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For the past two days, the office internet connection has been particularly lenient and has allowed us to get to sites that are normally blocked. It being the weekend and all, with very little work to do, I told myself that this would be a good chance to finally catch up on things and start posting entries which have been severely backlogged for months.

Things were going according to plan... until I realized that I can access both Plurk AND Facebook at work.

Needless to say, everything just went down the drain as I spent most of my time either Plurking or replying to people's Plurks, or playing D&D Tiny Adventures (by the way... ADD ME AND BUFF ME!!! KTHNXBAI!!). It's already a good thing that another Facebook app, Pet Society, doesn't load properly here at the office since our version of Flash is outdated. Otherwise, I don't think I'll even be able to do any work at all, and I'll just end up sitting in the office, playing for hours.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make a coherent post. Remember, the key word here is "try"...


At the office, one of the first things that I do upon clocking in, is to check CNN for headlines as well as weather updates, since our work volume is pretty much dictated by how bad the weather in the US is. Now, what amazes me the most is how it is actually still possible to go to such a trusted news source and still come accross the siliest headlines. Like these, for example:

other prime examples of CNN lulz )

Now, I'm really fond of getting my daily dose of lulz online but, I supposed I just didn't really think that CNN would be such a good source for such things. I stand corrected, though. XD


Some time last month, a good friend of mine who doesn't have an eBay account of his own asked me to get him some perfume from eBay. I got it for him, and when we met up so that I can give him the product and he can give me the payment for it, I ended up being curious about this whole obsession with expensive scents.

To be honest, the most money that I've ever spent on scents would be for a 400-peso bottle of Plum Blossom-scented cologne-body-spray-whatever from Bath and Body Works. My friend, on the other hand, paid 1800 pesos for a 100ml tester bottle of perfume from Bvlgari, and at that rate, he claims that it was already very cheap as compared to its actual retail price in malls. When I asked him why he likes these things so much, he emphasized the importance of smelling good in all situations, all the time.

This whole conversation got me thinking about my one and only bottle of Clinique Happy (a gift from a relative) sitting in our bathroom for the past, oh, four or five years? Despite having had the thing for so very long that its shiny chrome cap is already starting to rust, the bottle still has about 25% of its original contents left. This suddenly made me very conscious, and I wondered how much I've been stinking all these years (yes, sometimes I'm thankful that I have gay friends who force me to realize things like this).

I then decided to try it out, and I asked my friend for some recommendations. He easily named three top picks:

- Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue
- La Coste's Touch of Pink
- and GAP's Dream

With a shortlist like this, I felt a bit ready to try experimenting, but my next dilemma stems from the fact that:

- I'm poor and can't afford X thousand pesos worth of perfume that I may or may not like in the end
- I have no patience to go to a department store and strart harassing the perfume counter attendants
- I have no confidence to go to a department store and try to pick out a scent since I have no idea on what I'm doing
- I'm afraid of being pressured by a really good salesperson into buying something that I'm going to regret later on.
- I can't seem to trust my own nose, since more often than not, what I find strange has been well-liked by people around me, while what I thought to be nice turned out to be rather unpleasant.

So, I decided that I will have to find a way to acquire the perfume at much lower costs, AND I will also need to be able to "test drive" it, i.e. use it for a full day and see how it goes, before I settle on something that I would be willing to spend my money on. I looked up the prices of the perfume that my friend recommended and I nearly gagged, but thankfully, I discovered that the answer to all this was to buy sample bottles from eBay.

The whole thing is perfect, I tell you.

I get to buy and use authentic scents for really low prices, AND the sizes of the bottle seem to be just about right for me since I don't use it very often, as I've discovered that one apparently doesn't need very much of it in order to be smelled from accross the room. Also, as with most designer scents do, the scent lingers for the rest of the whole day and even sticks to your clothes even after it's been washed (this discovery, in turn, has led me to wonder how in the world some people can bear to spray themselves with strong perfume several times, about thrice a day, when a drop or two is actually sufficient). The fact that the bottles are tiny are also helpful since I can slip it into my bag or pocket with no problem.

So far, I've been very satisfied with the scents that I've tried, namely:

D&G Light Blue, which reminds me so much of the scent of goods when you've opened a balikbayan box from New York (all my relatives from my dad's side are there, and dad also sent us a lot of stuff when he stayed in New York for several years, back when I was in college).

Kenzo L'eau Par for Ladies, which was a gambit since I've never heard of it before, and which I only bought because... well, it was there. XD I'm actually very fond of it since it smells so very sweet, like some tasty, sticky, yummy fruit or flower. Hehehe. And yeah, Ian likes it, too, since the scent is light enough for his sensitive nose (not sensitive as in "picky, but sensitive, as in, he gets allergic and starts sneezing like crazy when he smells something harsh, like strong perfume.)

Hehe... I'm quite happy with my purchases and I'm thankful that I took up my friend's suggestions. I'm even happier that I found out that I can just do this, and at the rate things are going, I may end up just buying these tiny bottles from now on, since it fits my budget, my bag and my needs, and is relatively low-risk. So, YAY for gay friends and YAY for eBay! eBay has all the answers to life's little troubles! :D
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Hi everyone! Yes, I'm pimping my wares because I need the money, dammit. XD XD XD

Anyway, I did some scrounging around in our closet again and found more stuff that I can part with. Current featured items are:

- that copy of Guild Wars Prophecies
- FFXII Vaan mini figure
- Nintendo Super Mario Bros. and Hello Kitty cellphone straps... a whole bunch of 'em...
- A copy of DUNE: The Battle of Corrin
- a copy of Stephen Donaldson's Lord Foul's bane
- a Starbucks tumbler
- a bunch of other old books and clothes

I'd also really appreciate the extra pimpage if you happen to know anyone who may be interested in the things that I have for sale.

Thanks, all! ^______^
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Okay, here we go. I'm currently trying to get my hands on a camera, and I pray to heavens that I finally get it this time. It's my one last major purchase before I officially begin my new life of maximum work and minimum spending (sad, I know).

I really, really, really, really hope to get this camera. Not only do I consider it an investment for several ventures, but I just simply cannot allow another year to go by without being able to document just how glorious New Year's Eve can be at our apartment. I have to do this, since we'll never really know if we'll still be staying at this same place by the time the next New Year comes around, ne?

Wish me luck!! >_<

*crosses fingers and toes*
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Alright, not that I finally got all that out of the way, I can finally go back to updating about my daily mediocrity. Hehe.

I have several good things to point out today, and that includes:
a) I found a way to access Gmail from my computer at the office, and it feels great.
b) I also found a way to access eBay.ph from that same PC, PLUS I also found the version of ebay.ph that looks exactly like eBay.com. It's the one that took me about 8 mouse clicks and two minutes to relist my whole inventory. YAY!!
c) I also found a way to access TextTwist on that PC, which is a lifesaver for those long, boring weekend shifts (which I love, by the way).

And all this without having to resort to some Chinese proxy server. Haha! XD

Now, all I need to figure out would be how to access YouTube and LiveJournal, and I'm all set.

In other news, I lost my first auction last night and it broke my heart to bits. Sigh. It was for a new camera, and it pains me to know that I won't be the owner of such a pretty thing. I really wanted it, and I was already imagining showing it off and all, but alas, it was not meant to be. I've contacted the seller and asked/begged that I be considered for a Second Chance Offer. Now I'll have to go and track down the winning bidder and murder him to ensure my succession to the auction... *insert evil vizier laugh here*
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In other news...

- Currently in 8th place in workplace stack ranking. Yay!
- Received performance bonuses this payday. Yay!
- Received my first eBay item payment via PayPal. Yay!
- Ian emailed me that he couldn't pick me up earlier because he doesn't feel well. Boo...
- NorthWest and American Airlines customer service people are all bastards. I hope they die. Boo...
- I remembered to buy ultra-buttery popcorn last night before going to work so I have comfort food right now. Yay!
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I just learned from kaoko_cow that PAYPAL PHILIPPINES CAN NOW RECEIVE PAYMENTS!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~!111!!!!!!!! *runs around the room several times, with her hands in the air*

So you know what this means, everyone... SEND ME MONEYYYYYYYYY!!!! AHAHAHAHAH!!! (my email address is ksolaris at gmail dot com. Any amount would do in whatever currency. I am desperate. Thank you.)

And to think that I only finally decided to sign up for a UnionBank EON card three days ago. Talk about timely. Plus the fact that I was a rep for PayPal UK for a whole nine months, and it turns out that the verification system that they use for PH is the same as they use for UK... who would have thought that I'd actually be able to put all that to good use.

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There are just days when I begin to wonder if there is some weird conspiracy going on, where a whole group of idiots get eBay accounts, and are then ordered by some sadomasochistic bastard to start bidding on my items.

This is one of those days.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love buying and selling online, and I've also met some very nice, pleasant people in this manner, but it's just that occassionally, there's always these few who simply deserve to get pushed into a cement mixer, and then fused into the concrete foundation of the nearest cistern. They absolutely must not be allowed to reproduce, because otherwise, mankind is doomed.

Sigh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just have this seething intolerance for people who can't seem to read, and those who flaunt phantom secretaries in an effort to seem more important than everybody else (despite the fact that you can tell that those secretaries that they speak of are nothing more than a figment of their imagination...).

I need to calm myself down, so I will chant my mantra which has been specifically-tailored for occassions as this: "It pays our bills... it pays our bills... it pays..."

Sigh. It's just not something that's very nice to come home to after three hours worth of overtime at work, you know.

Goddammit, I need an extra-buttery bowl of popcorn, some soda, and an episode of Shaun the Sheep. NOW. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ian and I absolutely love that series. It's right up there on our list of must-have videos, right alongside PythagoraSwitch... Baaaaa~...)
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I'm currently selling

a sealed, brand new copy of Guild Wars Prophecies (Standard Edition) for Php1000.00
+ Php100 if you want it shipped, and it comes with a free Lineage II installer CD.
Current retail price of the game is Php1600.00 ++ at shops like DataBlitz.

We recently got an extra copy of the game, so Ian and I now each have our own Guild Wars accounts, that's why we're just selling off this copy. This is brand new and is still sealed and is also still wrapped in its original cellophane shrink wrap. Box cover art features the elementalist/monk.

Please note that this is Guild Wars Prophecies, the first part of the game that was released a couple of years ago, and not Factions, or Nightfall. Just trying to avoid confusion. :D

Box contents:
* Game discs (2)
* The GuildWars Manuscripts game manual
* Quick Reference card
* installation information sheet

Just leave a comment on this LIVEJOURNAL entry if you're interested. This post will automatically get posted to Multiply, but I don't get to check Multiply that much. :)


(all comments are screened)
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I'm currently selling a paperback copy of

The Dream Hunters, by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano.

Php600.00 + Php50.00 for Shipping within Metro Manila
(Price at PowerBooks is Php989.00)

We can also meet up somewhere in Makati for the sale.

The book is second-hand, but in great condition. No stains, tears, creases or dogears on the pages. Edges of the cover have some small, white spots because the book has had its cellophane wrapping removed, and so does the upper edge of the spine. Other than that, the book is perfect.

The book still has its original Powerbooks price tag on the back.

I ran into another copy earlier, but I already have one for myself, so I figured that I'd just sell it. Hehe.

Leave a comment if you're interested. Otherwise, the book ends up on eBay. Hehe. ^_^

(comments are screened)
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Last payday, I finally decided to go out and drag Ian to the mall so that we can finally get ourselves a new set of pillows for our bed. For one thing, the ones that we've been using for the past five years were... well... already older than five years, since I've been using them even before I met Ian. On top of that, they were already nearly flat with uneven lumps, and they've become dirty, despite my many attempts to wash them. Speaking of which, washing them was a pain since there's really no space to air them out and dry them when you're living in an apartment with no laundry area of your own.

Anyway, so off we went despite the rain and floods, and after taking our pick, we went home with a new pair of big, white, fluffy pillows, and we talked about how we should have done all this earlier.

The comfort that a good pillow brings is beyond words.

Of course, there IS a drawback to all this, because it's now twice as difficult to drag ourselves out of bed in whatever it is that we consider as the start of our day, and thrice as difficult when it's all gray and cold and rainy outside.

Oh, the poisons that we choose.


I haven't really been able to write much recently as I've been quite busy. For one thing, I've been putting in some extra time at work since we could use the money (yes, I actually get paid for OT now...), plus I've also spent the past week taking photos and preparing listings for about 30 more things that I wanted to put up on eBay. In fact, I only finished putting up all the listings last night.

Then on the side, I've finally convinced Ian to fix up Tanuki no Bento on Blogspot for me and I'm sort of still moving things around on it and trying to tie up some loose ends on the thing before I start making food posts again.

And lastly, I've been plodding through the manga version of Death Note, and I've only managed to finish Volume 7 about six hours ago. I'm trying to finish the series as soon as I possibly can without sacrificing precious sleep, but that's just so I can finally get started on the 18 volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima that I have in a disc sitting on our shelf. (Yes, and I wonder why I need new glasses.)

And what do I do after hours of work/eBay/Blogspot/manga? Dive into the pillows face-first and happily fall asleep, of course.
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So I spend a good deal of my night uploading pics and finally putting up items for auction on eBay. At 5:21 am, after I clicked the submit button for the VERY LAST ITEM that I have to list tonight, eBay gives me this dumb error message which says that it detected some "Banned or inappropriate word" or some other bull. So tell me, which part of this can possibly count as a banned word???

Donna Karan gray ladies' shoulder bag / purse

Gray Donna Karan shoulder bag/ ladies' purse. Bag is small but thick (see photo for size reference), and has two compartments, two secret pockets, as well as pockets for holding credit cards, etc. The flap of the bag also has a small mirror, and there is an exterior pocket on the back of the bag.

Sigh. At this hour, and after all that work, I'm just not one to talk to about banned and inappropriate words. -_-

Anyway, I'll just (finally take a shower), go to sleep, and try again later. It better effin' work this time.
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WTF moment #1

Can you say... "WTFOMGBBQ!!!111" ?

WTF moment #2

Jedi Knights seek Human Rights, recognition of the "religion"
(I love Star Wars... but this is too much... dorkery...)
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That's right folks!!

I just got this from the boards today...

PayPal Pinas! )

Gonna try to sign up and see how the thing goes...

Now, that's one thing solved. Now to figure out a way to lower the price of shipping from the U.S. so I could get my hands on those books that I want (and here I was just griping about it last night)...

Also, PayPal Philippines sadly does not allow us to receive payments, country of scammers that they think we are (waaah!!), so with the Christmas season coming up, I can't extort money from my relatives in the U.S... Hopefully they'd allow us to receive payments eventually, through good behavior, so that maybe I could start selling on eBay with PayPal as my preferred mode of payment. Less hassle and no more meet-ups! ^__^

And I could start ordering stuff and toys from Japan and Singapore!!! Wahahaha! *kicks self. No, K... No.*

EDIT 30 minutes later: I tried adding our MC Electronic debit card, but it's a no-go. I'm guessing the card can't be confirmed due to a mismatch with the address, so I'll head to the bank next week to ask for a copy of our address that they have on their system, then I'll give it another try. I've also written to customer support to ask for a list of cards/banks that they honor, so we'll see how it goes. ^_^;;
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First off, a public service reminder:

My shop on eBay
ksolaris' profile on eBay!

From now on, seeing this cute little banner with the diminuitive cry for help is a signal that I have restocked or relisted items for sale, and that I am desperately, wistfully hoping that some kind person will check on it and buy something. The said phenomenon is expected to happen in intervals of either 7 or 10 days.

Thank you. ^_^


Mentorship is over! Yay!

Hehe... after today, I have become convinced that getting into deep shit is the mother of all invention. Somehow, with NO help from the higher-ups as usual, and with less resources and morale than we started with, we managed to get all the trainees to have their turns in taking calls.

They're still as raw as can be, but it's still better than absolutely nothing.

Sigh. I can sit back now. They'll be another supervisor's charges for the moment. For now, I'll be looking forward to an entire day of training for the Irish queue (someone remembered at the last minute...).

Training = getting paid to relax.

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZZzzzZZZ............ ^_______^


And yeah, I kept forgetting to mention that last 28 March 2006 was the inauguration of the newest floor of the ExportBank Plaza that Sutherland has acquired, and they had the President over for the ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

In any case, several team mates and myself attended the event. We never got to actually meet or see the President due to the sheer number of people around (partly guests, partly employees and CEOs and partly snipers and bodyguards. And the waiters), so we ended up pigging out on hors d'ouvres, cold cuts, bonbons, two types of juice, iced tea and Seattle's Best latte. We figured we might as well make the most of the trip.

We also never got to insert ourselves in the photos that will make it in the newspapers or the company annual, so we invaded the newly-furnished board room instead. Thankfully, when our superiors, program managers, general managers and Vice President caught us, they ended up thinking that it was fun, too, so we all just took pictures. Hehehe. (and yes, I'm one of the people holding disposable coffe cups...)
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First of all, sign this petition to have PayPal in the Philippines! And I'm not saying this because I work as a rep for PP UK, but because I actually, really need the thing...


Well, the mentoring thing has started last Saturday, and apparently, we're being given special focus by management because of the task that we have to correctly and properly pull off at such a ridiculously fast rate. Sigh. Sadly, despite the special attention, we're not getting any special help. We and our band of trainees still get kicked out of training rooms because of mixed-up schedules with the other training classes, the overhead projector is still not working, the air-conditioning was broken last Saturday, some PC units are still not working, password problems, log-in issues, etc etc etc.

Gyah. On top of that, the major swings in schedule have thoroughly destroyed my body clock and I'm currently thisclose again to coming down with the flu because of the whacked up sleeping schedule.

In any case, mentoring is fun. It's difficult as hell, but it's fun. On top of that, I'm broadening my experience by getting to test out different fields and tasks, and I think I'm slowly starting to get a better picture of what I actually want to progress to in this industry.

I've tried out recruitment, and as fun as that one was, I've come to decide that it's actually not my thing. At least that narrows down the choices on what I really want to do. Hehehe.


The batch the I'm currently handling with other mentors is interesting. It's like being handed a box filled with mismatched socks.

We have former agents, we have several lazy bums who look like they're not going to make it past training, there's a soldier who has shifted careers due to the lack of benefits and compensation that is being offered to the military, there's a 50-something lady who used to work as a personal assistant to some foreign businessman, there are newly-grads, there's a certified chemist and so on.

Except for the usual problem-children, they're mostly sweet and receptive and I think that I'll enjoy working with them on the floor as a fellow-agent. Despite the rushed schedule that we have to adhere to, I'm just glad that we all some how still manage to sneak in a laugh or two here and there.

Until now, I'm still amazed at the utter diversity of individuals who work in a call center. So many backgrounds, so many stories. So much merchandise and services available (having a pastry chef as an office mate can be a good thing, apparently). XD


Last night, one of the trainees asked if it was difficult being a mentor. Me and my co-mentors looked at each other, laughed and then pretended to faint. Lolz. I think the trainee got the picture at that point.


My thing on eBay has been going okay. It's a slow start but it's a start nonetheless... Hehe... more reason to try to rack up the positive feedback so that more people will buy from me. Nyahahaha! *scrounges for stuff to sell*

I also realized that it's a good de-stresser at the end of the day since it occupies you for a while.



Mar. 26th, 2006 03:26 am
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My shop on eBay
ksolaris' profile on eBay!

Yep, because times are hard and I need the positive feedback. Hehehe... in any case, if you or anyone you know would, by any chance, like the knick-knacks that I'm offering, please do drop by! ^_^ I'm trying to add more random stuff.

The above link is also available in my user info page. ^_^v



Oh, yeah, and I just wanted to say that...

WE HAVE DSL!!!!!! WHOOO!!! \^o^/


Mar. 23rd, 2006 05:00 am
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On another note... to try to get away from all that gloominess...

We received our first phone bill today. What makes it special is that the bill is in my name. At first it makes you feel good since you have something that you actually own, but then it sinks in, a few moments later, that holy shit, I owe people... O_o;;;


Lem and I have been trying to make some space here in the apartment and raise funds for a new PC system at the same time.

Hence, we'll be selling our old PCs and finally get one PC that has all the upgrades we want. That'll have to wait a bit more though...

In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy on eBay, and my PC already has a buyer. I've also been selling old books and other things I no longer want. Hehehe... I need to rack up that feedback.

Lolz, I first used eBay last year to buy myself a digicam and to sell my copy of Narnia, and I have to admit that it's rather addictive.


I'm thinking about going to Divisoria sometime next month. There are many things that I need to canvas for, AND I need new clothes. Hehehe...


ksolaris.tk will be down indefinitely. *bow*


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