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As you all may have noticed, I haven't been updating my food blog Tanuki no Bento for a VERY long time. The reason for this is that besides the fact that I have adapted to a diet which doesn't require me to eat at work, and hence, doesn't require me to bring food to the office, I have also been struggling to get the look that I want for my blog.

I want to do so many things and add so many elements, but it doesn't seem to be okay with either one of the free blog services that I'm using.

To tally up my issues:

Blogspot version
  • I'm able to customize the headers and the look of the whole blog
  • Web 2.0 Widgets that I can move around
  • Text widgets that accept java scripts, etc.
  • I don't like the dashboard

  • I can't "cut" a really long entry under a -More- link (or can I? HOW????? SOMEONE TELL ME!)

WordPress version
  • I can hide long entries under a -More- link
  • Has a free contact form that can be activated really simply
  • I love, LOVE the dashboard
  • I REALLY like how you add tags and categories on WP

  • I can't customize it and the free themes are... not to my taste.
  • I can't use scripts for things like Twitter, MyBlogLog, AdSense, etc.


As for WP, I know that the customization bit can be taken care of by getting a host and installing the WP client... which brings me to my next question: Is 110mb.com a host you'd recommend?

I don't even care about getting a domain name right now, that can come much later, but I just want to get the blog itself set up... if I could just set up the look and all, updating regularly isn't really a problem for me. Now, on 110MB.com, it turns out that though the space and bandwidth is free, I have to pay $9.95 to activate MySQL and get WP to actually work. Is it worth it? And how hard of a job is this to do? WIll I need a degree for this task???

I'd hate to spend money on this only to find out that there's no way I can make heads or tails of the whole thing. If I would ultimately end up not being able to do this afterall, then I'd rather spend the money on food. Hehehehehe....


I'm admittedly a non-techie person, and to be honest, I've already spouted more jargon in this entry than what's healthy. I can almost feel the blood threatening to spurt out of my nose now. Can someone please explain this to me in K-friendly terms? T_T I feel so dumb.

Help. T_T


EDIT: I forgot to mention that another thing that I absolutely love about WordPress is the fact that you can make PAGES!! And that is just awesome. Now if only WP wasn't such a prick with third-party scripts and all... T_T

Oh, and I also had to mention that this is probably my first post EVAR that makes use of the Rich Text version instead of the HTML version. Hehe.
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Title says it all. Hehehe... I'm proud. Ian did all the code, as usual, though.


All I can say about this layout is...

DORIRU!! DORIRU~~!!!!!!!!!
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Last payday, I finally decided to go out and drag Ian to the mall so that we can finally get ourselves a new set of pillows for our bed. For one thing, the ones that we've been using for the past five years were... well... already older than five years, since I've been using them even before I met Ian. On top of that, they were already nearly flat with uneven lumps, and they've become dirty, despite my many attempts to wash them. Speaking of which, washing them was a pain since there's really no space to air them out and dry them when you're living in an apartment with no laundry area of your own.

Anyway, so off we went despite the rain and floods, and after taking our pick, we went home with a new pair of big, white, fluffy pillows, and we talked about how we should have done all this earlier.

The comfort that a good pillow brings is beyond words.

Of course, there IS a drawback to all this, because it's now twice as difficult to drag ourselves out of bed in whatever it is that we consider as the start of our day, and thrice as difficult when it's all gray and cold and rainy outside.

Oh, the poisons that we choose.


I haven't really been able to write much recently as I've been quite busy. For one thing, I've been putting in some extra time at work since we could use the money (yes, I actually get paid for OT now...), plus I've also spent the past week taking photos and preparing listings for about 30 more things that I wanted to put up on eBay. In fact, I only finished putting up all the listings last night.

Then on the side, I've finally convinced Ian to fix up Tanuki no Bento on Blogspot for me and I'm sort of still moving things around on it and trying to tie up some loose ends on the thing before I start making food posts again.

And lastly, I've been plodding through the manga version of Death Note, and I've only managed to finish Volume 7 about six hours ago. I'm trying to finish the series as soon as I possibly can without sacrificing precious sleep, but that's just so I can finally get started on the 18 volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima that I have in a disc sitting on our shelf. (Yes, and I wonder why I need new glasses.)

And what do I do after hours of work/eBay/Blogspot/manga? Dive into the pillows face-first and happily fall asleep, of course.
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I mentioned in a previous post that Ian's folks dropped off some groceries the last time, right? Well, in that batch of groceries, they also gave us 3 cartons of fresh milk, and 2 cartons of fruit juice. I remember that Ian and I happily stocked the fridge that day, and that the cartons looked so pretty, lined up neatly in the bottom shelf.

At that point, I also remember thinking to myself, "Wow. I've never had so much fresh milk at one time, in like, my entire life..."

Lolz. Oh, the sadness of it all. XD XD XD

Seriously, though. When I was growing up, my parents went through several droughts, and because of that, fresh milk was considered (and still is, though not as badly anymore) a luxury. After all, a carton costs about 75 pesos, and it contains about 4 glasses of milk which has to be consumed as soon as possible, because it can go bad. Compared to 50 pesos worth of powdered milk, which can last for about a month, and only needs a scoop's worth to make a glass of milk... well, you can see the difference, right?

So, whenever we had fresh milk at home, it was such a rare treat that my parents would immediately set it aside for me. They wouldn't touch it, even if I offered my glass to them, because they'd rather have me drink it instead.

Anyway, so you could just imagine how I felt, as I admired the neatly-stacked cartons in our fridge. XD XD I'm just glad that nowadays, I can afford to buy milk for myself and my parents so that they can get that much-needed calcium, too. XD XD XD


I've been meaning to announce the glories of Multiply.com for a while now, but I've been forgetting, so here it is:

I've had the account for a good while now, and I remember that I created it several years ago, because Luis was hiding from one of his psycho-stalker girlfriends at that time and had to move his blog. Haha! Anyway, it looked ugly back then, and after all these years, it's only now that I actually managed to start using it.

Plus, it was a MAJOR thing for me to figure out how to finally merge both my LiveJournal entries and Yahoo! Photos stash in the same place. Amen.

And yeah, they have that nifty badge-maker thingy, too. :D
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This is how K makes her mashed potatoes. By ending up with something that isn't quite mashed, and something that isn't quite mashed potato-y... Just click on the pic! ^_^

Lolz. Anyway, I'm really thinking about reviving Tanuki no Bento. After all, we now have a ref and a proper kitchen so I should be coming up with new material for my blog, right? Hehe! More excuses to bring my camera around. ^__^
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For the past week, I have been telling myself every single day, to finally get down to posting those journal entries which I've been meaning to put up. Then I'd promptly fall asleep.

I'm currently dizzy from sleepiness, but I just need to dash this off before I completely forget:

- At the office, we received an email from SOMEONE AT LEVEL UP (a GM) who was offering to write for us because he thinks that North America and DA WORLD would be interested about what's going on in the local RO/Philippine-MMORPGs-in-general scene. No offense, but.... honestly... common.... *guffaws* I laugh in your general direction. But seriously... No, dude. No. NO.

- I have just found shoe heaven. I can now cross out one item from my "Must do within this lifetime" list. Will elaborate next time.

- Can someone please tell me when the Discovery Channel program "Real Asian Horror" is going to be shown again? I missed its premier...

- The Discovery Channel series "I, Video games" is starting on Friday next week, 7pm. I have to watch it. Then there's that Nostradamus-thingy coming up, too.

- My current favorite programs consist of cooking shows on Discovery Travel and Living, "Million 2 One" on Discovery (I just love how a seemingly boring topic becomes so incredibly fun when given to a British comedian...), and Miami Ink (it is further convincing me that I NEED to seek out a fantastic artist to give me a tattoo. But then again, I'm naturally gullible...). Almost anything on Animal Planet has also been good. I have also been gorging myself with forensic investigation documentaries over at the Crime and Suspense Channel.

- Has anyone noticed something wrong with my TV habits? I thought so.

- Lem has recently surprised me by buying some curry croquette and a new batch of furikake. HAPPINESS!! ^________^

- I am yet to post the pictures from the wedding we attended in Tagaytay.

- I am yet to post the pictures from the time that my high school friend got back from Minneapolis.

- I really should start posting those bento pics again, just to get it done and over with.

- Still hankering for a DS and a Wii. Slightly interested in Playstation Home and LittleBigPlanet.

- been reading stuff from Dark Diamond. Lem showed this site to me, and I fell in love because of their collection of console-tans, hardware-tans and software-tans etc. Love! And yeah, you KNOW you want to read about Gundam Condoms, right? Right? Haha!

- Work has been fun, except for a recent issue on taxes, and one individual in our shift who LITERALLY SMELLS OF SHIT. I kid you not. I and some officemates have already dry-heaved at one point or another because of the bastard's stench. Ugh. Will elaborate in another entry. Maybe.

- I have emails to answer, sites to check and entries to post. Which will all have to probably wait until my day off...


- For sale: Endless Nights (Neil Gaiman), softbound, practically new. Great condition. Bought from Barnes and Noble in Minneapolis. Selling because I already have the hardbound copy of the book. Edges just have some of those tiny white spots which probably occurred from being handled (person who gave the book to me removed the cellophane wrap so he can read it before he got back to the country). No scuff marks or dog-ears. Selling for 650 pesos, free shipping. Any takers? Leave a comment.
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- This may be the last time I'll be posting using our own internet connection, as we will have to tell PLDT to stop the service soon since we're leaving Palm Tower. We're not sure if we can afford to have our account continued at the new place. We'll have to check our finances first.

- This will be the most hectic week for us, what with the tasks involved with MOVING OUT (and dealing with another prick of a landlord... I swear, landladies are so much easier to deal with...), the actual task of HAULING THINGS back and forth, and then there's the tasks involved with MOVING IN to the new place. All that on top of various forms of paperwork, bills, and our jobs, as well as the need to eat and sleep. So, if I don't reply to emails, etc, for the next two weeks or so, you now know why. My cellphone, on the other hand, is always on, so you know how to reach us if you need to.

- We will be going fridge-less for the first month or so of our stay at the new place because our current fridge needs to retire after five years (or more... I got it second-hand) of loyal service.

- I will be pushing my luck by saying: If anyone has any of these which you no longer use and would like to donate, we would love you forever. Haha!

+++ Beanbags
+++ a small fridge (hehehehe....)
+++ a PC chair (ours is begging to snap in half soon)
+++ a book shelf (the one we have isn't enough anymore, I think)
+++ a starbucks 2007 planner (wala lang.)

Yes, K is delusional once again.

On a side note... K's phrase of the day: "Look, I bought a pigball!!"




I'll be lying low on the bento posts as well. Actually, I have several picture sets that I still want to post and are just patiently waiting in my Photobucket account, but ever since some friends have pointed out a bad mistake that I've been doing which involves the use of furikake (hello, [livejournal.com profile] khursten, [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_rose... ^_^;;;;) I've gotten a little shy about it.

Hehe. Yeah, I still have some dignity left around here somewhere, I think.

Anyway, they're still food pics, so I'll be posting those up once we aren't going insane from the move anymore. Sayang e. ^_^;;


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