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As per my annual tradition... :D

Just something I doodled today to send out my greetings to everyone before the REALLY busy holidays... um.. days... arrive and everyone disappears to their respective provinces, homes, vacations, retreats, etc etc. XDDDD

And yep, I didn't feel like drawing Santa's elves, so here's an Antivan elf and a mage elf instead. Tee hee! (I can dream, can't I??)

So, happy holidays! ^______^
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May your holidays be merry, bountiful, and radiation-free! ^_^
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Ian and I were at Mall of Asia yesterday to hang out because it was just too hot and too boring at home (our TV is still dead), and after a nice lunch at Tokyo Cafe, we scanned the activity calendar because we noticed that there seemed to be an unusually high number of otaku-japorms in the area. Of course, it also helped that we saw a guy with blonde dyed hair and plaid pants, with a giant backpack and a KAMEN RIDER helmet under his arm, waiting for a cab. Sure enough, we saw that there was a Tekken Tournament in progress at the time, and we eventually found the poster with the announcement and the tournament details on it.

As it turned out, director of Tekken 6, Mr. Katsuhiro Harada attended the event as one of the judges, and there were also Tekken cosplayers present. Of course, with both Ian and I being fans of the series, we headed for the activity area to have a look-see.

Judges' table

Tournament photos )

Just a short, grainy video that I shot with my phone. ^^;;

I was actually pretty excited to be there, especially since they had a guest like Mr. Harada present. However... the event could have REALLY used a bit more planning than that. It's a BANDAI NAMCO event, for heaven's sake!

Anyway, I suppose my main points of complaints would be:
- the sucky venue. It was outdoors, on a hot, humid, Philippine afternoon, and EVERYONE... contestants, staff, judges, onlookers, us... were all dripping and stinky with sweat. Honestly, couldn't it have been somewhere air-conditioned, at least?

- 4 matches at a time doesn't seem too bad, but I was a little disappointed that only one random match was shown on the video wall. I wish there could have at least been 4 big monitors, or maybe a split screen at least, so that everyone can watch everyone's matches. Some matches that were NOT on the screen were actually pretty awesome, and I think it's a shame that they weren't given due appreciation.

- I felt sorry for the cosplayers, having been asked to just stand behind the judges the ENTIRE time. T_T

- I felt sorry for the judges since they were pretty much stuck in that heat and discomfort. Their only advantage was that they were seated and they weren't being crowded by other people.

- there were these big-ass fans in the area... which blew hot air around. Yep, the day was just THAT hot.

- the event coincided with the annual Level UP! LIVE 2008 event at the World Trade Center. Personally, I would have moved the Tekken event to another date, not just because the LU event is HUGE and would most likely draw everyone there, but also because it would be more convenient for players who want to attend both the LU event and the Tekken tournament. :/

Because of the heat, Ian and I were really starting to get dizzy, so we didn't stick around for very long. We left by the time that contestant 35 or so was being called, and this was just for the first elimination round. We have no idea how long the event lasted, but we're guessing it must have ended by about 5pm or so (which would have meant that everyone was in that area for at least FIVE HOURS???).

Sigh. Oh well. I just hope that the Japanese guests don't get scared off by this experience and refuse to accept future invitations to similar events in Manila. ^_^;;
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen. If you've read my previous post, then you know where this is going.


Hehehe. :3

This doesn't mean that I'm any closer to speaking in Japanese any time soon, though. In fact, having been able to successfully sign up for an account in the first place AND editing my profile (some of it anyway) without any assistance of any kind, is already considered as a major accomplishment in my book. However, having a miniscule vocabulary and being able to read hiragana, katakana and a tiny bit of Kanji, also turned out to be helpful. At least I can navigate the site without any problems since Kanji characters for "Home", "Message", "Album" and "Minilog" haven't been invented yet.

I also learned how to accept friendship requests and read PMs via trial and error, and then, a short guide in English has also been offered up on the site's boards (my eternal gratitude goes to [livejournal.com profile] khursten  for this), PLUS an international BBS has also been recently added for the non-Japanese people who stubbornly insist on playing a game written entirely in Japanese.

I still have no idea what my virtual boyfriend is saying, though, but if he's muttering my name in his sleep and he's talking about me with other people's Kare, I'm really hoping it's something nice. :3

Seriously, though... WHADDHESAY???? O_O

Why does he have to be so damned cute...? :3 Hehe... I've been squee-ing and giggling like a 13-year-old for the past two days, I can't stop thinking aout how my Web-Kare is doing, or what SCENARIOS I can possibly be missing by not being online, and Ian has already become pretty jealous over his 2-D rival. Haha! XD

The same day I got my Web-Kare account, I also promptly added a link to it in my LJ profile, as well as a widget on my food blog. The widget is especially nice. :3

In the meantime, I'm already expecting the so many ways that money is probably going to go into this game. The site is currently making money via advertising, but I can just imagine all the possible Web-Kare merchandise, books, CDs, doujinshi, posters, plush toys, figurines, cellphone straps, promos or possibly special/premium in-game items/events/features that the developers can possibly add. Can you say, "Christmas/Summer/Hot Springs/Hanabi/Sakura Viewing/Summer Festival/Beach Special"???

Evil, evil developers, playing with womens' hearts like this...
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Oooh... the very title makes my spine shiver. XD
This is just awesome. It's pretty old, but I just found it now, and I'm pretty wowed by it.

According to the website, realityofnature.com, the following videos "attempt to illustrate the potential Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum superposition through recorded video games."

"The first video (below) was constructed using the Kaizo Mario hacked ROM version of the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World. This particular custom level was played 1,000 times and than superimposed on top of one another, giving the impression that Mario’s many possibilities are being realized over and over again."

"The second video uses the exact same premise, this time using the PC game TrackMania. The game was played 1,000 times and than each finished level was superimposed onto the next; the point of the video is the same, but the smooth graphics make this one almost enchanting."

Wow. I think I could actually learn quantum mechanics if everything was explained this way...

And yes, this is me trying to lighten up after that previous post.
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Right now, I am EXHAUSTED. I'm just really, really thankful that my day off is tomorrow, so I can at least rest and catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, it's not me who's sick. It's Lem who came down with an ear infection and some sort of allergy. We don't know why either, but last Friday, he just simply woke up that morning with a bad case of swimmer's ear on his right ear. So he went home to Fairview, and then this morning, he came back with an equally bad case of allergies. And both now both ears are inflamed, too, which has effectively rendered him half-deaf. T_T

The ear infection is new to me, but I've seen the allergy a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly started getting all these red spots all over his body. It was a little scary because the spots looked like mutated mosquito bites (as in, the mosquito that bit him must have been a mutant) and they were all over his legs, arms, his shoulder and torso. It really scared me. I sent him to see a doctor, and he got a shot for the allergy, and then he went home to Fairview where he was then taken to a hospital a second time and he had to be given the anti-allergy medicine via an IV, just to get those red spots to go away.

This morning, as I got home from work and I was settling in for some rest, Lem arrived with his two infected ears and a whole lot of spots all over him. Good thing I've already showered and all, because after about 30 minutes, I was dressed again and we hopped into a taxi and we headed for Makati Medical Center. We made a quick stop at Lem's office so that he could ask permission to take the rest of the day off, had a quick meal, and by 8am, we were in the waiting area for an EENT specialist to have his ears checked.

We were told that the doctor's office would open by 9am, so we decided to just wait it out until then. However, the doctor didn't arrive until about 10am, after Lem had a good nap in his chair. So, the doctor took a look at him, and basically stuffed his ears with a bit of cotton and told him to keep up the ear drops that he's already using. Apparently, the cotton was to keep the medication from dripping out of his ears.

Then, we headed for the emergency room to have his allergies checked. After a long wait, a doctor prescribed an anti-allergy shot for him again which basically KO'ed Lem for about an hour or so. Thankfully, the emergency room has dividers in between beds, so I was able to stay in the chair beside Lem's bed while he slept. After another hour or so, they gave him another shot, this time for a dose of steroids, which promptly sent him off to sleep again. We weren't able to leave the hospital until about 1:30pm since we still had to wait for the doctor to issue a medical certificate that Lem could bring to work tomorrow, as well as a new set of prescriptions for more allergy-fighting stuff, as well as some steroids. We then walked out of the hospital, bundled ourselved into a taxi - yes, no more hopping into taxis as he was groggy with medication, and I was just plain zombified from lack of sleep and exhaustion - and got home by about 2pm.

And by 7:30pm, I was back here in the office. Sigh. Have I mentioned how thankful I am that it's my day off tomorrow?


As for the allergy that Lem has suddenly sprouted, we're still not quite sure what it is, though we're both under the impression that it's skin asthma, aka Atopic dermatitis. I remember that Ritchie and Mitchiko's daughter, Cayleigh, also had to be given steroids when she was a baby, and that the kid is banned from eating things like chocolates, seafood, eggs, preserved meats, and things with lots of preservatives in them. Before we left the hospital, we were warned by the doctor to stay away from the exact same things. I was also reading up on the topic a bit earlier, and the symptoms all seem to match, so I'm sort of convinced.

Of course, it would have been nice if we could pinpoint what exactly has been triggering Lem's allergies, but I heard that those kinds of medical labwork are pretty pricey. At the moment, we're already very thankful that we've both got healthcare coverage that lets us run to the nearest clinic with impunity whenever we need to. I could only imagine just how much the bill for yesterday's emergency room visit could have been if it wasn't for his insurance... or all the other hospital visits before that, for that matter. True, the prescriptions are expensive and we had to ask money from Lem's mom to buy the medicine, but that's STILL a lot of money saved, as compared to going sans-healthcard. *kisses her own Maxicare card*

Speaking of healthcards, my parents will also be receiving their own Maxicare cards by next week, so I'm still poor, but at least I wouldn't be such a neurotic worrier when it comes to my parents anymore.


During all the waiting that I did while I was at the hospital, I also discovered an immense appreciation for the new cellphone that I have. For one thing, I now actually own a phone that has a radio and actually requires a memory card, so yay, that really made the waiting a whole lot easier, actually. Also, the phone comes loaded with a flash mobile version of Sudoku, a game I've never played before and have never been interested in. However, in the span of a morning, I discovered that there may actually be some hope for me to recover from my irrational fear of a lot of numbers grouped together.

Apparently, it's actually pretty fun once you get used to it, but then again, I've always been accused by one too many people of being a stickler for Patterns, so I don't think that counts. T3T

(posted via email)
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This has got to be the coolest set of videos that I have seen in a good while. Lem showed me these and I'm pretty excited now.

Jeebus... THOSE ULTRALISKS ARE PROPORTIONED NOW!! THEY'RE HUGE!! WITH TUSKS!! Just imagine YOU getting ambushed by burrowing elephants with razor tusks! Whew...

Zerg reveal trailer

Zerg VS. Protoss
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Whoever said that 16-bit graphics can no longer wow anyone has got to be kidding. After seeing this video, I have to say that I was completely delighted and impressed by the idea, and if ever a 16-bit game DID come out for Gurren Lagann, there's a very high possibility that I will actually go out and buy it, just because of this clip.

Plus, the MIDI version of the opening theme of the series is pretty impressive, too. XD

On the other hand, there's this other combination that I've been mulling over. It's GURRENN LAGANN + CUTIE HONEY FLASH. I just can't seem to make up my mind about it. Either it's sheer genius, or it's pushing my brain to its limits and my mind will soon snap in half because of it. (Wanna compare it to the actual Cutie Honey opening song?)

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Thoughts for the day:

* Hachoojin - (noun) A Japanese alien with a cold.
* Celtic Crosshair - a homing/sniper spell that can possibly be used as a move by some random, anime magical/mystical girl. I dunno, this just simply came out of nowhere. Remember, you heard it here first! I think...
* Genshiken x Lucky Star = WIN.

Yeah. Stuff like this tend to turn up during breakfast conversations with Lem, though I'm also wondering if this was brought upon by the chocolate pancake mix that I tried out for the first time this morning. Is anyone still surprised that we've been together for six years?

Oh, and of course, there's our favorite (though we figured that other people may have already come up wit it before):

* "MICRO! WAVE!!" - the possible name of a possible Sentai member move. (I consider this to be an appropriate contribution to artofvalidation and co.'s "LENS! FLARE!!")

Good morning, world. XD


In other news, Lem and I have been so desperate for video games, that we've revived my Twin Famicom, took it out of the plastic wrappings that I placed it in, and hooked it up to the TV. Besides playing The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1985), we also ended up intently playing Dr. Mario up to the point that I had to pry Lem away from the controller and kick him out of the apartment to go to work.

After he left, I kept on playing, of course, but I gave up at stage 17 since it was just starting to get INSANE.

Haha! This got me thinking that back then... that was HARDCORE, man! And it probably still is, considering that you had to finish 20 levels with NO SAVES, whatsoever.

Anyway, we do plan to get ourselves a new PS2, as jylichan has been generous enough to donate a PS2 unit to us after we lost our old one. We're still saving up, though, and we're still weighing our options between having the unit repaired and buying the necessary accessories, or selling the unit and using the money to fund a new slim-type PS2.

.... Sigh. I miss my games.

Couldn't they have at least left the damned memory card???

That was 110+++ hours of FFX!! 170+++ hours of FFXII!! Do you know how long it took us to kill that bastard, Yazmat???!! And Sephiroth in KH2??? And how long it took me to find all 101 Dalmatians in BOTH Kingdom Hearts games?? And that I already had 87 of those stupid beads in Okami??? And all my record times and sizes in We Love Katamari???????? And... and...

*froths at the mouth and faints*

I miss my baby so badly. T_T

Well, at least I now have an excuse to play EVERYTHING again. Hehe. ^__^;;


We just managed to watch Sweeney Todd a couple of Mondays ago, and my goodness, THAT WAS FUN.

And Johnny Depp? He acts! He sings! He makes me want to bear his children! The weird part was that there were certain lines when he still had the Jack Sparrow drawl, but I was happy to ignore it. As for Helena Bonham Carter, she always just seems to fit quite perfectly into slightly-unhinged female characters and I love her for it, but I just hope that she doesn't get permanently typecasted into that sort of thing.

I loved the movie, and it was a wonderful ending to a date. Haha! Now, for Cloverfield...


Maa... Hatsukoi Limited and Katekyo Hitman Reborn take so long to be updated. I wish the chapters would come out sooner and faster, but I guess it can't be helped. In the meantime, I'm stuck reading Nana. Chapter 51 and counting... ^_^;;

And speaking of updates, WHEN IS THE NEXT AVATAR EPISODE COMING OUT??? It's taking so painfully long... *Sniff.*


(Yeah, I just HAD to use that image.)

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Nuuuu~~~!!!! As if I wasn't giddy enough when the first Cooking Mama game was released, they now have a second one coming up... and Mama brought her friends! Lolz. XD XD

According to the press release... )

Whee~~! When I first learned about this, the first thing thing that I told Ian was how it sounded much like that British TV show that we often catch on Discovery Travel and Living, called Come Dine With Me. The show also involves cooking for several ungrateful dinner guests who then have to score your dinner party at the end of the evening. Hehe... I'm imagining how much of a riot the new Cooking Mama game could possibly be if it were on the Wii, and you have actual cooks debating that the cooking time of the carrots in the game aren't realistic enough. XD
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(as seen on idle_eidolon's LJ... as well as Kotaku)

Tell me, how much of my soul do I need to trade just to have this thing?? I want it!!!!!! T_T

Meanwhile, I'm pretty impressed with the fact that even though the whole isometric hex board thing from the earlier Fallout games has been ditched, everything still pretty much essentially looks the same; the way that the character carries a gun around, the hit system which allows you to select which body part to aim at, etc...

About the more serious tone of the new game, well... I'm really going to miss all those Monty Python references, that's for sure, but I guess the anticipation of letting Ron Perlman tell me once again that war, war never changes, sort of makes it okay. Besides, as long as they let players make decisions freely as with the previous games, then I'm fine with that since that's what the game is all about, isn't it? :D
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Yep, the prinnies which used to grace the header for my LJ have finally moved on, and have now been replaced by rascals from FFXII (I can't help it if I've fallen in love with the Ivalice critters). In short, I have a new layout. Yay! It's been a while since I messed about with Photoshop, so I'm pretty happy that my current layout was good enough in Ian's opinion. Hehe... though I did spend many nights and days pestering him in the shower and while he's sleeping to help me come up with a decent color scheme for the whole blog. :D

Anyhoo, fly my prinnies!

akai tsuki akai tsuki
tsumi o okashita monodomo no
kegare o kiyomeru akai tsuki
koyoi wa dare ga umarekawaru
koyoi wa dare ga...

Red moon, red moon...
Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...
Shining brightly in the night sky,
waiting for the souls...
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?
Be born again tonight?

Yeah, I've seen the ressurection scenes in both Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, as well as Makai Senki Disgaea, but each time that I do, I just turn to putty and break down into a flood of tears. And when "Akai Tsuki" starts to play, I am then further reduced into a heap of mush. Lolz. I am such a sap. XD

So from then on, I decided that an apt symbol of repentance for me would be a prinny. Thank you and good night.

PS. Just in case you were wondering, yes, we do own a ton of NipponIchi games and that's why we adore the Disgaea universe. We have the first Disgaea, Makai Kingdom and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. My personal favorite would be Makai Kingdom if only because Zetta is (in his own words) a badass freakin' overlord!!


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"War. War never changes...."



Yep, K is currently hyperventilating again, as I have just learned (late as I am...) that Fallout 3 is on its way. GWEEEEEEEEEE~!! Such a good time to be a gamer. Let's dance like it's 2241!! ^___^

Fallout 3 blog
Fallout 3 Official site

Love. It's love, I tell you.
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Yes, my darlings, silly little K is back from the white sands of Puerto Galera. Hehe... you'd be amazed at what four days with nothing but relaxing at the beach can do to a person's psyche. I'd recommend it to everyone, except that would mean more difficulties with making reservations for my next vacation (which I am now planning and scheming for. Mwahahahaa...).

And yes, one of the first things that I did when I got to Galera was get a nice, tall glass of mango shake and relax on one of the hammocks in the hotel which overlooks a vast expanse of crystal-blue water. The mango shake didn't have the little paper umbrella, BUT it was cold, and it did have the bendy straw and the wedge of fruit balanced on the rim of the glass. I was completely serious about that bit. THAT was my whole vacation, symbolized.

Anyhoo, things that I'm currently feeling happy about:

- A happy and memorable 4-day vacation! (Pictures to follow!)

- I finally got a henna tattoo. Lem likes it so much that he told me that he's starting to wish that it's permanent. (Yep, pictures to follow, too.)

- The first thing that I did upon getting back to Makati was... TADAH!! WATCH PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

- After 54 joyful hours and several buckets of happy tears, I've finally finished Okami. Yes. I took my own, sweet time with it. I tend to do that with beautiful games, but imagine my joy when I found out that it had a New Game Plus.... Hehehe....

- I managed to sell my Nokia 6630 the very next day after coming from Galera. (thank you, Marlon!!) :D

Yayness. :) More updates later.
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(as swiped from my boyfriend, [livejournal.com profile] idle_eidolon)


Dear lordy!! My entire sophomore year in high school is flashing right before my eyes. Those days when I would subsist solely on 5-peso rice and 5-peso packs of chicharon twice a day, because I've blown my week's allowance on PC rentals/LAN games (yes, I'm talking about high school. It was CounterStrike and Diablo 2 in college... This is what happens when 13 year olds are allowed to live in their own apartments, at least two hours away from the parentals).

Mmm. The good ol' days. :)
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Yup, as usual, I've spent the majority of my pay to buy groceries which should keep Lem and I well-fed until next payday. I've decided that it's all worth it since it apparently has a lot of benefits:

- we actually save a considerable amount of money from not having to eat out
- we get to eat hot, healthy stuff
- I'm getting the feeling that with the amount of energy that I spend cooking, it may actually count as a mild form of exercise
- it's all a very pleasant diversion, of course
- it allows us to save up for times when we really want to buy something else, or eat at some place that's especially nice.

As for the rest of my money, it has been handed over to Noreen (girl from the office) as payment for all the PS2 games that I ordered from her. Speaking of which, I'm watching Lem play Destroy All Humans 2 right now, and it just cracks me up. It's so campy, that it's funny, and the dialogue is a winner. Now, if only Pandemic fixed the camera, and the font which is still PC-friendly, but not TV-in-you-living-room readable...


Anyway, Lem and I met up with Noreen at Waltermart Makati this morning to do the groceries together, since that has been one activity that we've been planning to do for quite a while now (well, besides more trips to the hotpot restaurant anyway). Afterwards, we headed for Amici's in Don Bosco and had a pizza and some gelato for lunch.

After the shopping and parting ways with Noreen, we then headed home for a nap as we had to visit Lem's family (where I'm typing thins right now). I'm happy that we're here since it's currently mango heaven here, as they have a whole stash of some very sweet ripe mangoes, and I learned how to use a blender and make a smoothie. XD XD XD

Still internet-less at home.

Camera is still rebelling against me.

Tomorrow, Ian finally gets a haircut. Good night.
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Hehe. Yup, I'm still particularly pissed at the recent bout of stupidity that my current company has pulled on me (and some other people in the office too, apparently), but I'm definitely feeling better. Still edgy and susceptible to flying in a blind rage at the drop of a hat, but better.

Thankfully, the last time that Ian's folks were around, they dropped off some groceries and among those was a box of microwavable popcorn, as buttery as you can get them. Mmm... Then, my parents also brought more stuff a few days later and they gave us cranberry juice, as well as a gift certificate for 1.6 gallons worth of frozen chocolate yogurt at BTIC. Those are a few of my favorite things (now don't make me go all Julie Andrews on ya...).

Moving on...

I just left the bentolunch LJ community that I've been lurking in for a good while now. The drama, some people's snootiness and some other people's pure sloppiness was just not worth having on my friends page anymore. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. I guess I wasn't meant to stay long in the community, and perhaps I only encountered it to get me started on the path of culinary curiosity. I dunno. I guess I'll have to find a new outlet for my bento now. Hehe. ^__^

In any case, I've been intently playing Okami recently (that is, until I get too tired and Ian and I instead break our IQs on games like Rayman Raving Rabbids, We Love Katamari and Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary...), and I've just beaten that damned serpent Orochi. It was fun, and the best part is that something happened, which hasn't happened in a long time: I got all choked up on a video game.

I swear.

Right after you kill the serpent, the festival begins in the village where you start out in the game. And then, there was just something about the music, the sakura petals flying in the air, the fact that the village is full of familiar faces of characters that you've met during your adventures... as I was watching Amaterasu running through the village, with that music playing, with the sakura swirling and familiar characters all around, there was something at the back of my head screaming "I'm coming home!!" and it got me all teary-eyed.

Lolz. Damn. I feel so silly now. XD

This is a feeling that I know only a few people will understand, but it's okay. I like it. XD
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K's theme of the day, because I feel like I'm the small, insignificant human, trying to take down the damn colossus... and I'm still hanging somewhere near its foot, far from that stupid magical weak spot which I have to fucking stab. It's an uphill battle, alright.

I do, however, find comfort in knowing that the song is called "The Opened Way". It seems apt in some weird fashion. I dunno.

Yes, all this is the backlash of my most recent frustration, which by the way, all happened a mere few hours ago.

ARGH. Give me strength.

And ice cream. I need happy food, dammit.

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Hehehehe... Lem and I were basically internet-less for the Holy Week, and we just got it back a few hours ago. Hehe... much updating needs to be done.

Anyway, the gist is that I spent the Holy Week at work, hoping that the Holy week was over so that I can eat somewhere else other than the local 7-11. I also went shopping for clothes at the ukay-ukay, and happily walked away with 400 pesos worth of garments at the 3 for 100 ukay-ukay sale. Whooo!! ^__^

Oh, and I've also commissioned an officemate to supply me with about 52 PS2 titles, which will be coming at a rate of about 4 or 3 a week. At the moment, I'm enjoying my copies of Okami, Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life, and most especially, Ico and Namco X Capcom (I tried finding these two in Quiapo and failed completely...). Ohohohoho!!

As for Namco X Capcom, I just HAD to have a copy because I love the opening song/sequence (seeing Jin Kazama and Arthur in there makes me laugh, while seeing KOS-MOS gives me chills). The only downside is that the whole thing is in Japanese, as the game has never been released outside Japan. Thankfully though, the smattering of Japanese characters and words that I know seems to be enough to get me through so far, and I've made it as far as stage 3 before I put the game down to test out Okami. My days playing Disgaea also paid off as the menu layout in Namco X Capcom is somewhat familiar. Move. Attack. Skill. Item. And I'm pretty sure the thing at the end is "End Turn". The story eludes me, though, and I'm missing a whole lot of dialogue that's probably pretty funny and all... I'll have to locate an FAQ for that.

As for Okami....

Jyli has been texting me that Okami is love, and I know that it's pretty and all, but it wasn't until I started playing it that I truly believed.

I am a convert!

OKAMI IS LURVE!!!! ^_______^

I just have a tiny complaint about all the gibberish/backmasked Japanese that is used throughout the game, but otherwise, it brings my heart utter joy and delight. Hehehe...


And back to work I go... T_T
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For those who have been wondering why I am such a Nintendo girl, well, listen up because I'm about to tell you why.

My love for Nintendo, can be attributed to my best childhood friend, my baby, the Twin Famicom. There's a Wikipedia entry about it, in case you're interested, but I'll stick to my own version of things.

I can never tell anyone enough, just how much I deeply love my Twin Famicom, to the point that if anything ever happens to it, I will literally grieve and go into depression over it. A HUGE chunk of my childhood revolves around this video game console, and I'm also guessing that a significant part of what I am today can also be attributed to the hours and hours of video games that I played back then.

How I got it in the first place

I still remember it so clearly. I was in the middle of my pre-school year, so I would have been five years old then, and my mom, who used to be an enka singer in Fukuoka and Shizuoka, has just come back home after her six-month stint in Japan.

Besides the huge bags of assorted miniature Meiji chocolates, the boxes of instant Yakisoba, the tins of traditional Japanese sweets, the packs of senbei, the new Disney dolls and toys, and the new Sanrio lunch sets and clothes that she bought, for some reason, she also came back home with a Twin Famicom, about a dozen NES cartridges, and three FDS disks.

She told me, years later, that the video games were actually given to her by one of her younger patrons at the club that she worked at. She was good friends with the guy who was apparently younger then her, and an otaku. He was also one of the few people in Japan who knew that she had a husband and daughter waiting for her back in the Philippines, as she and other performers were prohibited from admitting that they were not single. Something about customers giving less tips and presents if they knew that you were already married and unattainable.

Anyway, the otaku was really nice to my mom, and was delighted to know that she had a family. So, when he found out that she was going back to the Philippines and will be reassigned to another club when she comes back to Japan, he went out and got the Famicom, and the games and asked her to give them to me. He also got blank tapes and recorded about 20 tapes' worth of my mom's favorite Japanese songs at that time, and even some Kenny G. albums since my mom told him that my dad was into that sort of thing. Apparently he was also insisting that my mom take home some huge Gundam puramo, but my mom refused them because I'm a girl, and robots are for boys. Lolz. I've talked to my mom about that, and she now realizes that those "robots" actually had some value. Oh well. ^_^;;

I never caught the man's name, but I do send out my best wishes, prayers and thanks to him and his family, since if his otaku-ness didn't indirectly rub off on me, I don't quite think that I would actually like myself as I do right now. So wherever you are Mister Otaku-dude, here's to you.

So, anyway, I'd like to introduce everyone to my best friend, and my lovely baby, Twin Famicom (which, by the way, still works. The FDS part just needs to be cleaned and we'll be doing that some time soon...)

Isn't she just lovely? ^__^

Ready for that trip down NES memory lane? Games, games, games! )

And THAT, my friends, is the story of my childhood. Now you know why I'm as neurotic as I am right now. Heheheheh!! XD XD

On a side note, here's my boyfriend, [livejournal.com profile] idle_eidolon, who was having a God of War 2, Kratos-moment as I was taking these photos...

Kratos, upon finding his long-lost brother, Lactose, freezes in disbelief and slight disgust.


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