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We moved house over the weekend. Just popping in to say "hello, I'm still alive, sorry to disappoint". Brain is still fried. Very tired. Lots have happened. Nice things. Coherence will come back in maybe another week. I hope.

* NaBloPoMo attempt has failed. Will have to revise banner on LJ to show that.

* I REALLY need to get used to commutes to and from home that are longer than 20 minutes...

* Nov 12-13: Paid all our dues and scrambled to find a truck for moving our belongings.

* Nov 14: The truck arrived, we put our stuff in it and brought it all to Fairview.

* Nov 15: Went back to our old apartment for the last time to clean it, then meet up with our landlady, discuss our deposit and hand over our keys.

* Nov 15: while waiting for landlady, we went to Waltermart where I bought more home stuff, AND a copy of The Ultimates Vol. 1 at Bibliarch. It was on sale. And not having to pay rent ROCKS so hard.

* Nov 16: Spent the day cleaning, arranging, taking stuff out of boxes, etc.

* Nov 16: On our first day at our new home, Ian took me to a nearby Japanese Surplus Store where I scored TWO Totoro plushies, as well as a large, orange, Dragon Quest Slime. Pics to follow. I plan to go back there next payday.

* Nov 17: More cleaning, installing, drilling, etc.

* Nov 18: Went to Makati to spend the day there and haul more of our stuff that we left at The Columns, back to Fairview. Got a french manicure. I love it.

* Nov 19: Went to Ortigas for a mega-boss battle. It went better than I hoped, and I am optimistic. Results by next week. Managed to get blisters all over my feet due to bad shoes, though... More cleaning, etc, upon returning to Fairview.

* and there's doggies. And a pregnant cat. And a particularly cheerful baby here.

That's it for now. Imma gonna go back to bed nao. X_X

K Rising?

Nov. 10th, 2008 02:43 pm
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Okay, with regards to the whole NaBloPoMo thing, so far so good. On the other hand, with our upcoming move of residence, I have a feeling that my 30 posts in 30 days goal might be in peril once again. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps I didn't pick a good month to jump into this whole thing, but I suppose I'll still go ahead and try my best to hit that number. :D


A recent conversation with friends over Plurk has recently given me the idea for probably the perfect illustration of how I see call center life:


Haha! Not intending to be mean and all, and no offense meant to people who actually LIKE being in call centers. It's just me. I've always said that it's never been my first choice as a career, and most probably never will be, but necessity sometimes drives people to do things... which is also why I'm currently fighting the hard fight to try to get out of the whole outsourced customer service business. I'm still trying to find ways, and we'll see how far that takes me this time around.

I'm hoping for some change to happen soon, and I'm crossing my fingers. :D In the meantime, someone hand me a Lego head and a chainsaw. Hehe.


K's book bargain of the day:

Brand new, sealed, purchased from Fully Booked. Price: Php100.00
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(If it seems that I'm spamming your friends page, I'm really sorry, but... I am. XD It could be another half-month again before I get to even see my LJ, so this is just me posting a half-month's worth. It gives me great comfort, the same way that I'm happy leaving our cats with enough food and water while I'm away. :p)

Some time last July, I picked up a book from a second-hand bookstore (again) which I initially thought only Lem would enjoy, but in the end, has proved me wrong and has actually provided me with much entertainment and lulz. I'd recommend it to anyone. In case you do pass by a bookstore, just look for this cover:

As for the blurb at the back, it pretty much gives an accurate description of what to expect from the book, which is always nice, I think. Authors are rarely honest, nowadays.

Awesome, I tell you. Oh yeah.
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It's my day off today, and Lem just treated me to a nice dinner at Tokyo Cafe at Mall of Asia. I love that place, especially since the food is great, the staff are so nice, and it's still within our budget. It also helps that I just learned from an NHK documentary that the proper name for the type of cuisine that they serve is actually referred to as "Yoshoku" (and there's your mame chishiki for the day!).

Anyway, a few hours ago, Lem and I were just discussing that next to the new food groups "Coffee" and "chocolate", there should also be another essential food group called "Om nom nom". Items that belong to this food group would mainly consist of those things that one is heavily craving for. It's those items that you crave for it so bad, that no matter how much else you eat, you just don't seem quite satisfied unless you manage to get a taste of that thing you're craving for.

It should be mandated as a dietary requirement to ensure that one does not end up overeating in an attempt to beat the craving, and it also ensures good moods and a focused, not-wandering-into-thoughts-of-food mindset.


At work, several things are currently going on:

1.) I've recently confirmed that I'm being included in the next batch to be trained for higher skill sets. Yay! My Grand Plan (TM) is going along smoothly.

2.) I am now paying the monthly premium for both of my parents' healthcare plans. Getting it through my company is still cheaper then getting it directly from Maxicare, and the coverage is good, and it affords me peace of mind. However, I am now officially poor because of this as it leaves little of my salary after all the bills and rent are paid. Sigh.

3.) One of our officemates came to work crying last Saturday evening because their apartment in Muntinlupa got robbed. I felt really sorry for her, especially since I also know how something like that affects oneself and one's finances. It hurt her especially hard since she's the main breadwinner of her household which is currently composed of two elderly people, herself and her sister. At the same time though, we were all thankful that no bodily harm came to any of them, considering that they were all at home, sleeping in their rooms when the incident happened.

4.) It turns out that one of my officemates actually knows Tobie! Haha! Small world, indeed. It's been so long since I've last made contact with AEGIS members (except for Jyli, maybe), that I wasn't really expecting that Tobie would even remember who I was. ^_^;; This is making me consider getting into gaming again, but I'm not quite sure how I could afford to work that into my schedule, considering that I value my sleeping hours quite highly. I wish I could hook myself up to a bunch of kittens, like batteries, since we all know that kittens are all little bundles of boundless energy, that they just don't know what to do with it. XD


I've recently started devouring Anne McCaffrey books. I've already finished reading Renegades of Pern some time last year, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I managed to fish out a copy of Dragonsdawn and Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern from a bargain bin.

Even though Renegades is actually the last (?) book of the series, it was apparently a good thing that I finished it first before moving on to Dragonsdawn. I found it to be more interesting that way, because I got to find out the origins of the "Out to Lunch" signs that the citizens of Pern excavated about two millennia later. Haha! I suppose it WOULD also be fun to read it the other way around, but eitherway, it was fun.

I've already finished Dragonsdawn, and I'm halfway through Moreta. Meanwhile, I have Nerilka's Story and The White Dragon on their way to me soon, both fresh from eBay. The series is still a couple of core books short, but I'm sure I'll find them in some other bargain bin again.

My only problem now is that since I'm enjoying the series so much, I'm now considering trading my paperback copies for their heavier, more elegant hardbacked counterparts. It doesn't help that my copy of Renegades is already in hardback. Sigh. Being a geek is pricey, too.
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FINALLY. I've finally managed to get my hands on a decent PC and actually have enough time to sit down and type away. Anyway, there's been a LOT of things that I've been wanting to post about, but a sudden lack of resources have prevented me from doing that.

The last half of December 2007, and the first week of January 2008 has been particularly eventful, and I'm actually quite glad about it all, even though some of those events weren't exactly pleasant. Anyway, I'll try my best to make this short and sweet:

- Currently reading:
* Katekyo Hitman Reborn (dammit!! The next chapter is taking so long!!)
* Hatsukoi Limited (NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!!!)
* Genshiken

- Currently watching:
* Girls Bravo (Just finished it this afternoon. Ecchi comedies, FTW!)
* Howl's Moving Castle (Just managed to watch it last week, for shame!)
* Busou Renkin (Halfway done. Disc c/o Jyli)
* History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi (10 episodes and counting)

Hehe... I've been pretty much out of the loop when it comes to anime and manga, that I'm just glad that I've been having more chances to enjoy them recently. I still have a lot of catching up to do!


Because of a recent incident, I still haven't been able to edit and upload some of the pictures that I've taken during the UST 2007 Paskuhan, and nor have I been able to work on all the photos from our barkada's Christmas party last December 22-23. I've really been wanting to put those pictures up since I know that my high school friends would also like to see those photos online.

But then again, I guess I should just be thankful that I still have the photos to work with at all. ^_^;; Maaa... I guess just one regret that I have is that I wasn't able to back up some of the files that we had on the laptop, including some old photos from my old phone which I haven't been able to store anywhere else. Sigh.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I manage to go to Ian's house in Fairview to do all that since there doesn't seem to be a single, reasonably-priced net cafe in the city which has Adobe Photoshop installed on their PCs... I guess the photo updates will have to wait.


More on updates, as a continuation from the previous list:

- Christmas was spent at work. Then you guys know what happened next. XD

- New Year's Eve was spent at work... and then after work, Ian picked me up and we headed for TriNoMa so that I can treat my parents to lunch.

- Watch out world, I learned how to make sansrival, and I've been making and giving away trays of it...

- January 2: jylichan dropped by our apartment to feed us FRIED SNICKERS BARS!! ^__________^ Photos of glorious food item to follow.

- Been using the office gym, FINALLY, and so far I've been able to keep it up. An hour and a half four times a week should be okay for starters, right? Considering that the last time I actually did any serious workout was back in 2001 (?) when I played soccer... I've also been changing my eating habits, so I hope I'll be able to maintain this momentum for the whole year. I figured it's best to start out slow and steady instead of burning myself out immediately.

- January 6: went to The Spa in Acropolis with Rosa, Mitchiko, and Tin. Mitch and Tin treated me for the spa and for dinner with a whole bunch of Hill People at Serye Eastwood afterwards, since I'm currently broke. ^_____^ I still can't stop saying THANK YOU!! The trip to the spa was so goooooooooood. ~_______~ Tin also gave me a small box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates which is now carefully stashed away in our fridge (Ian knows better than to breach my supply of chocolates though...). Photos taken at the dinner to follow.

- January 8: Met up with Rosa at the new JFMO library in Pacific Star. That library is so gorgeous now!! The last time that I was there, they were still at the 12th floor, but the new one... bean bags in one corner, high windows, ipods loaded with Japanese songs, a mezzanine... WOW!

- When I met Rosa, she brought along miss h_matsumoto with her, so I finally got to meet her in person. ^_^

- Ian's mom and sisters gave me a cute corduroy bag which I now use, and Rosa gave me a 2008 Starbucks planner (YAY!!!!!)


... Ehe... everything seems incoherent back there. Sorry. I can't seem to think straight right now, especially when there's A LOUDMOUTH WOMAN WHO JUST LEARNED TO USE SKYPE SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME, SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS TO SOME KOREAN DUDE ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD SHE'S SAYING.

I miss having my own desktop PC.

I better close here for now before I stuff my mouse down her nose... ^_^##

Eitherway, may 2008 be good for everyone.
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I'm currently selling a paperback copy of

The Dream Hunters, by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano.

Php600.00 + Php50.00 for Shipping within Metro Manila
(Price at PowerBooks is Php989.00)

We can also meet up somewhere in Makati for the sale.

The book is second-hand, but in great condition. No stains, tears, creases or dogears on the pages. Edges of the cover have some small, white spots because the book has had its cellophane wrapping removed, and so does the upper edge of the spine. Other than that, the book is perfect.

The book still has its original Powerbooks price tag on the back.

I ran into another copy earlier, but I already have one for myself, so I figured that I'd just sell it. Hehe.

Leave a comment if you're interested. Otherwise, the book ends up on eBay. Hehe. ^_^

(comments are screened)
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I can't believe that I completely forgot about this year's book fair. Despite the fact that I've been telling myself for months that I wouldn't forget it and that I'd set aside a day when I'd actually sleep less and wake up early just to go to the book fair, I ended up forgetting about the whole thing. After I've envisioned dozens of times how good a time I'd have if I went because it's just a day or two after payday and I'd have cash to shop for books, I ended up not going. I even added it to my events calendar in Multiply, and yet I completely failed to heed my own reminders.


Times and dates are essential for my current job, and yet I only actually managed to take a long, hard look at the calendar earlier today, and STILL I wondered if I was forgetting something. And then my boyfriend reminded me, and he only remembered because I was toying with the idea of going to Mall of Asia to have a meal at Tokyo Cafe just for the heck of it.

Good grief. What I'm feeling right now is that same, sick feeling that you get when you wake up on a schoolday and both your clock and you watch say that it's noon, and for a split-second you wonder if all your timepieces are broken. And then your brain finally wakes up and you realize that, oh shit, that really important exam that you were supposed to take today has been over for at least a couple of hours.

Yes, I'm sorely disappointed because I've been wanting to go to the damned book fair for two years now, and yet I missed it again. Now I have to wait another year. Again. Sigh.


Well, I guess that there's still ways of consoling myself. For one thing, Ian came back from Fairview yesterday morning, with books for me. Remember that time that I scavenged a copy of Dune Messiah from the bargain bin? Ian has also apparently done some bargain-book-hunting recently, and managed to find a copy of Children of Dune (and it's the same 1984 version as Dune Messiah, too!), as well as Dune (a more recent printing, and hence, has a different cover) for me to read. So yeah, somehow, we ended up completing the trilogy without meaning to. It would have been sort of cute, though, if the copy of Dune that he got was also the 1984 version.

Anyway, I can't wait to get started on the trilogy, since so far, I've only managed to read synopses and short excerpts from the books. I've also seen the Dune mini-series, but I don't think that even counts. Now that I think about it, I'm not so sure either if it was the 2000 Hallmark mini-series that I saw, or if it was the older movie verion with Sting in it. I think it's the 2000 version. It was a 3 or 4-VCD set that I gave to Ian for his birthday a couple of years back, so I guess I'll go check.

I'm almost done with Renegades of Pern, thanks to the fact that work is VERY light on weekends to the point that it's sort of boring (hey, I'm getting paid to sit around on weekends doing almost nothing, so I'm not complaining. I love my work hours), so it's good to know that I have some good books that are waiting and ready for me to pick up.
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I love bargain book bins, I swear.

Anyway, despite the heavy rains and the floods, Ian and I had to go to the grocery in WalterMart yesterday because we ran out food. Well, we didn't run out of food, per se, but we ran out of things like eggs, some veggies, and I also had to pick up some extra butane cans, just in case we get rained in for a few more days (this is what I get for procrastinating). So, just as we were done with the groceries, we suddenly hear this loud, gushing sound, and we realized that it was the sound of heavy rain bombarding the mall's roof as well as its glass front.

So, Ian and I gorged on some shawarma, deposited our cart, and then headed to Buy the Book to kill some time. It turned out to be worth it since in addition to the Anne McCaffrey novel that I got from PowerBooks during our last trip to MOA (The Renegades of Pern, hardbound, first edition. Got it for 99 pesos), Ian also found a Stephen Donaldson novel that he's been wanting for a long time. Then next door, at the Expressions office supply store that we rarely visit, I found an old, beaten, paperback copy of Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah for 39 pesos (1984 edition). Not bad for something that I want to read during my free moments at the office, really. ^__^

At this rate, though, we may also have to either buy a new bookshelf, or sell off some books that we no longer want, because our current bookshelf is starting to spill over. ^_^;;


Meanwhile, yes, I've also finally given in and bought myself a fitting form mannequin for my eBay activities. I'm hoping that it would boost sales, or at least help me sell off one particular gown that I have in stock (selling that dress would most likely pay for the cost of the mannequin and more, considering that the mannequin and its stand costs 500 pesos...).

It's really hard to convince people that they want something unless they see that it looks good on someone else... :/


I've been browsing the JobStreet alerts that I still get in my email from time to time, and one particular listing caught my attention...

... but would you REALLY want to be a sales training officer for a company called Shady Cosmetique Laboratory? ^_^;;; I'm sure there's something rather off with that company name, I just can't place a finger on it. XD XD XD XD XD
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I had a small windfall of cash yesterday, thanks to a long-delayed last paycheck from my former employer. This was actually completely unexpected since as far as I knew, my old company is a cheapskate and our contract even explicitly states that there is no such word as "backpay" in their vocabulary (well, they worded it a bit differently, but that's the idea).

Anyway, I was perfectly happy with the cash... until someone pointed out to me that my previous, PREVIOUS company where I stayed for 8 months, has paid me at least 350% more than what I was paid for my 10-month stay at my previous company. Sigh.

Beggars can't be choosers, though, so I took the unexpected cash and did the most logical thing to do with it: go shopping.

Haha!! I set aside half of it, of course, while the other half was spent on a nice meal, a batch of groceries for our cupboards, and books that I've been wanting to buy for the longest time.

So the haul for this latest trip would be:

- a hardcover edition of M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (650 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- a hardcover edition of InterWorld by Gaiman and Reaves (650 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- a copy of the graphic novel Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah (240 pesos at Bibliarch, at WalterMart)

- and a paperback copy of the WarHammer book The Loathsome Ratmen and All Their Vile Kin. (79 pesos at Buy-the-Book, at WalterMart)

What I really wanted was a copy of M is for Magic, but when I saw InterWorld, I decided to take it as well, even though I've honestly never heard of the book until I saw it on the shelf that day. As for Zsazsa Zaturnnah, I've been wanting a copy for the longest time, ever since I bought a copy two years ago and then foolishly gave it away as a present for a friend (no hard feelings, ne? XD XD), only to realize later that I missed the book. As for the Ratmen book... well, I found it at the bargain book place in WalterMart where it was being sold for 79 pesos, so I took it. ^_^;;

I'm already enjoying the paperbacks that I bought, but as for the Neil Gaiman books... ah, I'm saving those. They're still shrink-wrapped, and I plan to open them them this weekend. I want to make myself a cup of hot choco, slowly remove the plastic, enjoy the smell that only new books have, and then savor the pages one by one.

(Lolz. Adik ba? XD XD XD)

I love shopping for books. ^_______^
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Mint, paperback copy of the Vertigo graphic novel The Furies - Php 99.00 (yep, ninety-nine pesos)

Mint, hardback copy of MirrorMask: The Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture from the Jim Henson Company - Php 349.00


Hee hee... I bought these two books with my pay from last payday as a treat to myself since it was my first pay from my new job. I'm REALLY pleased with them since in Powerbooks, a copy of Mirrormask costs almost Php 1800.00, while The Furies normally cost about Php 800.00. And all thanks to this newly-opened bookshop in Waltermart which apparently sells surplus stock from Powerbooks. Wheeee!! They actually had a LOT of good books that I really want, like one of those big, hardbound Terry Pratchet trilogies, also going for only 349 pesos. Unfortunately, my budget ran out at that point, so I had to pick carefully.

Hehe... now, I'm just waiting to see if they'd have copies of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things and M is for Magic as well. I can hope, right? Hehehe. :D

Ah, now if only I could finally complete our Sandman collection, since we're still 4 novels short...

But then again, I guess we should just be thankful, considering the fact that my friend James has already greatly augmented our Sandman collection. Hehe... I think I forgot to mention that when he got back from the US last January, he game me a hardbound copy of the graphic novel version of Murder Mysteries, Sandman: The King of Dreams, and a softbound copy of Dream Hunters. He also gave me a softbound copy of Endless Nights, but I already had the hardback edition, so I ended up selling it to Karen. Hehe. Yeah, and for that, I am eternally grateful. :p

And I pray for my loot to grow.
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As mentioned in my previous post, February 4 was spent at the InterCon for the RodCon event. It was great, it was fun, we found some great stuff, some people sort of freaked us out, we attended a panel that had Carlo Vergara in it, and we managed to catch live performances by Swissy, Up Dharma Down and Radioactive Sago Project. A good day, ne? ^^

And here comes the truckload of saturated snapshots (I swear, my camera hates me, AND it apparently hates indoor light, too).

RodCon 2007. Here's to 2008!! ^__^

60+ 400x300 images under the cut, featuring books, friends, dorks and musicians )

... when the amplifiers finally dripped out of our ears, we left the hotel... and I headed straight to work. Bummer, believe me. XD

At least we've got these to show for afterwards. XD

And now, I sleep...

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Hee hee! I'm on a roll! For the past three days, we've just been bumping into bargains all over the place, and I'm happy with it! ^__^

Original copy of Guild Wars: 400 pesos! ($8?)
For some reason, there was a guy inside the McDonald's branch at the PeopleSupport building last Thursday who was sitting in a corner beside the window and behind the security guard. He was surrounded by Guild Wars banners, shirts, stickers and posters, and on a table he had original PC games on display. All other titles he had (all of which are a unfamiliar to me, except maybe LOTR: War of the Ring and Age of Empires 2? 3?) were selling for only 199 pesos, while Guild Wars was for 400 pesos. We couldn't resist so we grabbed a copy. We got home and tested it out and the product key works, the CD works and the box comes complete with manuals, booklets, etc.

Hehe... I guess this is all okay with us since it will take a while for us to complete all the quests in the core pack anyway. Hopefully the expansions, Factions and Nightfall, would also be on sale around this time next year. XD

Ukay-ukay find #1: Brand new pair of Jeans from Mexx - 150 pesos ($3?)
It was raining on the way from work and I didn't have an umbrella, so I decided to pass some time at the ukay-ukay store for a while. I was planning to glance over the bags and knick-knacks, but there, on a rack right beside the entrance was a pair of jeans WITH TAGS. I took a look and saw that it still carried its price tag which reads "$295" and that it's from some company called MEXX. Heck, Hong Kong, Singapore, US dollars, I dunno, but what I do know is that when I tried it on, IT FIT PERFECTLY! As in PERFECTLY!!

Ukay-ukay find #2: Long-sleeved blouse from Marks & Spencer - 100 pesos ($2?)
Original M&S blouse which I love. Fits great, hides my I-need-to-do-sit-ups-but-I'm-too-lazy tummy and most importantly, it's wash-and-wear. XD

Ukay-ukay find #3: Cute printed long-sleeved blouse - 100 pesos ($2?)
Black and white prints, something I can wear to the office, hides problem tummy, and wash-and-wear!

Ukay-ukay find #4: Wine-colored, embroidered, zip-up vest - 100 pesos ($2?)
Made of nice, thick material. Quilted, has embroideries without looking too girly. Zips up and looks great when accessorized with a big set of headphones hanging from your neck and a backpack on one shoulder. People suddenly assume that you're an artistic genius and that your backpack is probably filled with pencils, ink, half-filled sketchbooks and books from authors they'd be ashamed to not know, instead of photos of your dog, a coffee mug and a bag of chips (tried and tested in RCBC Plaza!! Don't ask. Haha!)... XD Wash and wear.

Haha! I know. I suck at this. I'd never make it in a fashion magazine. XD

Oh and I almost forgot. A nice, big book on Celtic mythology for another 100 bucks.

Whee!! It did take a bit of haggling, ofcourse, but it was worth it.

Ian always did say that I had stuff-itis. I wanted to get him something from the ukay-ukay too, but it occured to me that he needs to be there so he can fit the clothes. It wouldn't be good to get something cool-looking only to find later that neither of us can use it.

** For foreigners who are unfamiliar with the concept of ukay-ukay, you can pretty much get an idea on what it is and how it works via these other Googled-up blogs:



PS. I like LJ's Halloween color scheme. XD

PPS. Had to edit the image for my new layout as I realized the disparity between the colors that this laptop shows to me, and the colors that monitors everywhere else show. Apparently, the color was much brighter and redder than I had hoped, though while I was making it, it looked like a good shade of maroon-brown to me. I adjusted the color, though I think I may be in for ANOTHER surprise tomorrow when I view my blog on the office computer... ^_^;;; Sigh.
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First off, K's... um... Evangelion-...esque? bento?
Clicky the piccy!

Day off today, or at least the end of my day off anyway. Not feeling particularly uppity right now, but at least there's not much to worry about since all bills and the rent have been paid for and are now out of the way.

I also forgot to mention that we received a letter from PLDT several weeks ago, stating that the dispute that we have filed regarding our missing June payment has, well, not exactly been resolved, but that due to our "excellent payment history", they've credited the amount back to our account. Yayness. Thanks to everyone who helped pass this particular issue of mine along (Uncle Benjie!). Hehe. We're not sure if strings got pulled or what, but we're just glad that it's over since when the letter arrived, we were just about ready to give up and just pay up, just to get rid of it once and for all.


On other news, Lem lost his phone last week due to a case of shallow pockets, so if you have his number, please scratch it off your phonebook since it's now gone. I suppose it's about time he got a new phone anyway since the one he had was really broken (the mic doesn't work anymore so if you called him, you'd never hear him on the line even though he could hear you fine). We'll try to see if we can get him a new phone this coming week... just one of those cheap models, and maybe one of those strap-thingies so that we can make sure that his phone stays strapped on him somehow at all times from now on.


Next up, I just got word that my high school friend James would most likely be staying in the US for a whole year instead of just the two weeks that he planned. He left abruptly last September since his grandmother died and his mom dragged him along even though their flight was two weeks earlier than what they initially scheduled. This morning, he texted me and said that his company now wants him to work at their head office in the US, so he may end up spending the holidays there.

It's sorta weird since if that's the case, this would be the second year that our circle of friends would be incomplete by the time the UST Paskuhan event comes along (it's a university-wide christmas party in the college that we all came from, and it has a free concert and fireworks show. The first time that we were incomplete was last year when Ian and I were moving from one apartment to another). I'm also slightly frustrated since we were supposed to have a group studio pictorial at one of the nice studios here in Makati to sort of celebrate our tenth year together (courtesy of a gift certificate from that studio which James has somehow managed to swipe...), and we've already worked out a theme and all. Sigh. Oh well. So much for that.

Anyway, James promised to send me some books, so we'll see how that works out.


Speaking of books, I have to remind myself to save up for the copy of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things which I've asked Jyli to ask his mom to get for me (his mom won a thousand-dollar gift certificate to spend on books! WOW!!). He said his mom would be back in the country by this December, so that should give me some time.

Sigh. If only shipping to and from the US wasn't so expensive... T_T Shipping a book via 2GO's next-day delivery around the country only costs 48 pesos (less than a dollar!!), so I've gotten used to just receiving and sending stuff via courier... And then I see all those lovely one-dollar books on eBay... which would most probably cost me 2000 pesos ($40?) to have it shipped via FedEx. I've also heard horror stories about books being lost in transit or being heavily taxed by customs if they're sent via EMS, so that's a no-go, too. Meh. At least there's still the secondhand bookstores around. It's just difficult to wade past the romance novels and boxes of National Geographic to find something that you want, that's all.


And by the way, Ian's Uncle Benjie shared this baby video with us which featues no less than their year-old baby boy, Teo, who has bounced right back into action after open heart surgery.

hee hee! Cuteness. <3

And yeah, I'm a bit annoyed right now that LJ only allows embedded videos from YouTube and nowhere else. :/
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I am just... wow...

I wonder if I can win in such a contest...?

Currently reading The Salmon of Doubt. Finally got to pick it up again after so long. Lem's been reading our copy of George Carlin's When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops? which got me to go over our bookshelf again. I am yet to finish Salmon and that copy of Le Morte d'Arthur. I forced myself to read it when I first bought it so long ago, but I never got past the first 10 pages. Hopefully I can finish it this time around. All Neil Gaiman books have long been devoured, ofcourse.

Waiting to find a copy of Neil's Fragile Things... if I can afford it, that is.

If I win the lottery, we will pay our bills, buy a house, save some in the bank, then leave a small, allocated amount solely for the purpose of buying all the books we ever wanted. Then maybe I'll get that jewel-encrusted dice I've been wanting. And a gold-plated Playstation 3. And a gilded Nintendo Wii. And a platinum set of bento boxes and a popcorn-maker. Then I'd buy Hatchin. Mmm. Yeah... sounds good...


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