew.

Well, long story short, I managed to get the lady to give me her bag and wallet, and pay for her tab. I also ended up asking the security guard to hail us a taxi, helping the lady into the taxi, getting into the taxi myself and asking the driver to take us to The Columns on Ayala Avenue (thankfully, her wallet had a tag with her name and address on it written in English). I also ended up paying the driver with money from the lady's wallet, and walking into the building lobby with her draped on my back and still sobbing, but half-unconscious.

Once I got through the door, the doorman and the front desk staff got her off my back, both literally and figuratively. I showed them the tag on her wallet, and they confirmed that she was indeed a resident of the building, and that they had a spare key to her flat. I was about to leave at that point, but they asked me to accompany all of them to the flat as some sort of safeguard, since they had no female staff to witness that they didn't molest the lady in any way, or steal from her in case something turned up missing. T_T;;

So, up we went, got the lady through her door, and tossed her on her bed, shoes and all (she had an awesome apartment, by the way). One of the staff turned on her airconditioner, and I covered her with half her comforter and tucked her purse inside with her. She was fully knocked-out by then, so we left her in her room, locked the door behind us, and we all agreed that after all that, it was US who now needed a drink. Haha!

Sigh. Of course, it has only occurred to me now just how much trouble I could possibly have been in if it turned out that she WASN'T a resident of that building and if she actually lived much farther away. Or if we actually left her in the wrong apartment.

This has got to be one of the weirdest midnight walks that I've ever taken.

 Well, at least I got a free taxi ride to the area I was headed for in the first place. -____-;;;
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I forgot to mention that I finally finished watching Busou Renkin a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the DVD that jylichan left at our place when he dropped by the last time.

I have to admit that the series sort of felt like the result of something that Nobuhiro Watsuki probably doodled on a lazy summer afternoon when he had to submit SOMETHING to his publishers, the main protagonist What's-His-Face was a bit on the forgettable side, and the ending of the anime series felt a little rushed and all. BUT it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it, and all thanks to one character in the series: PAPILLON!

I swear, he's so gay, that I love him. XD XD

See for yourself: [YouTube link here]

All I can say is....

... do you really want to pick a fight with a guy who keeps his mask in his thong briefs...? XD

MOTTO AI~~~!!! PA - PI - LLON~~!! * strike a pose!! *
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First off, for stuff that I've picked up from my flist just now...

** From Khursten:

A maid cafe, featuring MEN, cosplaying as GIRLS, cosplaying as MAIDS.

Oh yeah, baby! Get me a Japanese visa! NOW!! XD XD XD

Dear God, this takes the cake for today's DISCOVERY MADE OF WIN. It cracked my skull open for the first few minutes, but now I'm just getting this steady tickling sensation at the back of my head. It still causes me to randomly burst into fits of giggles, but hell, I love it. XD

** From Magnetic_rose:

The cutest pair of headphones that I have EVER seen. I am despairing over the fact that I cannot own a pair myself since miss M_rose purchased hers in Japan. T_T Sigh.

*Goes back to looking at male maid waitresses. Giggles.*

** From Karen

I didn't know that Jonathan Brandis killed himself. O_O

Or maybe I did, and I blogged about it years ago, but I forgot and I just rediscovered it today, thanks to Karen's post about Brad Renfro's death. It's just that back in elementary school, I had the biggest crush on him and I'd watch SeaQuest every single week without fail because of him. So, when I learned that he actually committed suicide, I guess I was a bit baffled by it all. :/


As for the subject of this post, I just wanted to write about this one dream that I had recently if only for its utter weirdness.

The dream started out with me going to a pet store, and checking out the fish section. I wasn't interested in actually getting a pet fish, and I was just looking around waiting for someone. Anyway, the room was perfectly square, and pretty big, and all the walls were lined from ceiling to floor with tanks of colorful fish, just lazily swimming around. In the middle of the room was the cash register, and the counter space around the register itself was also stacked with fish tanks.

I don't know why, but the cashier handed me this plastic container in the shape of a pair of high-heeled shoes. The container was filled with water, and in the water was a pair of lovely goldfish. Well, I don't know if they were goldfish, but they were gold-colored, and they had these lovely fins that swayed back and forth as they moved around in the tiny container. I thanked the cashier and I headed out of the store because I remembered that I had to meet Lem for dinner at some restaurant.

The dream then cuts, and I'm already seated at the table, facing Lem. I looked down at my hands (I was still holding the container with the fish), and when I looked up, I was surprised to find that Lem has transformed into, of all people, Kazuharu Fukuyama in his serious/gentle mode, smiling at me!!

Yes, Fukuyama from Girls Bravo! Blonde hair, white school uniform and all!

Lolz. What's so special about this dream was that in my dream, I had this absolute feeling of SHEER. JOY. It was... it was like when Candy from Candy Candy finally found out that Terry was actually **** OPS! Spoilers... ****. It was THAT sort of elation. Lolz. I swear, I've never had a dream that had such an intense feeling like that, that it carried over for the rest of the day after I woke up. It was so... ROMANTIC! XD XD

In my dream, after I found out about what happened, that Lem was actually Fukuyama, I actually hugged him, closed my eyes, smiled, and said, "My prince..."


I swear, even _I_ never thought that I'd ever say something like that, EVEN IN DREAMS! I could have sworn that there were shojo bubbles floating around at that point, and then I woke up, and I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. In fact, just thinking about it right now makes me feel giddy. Haha! And to think that the "Prince" archetype isn't exactly the first thing that I go for, given a choice. And my God! Fukuyama??? As we all know, he falls in the same class with Happosai, except with good looks and an infinite amount of money. He does have his moments though, when his testosterone level doesn't get the better of him, so I suppose I wouldn't mind...


But then again, considering that I've been crushing on 2-D males since elementary and high school, should I even still be surprised?


On the other hand... what was that saying again? Something that's got to do with your first dream of the year? Because that WAS my first dream of the year... Erk. ^_^;;;;
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Hehehe... who says that simple joys can't come in through the mail? XD XD

Lolz. Our Mikuru is just a simple, cheap-o gashapon that we got via Play-Asia last December 10. She now stands on top of our TV, surrounded by her security retinue which is composed of a small hamster plush, a tiny plastic dog figure, and Jyli's jade (??) turtle which he gave to us some time last year, I think. Meanwhile, Ian and I enjoyed taking photos of the figure so much, that we're actually considering purchasing more in the future, once our finances allow for more toys.

One funny thing is that the gashapons are random, and you can actually get any character from the series. And yet we still ended up with the perviest of the lot. XD

Yeah, this is one of those purchases that falls under the "I had balance in my PayPal account that I can't withdraw and I don't know what else to do with" category.

Along with Mikuru, we also purchased a can of candy drops, as seen in Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies). I swear, I can almost sense the impending sense of heart-rending grief that it will cause once the can is emptied. After all, we've never forgotten that scene in the movie when the little sister *** never mind. Spoilers galore, in case you haven't watched it, and in case you HAVE watched it, then you know what I'm talking about, right? ***. On the other hand, I still don't know why the word "Drops" is spelled backwards in Katakana. I don't remember if that's actually the way that it's written on the can in the movie. :/

Damn you, Ghibli.

(more photos in my Multiply Album)

(Yep, this post is me taking a break from some recent happenings... ^_^;;)
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It being my day off yesterday, I was intent on just simply vegetating at home, sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of ultra-buttery popcorn. As I was flipping through the channels, I managed to catch the last 10 minutes or so of J-Melo's anime themes special on NHK. I was watching the video for the theme of a Ghibli film, and I was disappointed to find out that the show was already about to end. However, the last video that they played totally blew me away, because there is nothing quite as sexy as an all-girl brass band in short, cute dresses, playing a jazz version of the Dragon Ball Z theme, Makafushigi Adventure. Observe:

I swear, the piano parts for this piece is LOVE! Tokyo Brass Style's homepage can be found at brasta.jp. ^_^
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The laptop's clock is telling me that it's currently 2:19AM, Manila time, and I've just finished reading through the whole series of Death Note manga scanlations (which is about a year or so too late, now that I think about it).


Hehehehehe... now (motive) I need to get my hands on the anime and movie versions for comparison. Plus, I need to see if watching those would sway my opinions about L and Light. Hehehe! (/motive) :D

I've bought one of those Death Note replicas from Comic Alley last month (yep, Hong Kong. It's all I could afford. Hehe.) and I'm tempted to start writing on it for the heck of it. Ian also told me that it may serve as a good, fun way of relieving stress, so I guess we'll see. Haha! XD


Anyway, Lem will be awake in a couple of hours to get to work by 6am, so I should probably get started on those pancakes in another hour or so...

Next up on my scanlations reading list would be Mahou Sensei Negima... @_@;;
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Oh, the things I would do for a Japanese Visa, just so I can make a pilgrimage to the Square Enix store and pay homage to this:

a life-sized, sleeping Sephiroth installed in the shop floor. )

Awww... it's just so sweet to watch the neurotic, demented little darling sleep. I bet he's having candy dreams of the day when he rises again to bring justice to the world, after he recollects all his energy and is once again charged up to full POWAH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! CUE ORCHESTRA MUSIC!!


Actually, I'd also like to have a Chocobo plushie, and some Slime merchandise. They're cute.
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Well... as you guys all know, for the longest time, I've been wanting to take up formal courses to learn the Japanese language. I even remember that some time last year, Khursten has already pointed me to several places where I can take lessons or gather material, and one of those places was the JFMO (I'm still trying to find that entry... this is what I get for not using tags...). That was quite some time ago, but it wasn't until Rosa told me the other night that it's actually possible to go to the Japan Foundation office here in Makati and use their library for free, that I finally decided to go.

OFF-TOPIC SEGUE!! --> Yeah, that and I was at the nearby SSS office, checking if my SSS contributions which they have been taking from my salary have been going where they're supposed to. I found out that the last contribution that was made in my name was last December 2006, and no contributions have been made for 2007 have been made. Is this normal...? < / off-topic>

I found out that the Japan Foundation has this cozy little library with a photocopy machine, and it was my goal to go there, find the book which Rosa recommended, Minna no Nihonggo, and photocopy it so that I can study it at home. Rosa even took some time to come up from the 11th floor where she works, so that she can show me the books I'll need (and also so that I can finally hand over the Neverwhere discs I've promised...).


But then I found that the JFMO also has a section for Japanese cookbooks. In English. And there's a photocopier in the same room. Yarrrrr.....

As I texted to Rosa after she left me by myself at the library, "I lose at life."

Well, at least I now have a valid excuse to make more trips to the JFMO. I'm studying. Um, lots of things.
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(This entry will partly be written in the vernacular...)

Yes, Shaider. You know? Blue space sheriff? Goes around with a yellow-clad assistant who drives a spankin' Mazda RX-7?

The bad news: this series, which will forever be one of the better parts of a lot of Filipinos' childhoods is up for a modern adaptation... with some dude named Dominic Zapata playing as Alexis. EWWWWWWWWWW.

Not happy. News as taken from the Philippine Entertainment Portal. )

Goddammit. There goes MY childhood, right out the window and right in front of the headlights of a speeding ten-wheeler. Pfft.

All I can say is... whoever is playing Annie HAD BETTER BE WILLING TO DO HER TRADEMARK PANTYSHOTS!! Hah!!!

Anyway, as spurred by this news, here's my latest YouTube playlist which consists of songs from Shaider, Bioman, Maskman (in Tagalog! Whoo!!), Mask Rider Black, the Tagalog opening for Sailormoon and Magic Knight Rayearth, Saint Tail, Super Boink, Machineman, Time Quest, Princess Sarah, Cedie, Candy Candy, BT'X, Raijin-O, Saber Marionette, and Yaiba. I left out the obvious ones like Voltes V and Daimos.

Yeah, now, you have a fairly good idea on the stuff that I grew up on, so don't be surprised if you happen to see me space out and drift away to a happy place whenever one of these theme songs play. BLUE FLASH!! Ah, yes, those were the days...

WhooO!! Umamin na! At one point or another:
- gusto mong maging (or maging jowa) si Annie
- gusto mong magka-Mazda balang-araw kasi nagfi-flip yung headlights. HI-TECH!!!
- gusto mong maging isa sa mga Amazona.
- Naging idol mo si Igamu
- nag-wish ka na may giant robot din na nakatago somewhere sa school nyo.
- Nainis ka kay Michael Joe/Rio
- Umiyak ka nung namatay yung orig na Yellow 4
- sumigaw ka ng "Moon Crystal Power Make-up!"
- naging crush mo si Mamoru
- hanggang ngayon sumisigaw ka pa rin ng "Takure... TAKUREEEE!!!!"
- nung nilagyan mo ng plastic cover yung notebook mo, naalala mo si Machineman at yung baseball na nagsasalita, si Buknoy
- gusto mo magkaron ng Battle Hopper. Except yung hindi umuusok.
- Ginaya mo yung pose ni Shaider pag ginagawa nya yung finishing move nya.
- Umiyak ka sa Cedie
- Umiyak ka sa Princess Sarah
- Umiyak ka sa Dog of Flanders (kung di ka umiyak dito... bato ka! Bato!!)
- naisip mong mag-Violin lessons kasi... kasi... ANG GWAPO NI FAO LA FINI!! AAAAAAAYYYY!!
- gusto mo biglang pumuntang Japan, hanapin yung portal papuntang Cefiro and pikutin si Lantis/Zagato/Guru Clef/Ferio (Shet, Zagato, mahal pa din kita!! *kilig*)
- O eto... one.... two... a one-two-three!! "LUNTIANG IPO-IPOOOOO!!!"


... and wala na~. ^_^;;
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Holy sardine, I'm back in high school and drooling over a 2-D male all over again. Wahahaha!! I sort of miss the feeling. I haven't felt this silly/girly/giddy since... since... Aya Fujimiya? Hyde in the Kasou video? Heck, I don't even know anymore.


Screencap from Devil May Cry, the anime, as seen on Famitsu.

We reported on this some time last year (I remember it was a couple of weeks before Typhoon Milenyo), but I didn't think they'd make Dante so HAWT. Heck, we already KNOW that Dante is teh smex, but you don't see scenes like this in any of the games (I dunno about DMC4 on the PS3 though...):

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!! *hearts hearts hearts hearts hearts*

If I made our room look like that, would you shower at our place, too? OHOHOHOHOHOHO~~!!!!

Haha! I need another kick in the head now, and I'm sure Ian would simply give me that LOOK that he gives me when I get too weird. Whheeee!!

Am fully awake now. Back to work.

Follow-up thoughts on the Kasou video: DAMMIT, WHY CAN'T _I_ BE THE MIC STAND??????

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I mean, everyone's doing it.

Even Rockman...

Everyone's doing it. And I mean EVERYBODY...

have I mentioned that EVERYBODY is doing it?? )

EDIT: Oops. In my rush to post this entry (I was in the office but it was too good to pass up), I forgot to include basic info about the dance. For those who may not know, it's a special ending sequence for the anime version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), and the song is Hare Hare Yukai. Here's the original video of the dance sequence for comparison. ^_^;;

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And once again, my entire high school life comes crashing down upon me, in waves of memories. And the trigger for the sudden trip down memory lane?

BUST A GROOVE, BABY!!!! *does her best impression of Kitty N... which is pretty lame...*

My goodness, it's been 10 years, and the songs from the Bustagroove soundtrack still make me dance until now. I still remember their stages, I still remember the unlockable characters, I still remember their routines when they go in Fever Mode.


By the way, has anyone else noticed that the English lyrics of Shorty's song is actually really sad...? O_O;;

My mama tells me everyday, not to move so fast across the room.
She's worried I'll break something,
but I'm at the age where i do what I wanna do.

I know I'm your baby, like you keep saying.
I wanna be free. Don't treat me like a child.
I'm never changin' as I grow older.
Forever the same, Shorty and the EZ-Mouse.

Hiro - The Natural Playboy (Hiro vs. Shorty)

Kitty N - Bust a Groove (Kitty N, practice stage)

Remember Shorty and Heat...? More videos! )
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The next time you decide to cosplay as a Nintendo character (or any video game character, for that matter) and act like an idiot... please try not to get caught by the character's creator, 'kay? XD

(as swiped from [livejournal.com profile] idle_eidolon) <--- My babuy's new blog. ^______^ Tee hee.

On the other hand, my hat's off to Miyamoto-san for being such a good sport! ^_^ Gotta love the guy.


And now, this is what happens when Trekkies become politicians... KAPLAH!!

Finnish MP seeks votes in Klingon

HELSINKI (Reuters) - A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his Web site into Klingon, used in the TV series Star Trek.

"Some have thought it is blasphemy to mix politics and Klingon," said Jyrki Kasvi, an ardent Trekkie. "Others say it is good if politicians can laugh at themselves."

He said his politics posed some translation difficulties, since Klingon does not have words for matters such as tolerance, or for many colours, including green -- the party under whose banner he is running in the national elections on March 18.

Non-warriors can also access the site, www.kasvi.org, in English, Swedish and Finnish.


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