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Hehe... sorry, but I just gotta get this out of the way first or I won't be able to write a proper update at all. XD To be honest, I'm starting to suspect that I have my 2-D boyfriend on my mind for more than what's healthy, but at the same time, I'm thankful that my REAL boyfriend doesn't seem to mind the obsession much. It does bother him a bit when I try to buy him clothes that look like Ryuuji's though. XD

I think I may be getting addicted to the rabu-rabu rush that the game provides, which would probably make me an endorphin addict. XD

WARNING: IMAGE-HEAVY post, containing bishonen images from the Web-Kare boards, as well as some screenies of my own Web-kare.

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen. If you've read my previous post, then you know where this is going.


Hehehe. :3

This doesn't mean that I'm any closer to speaking in Japanese any time soon, though. In fact, having been able to successfully sign up for an account in the first place AND editing my profile (some of it anyway) without any assistance of any kind, is already considered as a major accomplishment in my book. However, having a miniscule vocabulary and being able to read hiragana, katakana and a tiny bit of Kanji, also turned out to be helpful. At least I can navigate the site without any problems since Kanji characters for "Home", "Message", "Album" and "Minilog" haven't been invented yet.

I also learned how to accept friendship requests and read PMs via trial and error, and then, a short guide in English has also been offered up on the site's boards (my eternal gratitude goes to [livejournal.com profile] khursten  for this), PLUS an international BBS has also been recently added for the non-Japanese people who stubbornly insist on playing a game written entirely in Japanese.

I still have no idea what my virtual boyfriend is saying, though, but if he's muttering my name in his sleep and he's talking about me with other people's Kare, I'm really hoping it's something nice. :3

Seriously, though... WHADDHESAY???? O_O

Why does he have to be so damned cute...? :3 Hehe... I've been squee-ing and giggling like a 13-year-old for the past two days, I can't stop thinking aout how my Web-Kare is doing, or what SCENARIOS I can possibly be missing by not being online, and Ian has already become pretty jealous over his 2-D rival. Haha! XD

The same day I got my Web-Kare account, I also promptly added a link to it in my LJ profile, as well as a widget on my food blog. The widget is especially nice. :3

In the meantime, I'm already expecting the so many ways that money is probably going to go into this game. The site is currently making money via advertising, but I can just imagine all the possible Web-Kare merchandise, books, CDs, doujinshi, posters, plush toys, figurines, cellphone straps, promos or possibly special/premium in-game items/events/features that the developers can possibly add. Can you say, "Christmas/Summer/Hot Springs/Hanabi/Sakura Viewing/Summer Festival/Beach Special"???

Evil, evil developers, playing with womens' hearts like this...
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Hehe... I know that I haven't updated in a while, and I really should be posting about other things right now... but I can't resist. XD

Oh... and before I get right into that, here's something that made me smile today: a clip of Philip Lee. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~!! XD XD


And here's the meme proper.

meme ganked from innocentlyjaded )
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I finished watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi the day after I posted about it here in my blog (more detail on that later), and yeah, needless to say, watching a 24-hour-long series can really mess up your brain... Yep, I ended up with more weird dreams that I can now add to my already-growing list of visions, which include Armageddon and other such crap.

In my dream, I went home to my parents' house in Novaliches because there was a Balikbayan that I wanted to greet. I had the feeling that I was really looking forward to this person's visit, and I was eager to meet him ASAP. The moment I got in through our front door, I dropped my bag and asked my parents, "Nasa'n na siya? Anjan na ba si Zu Wei?" ("Where is he? Is Zu Wei already here?"). I then started calling out for the person that I came over to meet, and I headed for my old room (the one now occupied by my aunt). This in itself was already weird since I don't even like going anywhere near that place because it's so messy and dirty and cluttered, that my aunt's stuff literally spills out into the hallway whenever you open her door.

Anyway, my dream self opened the door of my old room, and there, in a version of my room back when I still occupied it and it was neat, there sitting on the floor near the door and opening a suitcase was Philip Lee. He was wearing dark jeans, a white and black plaid long-sleeved shirt (untucked and with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows), and gray socks. I remember that I took careful note of the socks, because in our house, shoes and slippers are not allowed to be worn inside bedrooms, and my dream self was worried about having to explain this house rule to our guest.

After finding him in my room as he was unpacking, Philip Lee gave me a big smile, said "hey!", and stood up to greet me. As we were stepping towards eachother to - um, I don't know why either... shake hands, maybe...? - I woke up.


So, as I lay in bed, sleepy, confused and trying to remember what just happened, there was a portion of my brain that kept screaming, "DAAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!".

For the rest of that day, I either:

a.) wallowed in frustration at the fact that I couldn't even get to Philip Lee _in my dreams_
b.) giggled, squee-ed and blushed like an idiot at the mere thought of finding him waiting inside my house, and
c.) wondered who the hell Zu Wei is and what has THAT got to do with anything.

For the last item, I'm already dismissing that as some random tidbit that my brain somehow dug up in my cluttered subconscious, and it could be the brand name of my cheap-o spatula, for all I know.

I later told Lem about that dream as we were having dinner at home before I sent him off to work, but he just looked at me, frowned, and said that I was weird. He has also expressed undue concern at the prospect of being usurped by a figment of my imagination, and it needed a fair amount of cuddling to comfort him. XD (Don't worry, baby! I'd still choose you over Philip Lee! Afterall, who else can take my weirdness and quirks??? XD)

Haha! I'm sorry, but I've just really been preoccupied with this Korean star. I even managed to somehow dig up his official site, plus I've been collecting pictures of him which I store in my office mailbox. Whenever the day starts getting bad at the office, I just open up the email with his photos in it, I stare at it a bit, I giggle, and the world is fine again. Haha! I feel so damned silly, but it feels good, I don't care. XD

Can you blame me? I mean, JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin... )

So, Philip Lee, if you're reading this, now you know...

Please leave your slippers/shoes at the door when you enter a room in our house in Novaliches. XD
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Before I start, I just wanted to say that... VIRUSES ARE ANNOYING! Argh. I'm currently at a cafe, and I logged in to YM on another PC a while ago. Then, all of a sudden, chat windows started opening, and text was being typed into the chat boxes without me doing anything! What's weird is that I couldn't control the mouse either, and the brilliant shop owner has disabled the Task Manager so I had a hard time shutting down the program, and I had to resort to pressing the restart button on the PC.

Another weird thing was that when the text was being entered, I noticed that whatever program was running, was designed to enter the text in almost any text field it can get on. I was switching to Notepad at the time, and I hit CTRL + S by mistake, and in the field where you enter the file name, it started placing a message there too. I tried it again, and it then started typing a path C://WINDOWS.... etc etc.

That was scary. And embarrassing.

The text that I saw was in Tagalog, and the little the I got off of it was something along the lines of "... scandal... PM nio ko". However, according to some people in my contact list, they got messages in Vietnamese! O_O;; Jeebus.

So, if you're one of the people that got a weird message from me... I'M SO SORRY!! T_T


One of the things that has been taking up some of my free time lately would be Korean dramas. I've never watched any of the dubbed shows that have aired on local TV, and I've never really been interested in it, but it just so happens that one of the people that I work with is a fan of the genre. Having nothing better to do one day, I agreed to borrow one of the DVDs that she kept offering to me. Now, I'm engrossed in it, I'm afraid.

She lent me Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (aka, "The Story of the First King's Four Gods", aka "Legend"), and I was impressed by the high-budget production. I also found myself enjoying the convoluted love story that was pretty much interlaced with politics, as well as the fact that there were elements from mythology that they added into the storyline. Then there's the characters which includes an unwilling prince, an ambitious rival, a rogue, the assassin that fell in love with her target, etc. And the fight scenes were good, too.

Also, the other thing that I also like about it is that it actually had enough material in it to pique Lem's interest! Haha! He's apparently been watching it while I'm at work, and despite the bad subs of the DVD that we have, we're both enjoying it now. XD I think this is proof that the series has its merits, since Lem normally just leaves my shows alone. ^_^;;;

Oh, and another thing that I like about it...

ANG GWAPO NI BAE YONG-JOON! Ahahahahaha!!! (And, ladies and gentlemen, we are now back in the gutter...)

Look naman kasi, o!


And let's not forget Philip Lee who also appears in the same series.

Hot as they are, though, it looks like it's still not enough for me to start wanting to learn the language. Hehe. Maybe I just need a bit more convincing? :D Anyway, the officemate who got me into all this already picked out a whole line up of movies and shows for me to try out once I finish watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi.

She wants me to watch The King and the Clown, and with a story that involves male concubines and a pretty boy like Lee Jun Ki in a lead role, how can I refuse? ^_^;;;;

Factoid: Lee Jun Ki actually has 3 BJDs modeled after him. One of the BJDs features him in his role in The King and the Clown. My officemate says that she wants to buy one badly. I then found a site that still sells it and I pointed out to her the USD$1250.00 price tag for just one doll. That's 60,000+++ pesos! That's enough grocery money for me for 30 months! Haha! I dunno if she's given up on the idea already, though. I could be wrong. ^_^;;
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Oh, the things I would do for a Japanese Visa, just so I can make a pilgrimage to the Square Enix store and pay homage to this:

a life-sized, sleeping Sephiroth installed in the shop floor. )

Awww... it's just so sweet to watch the neurotic, demented little darling sleep. I bet he's having candy dreams of the day when he rises again to bring justice to the world, after he recollects all his energy and is once again charged up to full POWAH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! CUE ORCHESTRA MUSIC!!


Actually, I'd also like to have a Chocobo plushie, and some Slime merchandise. They're cute.
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Holy sardine, I'm back in high school and drooling over a 2-D male all over again. Wahahaha!! I sort of miss the feeling. I haven't felt this silly/girly/giddy since... since... Aya Fujimiya? Hyde in the Kasou video? Heck, I don't even know anymore.


Screencap from Devil May Cry, the anime, as seen on Famitsu.

We reported on this some time last year (I remember it was a couple of weeks before Typhoon Milenyo), but I didn't think they'd make Dante so HAWT. Heck, we already KNOW that Dante is teh smex, but you don't see scenes like this in any of the games (I dunno about DMC4 on the PS3 though...):

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!! *hearts hearts hearts hearts hearts*

If I made our room look like that, would you shower at our place, too? OHOHOHOHOHOHO~~!!!!

Haha! I need another kick in the head now, and I'm sure Ian would simply give me that LOOK that he gives me when I get too weird. Whheeee!!

Am fully awake now. Back to work.

Follow-up thoughts on the Kasou video: DAMMIT, WHY CAN'T _I_ BE THE MIC STAND??????

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Today's FFXII Balthier quotable quote:

Balthier: Vaan. A word. Should anything untoward happen to me, I'm leaving the Strahl to you.

Vaan: Untoward?

Balthier: Yes. I AM the leading man afterall. I may have to do something heroic.

Oh, Balthier! I luffles youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! XD XD XD Why do you have to be so damned cute and have the best lines?? harhar!!


This recent Real Life Comic, sort of closely resembles life here at the apartment for the past three weeks or so, except that Ian and I take turns being Greg. XD


I can quite possibly write a short novel which is solely dedicated to raving about and singing praises to FFXII, so I won't start since I probably won't be able to stop.

In the meantime, I think Tycho says it better at this point in his latest Penny Arcade news entry.

For now, all I can think of is: "Final Fantasy XII. It moves you. (or converts you altogether...)"



I've recently gotten my own Youtube account, and this was the first thing I uploaded:



Sep. 25th, 2006 05:01 pm
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I know this may be a little late, but.... DEVIL MAY CRY, THE ANIME!! (<--- requires windows media player)

DANTE, OH, DANTE!!! *swoons and dies while lots of sparkly hearts hover overhead...*

I just had to do that.

Back to work.


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