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I've mentioned some time ago that our cat gave birth to four kittens, and I've also been complaining on Plurk that we've been losing sleep over herding cats who have just discovered the wonders of running, jumping and climbing. Especially climbing.

And I feel fluffy today.

So, I give you... CAT PICTURES!

The rest of the photos are in my Multiply Album. ^_^
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I've been meaning to write an entry. Honest. It's just that my current comfy state has made it impossible for me to actually bother to get up and type everything down, haha!

Anyway, yeah, it's been a while since I've sat down and actually wrote an entry, though there ARE actually a lot of things to write about. Let me see...

Since the start of December, it's been... idyllic, I suppose. I've filed my resignation by the end of November, and I stopped going to work by December 2. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made, I think, and it was worth it. I couldn't bear to be at that place another day when I could be doing other, happier things. Like shopping and meeting friends.

Yes, with no rent to pay and no love left for my soon-to-be-former-company, I went shopping. A lot. I bought a lot of things that I've been meaning to buy for the past year or so, but couldn't, and it was awesome. XD

When not out shopping, I've spent my days happily Plurking, playing video games, going out with friends, trying out recipes from the back of cardboard boxes and/or the internet, or just staying at home, resting, playing with the cats, and sleeping some sweet, sweet sleep. Mmmm... this is me taking a well-deserved break before moving on to greater things, haha!
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Hello, world!

Yes, I've finally found the time and energy to actually write a blog post that doesn't mainly cosist of bullet points. Hehe. I've spent about a week, staring at LJ, and telling myself to write something, only to end up shutting down the LJ window, and napping at my desk at the office. We always do that when there's no calls, and we've run out of websites to surf. :D

I suppose the excessive napping can be blamed on the fact that I'm still not used to commuting between Makati and Quezon City everday. Oh well.

Anyway, since November 15, a lot of things have happened. As mentioned previously, we moved house, and instead of being southern, condo-dwelling, Makati city rats, Ian and I are now suburb-dwelling, northern, Fairview... um... rats. Seriously, though, we've moved into the first floor of Ian's parents' house. :p

The house used to be a bungalow, but since last year, it's been remodeled and expanded, and a second floor has been added. So, while Ian's parents and sisters have their rooms at the second floor, a good chunk of the first floor has been allocated to us, and we even have our own bathroom and kitchen. It's probably the biggest place we've ever stayed in, maybe even bigger than my old apartment in Sampaloc (and many of our friends who have been to the Sampaloc place would know that it was roomy!).

Of course, I can't deny that we do miss the convenience of being able to WALK to work if we chose to, or being able to go out of the house at 3AM and walk into some restaurant that caters to whatever craving we might have at the moment. We also miss being able to step out of the office and be home, showered, and in bed in 20 minutes flat.

The pros greatly outweight the cons, though, as moving to Fairview means that we no longer have to deal with rent, association dues, and electricity bills. That's about Php10,000 per month that we no longer have to pay for, which is a huge burden off of our shoulders. Now, all we have to save up for would be commuting expenses, and whatever else we think we should save up for, such as books, Cheetos, popcorn, ice cream and Bacos. Hehe. XD

And speaking of commuting... well... the 1 to 2-hour commute (depending on the day of the week and the weather) takes a bit of getting used to, especially for someone like me who gets impatient quite easily. I'm just thankful that there are many routes to and from Makati, and that there are many buses, trains and FX rides that ply those routes. This means that I can get to and from work in only 1 or 2 comfortable rides, instead of, say, 4 rides like some of my officemates who live at places even farther away.

Meanwhile, as for the experience of moving house again, my first week was weird because I kept forgetting that we LIVED there now. For some reason, I kept waking up thinking that I was only going to spend a night or two there, like what we used to do during my days off. It took me more than a week before I could finally wrap my mind around the fact that FAIRVIEW would be the place that I'll be going home to everyday, from now on. Haha!

To add to the confusion, our new home was a MESS during our first week, as we struggled to get stuff out of bags and boxes and tried to find places for everything. We also decided to sort through all that stuff and try to find things that we can finally part with, since it was already a given that we'll be acquiring even MORE stuff along the way, anyway. And then there's also all the cleaning, mounting, wiping, sweeping, scrubbing, washing and organizing that had, and still need to be done. Needless to say, I was exhausted for the whole week, and I worried endlessly about our laundry since I haven't used a washing machine since I was in high school. One has to understand that for the past ten years or so, "doing the laundry" for me, was dropping it off at the laundry shop, then coming back a week or so later to find it all clean and neatly-folded. Sigh.

Right now, our room already has some semblance of order to it, though we're still trying to figure out where to place our basket for dirty clothes, and some other knick-knacks and boxes we have lying around. I've also managed to add more clothing to our huge plastic storage box which contains items we plan to sell on eBay, and I've also filled up a large paper bag with clothes and other items that I'll be dumping at my parents' place, since they have a penchant of giving stuff away and they know lots of people who may need it.

Meanwhile, one of the first things that we did upon moving in was to find and visit the nearby thrift and surplus stores. Haha! So yeah, stuff-acquiring is imminent.

Oh, and one other perk of moving into an actual house is that we have pets. :3 There's two dogs who stay in the area behind the house, close to our kitchen (which we refer to as "Door B"), and at our front door, in a huge cardboard box, is the family cat who just gave birth to a litter of four kittens yesterday ("Door C"). Then, in case you were curious, the other door which leads into the main area of the house ("Door A"), opens up to show couches, Ian's mom's beeeyooooteefoool, spankin'-new kitchen, and Ian's almost-one-year-old nephew, Josue. Hehe.

Well, THAT's long enough for now.

Pictures to follow once our new home doesn't look like a disaster zone anymore! ^_^
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We moved house over the weekend. Just popping in to say "hello, I'm still alive, sorry to disappoint". Brain is still fried. Very tired. Lots have happened. Nice things. Coherence will come back in maybe another week. I hope.

* NaBloPoMo attempt has failed. Will have to revise banner on LJ to show that.

* I REALLY need to get used to commutes to and from home that are longer than 20 minutes...

* Nov 12-13: Paid all our dues and scrambled to find a truck for moving our belongings.

* Nov 14: The truck arrived, we put our stuff in it and brought it all to Fairview.

* Nov 15: Went back to our old apartment for the last time to clean it, then meet up with our landlady, discuss our deposit and hand over our keys.

* Nov 15: while waiting for landlady, we went to Waltermart where I bought more home stuff, AND a copy of The Ultimates Vol. 1 at Bibliarch. It was on sale. And not having to pay rent ROCKS so hard.

* Nov 16: Spent the day cleaning, arranging, taking stuff out of boxes, etc.

* Nov 16: On our first day at our new home, Ian took me to a nearby Japanese Surplus Store where I scored TWO Totoro plushies, as well as a large, orange, Dragon Quest Slime. Pics to follow. I plan to go back there next payday.

* Nov 17: More cleaning, installing, drilling, etc.

* Nov 18: Went to Makati to spend the day there and haul more of our stuff that we left at The Columns, back to Fairview. Got a french manicure. I love it.

* Nov 19: Went to Ortigas for a mega-boss battle. It went better than I hoped, and I am optimistic. Results by next week. Managed to get blisters all over my feet due to bad shoes, though... More cleaning, etc, upon returning to Fairview.

* and there's doggies. And a pregnant cat. And a particularly cheerful baby here.

That's it for now. Imma gonna go back to bed nao. X_X
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Thanks to Ian's mom, I have just discovered ScrapBlog.com which, as the name implies, is an online scrapbook thingy. Hehe... I took some photos of Ian's 6-month old nephew a couple of hours ago, so I thought I'd give it a spin since I've quite literally spent the whole day on Ian's mom's laptop. T_T

Here's the cuteness!

Can also be viewed online as a movie (though it's only one page, so there's not much to see...), at http://www.scrapblog.com/viewer/viewer.aspx?sbid=439507 ^_^v
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I was feeling pretty sick and bummed out last week, so I decided to call in sick for my shift last Tuesday, and Lem convinced me to spend my days off (which are on Wednesdays and Thursdays) at his parents' house in Fairview. It was great. I've convinced myself that I should probably call in sick on a quarterly basis or something, just to keep myself from burning out completely. I never thought that a three-day weekend would be so nice.

Anyway, it was pretty cool since I was able to spend my rest days playing with their cats, and watching Lem's 6-month old nephew roll around on his grandparents' bed. Another fun thing is that the said nephew has recently acquired a new baby walker which has rendered him effectively mobile. It's always fun to watch him take his wheels for a ride, hehe. XD
I guess my only problem was that even during my rest days, I still slept during daytime to keep my body clock from going haywire on me. The good of it all was that I was able to spend my evenings editing and uploading photos, surfing, blogging, watching downloaded anime, and downloading music that I could stick into my new cellphone, all on a borrowed laptop. The bad part is that I missed the opportunity to sleep during the deliciously cool evenings, Lem was asleep while I was awake, and I ended up sleeping while everyone else in the house was already awake. This was rather awkward, considering that Lem and I slept on a mattress in the living room of their home's newly-constructed second floor (construction is still ongoing, and not all of the rooms have been completed yet. More on that next time...).
However, I guess it was also nice to nap in the mornings and afternoons, especially since the family cats were nice enough to keep me company, and we would end up napping together, with me on the mattress and them on the nearby rugs and mats. I have to admit that I've really missed the pleasant feeling of waking up and finding a pet nearby, even if it means waking up from time to time to shoo away the big tom cat who insisted on sleeping on Lem's side of the mattress while Lem was at work. I would have happily shared the bed space, but unfortunately, I'm scared of triggering Lem's allergies, so the tom had to settle for the rug.
On Thursday morning, I hitched a ride with Lem's parents to Makati, and we dropped off his sisters at their respective college buildings inside the UP Diliman campus along the way. As we were going down the tree-lined streets, I realized that I never fail to be amazed at how pretty all that greenery is. I really wish that Lem and I could still afford to hang out at the campus as much as we used to. Oh well. Maybe we'll find some time soon.
After leaving the UP campus, we headed straight to Makati and I tagged along as Lem's parents inspected their new unit at The Columns on Ayala Avenue. After the inspection, we were checking out the establishments at the ground floor of the building, and I was happy to find that a whole bunch of other shops have already settled in. I was especially pleased to find that a convenience store (MiniStop) has recently opened, but at the same time, the realization that Makati is being overrun with Starbucks outlets also finally dawned upon me.
We were checking out the new Starbucks branch at the ground floor of The Columns, when I realized that, wait a minute, there's also a Starbucks at the third floor of the RCBC Towers which is right accross the street. And another one at the ground floor of the PeopleSupport building which is right accross the street from RCBC. And then another one at the ground floor of the Standard Chartered building about 100 meters away down Ayala Avenue. And another one in Legazpi Village, near Washington Sycip park, a couple of blocks away. And then another one at the Insular Life Building. And another one at Enterprise Tower. And then there's one at the ground floor of WalterMart Makati. And three inside Glorietta. And one in Greenbelt... and all that's just on one side of Makati, along the Ayala and Pasong Tamo area, I haven't even mentioned the ones that can be found in the Makati Avenue and Jupiter street area, and I'm pretty sure that there's a whole lot more that I don't even know about, hidden in nooks and corners all over the Valero and PRC areas.
It's a little unnerving, as these are the ingredients that make up some of the tastiest (and silliest) conspiracy theories, RPG campaigns, and cartoon plots.


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