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I spent yesterday with Mitch and [personal profile] guia , both of whom I haven't seen since we went to the Spa last January. Yep, despite the fact that it was raining cats and elephants yesterday, we somehow all made it to Robinson's Galleria in one piece. We weren't really able to do much, though, since everyone was on a tight budget for various reasons, and the main reason for our meeting was to talk about Mitch's upcoming business venture. Nonetheless, it was fun hanging out with them again. ^_^

Also, I dropped by the post office this morning to send off a bunch of letters. I just realized recently just how much I miss snailmail. It all started a month ago when I was poking around my old stuff in my room in Nocaliches. I found this big old basket where I kept all the letters I ever received, and I also found my old box of stationery. So, I decided to send off some notes to say hello. :D

I'm in a letter-writing mood recently, so if you want to receive snailmail from me, just lemme know, and leave your mailing address in the comments. 

I'm pretty excited about this, can you tell? :D

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FINALLY. I've finally managed to get my hands on a decent PC and actually have enough time to sit down and type away. Anyway, there's been a LOT of things that I've been wanting to post about, but a sudden lack of resources have prevented me from doing that.

The last half of December 2007, and the first week of January 2008 has been particularly eventful, and I'm actually quite glad about it all, even though some of those events weren't exactly pleasant. Anyway, I'll try my best to make this short and sweet:

- Currently reading:
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn (dammit!! The next chapter is taking so long!!)
* Hatsukoi Limited (NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!!!)
* Genshiken

- Currently watching:
* Girls Bravo (Just finished it this afternoon. Ecchi comedies, FTW!)
* Howl's Moving Castle (Just managed to watch it last week, for shame!)
* Busou Renkin (Halfway done. Disc c/o Jyli)
* History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi (10 episodes and counting)

Hehe... I've been pretty much out of the loop when it comes to anime and manga, that I'm just glad that I've been having more chances to enjoy them recently. I still have a lot of catching up to do!


Because of a recent incident, I still haven't been able to edit and upload some of the pictures that I've taken during the UST 2007 Paskuhan, and nor have I been able to work on all the photos from our barkada's Christmas party last December 22-23. I've really been wanting to put those pictures up since I know that my high school friends would also like to see those photos online.

But then again, I guess I should just be thankful that I still have the photos to work with at all. ^_^;; Maaa... I guess just one regret that I have is that I wasn't able to back up some of the files that we had on the laptop, including some old photos from my old phone which I haven't been able to store anywhere else. Sigh.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I manage to go to Ian's house in Fairview to do all that since there doesn't seem to be a single, reasonably-priced net cafe in the city which has Adobe Photoshop installed on their PCs... I guess the photo updates will have to wait.


More on updates, as a continuation from the previous list:

- Christmas was spent at work. Then you guys know what happened next. XD

- New Year's Eve was spent at work... and then after work, Ian picked me up and we headed for TriNoMa so that I can treat my parents to lunch.

- Watch out world, I learned how to make sansrival, and I've been making and giving away trays of it...

- January 2: jylichan dropped by our apartment to feed us FRIED SNICKERS BARS!! ^__________^ Photos of glorious food item to follow.

- Been using the office gym, FINALLY, and so far I've been able to keep it up. An hour and a half four times a week should be okay for starters, right? Considering that the last time I actually did any serious workout was back in 2001 (?) when I played soccer... I've also been changing my eating habits, so I hope I'll be able to maintain this momentum for the whole year. I figured it's best to start out slow and steady instead of burning myself out immediately.

- January 6: went to The Spa in Acropolis with Rosa, Mitchiko, and Tin. Mitch and Tin treated me for the spa and for dinner with a whole bunch of Hill People at Serye Eastwood afterwards, since I'm currently broke. ^_____^ I still can't stop saying THANK YOU!! The trip to the spa was so goooooooooood. ~_______~ Tin also gave me a small box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates which is now carefully stashed away in our fridge (Ian knows better than to breach my supply of chocolates though...). Photos taken at the dinner to follow.

- January 8: Met up with Rosa at the new JFMO library in Pacific Star. That library is so gorgeous now!! The last time that I was there, they were still at the 12th floor, but the new one... bean bags in one corner, high windows, ipods loaded with Japanese songs, a mezzanine... WOW!

- When I met Rosa, she brought along miss h_matsumoto with her, so I finally got to meet her in person. ^_^

- Ian's mom and sisters gave me a cute corduroy bag which I now use, and Rosa gave me a 2008 Starbucks planner (YAY!!!!!)


... Ehe... everything seems incoherent back there. Sorry. I can't seem to think straight right now, especially when there's A LOUDMOUTH WOMAN WHO JUST LEARNED TO USE SKYPE SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME, SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS TO SOME KOREAN DUDE ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD SHE'S SAYING.

I miss having my own desktop PC.

I better close here for now before I stuff my mouse down her nose... ^_^##

Eitherway, may 2008 be good for everyone.
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Well, the middle of my week has been eventful enough, which is probably the very reason why I could barely stay awake at work for the past two days.

Anyway, last Wednesday had me trooping to Quezon City to meet my parents at SM Fairview at noon, and then we went to Jed's dad's memorial service in the evening.

My parents were okay, and I was pretty glad to see them. Of course, the only downside to all of that was the fact that while we were together in the mall, I was the one who had to keep reaching for my wallet. Sigh. Thankfully, I remembered to go out prepared, and I managed to convince my mom that NO, she does not need a 1500-peso pair of shoes from me right now.

We parted ways at about 4pm, and I headed to Ian's place where I freshened up a bit before he, his mom and sisters, and I all piled into their truck and headed for CRL in the UP Campus to attend the service. To be honest, I quite liked it, since... well... it was the happiest memorial service I have ever seen. The eulogies were nice and funny, Ian's sister Kay played the piano, and their uncle Benjie (who is currently in the US) even emailed a 3-page speech for Jed to read to everyone.

(SEGUE: Being someone who was raised within the cloisters of Catholicism, having to attend such occassions was always something that I did my best to avoid because it's just so frustrating and/or drab. The scenes that I have grown accustomed to always involved a lot of heart-rendering screams of anguish, and people were obligated to look serious and sad, and grief-stricken, and lost, and confused, etc etc... You get the picture. Basically, if you were anything other than sad, people would start thinking that you're disrespecting the deceased person. Go figure.)

It's been a looooooooong time since Ian and I have last visited that campus for a stroll under its trees, and it was really just a pity that it was unbelievably humid that evening as we wanted to take some time to walk around. We managed to walk out for a while after the service proper, but we only got as far as the Sunken Garden before we saw a LOT of lighting, and we retreated back to the chapel.

And yeah, Rosa + Karl, Ritchie, Daryl, Joey, and Martin also managed to drop by for the service (there were more of them, but I don't think I've met the other people they were with), and it was nice to see everyone. ^_^ I was also pretty glad to see Daryl since I haven't seen him in years. I admit that I still do feel a tiny bit maternal towards the guy, the same way that Elea and I used to mother him back when we were all UST students. Haha! So yeah, I was really glad when I learned from him that he'll be going back to college soon. ^__^ Yay!

After they left, and as Ian and I were helping out with getting the flowers and the food out of the chapel, it rained really hard, so that pretty much killed all my plans of going back to our apartment in Makati that night. Instead, I ended up staying over at Ian's folks' place again, without extra clothes or my toothbrush. T_T Thankfully, Ian lent me his old shirt, and he had Guild Wars installed on the desktop PC in his old room, so I was able to enjoy myself. The punchline to all this was that I forgot to sleep that night, and before I knew it, it was morning again, and I remembered that I had work again that evening, and I had 12 eBay transactions to deal with that day.



At this moment, I'm wondering if I've mistakenly sent some clients to Timbuktu... by mistake. It's really never a good idea to let a sleep-deprived girl handle your travel plans, you know.

Good night.
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Well... as you guys all know, for the longest time, I've been wanting to take up formal courses to learn the Japanese language. I even remember that some time last year, Khursten has already pointed me to several places where I can take lessons or gather material, and one of those places was the JFMO (I'm still trying to find that entry... this is what I get for not using tags...). That was quite some time ago, but it wasn't until Rosa told me the other night that it's actually possible to go to the Japan Foundation office here in Makati and use their library for free, that I finally decided to go.

OFF-TOPIC SEGUE!! --> Yeah, that and I was at the nearby SSS office, checking if my SSS contributions which they have been taking from my salary have been going where they're supposed to. I found out that the last contribution that was made in my name was last December 2006, and no contributions have been made for 2007 have been made. Is this normal...? < / off-topic>

I found out that the Japan Foundation has this cozy little library with a photocopy machine, and it was my goal to go there, find the book which Rosa recommended, Minna no Nihonggo, and photocopy it so that I can study it at home. Rosa even took some time to come up from the 11th floor where she works, so that she can show me the books I'll need (and also so that I can finally hand over the Neverwhere discs I've promised...).


But then I found that the JFMO also has a section for Japanese cookbooks. In English. And there's a photocopier in the same room. Yarrrrr.....

As I texted to Rosa after she left me by myself at the library, "I lose at life."

Well, at least I now have a valid excuse to make more trips to the JFMO. I'm studying. Um, lots of things.
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Hehe... after a LOOOOOONG time of not having seen them, I finally managed to join [livejournal.com profile] guia (Rosa) and Mitchiko for one of our girls' night-outs (the last time I managed to join them was at Bizu in Greenhills, about a year ago). Unfortunately, Tinne is still in Singapore and won't be back until this weekend, while Camille is in Bulacan, so there were only three of us last night. ^_^;;

In any case, we had dinner at Fish & Co. at Greenbelt, which I was glad to try since I've never been there before. It's an expensive place with food that costs about 350 pesos per plate, but at least the food is awesome and the servings are fairly large. Plus, it's only once in a while anyway. Hehe... (K's lame excuse for splurging!!)

Mitch ordered calamari for us, as well as two kinds of fish and chips. The calamari was so very tender, and I never knew that it tasted so good with lemon juice drizzled on it. Meanwhile the fish and chips was also very nice. It was basically a slab of the most tender, boneless fish which was breaded and fried, and then served with tartar sauce, lemon slices and/or lemon butter. One of them was the New York fish and chips, and the main difference is that it was served with parmesan cheese. Mmmm... my mouth is watering, just thinking about it. :)~

I would have taken pictures, but... sigh...

In any case, I also gorged myself on refillable strawberry lemonade, and one of the reasons that I liked it so much is because, as Mitch pointed out, it tastes a lot like Yakult, only a bit more strawberry-ish.

NON SEQUITUR --> I really think the stuff should come in 1 liter bottles, since one of those tiny ones is barely enough to even get down to my throat. The stuff is so good, especially when it's cold, that I end up drinking 3 or 4 bottles in one go anyway. And why in the world do we not have the flavored Yakult which I keep hearing about...? T_T

Hanging out with them was fun, and I was sorry that Mitch had to go early, but she had to spend time with Cayleigh (who is growing pretty fast), so that's okay. ^_^ After Mitch left, Rosa and I spent time at the benches outside the restaurants at Greenbelt, just hanging out and talking, so we ended up going home pretty late. Hehe. ^__^ And then I found out that even though I had the discs in the planner in my bag the whole time, I STILL forgot to give her the Neverwhere discs which I've been promising to give her since last year... T_T##

I really wished that this happened more often and that I could afford it if it does. XD
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I'm alive. Barely. Sorta.

Work + cleaning + unpacking boxes/bags + organizing = zombie

Just a few quick updates:

- the view of the sunset from our window is gorgeous.
- having a complete 180 panoramic view of the horizon is great. Just wished we faced East instead.
- the room gets farking hot for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I plan to tint the windows eventually to keep the heat and glare out, but for now, thank God for curtains and electric fans
- I get to watch the evening fireworks show at the bay from our window
- we are currently refrigerator-less
- pictures to follow soon


to Miss [livejournal.com profile] guia



I've been getting your texts as well as Mitchiko's but I've been loadless and half-dead lately. T_T I also haven't been able to go online much lately since we no longer have our own internet connection.

Anyhoo... GOMEEEEN!! T_T We can't make it to the party. We've both had so many absences and lates at work from Dec 1 to 15 (the times when we were looking for a new apartment/moving out of old place/moving in to new place) that we've pretty much sold our souls to our employers for the other half of December and part of January to do special projects and all that crap. Plus we need the money. Hehehe.

I feel bad because the last time I saw you girls was at Bizu (so long ago!) and I missed the trip that came after that... ;_;

I was also hoping to finally get to see Cayleigh, too. T_T

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After my day out with some high school buddies yesterday, Ian and I then finally got to meet up with Jyli and Elea today. We last saw [livejournal.com profile] jylichan back in June, I think, while we last saw [livejournal.com profile] magiqa... I think more than a year ago...

Anyway, we met up with Elea at KFC (again...) at Makati Cinema Square. We didn't order anything, just some drinks to keep us from getting kicked out while we waited for Jyli to get there. He arrived soon enough, and we then moved to the Japanese burger place at Creekside Mall, Sango.

Lem and I tried out Sango a couple of weeks ago upon the recommendation of an officemate, and we have fallen in love with their burgers and their green tea shake. Sadly, we won't exactly be visiting the establishment too often since it's a bit on the pricey side... or maybe we just shouldn't have ordered the biggest, heaviest burger on the menu. ^_^;;; Well, at least we got to try THOSE at least once, and it was pretty much worth it.

Moving on.

We all had lunch at Sango where we spent some time talking about random stuff, while keeping an eye on the plasma TV accross the room which was showing Crayon Shin Chan and Doraemon episodes in Japanese (it was showing J-pop music videos the last time Ian and I were there). After the requisite burps and all that, we finally got off of our butts and walked to WalterMart so we can watch a movie. On the way to the theater, Elea ended up buying some Portside shirts for herself and her siblings since they were on sale anyway. Hehe.

Since Elea and Jyli haven't seen The Prestige yet, and since Ian and are more than welcome with the idea of seeing it again, we all bought tickets for the 4pm show of The Prestige. Mark Ramos texted Elea at some point and said that he wanted to join us, but he just took too long and we already had to go inside the theater. I think he said he was still somewhere in Sampaloc by 3:40, so I dunno.

Apparently, watching The Prestige twice was a good idea, since so many things and so many lines from the earlier parts of the movie suddenly made so much sense! Like that part where Olivia tells Alfred that she doesn't trust Fallon? And Alfred says "If you trust me, then trust Fallon..."? Ooh!

Anyway, Elea had to be home by 8pm, so we all went our separate ways right after the movie...

...but not after some cam-whoring! Haha!!

camwhores! Unite! 9 pics under the cut. Oh, and a wet convertible... )


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