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Last May 9th, me and some friends made the trek to Marikina to visit a seamstress about some dresses. Due to some hiccups in the planning, though, we were forced to retreat for a while to plan what to do next and how to get over the said boo-boo. Hence, the first thing we did was look for the closest air-conditioned food place, which so happened to be this little, unassuming nook in front of Marikina Market with a sign that declared that they served Thai food. As it turned out, we were so very thankful for the boo-boo because we wouldn't have found this gem of a place otherwise.

Having absolutely no idea on what was good to try and what was not, we basically just started picking semi-randomly from the menu, and while waiting for our food to arrive, we had some time to take in the ambiance.

Let the salivating begin... )
Had we known we would have a FEAST in front of us, we wouldn't have eaten breakfast that day. In the end, a group of SEVEN adults were defeated by the food, all left will popping waistlines and full bellies, and we had to concede and have the rice and the beansprouts wrapped up for take-out.

And the total bill for ALL that goodness? 1070 pesos. It IS GLORIOUS.

So, if you're ever in the Marikina area, just head for the Marikina Market, and look for the statue of the dude washing some kid's butt. Head in the direction of where the kid is facing and you're bound to run into Krung Thai. You can't miss it. Seriously.


PLUG: X-Men Origins review by the Lolidudes: MANCAKE MENAGERIE!!. Please do check it out! ^___^
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BEHOLD! I give you the drink MOGU MOGU! I'm posting this here so that the people whom I've told about this cute little thing would finally believe me, that there IS such a drink called "mogu mogu" which exists on this planet. So, yes. Existence confirmed. Available for 28php at the 7-11 at the gound floor of Raffles Corporate Center on Emerald Avenue in Ortigas. Hehehehe... other than that, I'm afraid I have no idea where else to find it. ^_^;;;

Anyway, right. Mogu Mogu.

Basically, it's a fruit juice drink that comes with nata de coco chunks. I know it sounds weird, but it's actually quite good. Well, the orange-flavored one anyway. I've seen a lychee-flavored one in the same display cooler, but I haven't exactly been brave enough to try it out just yet.

Meanwhile, the concept of having chunky, chewy bits of goo stuck in your drink may seem a little strange, and to be honest, it DOES take a minute or two for one to get used to the drink. However, I've found that when you think about it, it's just like drinking sago gulaman, or like having Jell-o squeezed into your drink.

Also, the thought of having the taste of coconut clash with the fruit juice is also easy to get over once you get to taste it since the nata de coco isn't overpowering, and instead takes on most of the flavors of the fruit juice it's been swimming in, while adding its own bit of sweetness.

I love the stuff. :D

I guess my only qualm about this is that I find myself wishing that WE Filipinos thought about making this lovely drink first. Oh well.
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Last October 2, after a short trip to the mall, Ian and I decided to explore Salcedo Village. It was an overcast, windy afternoon, so it wasn't a problem to take the Walkway from Glorietta to the Enterprise Tower, and from there, start dodging into backstreets and unfamiliar buildings (it's a favorite pastime of ours).

Among our first finds would be the local SCHU factory outlet, which, in my opinion, is brilliantly-designed. I'm not referring to its interiors, or its architecture, but rather, to the fact that the space that it occupies is divided into two sections: the shoe store itself with mirrors and seats, and boxes and boxes of shoes and bags stacked a storey-and-a-half high (sigh~!), and a little food court with a kiosk that serves yummy burgers and soda.

Ian and I have deduced that the idea is that while the girl (of whichever gender) is shopping for shoes, the guy can then go grab a burger and a drink as he waits for his partner to finally make up her mind on which pair/s to purchase.

It's so brilliant, that I wish I thought of it first. Haha!

After walking away with a new pair of shoes (purchased for only 40% of its normal retail price, had I bought it from their branch in a mall), Ian and I then went on and encountered the Makati Sports Club with all its swanky cars parked outside, the Salcedo condominiums, a quaint bakeshop here and there, the Makati Golf Club and its Korean baths, and finally, as we made our way back to The Columns, we came upon Rocci.

I've noticed the shop during previous trips to the area, since we sometimes eat at Heaven's Barbecue which is a couple of doors way from Rocci. It's pretty hard to NOT notice the sign in front of Rocci which says "CHOCOLATE", but I've never really had the chance to check out the place, because either the place was closed at the time, or I was broke. So, that day, Ian and I finally decided to be brave and go in.

and on to the food and photos~! )
Meanwhile, for our next outing, I've also set my sights on Rocci's next-door neighbor... mainly because they have a chicken on fire on their store sign. XD

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Super Pork advertisement as seen at the Hatchin meat counter:

Yes, once you've tried Super Pork, you'll never go back. Oh yeah. It must be THAT good. XD
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...to say that I'm alive, just busy and distracted. Stuff have happened, and I actually have actual updates to post about, but I just wanted to say hello before dashing off again.


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Hi, world! Sorry to disappoint everyone, but no, I'm not dead. I'm actually alive and kicking, but just internet-less. Oh, and most of what little internet time that I do manage to snatch is instantly consumed by PLURK. So, yeah. In case you miss me, you can find me plurking away. I normally post from the office using Gmail, because Plurk is considered a banned site, so that means that I can't view other people's plurks or read replies posted until I manage to scrounge time and money to spend at a net cafe. On the upside, that also means that almost never a day goes by when I don't post something there.

Anyhoo, a lot of things have happened lately, both in K's narrow little world, and the rest of earth in general.

For one, there's the Hadron Collider which prompted me to text my friends and tell them that I love them. To be honest, when we first heard about the project back when we worked for QJ, it sounded funny at most. And yet, I wonder how it came about that on the day of the experiment itself, there was this twitch at the back of my head that screamed "OMGIT'STHEENDOFTHEWORLDRUN!!"

Until now, as people breathe easy that the first test went fine, each report of succeeding tests makes me want to duck for cover.

As we watched reports on CNN about how excited the whole scientific community was, all I could think of was how this is all how most comic book sagas begin. Think about it: crazy, HUGE, billion-dollar experiment, hailed by all scientists as a wonder of our times, meant to do amazing things, press releases left and right assuring the public that it's safe... and then the experiment goes wrong, all hell breaks loose, nuclear fallout, steadily growing black holes under Switzerland (of all places! It would have been more dramatic if it was, say... under the Tokyo Tower, or on Coney Island, ne?), genetic mutation, gigantic man-eating tomatoes, and we all end up as cat people! O_O;;

You get the picture, right? On top of that, my memory of old Wolfgang songs came back in bad timing, and the lyrics to "Semenelin" kept looping in my head. So yes, my paranoia had a soundtrack. Hm.

I suppose the cool thing about this is that 60 years from now, I could probably tell the neighborhood kids about how back in my time, the first particle collider was created and it was as big as a town, as opposed to the current pen-sized ones that summoned burgers from the nearest McDonald's. Haha!

In domestic news, Makati has been damned RAINY recently. Almost every evening, this torrent of rain would come down and streets would be flooded again in minutes. Several days ago, I was forced to wade through shin-high floodwater, during a heavy downpour, AND Iin the middle of a scary-ass lightning storm. On one hand I was scared for my life, and the prospect of lightning hitting the nearby floodwater while was in it was irrationally frightening (I know there's some explanation out there which states exactly why I would NOT get hit by lightning, but I don't like to push my luck THAT far), and on the other hand, there was this warm fuzzy feeling as I realized that the activity reminded me so much of college.

Hehe... yes, attending UST and living within its vicinity for nine years does that to a person.


This coming Saturday, I'll be at Galleria to act as a proxy judge for a cosplay contest-thingy. Hehe... [livejournal.com profile] guia was actually supposed to be the one there, but she had better things to do so she tossed it my way. I, on the other hand, does not have anything better to do after work that day, and I figured I should probably try as many things as possible at least once. Plus, I love the Krispy Kreme branch in that mall, AND they also have a Ribbon Fries and a Nomimono stall which I plan to camp out at after all the activity. Om nom nom nom....

Anyway, we'll see how the whole thing goes. ^_^;;;

Rosa: I promise I will do my best to not do anything horrifyingly embarrassing.

I know I have more things that I wanted to rattle on about, but I'm hungry now, and I need to forage for food.

For now, let me leave you with a detailed instructional video on the finer points of man-hugging, as ganked from [livejournal.com profile] jylichan , on Plurk. (Reasons why I love the British...)

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Yep! More delayed photo posts, coming right up! Hehe.

Anyway, I've mentioned in a previous post that the day before Lem's birthday, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa  since I wanted to borrow a DVD rom her. In the end, and pretty much at the spur of the moment, we found ourselves at Bonifacio High Street and Serendra, in a sugar high, and giggling over toys. It being a snap decision and all... I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to work with just my phone cam. Erk. T_T

The main reason why we headed to that area in the first place, was because Lem decided  that he wanted to treat us to some cupcakes at Sonja's. Apparently, after we tried it for the first time during James' birthday dinner last July, Lem has taken quite a liking to the pricey, pastel-colored desserts (though we still wouldn't dare go beyond the one-cupcake-a-month limit for fear of diabetic shock). It turned out to be a good thing, too, since it was Elea's first time to go to that area as well. ^_^

Being still full from the hefty lunches that we ate at Market! Market!, though, we decided to NOT head straight for Sonja's immediately aftewards. Instead, we headed for the local Hobbes & Landes branch to try to help Elea look for a mood ring, and there, we just simply went crazy. It's really a sight to behold when you place geeks inside a specialty store like H&L...

K was caught shop-lifting a 2-foot-long model of a Star Destroyer made entirely of Lego blocks.
This photo was taken before she was carted away...

And finally, after all that running around the H&L store, the food we had for lunch was finally burned away, and we trooped to Sonja's for a bite to eat.

After all that, we headed back to Makati where Elea boarded a jeep bound for her mom's place, and we went back home to enjoy and admire our purchases. Hehe.

And thus ended Lem's pre-birthday celebration for 2008. With cupcakes and geekery. XD
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I'm currently enjoying what little is left of my rest day, so I dropped by WalterMart to visit Netopia and have lunch. I noticed that there are ads here announcing that a new dance studio is gonna be opening at the 5th floor. The venue is still under construction, but I'm kinda interested because they offer yoga, and I've been hearing that yoga is actually good exercise for people like me with bad knee problems. My most recent stage dive has prompted me to actually try to find a more active solution to  the problem, as opposed to just taking supplements, and exercising at the gym (though I'm not about to stop either one of those, by the way).

I'm actually happy with all the new things popping up inside WalterMart, like the spankin' new office of the Camera Club of the Philippines, the new bake shop on the second floor, some offices, and now the dance studio. ^_^

As for lunch, though... I just ended up being rather pissed off at my attempt to get some nourishment.

I went to Mr. Choi Kitchen at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati, and it being only 10:30am, the place was EMPTY. I was the first person there, so I walked in, checked the menu and decided on what I wanted to order. I sat there for TEN MINUTES, and no waiter was approaching. I decided not to call out for one, because I figured they might just be busy with finishing up their shop-opening rituals or whatever. However, I noticed that the waiters were actually aware that I was there. They were looking at me, and ACTIVELY IGNORING ME. I finally decided to call over a waitress, and as I was about to order, I lightly pointed out what was happening. Her reply was "Akala po kasi nila hindi kayo customer." ("They thought you weren't a customer.")

I was pretty disgusted by this answer.

Not just because I wasn't wearing a blazer and a necktie, doesn't give anyone the right to automatically dismiss me as a vagrant.

So remember kids, if you want the waiters to actually serve you food when you pass by this establishment, remember to wear your prom gown or a barong tagalog.


I did the most logical thing to do, which was eat at The Old Spaghetti House instead. XD
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Hee hee... I think today serves as a very nice cap to my rest days. This morning, I spent about an hour going to several different banks to pay for various things like rent, and stuff from eBay. After I finished my errands, I decided to wait for a jeepney at Amorsolo Street and head home, but on a whim, I decided to stop by Donau Gourmet again, since the last time that I've been there must have been a couple of months ago when I treated my parents to a tour of Legaspi Village.

I ordered the house specialty, which is Chardonay Spiral Sausage on a bed of Pineapple Sauerkraut (did I get that right...?) since I've never tried it before, and it being payday, I was feeling especially brave. So I sat down, texted people and drank my coffee as I waited for my food to be served. After the one other customer at the time left, the co-owner of the place, Mrs. Sager sat at my table and said, "You're KC, right?"

We ended up talking as I ate (the Spiral Sausage and Sauerkraut was AWESOME, by the way), and she said that she's seen the photos that I took which I posted in an entry some time ago, and that someone has gone there saying that I recommended the place (was that you, [profile] kaoko_cow? Did you buy a lot of stuff? Because Mrs. Sager seemed pretty happy that you dropped by, haha!). What surprised me was when she told me that the meal I ordered was free! WOW!

I was really surprised, because to be honest, I've never had that happen to me before. Haha! The only times when I enter a restaurant and leave without paying is either when a) I'm attending someone's party for some reason, b)  a wedding or a baptism, c) I'm with my boyfriend. And even then, I'm always ready to pay for my own meal, just in case.

So, when I learned that Mrs. Sager was going to feed me for free, I felt really happy, and really embarrassed, because I was wishing that I ordered something cheaper. ^_^;;

Anyway, as we were talking, I learned that they need a new book-keeper/accountant PRONTO. Apparently, their current accountant has been giving them a hard time and has also been causing them losses, which is horrible for a business that only started last February. So...


Just email me your resume at ksolaris at gmail dot com, and I'll hand it over to Mrs. Sager so she can go over it. A word of warning, though... they don't have much staff, and they're trying to keep the overhead to a minimum since they ARE just starting out, so be prepared to do the paperwork, as well as some of the footwork yourself (which isn't so bad, considering that their bank is just a few blocks away, or at most, is along Ayala Avenue). Also, the current accountant has managed to butcher the books, so you'll have your work cut out for you. They need someone who is close to obsessive-compulsive when it comes to files and receipts, and who cares enough to make sure that none of their checks bounce (the current accountant managed to do just that two days ago, I was told. Six checks. Ouch.).

Also, this is me shamelessly plugging for the establishment, by the way, because AHLAVET!! Support the place!


Now, go go go! And bring your friends, officemates, boss, dates, neighbors, and family! Show the love, children! Hehe! XD
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*stretches and yawns*

Yes, as I've mentioned in a previous post, this is my first rest day in two weeks and I plan to make the best of it. And yes, as the title of this post suggests, I skipped work yesterday because I was seriously starting to feel like my body was about to just simply fall apart. I needed the break more badly than I thought I did. Thankfully, I still have some paid leave credits at my disposal, so I don't have to worry about my salary getting affected whenever I do decide to take some extra time off. Hehe.

Anyway, yesterday was great. I managed to catch some proper sleep, I made dinner for Lem and myself, and at 3am this morning, as we sleepily cuddled under the sheets to a cold morning, we both suddenly woke up for some reason, and found ourselves discussing characters from the Marvel comic book Universe until about 5am. That was awesome, and I suggest that everyone give it a try some time. 

Then, Lem and I also decided to spend one of my days off at his parent's condo at The Columns on Ayala Avenue, so that we can finally test out the pool on the seventh floor deck. Oh, and so that we can also test out Lem's newly-purchased swimming shorts as well, haha! The weather's been rainy and very windy lately, but when we woke up this morning, the clouds seem to have all gone, and the chances of having a good dip in the pool currently seem very promising.

When Lem went to work this morning, I've already deposited our stuff in their condo, and the first thing that I did then was take a quick shower, put on my swimsuit and head for the pool! Whee!! The pool was still frighteningly cold when I waded in, but the sun finally came up and I was able to adjust to the temperature.

By the way, note that I said "waded in", and "having a good dip in the pool". That's because I can't actually swim, and despite all the trips I've taken to Puerto Galera and Antipolo, water just isn't my element and I sink faster than a rock. That doesn't stop me from jumping in anyway, though, haha! And yes, I do just spend my time tip-toeing around the pool and trying my best to learn how to at least float, and as weird as it sounds, I actually do manage to enjoy myself that way.

Going back to the topic at hand, I had the pool to myself and I was wading around happily in it until about 7:30 am. It did me tons of good as I did find myself very relaxed and very refreshed afterwards. I then toweled off, headed back up to the room and showered, before heading back downstairs and accross the street to a nearby JolliJeep to have breakfast. 

That's what I like so much about the location of Lem's family's condo. You have access to all these wonderful facilities which is exclusive to the residents, which of course makes one look filthy rich. On the other hand, despite the expensive neighborhood and the proliferation of Starbucks branches, there's still the option to eat good meals at dirt-cheap prices, and quite frankly, Lem and I just can't imagine life without access to these sorts of eateries. 

As a bonus, accross the street from the JolliJeeps is my office building where I have access to free coffee and hot choco (which I occassionally take home with me from time to time... cough...), and in the same building is a 2GO Courier office which also offers free internet usage (limited to 1 hour, but still...). So yeah, that's the way to go, I think. XD

Hehe... sorry, I'm a cheapskate AND I'm broke, so there. XD
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Yep, this is another one of my trademark much-delayed, image-heavy photo posts! And yes, once again, it features a couple of my favorite things in the whole world, namely food and good friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time.

I mentioned some time ago that one of my good friends from my Sutherland days has recently visited the country to take a short break from her job in Dubai. And yes, when she dropped by, she was so VERY rich, and treating out four people to a place that we would normally never even go anywhere close to was absolutely peanuts to her. Thank goodness, because if it wasn't for her generous visit, I don't think I would have ever gotten to try out a place like Thousand Cranes in Greenbelt. Also, considering our well-documented fondness for hotpot and shabu-shabu places, having been able to try a new place like this was just a real treat for Lem and myself.

Raz's Manila visit, a mini-Sutherland reunion! Photos ahead! ) After all the activities of that day, I reluctantly had to leave early, and catch a cab to work. Sigh. I woud have really liked to stay behind a bit more, and maybe have a drink or two with the girls, and at the time, I was seriously considering calling in sick at the office. I didn't have a valid excuse, though, and I also realized that I needed the money and I was way past the allowed two-hours-before-your-shift allowance, so I dragged myself to work anyway.

Raz has since gone back to Dubai, and I sure hope we get to see her again some time soon! It's always so nice catching up with friends like that. ^___^ I just hope that the next time she drops by, maybe WE could end up treating her out instead, hehe.

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Yay for much-delayed and image-heavy posts!

First, some intermissions:

* GameLoft will be opening an office in Manila, and I am kicking myself as to why I do not have the qualifications nor the portfolio to try for the vacancies that they have recently posted. I am thisclose to emailing Vincent Ricot to beg him to let me work for them as... I dunno... a receptionist? Person who makes photocopies and coffee? Gargh. I KNEW I should have insisted on taking up Fine Arts back then... T_T

* As ganked from [livejournal.com profile] ruk, Epson has launched their recent photography/graphic arts contest. Prizes include a 2-day trip to Japan in order to attend the awards ceremony, 2 million Gil Yen, and some Epson goodies, of course. So, if you want to join, just check out Epson's site for complete details. I've been considering joining, but I realized that the world is not yet ready for my greatness... Yes, that's the caffeine talking. Pay no heed.


Anyhoo, last July 6 was a very full and busy day. In the morning, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] magiqa whom we haven't seen for SO VERY LONG. Apparently, ribbon and lace was necessary to coax her out of her work schedule and spend some time with us, as she dropped by to purchase that loli headpiece that I posted about some time ago (my first customer! WHOO!). She's already written a better and more complete entry about that day, so I'll just leave it at that and let you guys go to her post if anyone's interested. :D

After spending the first half of the day with Elea, Lem and I then trooped over to Mall of Asia to meet up with my high school friends. A member of our group celebrated his birthday, and we were lured with the prospect of free food.

Hehe... seriously though, we WERE there to celebrate James' birthday, and I suppose it also served as a sort-of-going-away-party for Kate who, as of July 15, has already gone off to Singapore to work and live there for the next 2 years. James will also be following suit by July 24. I'm gonna miss them pretty badly, and I promised to write them letters once they're done with job-and house-hunting, and they figure out what their new mailing address will be. Sniff.

Anyway, moving on... we met up at Powerbooks and debated until we were finally able to make up our minds as to where we would be having dinner that night. We finally settled for Super Bowl of China, since it's one of the places that the celebrant really likes. When we got there, we were relieved to find that the place had plenty of available seats despite the fact that the mall itself was jam-packed with people (this is why I make it a point to avoid malls whenever they hold sales...). We then started ordering food and the celebration began! :D

Dinner at Super Bowl of China )

After gorging on all that food, James was apparently still not content with fattening us up, so we took a cab to Serendra (The Fort), and he also treated us to dessert at the much-hyped specialty shop, Cupcakes by Sonja.

I was pretty excited to finally get to try one of the famed cupcakes, since I've never had the chance to do so since the shop opened in late 2006. I've read a lot about it, and though the merchandise has received rather mixed reviews, I've always wanted to at least see the venue ever since I saw the photos from Jin Joson's Death Note cosplay shoot.

Cupcakes by Sonja. More, yes? No? Maybe? )

And that was how James' birthday went. Bow.
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That as the prices for food items goes up...

The prices for electronics goes down?

Yup, that's one hundred pesos for 2 kilos of uncooked rice, which Lem purchased from the supermarket some time last month. I swear, I was completely floored when I saw the receipt, because just a couple of weeks earlier, I bought better grade rice from the same supermarket for only 60 pesos.

Meanwhile, I was just as floored at how cheap memory cards are nowadays. I bought the MiniSD card for my cellphone at around the same time that the hundred-peso rice was purchased, and I was expecting to shell out about 1000Php for it. It turned out that 2GB can now be bought for a mere 500 pesos.

Honestly though, I still would have preferred that the trend be the other way around. At this rate, people may have to start eating memory cards because it's cheaper.

On the other hand, Lem and I have been considering switching to pasta as a substitute for rice, since a 15-peso packet is enough for three people, but then again, nothing compares to hot rice served with a tasty viand. We've also considered switching to bread... until we discovered that bread is just about as expensive as rice nowadays. Sigh.
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Just a short intermission before I go on: Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, for another win! Hehe... let's just hope it doesn't all go to his head though. In the meantime, I just want to say for the record that I agree with his trainers that letting him do his training here in the Philippines is a bad idea, as showbiz and politics takes too much of the boxer's time whenever he's home. So yeah, the next time he has another match coming up, I say cancel all those TV appearances, concerts and what-have-yous, ship him back to California, and lock him up in a gym for a couple of months.

Moving on...

Lem and I spent yesterday just relaxing. After I got home from work at about 5:30am, we slept until almost noon, before we finally woke up and decided that we were getting a little hungry. We intended to head to the Legazpi Village Sunday market because we really missed the takoyaki and Hong Kong style noodles that are sold there, but we were worried that we wouldn't be able to catch a ride on anything and commute to Legazpi Village because of Pacquiao's match. After all, as we all know, whenever Pacquiao has a fight up, the whole country just simply grinds to a halt to watch TV.

Anyway, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to try to head out before Pacquiao's match started, and we were able to easily catch a jeepney to the Don Bosco area. It was drizzling at that time, so we figured there wouldn't be too many people at the Sunday Market, but lo and behold, it turned out that it was still packed even though some of the regular vendors didn't show up for today.

Upon getting there, one of the first things that caught our attention was the fact that the small tent that's set up in the area which was normally reserved for a small Catholic mass (presided over by a priest from Don Bosco Makati) has been converted into a small, make-shift theater. It basically housed two television sets on one side, and the TVs were facing slightly away from eachother. Except for a small area directly in front of the TVs, the rest of the space under the tent, as well as the whole area beyond the tent's cover, was occupied by fans who had their eyes riveted to what was going on on the TV screens.

Apparently, between the time that we closed the apartment door behind us, and the time that we arrived at Legazpi Village (which is about... ten minutes), Pacquiao's match started, and it was already well into the fourth round by the time we got there.

Now, I mentioned earlier that it's been drizzling when we left our apartment, and it still was when we got to the Sunday Market, but the people who couldn't find cover under the tent just simply stood around with umbrellas in order to watch the fight. It was quite a scene, seeing a bunch of foreigners mixed in with the locals, and then seeing them all "HAH!", and "OH!", and "GAH!", and flinch in perfect unison whenever something interesting happened to Pacquiao's match against Diaz.

Yep. Have you ever seen a tightly-packed group of about 30-40 people flinch in unison? It's fun. It reminds me of a school of Moonfish. Hehe.

With everyone distracted and all, Lem and I were able to easily find a table and order the food items that we've been craving for. We shared a box of takoyaki, Lem got himself a nice quarter-pounder from Monster Burger, and I headed for Manvy's for a bowl of those seafood stir-fried noodles that I've been craving for for months. I swear, food always tastes twice as good when you finally get to eat it after craving for it for so long! And the best part was that there were no lines at all the food booths because everyone else was busy watching the match!

By the time the match ended, Lem and I were already enjoying our mango smoothies to finish off our meal, and we figured out the result of the match from... well, from almost every person who passed our table. It was also easy to tell since everyone left the tent smiling, and people were congratulating eachother, and telling the vendors at the food stalls all about it as they finally started lining up to buy snacks and meals.

The match, as well as our meal also ended just in the nick of time, since about 20 minutes after Pacquiao was declared the winner, the rain suddenly started to come down really hard. By that time, I was already settled inside a nearby 7-11 branch, and Lem was at our apartment as he had to go back to get some money so we could watch a movie.

We watched Wanted at WalterMart, and despite what the comic book version purists have to say about it, IT WAS GREAT. True, it had a lot of deviations from the source, but for the love of God, it has Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, and it has Gun-Fu. End of Story. WHAT MORE DO YOU POSSIBLY NEED?? Rawr!

But all that's for another post.

(PS. I love, love, love being able to post via email. XD)
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I'm currently very exhausted and very sleepy. I can't wait for my workday to end so that I can go home, crawl into our bed and curl up under our sheets, and just stay there for the next twelve hours or so as I spend some time hibernating/recharging my batteries.

Anyway, I'm currently tired because I lack sleep. I lack sleep because I went out to meet a pair of old friends today. I went out to meet them because I haven't seen them in YEARS and it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with them again and do a bit of catching up. I especially don't regret it because of the fact that one of those friends, [livejournal.com profile] traze26, came all the way from Dubai, and probably won't be back in the country until Christmas or maybe even a full year later.

Long story short, Raz treated us to a wonderfully LOOOOOONG and HEAVY lunch at this place in GreenBelt called Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu. She also sent us home with tins of chocolate, and even treated us to coffee before we parted ways.

Good times. ^____________^

More details and matching photos once the photos actually get uploaded, and once I'm coherent enough to actually write a proper post.

For now, I'm looking forward to a good, long nap.

Five hours and counting.

(Thank you for today, Raz! ^_____^)
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It's my day off today, and Lem just treated me to a nice dinner at Tokyo Cafe at Mall of Asia. I love that place, especially since the food is great, the staff are so nice, and it's still within our budget. It also helps that I just learned from an NHK documentary that the proper name for the type of cuisine that they serve is actually referred to as "Yoshoku" (and there's your mame chishiki for the day!).

Anyway, a few hours ago, Lem and I were just discussing that next to the new food groups "Coffee" and "chocolate", there should also be another essential food group called "Om nom nom". Items that belong to this food group would mainly consist of those things that one is heavily craving for. It's those items that you crave for it so bad, that no matter how much else you eat, you just don't seem quite satisfied unless you manage to get a taste of that thing you're craving for.

It should be mandated as a dietary requirement to ensure that one does not end up overeating in an attempt to beat the craving, and it also ensures good moods and a focused, not-wandering-into-thoughts-of-food mindset.


At work, several things are currently going on:

1.) I've recently confirmed that I'm being included in the next batch to be trained for higher skill sets. Yay! My Grand Plan (TM) is going along smoothly.

2.) I am now paying the monthly premium for both of my parents' healthcare plans. Getting it through my company is still cheaper then getting it directly from Maxicare, and the coverage is good, and it affords me peace of mind. However, I am now officially poor because of this as it leaves little of my salary after all the bills and rent are paid. Sigh.

3.) One of our officemates came to work crying last Saturday evening because their apartment in Muntinlupa got robbed. I felt really sorry for her, especially since I also know how something like that affects oneself and one's finances. It hurt her especially hard since she's the main breadwinner of her household which is currently composed of two elderly people, herself and her sister. At the same time though, we were all thankful that no bodily harm came to any of them, considering that they were all at home, sleeping in their rooms when the incident happened.

4.) It turns out that one of my officemates actually knows Tobie! Haha! Small world, indeed. It's been so long since I've last made contact with AEGIS members (except for Jyli, maybe), that I wasn't really expecting that Tobie would even remember who I was. ^_^;; This is making me consider getting into gaming again, but I'm not quite sure how I could afford to work that into my schedule, considering that I value my sleeping hours quite highly. I wish I could hook myself up to a bunch of kittens, like batteries, since we all know that kittens are all little bundles of boundless energy, that they just don't know what to do with it. XD


I've recently started devouring Anne McCaffrey books. I've already finished reading Renegades of Pern some time last year, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I managed to fish out a copy of Dragonsdawn and Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern from a bargain bin.

Even though Renegades is actually the last (?) book of the series, it was apparently a good thing that I finished it first before moving on to Dragonsdawn. I found it to be more interesting that way, because I got to find out the origins of the "Out to Lunch" signs that the citizens of Pern excavated about two millennia later. Haha! I suppose it WOULD also be fun to read it the other way around, but eitherway, it was fun.

I've already finished Dragonsdawn, and I'm halfway through Moreta. Meanwhile, I have Nerilka's Story and The White Dragon on their way to me soon, both fresh from eBay. The series is still a couple of core books short, but I'm sure I'll find them in some other bargain bin again.

My only problem now is that since I'm enjoying the series so much, I'm now considering trading my paperback copies for their heavier, more elegant hardbacked counterparts. It doesn't help that my copy of Renegades is already in hardback. Sigh. Being a geek is pricey, too.
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I know it's about a month delayed or so, but I never really got around to officially congratulating [livejournal.com profile] jylichan for his recent college graduation. Hehe... magpainom ka! Haha! XD XD

Anyhoo, as a tribute, and a giant "thank you" to Jyli for one of the yummiest (and most sinful) food items I have ever eaten, I wanted to post these photos of the FRIED SNICKERS BARS that he made for us last January.

Oh yes, they were that good. XD

Om nom nom.... )

More photos at my Multiply Album! ^_____^

I think it can also be safely said that it's thanks to Jyli that I finally got the energy and motivation to start the diet that I've placed myself in... though, of course, I'd never turn down another chance to have one of these babies again. XD XD
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First off, a couple of things:

* From magnetic_rose:
A FINAL FANTASY VII: CRISIS CORE screenshot where an NPC (aptly named "Sephiroth Fan") professes that "Just thinking of the great Sephiroth stripped to the waist makes me dizzy."

Oh yeah. Me too, lady. Me too. Mmm... *thinks* *faints*

* World Pyro Olympics 2008
Yep, after we thought that we'd never see the Pyro Olympics again since the event was absent last Christmas season, it turns out that it's been moved to summer. The third World Pyro Olympics, 2008, will be from April 5 to May 3, and will be held at the Esplanade in SM MOA, as usual. ^__________^

* I also just wanted to say that I'm currently at a net cafe here in Makati, and it is GORGEOUS. A cozy atmosphere, recessed lighting, super fast PCs and internet connection, huge LCD screens, and ultra-comfy, high-backed leather recliners. And all for 20 pesos an hour... Mmmm.... Oh, and they serve cake and coffee (for an additional charge, of course).


Alright, now with THAT out of the way, here's the photos taken during our trip to Tagaytay last week! ^__________^

Hehehehe... sorry. I HAVE mentioned before, specifically during last year's trip to Puerto Galera, that the ultimate symbol of a vacation for me is being able to sit in a comfy spot with a view, while sipping a cold drink that has a fruit wedge on the rim, and a little paper umbrella in it.

Well, the paper umbrella was absent, but then it's just an accessory to the essence of it all. That photo above, would serve as my exclamation point to mark that day. ^________^

Now, enough of the camwhoring, and on with the actual trip photos.

First Stop:
Josephine Restaurant

Paella, lechon kawali and lumpia, oh my! )

And then comes dessert:
Bag of Beans

My sweet tooth fell in love at this point. )

A side trip:

And after ten years, I finally get to see it. )

Last but not least:
Mushroom Burger

Because NOBODY leaves Tagaytay without passing by Mushroom Burger )

Full set of photos can be found in my Multiply Album. ^^

That was a FUN day, and I just wish that a.)Ian was able to come along, and b.)I had more money to buy more burgers, or go back to Tagaytay, or treat our families to Bag of Beans.

I can't wait for a chance to go back! XD
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Yesterday, me and some of my very good friends from high school decided to take a quick trip to Tagaytay for a nice lunch and a small get-together. It was almost a spur of the moment thing, since the whole thing was only decided about two days before the day of the trip. It being my day off, and still feeling rather brave because I've just gotten my salary last weekend, I decided to give it a go since opportunities for stuff like this don't come my way very often.

So, after they picked me up from our condo building here in Makati at around 9am, we kept going down South Super Highway and made our way to Tagaytay! We got there at around 11:30am, which was just in time for lunch.

I love that place. The air is so fresh, and the whole area seems to be significantly cooler than Makati. The sight of beautiful trees, and lush, rolling hills also always puts me at ease. Oh, what I'd give to own a nice house in Tagaytay with a view of the lake!

Anyway, moving on with the story...

We only managed to decide where to spend our lunch after driving up and down Aguinaldo Highway several times. We then finally decided to eat at Josephine, since their portions seemed big, and we were already hungry from the long drive, and the fact that none of us had breakfast. Hehe. We settled ourselves at the tables in the al fresco area of the restaurant so that we can enjoy the cool breeze, as well as the view of the Taal volcano.

I know that Lem and I have been to Josephine's last year, during my cousin's wedding, and that this sort of contradicts yesterday's collective desire to try something that we don't normally get to try out when we're in the city. However, I discovered that it's one thing to be part of a wedding reception and eat whatever is served to you at the buffet line, and it's really something else to be able to sit down with your friends and order from the menu.

So, we ordered a plate of seafood paella, lechon kawali, some fried chicken that makes use of the restaurant's special recipe (it WAS rather yummier than most chicken I've tasted), and some fresh lumpia. As for drinks, I had a banana smoothie which had some lime juice in it.

After enjoying our lunch, we then headed to this place called Bag of Beans for dessert. The panna cotta and the chocolate mousse were AWESOME! Sinful, and it practically killed my diet, but AWESOME. We were supposed to try their famed coffee alamid, but they were out of the stuff by the time we got there. We also didn't bother with the meat pies and other pastries since we were completely stuffed from the lunch at Josephine.

After gorging on sweets, we went to Caleruega for some sight-seeing and picture-taking. It was pretty special for me to visit the place since I first missed my chance back in high school (I wasn't able to go since my parents wouldn't let me. Out of the entire high school, about 5 of us couldn't go. One was an AWOL stident, one was me, and the other three were down with Hepatitis, I think...). It was pretty cool to see some of the things that my friends have seen before. As for them, it was a chance for reminiscing, and a chance for filling me in with some of the details about what happened during our senior year retreat back then. Hehe.

We were so tired from going up and down Caleruega on such a hot day, so we decided to go home. However, we of course refused to leave Tagaytay without stopping by Mushroom Burger. I bought a couple of burgers to bring back home for Lem and me to have for dinner, along with some fresh greens that I also got from a vendor in Caleruega.

When I got home, I was tired from the travel itself, and from laughing so much throughout the entire day that I can only assume that I was snoring the moment my head settled into our pillows.

I love trips like this and I wish it happened more often! XD I also wish that I get paid more so I can actually afford such trips often. Haha! XD

Pictures to follow. ^___________^


Mar. 18th, 2008 11:18 pm
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It's been a while since I last posted, so you can probably tell that it's my day off today. Hehe. Anyway, before I begin, I just wanted to comment that there has GOT to be something VERY wrong with this world when the Dalai Lama is being accused of inciting violence.

The DALAI LAMA is being accused of inciting VIOLENCE.

See? That sentence doesn't seem to work at all, does it? The very way that those specific words were placed together in that specific order is, in itself, quite wrong I think.



There. Now that I'm done at shaking my head at the sadness of the world, let's talk about nicer things.

I passed by Donau Gourmet again this morning to pick up some pretzels (or Brezels, as indicated on the receipt) as a small treat to celebrate the end of yet another workweek. I was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Sager recognized me when I came in the store, and she got the pretzels for me. She also gave me a couple of Kaiser buns with roasted poppy seeds on it, and I decided to pick up a couple of polska kielbasa as well.

Unfortunately for me, I never got to taste the kaiser buns since Lem wolfed them down when I got home. T_T

Speaking of which, it was also nice that Lem made a batch of soup for breakfast/dinner (it really depends on what time your actual day begins). He was just done cooking by the time I got back to our apartment, and it was such good timing too, since the pretzels and the soup went very well together. I imagined that we can eat the bread with liver spread or something, but the soup worked wonderfully, and it ended up being quite a filling meal.

As for the kielbasa, it's in the fridge now, and I'm planning to cook it tomorrow with some button mushrooms and greens on the side. ^_^


It's summer now.

You can tell. It's in the air. I could taste it.

I can't wait to go to the beach! ^___________^


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