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As many of my friends know, I find joy in senseless knick-knacks and inane curiosities, especially when I can acquire them for cheap. So yes, at this point, you can start imagining me walking up to a cashier inside a 7-11 branch to pay for some chips and a bottle of flavored tea... then spotting the candy rack and giggling like an idiot before grabbing a pack of mints and tossing it at the counter to be rang up along with the rest of my purchases.

I give you... love for 25 pesos. XDDDDD

Yes, I was so excited over it that I plurked about it that day and showed it to my friends at the office. We all giggled like schoolgirls. XDDDDD

Apparently, that's the toned down version, because as I learned from the manufacturer's website, in other countries, the name stamped on the package is "SEX" instead of "LOVE". And speaking of their website, I love how they ask you to choose between ENERGY and SEX. XDDDD

Lovely. Who says laughs have to be pricey? XDDD
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This is just GOLDEN, and I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] kaoko_cow for this tidbit that made my day today.

So, okay.

FIRST, ABS-CBN PROUDLY declares that they have bagged the rights for a local Twilight remake to be called "Takipsilim". And yes, I DO remember clicking on links that DO take you to THEIR WEBSITE. The news explodes, everyone picks up on it and cites the original news article on ABS-CBN's site.


ABS-CBS apparently did not expect people to react negatively to such a dumb idea in the first place, because... well... because they thought it would be awesome. SO, days later, the story was pulled from the site.

NOW, ABS-CBN is doing a major backpedal, stating that they NEVER said anything about making a local version of Twilight with an ugly-ass actor playing the supposedly-dashing Edward, and that everything we've read so far, is wrong.


Lol. So, does anyone have any screenies of the original story that was posted on ABS-CBN's website, or did we ALL (yes, all 1 million or so of us web denizens) just imagine it all up? I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide me with it, so feel free to let me know, mmmkay? XDDDD

Oh, and by the way, personally, I just don't think it's such a good idea to start pointing fingers at Perez Hilton or his blog. I mean, if your researchers put a little more effort into it (as in, one click away), it should be noted that the person closer to home that they should be citing would most likely be someone named Edgar O. Cruz instead. Just saying. ^_^;;
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There is nothing quite as awesome, or as lovable, as a cat on a roomba. I need to get a roomba. We have a lot of cats...

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... goes a little something like this:

Interviewer: O HAI!
K: O RLY???
I: BAI~!

Haha! Oh, how I wish. :p
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I love taking snapshots of things that amuse me... but I'm just not quite as diligent with posting them. Hehe... It also doesn't help that I only manage to download the photos from my phone and my digicam whenever I'm at Lem's house. Then there's also the random "oh, gosh, look at that photo" from the interwebs.

Oh well.

Here you go anyway. :D

For the lulz. XD )
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Super Pork advertisement as seen at the Hatchin meat counter:

Yes, once you've tried Super Pork, you'll never go back. Oh yeah. It must be THAT good. XD
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For the past two days, the office internet connection has been particularly lenient and has allowed us to get to sites that are normally blocked. It being the weekend and all, with very little work to do, I told myself that this would be a good chance to finally catch up on things and start posting entries which have been severely backlogged for months.

Things were going according to plan... until I realized that I can access both Plurk AND Facebook at work.

Needless to say, everything just went down the drain as I spent most of my time either Plurking or replying to people's Plurks, or playing D&D Tiny Adventures (by the way... ADD ME AND BUFF ME!!! KTHNXBAI!!). It's already a good thing that another Facebook app, Pet Society, doesn't load properly here at the office since our version of Flash is outdated. Otherwise, I don't think I'll even be able to do any work at all, and I'll just end up sitting in the office, playing for hours.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make a coherent post. Remember, the key word here is "try"...


At the office, one of the first things that I do upon clocking in, is to check CNN for headlines as well as weather updates, since our work volume is pretty much dictated by how bad the weather in the US is. Now, what amazes me the most is how it is actually still possible to go to such a trusted news source and still come accross the siliest headlines. Like these, for example:

other prime examples of CNN lulz )

Now, I'm really fond of getting my daily dose of lulz online but, I supposed I just didn't really think that CNN would be such a good source for such things. I stand corrected, though. XD


Some time last month, a good friend of mine who doesn't have an eBay account of his own asked me to get him some perfume from eBay. I got it for him, and when we met up so that I can give him the product and he can give me the payment for it, I ended up being curious about this whole obsession with expensive scents.

To be honest, the most money that I've ever spent on scents would be for a 400-peso bottle of Plum Blossom-scented cologne-body-spray-whatever from Bath and Body Works. My friend, on the other hand, paid 1800 pesos for a 100ml tester bottle of perfume from Bvlgari, and at that rate, he claims that it was already very cheap as compared to its actual retail price in malls. When I asked him why he likes these things so much, he emphasized the importance of smelling good in all situations, all the time.

This whole conversation got me thinking about my one and only bottle of Clinique Happy (a gift from a relative) sitting in our bathroom for the past, oh, four or five years? Despite having had the thing for so very long that its shiny chrome cap is already starting to rust, the bottle still has about 25% of its original contents left. This suddenly made me very conscious, and I wondered how much I've been stinking all these years (yes, sometimes I'm thankful that I have gay friends who force me to realize things like this).

I then decided to try it out, and I asked my friend for some recommendations. He easily named three top picks:

- Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue
- La Coste's Touch of Pink
- and GAP's Dream

With a shortlist like this, I felt a bit ready to try experimenting, but my next dilemma stems from the fact that:

- I'm poor and can't afford X thousand pesos worth of perfume that I may or may not like in the end
- I have no patience to go to a department store and strart harassing the perfume counter attendants
- I have no confidence to go to a department store and try to pick out a scent since I have no idea on what I'm doing
- I'm afraid of being pressured by a really good salesperson into buying something that I'm going to regret later on.
- I can't seem to trust my own nose, since more often than not, what I find strange has been well-liked by people around me, while what I thought to be nice turned out to be rather unpleasant.

So, I decided that I will have to find a way to acquire the perfume at much lower costs, AND I will also need to be able to "test drive" it, i.e. use it for a full day and see how it goes, before I settle on something that I would be willing to spend my money on. I looked up the prices of the perfume that my friend recommended and I nearly gagged, but thankfully, I discovered that the answer to all this was to buy sample bottles from eBay.

The whole thing is perfect, I tell you.

I get to buy and use authentic scents for really low prices, AND the sizes of the bottle seem to be just about right for me since I don't use it very often, as I've discovered that one apparently doesn't need very much of it in order to be smelled from accross the room. Also, as with most designer scents do, the scent lingers for the rest of the whole day and even sticks to your clothes even after it's been washed (this discovery, in turn, has led me to wonder how in the world some people can bear to spray themselves with strong perfume several times, about thrice a day, when a drop or two is actually sufficient). The fact that the bottles are tiny are also helpful since I can slip it into my bag or pocket with no problem.

So far, I've been very satisfied with the scents that I've tried, namely:

D&G Light Blue, which reminds me so much of the scent of goods when you've opened a balikbayan box from New York (all my relatives from my dad's side are there, and dad also sent us a lot of stuff when he stayed in New York for several years, back when I was in college).

Kenzo L'eau Par for Ladies, which was a gambit since I've never heard of it before, and which I only bought because... well, it was there. XD I'm actually very fond of it since it smells so very sweet, like some tasty, sticky, yummy fruit or flower. Hehehe. And yeah, Ian likes it, too, since the scent is light enough for his sensitive nose (not sensitive as in "picky, but sensitive, as in, he gets allergic and starts sneezing like crazy when he smells something harsh, like strong perfume.)

Hehe... I'm quite happy with my purchases and I'm thankful that I took up my friend's suggestions. I'm even happier that I found out that I can just do this, and at the rate things are going, I may end up just buying these tiny bottles from now on, since it fits my budget, my bag and my needs, and is relatively low-risk. So, YAY for gay friends and YAY for eBay! eBay has all the answers to life's little troubles! :D
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 As taken at HandyMan hardware store in WalterMart Makati last month. It was the box for a portable urinal. XD
I could just FEEL the discomfort, right there. XD

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(If it seems that I'm spamming your friends page, I'm really sorry, but... I am. XD It could be another half-month again before I get to even see my LJ, so this is just me posting a half-month's worth. It gives me great comfort, the same way that I'm happy leaving our cats with enough food and water while I'm away. :p)

Some time last July, I picked up a book from a second-hand bookstore (again) which I initially thought only Lem would enjoy, but in the end, has proved me wrong and has actually provided me with much entertainment and lulz. I'd recommend it to anyone. In case you do pass by a bookstore, just look for this cover:

As for the blurb at the back, it pretty much gives an accurate description of what to expect from the book, which is always nice, I think. Authors are rarely honest, nowadays.

Awesome, I tell you. Oh yeah.
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Last July 24, Lem and I were walking around Mall of Asia after having a good dinner. We were just strolling, thinking about what to do and where to go next, when we decided to check out the movies and see what's on. We then passed by this row of stores:

The funny part is that I've never really noticed just how strategic the whole placement of everything was until I stood back a bit as I was waiting for Lem to purchase movie tickets. Coming from the entrance of the mall, you'll pass by this store first:

Makes sense. You need to propose to the girl of your dreams, pronto, so this is stage 1, where you purchase an engagement ring for her. And while you're at it, you could start picking out wedding rings for yourselves, too, just in case.

That's step 1. Next door would be step 2:

Okay, fine. So after purchasing the ring and all, you start fantasizing about your wedding, in case she says "yes". You can start canvassing for dresses, invitations, cakes, etc. However, after the wedding comes the honeymoon, of course. Hence, step 3:

Hmmmm... this part of the process screams of MOTIVE, and I think if the girl of your dreams saw you in there WHILE you're holding the newly-purchased engagement ring, I think that the chances of ever getting to steps 2 and 3 get a whole lot slimmer... unless she's into that sort of thing. XD

But hey, one-stop shopping is always a good idea, which is why I love groceries that display the salsa and dips right beside the nachos. :D In the case above, though... just don't get caught, I suppose. XD
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As spotted at WalterMart Makati yesterday afternoon:

Wow. The Credible Hulk must be really... you know... credible. He probably takes out loans in banks with no problems. And I bet he never gets that "citation needed" flag when he edits a page at Wikipedia and all...
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Hehehe... I think I must have snorted in glee when I read about this from [livejournal.com profile] h_matsumoto's blog. XD

The local Hard Gay Man cosplayer is recruiting for volunteers to be his bouncers at tomorrow's ToyCon. Heck, if Lem and I can possibly make it to the ToyCon, I'd like to join in for kicks. XD

i'll announce it 3 times.... SAY (1) SAY (2) SAY (3) ------attending TOYCON? become a HG BOUNCER!!! Jun 10, '08 4:29 AM

SCENARIO: alodia had bouncers who shoved people around, HARDLY... - complaints heared by my hip-gay-dar from soon-to-be-HG-fans.... say say say.... thats a hard story...

i would like to announce: HG's volunteer bouncer club now open for new recruits!!!

apply now! how to register? WEAR A BLACK TOP?SANDO/TSHIRT/LEATHER VEST/ETC on TOYCON's event in megamall

so alodia has bouncers, what do we have?

support and become HG's bouncer!! (thrusting not needed)


goal: SHOVE PEOPLE TOWARDS HG!!! i will harass one and all (except 65 years old and above, due to possible heart conditions)

spread the love -and the news!!! (HG bouncers are expected to be proud)

remember: BLACK TOP: shirts, sando, leather vest, neck tie, whatever!!! fooooooooooo!!!!!!!

alodia baby, here i come!

Haha! ToyCon's tomorrow! So search your closet for those black tops! Now GO! Fuuuu~~!! XD XD
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I woke up at noon today, which is pretty early for me, considering that I normally sleep at about 7am everyday, since my work ends at 5am. Unable to go back to sleep and trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, I turned on the TV for some background noise and somehow ended up settling on Al Jazeera which, besides BBC and CNN, actually has a lot of interesting things featured once they finish reporting on political crises, explosions, accidents, scandals and stock market tragedies.

One of their reports stated that the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure received flak from the Muslim community for a 3-second shot featuring a baddie flipping through the pages of a Koran, right before he orders a hit on the show's main protagonist. Shueisha was very apologetic about it and pulled out all DVDs that showed the scene, which was very nice of them to do. However, this report also sent thoughts racing through my head, two of which were:

"It was 3-seconds long. How did they find this? A Muslim anime fan? Or do they have a committee that's tasked to watch, read and listen to ALL media ever invented, as they try to find anti-Muslim material? Hmm... that reminds me of some people..."


"Well, you don't hear ANYONE complaining about hentai, though. Nope. Not hentai. Never hentai." XD XD

After that snippet, they also ran a short report on how a local government-run Myanmar TV station has been airing ads, stating that companies like BBC and VOA are "destructionists" and should not be listened to.

Yes, even if you're living in a tent, have to line up for 4 hours for rice and water rations, struggling with disease and have several dead family members from the recent natural disaster that struck your city, you are NOT to believe the white dudes way over there who are telling everyone else that... that... well... that you're living in a tent, that you have to line up for 4 hours for rice and water rations, that you're struggling with disease and that you have several dead family members from the recent natural disaster that struck your city. No, no, no.

Really, that's just silly. T_T;;

Speaking of silliness, though, here's another Al Jazeera feature that was gleaned from the int3rwebs. Japan Binocular Football!! See it to believe! XD XD

And now, back to our scheduled program. And yes, most of my mornings are like this, though I normally get strange, silly news like this from Fox TV and not Al Jazeera. Today may have been an exception.
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This. Cracked. My. Brain.

I was about to leave when I took one last look at YouTube's homepage and saw this gem.


Now, now. Christians and Catholics don't need to take the title too seriously and get offended by it, as no savior-killing or savior-bashing of any kind has occurred in the clip. It just simply shows how a nativity scene can go oh-so-wrong when you cast the wrong people to portray the the Three Magi... and that Mary makes a really bad cleric. XD

I swear. This made my day and made me laugh out loud here in the cafe. Thankfully, there's few of us here in the Internet surfing-only section of the cafe (most of the crowd is in the games section) so I don't have to worry about the strange looks coming my way.

The Nativity. In D20.

Memorable lines:
"Sir Baby Jesus, I bestow upon you this frankincense... OF ETERNAL FLAAAME!! Drawn from the feathers of the Phoenix of Mount Sordon, brewed in the alchemical labyrinth of Elemenstor, the High Overlord of Transmutation, bear this aroma on thy being and forever be impervious to flame attacks below level FOUR!"

"Sir Baby Jesus, I bestow upon you this myrrh...CURIAL SHIELD OF LIGHTNING DEFENSE!!!"

"And.. and I... I bring this gold...-colored GIFT CARD FROM DIGITAL CITY!!!!!!!!

ROTFL!!!!!!! XD XD XD (and yes, I transcribed those lines myself, so I'm not too sure with the names...)

Also, according to the anime-style credits, the skit was produced by Studio Futanari.



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Oh, YouTube, how I love thee...

"Don't talk back to Darth Vader, he'll getcha!"



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Whoever said that 16-bit graphics can no longer wow anyone has got to be kidding. After seeing this video, I have to say that I was completely delighted and impressed by the idea, and if ever a 16-bit game DID come out for Gurren Lagann, there's a very high possibility that I will actually go out and buy it, just because of this clip.

Plus, the MIDI version of the opening theme of the series is pretty impressive, too. XD

On the other hand, there's this other combination that I've been mulling over. It's GURRENN LAGANN + CUTIE HONEY FLASH. I just can't seem to make up my mind about it. Either it's sheer genius, or it's pushing my brain to its limits and my mind will soon snap in half because of it. (Wanna compare it to the actual Cutie Honey opening song?)

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Last night, Lem and I were talking over dinner. Nothing serious, as it was just the "so how was your day?" type of conversation which was prompted by the fact that Lem just got home from work.

One of the things that Lem brought us was a billboard that he saw somewhere. It was an ad for a BPO/call center company, and it was trying to portray itself as a giver of solutions for all your business needs, as well as a good place to start if you happen to be looking for a job at the time. To portray this, the creators of the ad decided to put up the image of a call center agent raising her hand.

I guffawed.

Of course, we all have this deeply-ingrained mental image that equates a person raising her hand to a really smart student in the classroom who knows all the answers. This idea would have worked, except it didn't work on me because I know the truth that inside a call center, agents who raise their hands are generally either:

a.) completely clueless and doesn't know what to do, and has to call for assistance from a designated floorwalker or perhaps a more knowledgeable colleague.


b.) completely clueless to the point of botching the call, that the caller is now asking for a supervisor.

I'm pretty sure that THAT wasn't the message that they wanted to get across, but... oh well. XD I suppose it would still work for people who are unfamiliar with call centers, but considering that the ad was along Shaw Boulevard, I'm not so sure anymore. ^_^;;;;


There's been another ad that's been getting under my skin, and that's the Yoshinoya Gyudon-eating Contest 2008 poster.

The main thing that bothers me on the poster is the fact that there's a Kurosaki Ichigo rip-off in the background, and a badly-done one at that. Despite the blurred lines that looks like the original image was lazily traced over, and the brown hair, it was still undeniably Ichigo. It also reminded me of those collectible cards that come free with those one-peso cheese snacks that I used to horde back in elementary and high school (yep, I'm talking about teks). There was a month or so when I collected Yuu Yuu Hakusho cards from the said snacks and I was disappointed because half the batch was composed of distorted images of the characters... and they looked exactly the way that Ichigo does on that Yoshinoya poster.

I guess I'm just slightly disappointed, because for such a large food chain, you'd think they'd have a bit more budget to hire someone to do a good job. In fact, it wasn't even necessary for them to put pseudo-Ichigo on there in the first place as the poster already worked, even without having to use an anime character in the background. ^_^;;;

Maaa... but who am I to speak? I'm no advertising graduate. On the other hand, it doesn't make the damned ad any less annoying, either. XD

Again: Oh well. :/
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I forgot to mention that I finally finished watching Busou Renkin a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the DVD that jylichan left at our place when he dropped by the last time.

I have to admit that the series sort of felt like the result of something that Nobuhiro Watsuki probably doodled on a lazy summer afternoon when he had to submit SOMETHING to his publishers, the main protagonist What's-His-Face was a bit on the forgettable side, and the ending of the anime series felt a little rushed and all. BUT it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it, and all thanks to one character in the series: PAPILLON!

I swear, he's so gay, that I love him. XD XD

See for yourself: [YouTube link here]

All I can say is....

... do you really want to pick a fight with a guy who keeps his mask in his thong briefs...? XD

MOTTO AI~~~!!! PA - PI - LLON~~!! * strike a pose!! *
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Oh yeah... THIS is one of the sweet reasons of why we would happily troop to MOA on odd, unforgiving hours...

Hehe... yes, we were at MOA last December 4, and I was having fun with my camera's super macro function again. Sorry. XD

Anyway, it was my day off, and as usual, we spent the day just walking around the mall, window shopping and making fun of foreigners and high school students on field trips. I know. There ARE actually schools out there that conduct field trips to, of all things, a MALL... Hehehe...

Ian and I spent about an hour or so goofing off on the walk beside the bay, and it was pleasant to know that there's a fairly large police station in the area. Someone also built a play/exercise area behind the police station, complete with super-simplified versions of standard gym equipment. I thought it was a nice touch.

Beside the police station, there were also the the beginnings of a bayside restaurant strip, a la the Roxas Boulevard BayWalk (yes, Manila's pretty cake which the current mayor decided to sit on). This got me pretty excited because I really miss BayWalk a lot, with all its scattered stage performers, bands, comedians, fire breathers, mimes and robot men. (Um, okay, maybe not the mimes.)

Mmm... can you just imagine just how FUN that area can be, especially since it's also the best location for some of the best fireworks shows on this island?? Yup, bars, music, food and performers on the ground, and fireworks in the sky, AT THE SAME TIME... wouldn't that be wonderful, knowing the quality of fireworks shows that the Mall of Asia admin likes to put up? ^__^

MOA Baywalk pics! )

Anyway, we got tired eventually, and it also started to drizzle so we decided to retreat into the mall again. Apparently, all the frolicking on the BayWalk made us hungry, so we made our way to the foodcourt and had a meal at Fat Boy's. On our way there, we encountered more silly little things like this:

Yeah, signs like this gives us the idea that IT'S BEEN TRIED BEFORE, hence making the existence of that sign necessary. ^_^;;

More signs for those who may actually need it )

More random pics! )

(more pics in my Multiply album. ^_^)


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