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First of all, a plug:


I was watching the news this morning, and CNN was running a story on how the recent earthquake in China ruined the panda research facility. In the clip, they mentioned that the main road that leads to the facility has been blocked, and the only way to reach the place would be to take a one-day detour. Because of this, the panda's fresh supplies of bamboo have been severely hampered.

I'm such a softie when it comes to animals, and this story just breaks my heart. I was thinking of giving a donation, but I don't think they accept PayPal. T_T

In my imagination, I'm hoping that Jordi steps in and helps the animals... T_T


For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I don't know what got into me, but I was in the office one slow workday, and then I suddenly got this itch to make a loligoth headpiece. The next day, I found myself in a lace shop, going gaga over rolls of very pretty lace and ribbons. I made some purchases, and now I have two headpieces sitting in my closet, all pretty, packaged and ready for use. One is a black-on-black piece for a kurololi outfit, while the other one is mainly black with a white lace ruffle trim, with a rose piece.

Of course, it's occurred to me that I don't own a loligoth outfit to go with the headpieces, so I may just sell it eventually.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a nearby ukay-ukay store had a discount day, and all garments sold for 20 pesos per piece. I walked away with about 7 pieces, one of which was this long, black, one-piece dress with long sleeves, which looked more like something a nun would wear, sans the white collar.

I actually intended to practice on this black dress/smock because as I was looking at it in the store, the only thought that was going through my mind was "It's really nothing that a needle and some thread can't fix." I intended to nip that thought in the bud, as I was under the impression that I was having another episode of misplaced over-confidence. So, I bought it and told myself that if I ended up butchering the dress, then it's no biggie since it's only twenty pesos anyway, PLUS I'd finally get that voice in my head to shut up.

I went home and trimmed the sleeves to a more reasonable length, but I thought that it would be such a waste if I just used the trimmed-off portion as a rag afterwards. Instead, with some hemming, and a bit of extra lace I had lying around, it turned into an arm accessory for - you guessed it - a loligoth outfit. It now looks like the thing that Jam Kuradoberi has on her arms, except it's in black, and would go well with a kurololi ensemble.

It HAS occurred to me that I seem to be accidentally building a whole ensemble anyway, piece by piece, but we'll see if anything else pops up from the scraps that I have at home. Who knows, maybe I'll end up selling a whole ensemble on eBay or something. I've considered wearing it myself, but I think that I'll need to slim down some more first and maybe get a Glutathione shot. Haha! Sorry, but I just don't have the pale complexion that goes well with the loligoth look, so I won't even dare try. Maybe I'll dress up someone else someday, I dunno.

As for the dress itself, it's wearable now, though it's still lacking some elements so my mannequin is still wearing it, with bits and pieces of lace and ribbon pinned to it, as I try to decide how to proceed. I plan to drop by the lace shop again soon to get more materials, especially since Lem made some interesting recommendations (I've been getting the feeling that he may be enjoying this as much as I am) and I want to try them out and see how it looks.

Apparently, it WAS nothing a needle and a bit of thread can't fix.

It's a lot of work though, since I don't own a sewing machine, and I don't know how to use one even if I did (I swear making ruffles by hand is a BITCH!), but it feels very good to be making something with my hands again that isn't food. Haha! I guess I do get a sort of rush with every finished product I churn out. ^_____^

Now that I've been bitten by the sewing bug, it also doesn't help that I watched a special on NHK about recycle fashion. So, the next time you see me buying a tattered/torn/old shirt, please don't panic just yet. I ain't going hobo. It's just me trying to gain more XP to level up my sewing skills.
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I've just spent the better part of my days off at my parents' house in Novaliches, only to find that our local pet population has exploded to a whopping SEVENTEEN. Yes, I'm still a little shocked myself.

The roll call is as follows:

1) Lucky the Pitbull
2) Elmo the Lilac Siamese Cat
3) Marbles the Import from Ian's House
4-7) Four kittens, Marbles' litter (yes, they come as a set...)
8) Blu, the local Tom Cat
9) Alpha, the local old Geezer Cat
10) Diablo, the female cat who decided to live with us
11) Pepe Smith, the stray male dog who decided to live with us.
12) Ampi, the stray female dog who decided to live with us.
13-17) Ampi's five puppies

Notice items 10-17. Apparently, these guys just showed up at our house gate one day, all malnourished with nowhere to hide whenever it rains. My dad and mom decided to hand out some food from time to time, and VOILA! They've now become members of the family. And the best part? The dogs and the new cat are all the same color, like matching luggage.

Sigh. It's a little sickening to know that these animals were turned out by their owners who decided it would be cool to have some guard dogs, but then decided to just simply lock the dogs out of their houses when they decided it was too much of a hassle to feed them.

Being the bunch of softies that we are, it's very hard for us to resist taking care of such unfortunate cases. :/

Oh, and as for items 3-7, by the way, Marbles is a cat that we took from Ian's house. My parents love the cats, and they especially love the fact that they're all toilet-trained, mommy-cat AND kittens. The added bonus to this is that Elmo has also finally learned to use the litter box, thanks to Marbles' example. XD

Meet the menagerie! )

More photos at my Multiply Album!

And now, I leave you with a video which shows... er... Marble's kittens attacking a blue plastic bag. ^_^;; (Sorry, I wanted to upload it on YouTube and embed it here, but YouTube took FOREVER to upload the file, so I gave up and added it to Multiply. Anyone know how Multiply vids can be embeded? T_T;;)
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I DID mention in my previous entry that Ian and I were off to visit my folks in Novaliches during our day off last week.



There. ^_^;;

PUPPY PILE!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that's SEVEN frisky little pitbull puppies.
Oooh. I'm melting again... ~_____~

pages peppered with puppy pictures :D )

Even MORE photos at my Multiply album! ^_^

And yes, as if all that wasn't enough... I TOOK A VIDEO OF THE PUPPIES DURING FEEDING TIME! LOOKIE HERE!! XD

The sad part is that we can't really get too attached to the pups since they're for selling. As much as we want to, there's no way we can maintain EIGHT pitbulls all at once, when just Lucky alone is already a handful! ^_^;;

Sigh. Anyone want a pitbull? Just 4.5k, negotiable. We can give them to you in another months' time, once they're fully weaned and they're done with the requisite de-worming and shots.

I'm pimping them on my blog because I honestly think that the people here know how to take proper care of pets, and I'd feel so much more relieved knowing that they go to good people. ^_^;;
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Just posting some photos that I've taken of Wasington Sycip Park. The park is right smack in the middle of Legazpi Village, right accross the Union Church of Manila. Ian and I like to hang out there whenever we feel the need to detox from the activity of the busy city of Makati. Since we don't really have the chance to head over to the UP campus and stroll under the trees and sit on the grass while eating fried fishballs, this is the next best thing. We consider it as a quick fix, which can then be capped by a cup of strawberry cornflake shake from Sango afterwards. Lolz.

As the date suggests, the photos were taken a few days before my well-documented haircut. I just figured that the last time I blogged about the park, I just took photos of the ducks but didn't really bother to note how pretty the place generally is. So, here's the results. ^_^;;

Insert cosplayer HERE. *points up*

Just taking a little stroll... )

(More photos in my Multiply Album)

I have to admit that the park is one of the reasons why we love staying where we are right now, despite some recent drawbacks. ^_^
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After a week or so of sickness, nausea and pain, I've only managed to pull through and function normally again last Saturday. Anyway, what happened was that last, last weekend, I was pretty much incapacitated by what I thought was an unusually painful case of dysmenorrhea (it was the start of my period, after all) and I called in sick at the office.

The pain was remedied by Lem who brought me mefanemic acid as well as some cranberry juice, and it went away by that evening. The very next morning, though, just as I was sending Lem to work, I realized that I caught a fever. Thinking that it was just another case of "trangkaso" (flu?), I just stayed home and medicated myself with paracetamol and a lot of water and rest. It didn't help much though, and by the next day, I woke up to a raging fever and horrible chills. Lem suspected an infection of sorts, and he took me to the hospital the following morning.

It turned out that he was right. According to the doctor at the clinic, what happened was that I had a case of UTI which managed to remain undetected and inactive for so long. While it was there, it apparently made its way up my kidney where it stayed. It was fine, while it was dormant, but the moment it got triggered, FOOM! Fevers, chills, nausea, and this annoying pain down my left side each time I moved (I thought that this was merely due to bedsores or aching muscles, since I was asleep or lying down almost the entire two days that I had a fever). I was given some expensive antibiotics to take and asked to come back for more tests once my period is over.

The antibiotic has done its work, and the fever and chills stopped, and the pain in my side disappeared. I'm yet to go back for the tests to confirm what's really going on inside my guts, though I'm vaguely afraid that the doctor made a correct assumption since the medicine she prescribed actually worked.

Sigh. I swear, I do NOT want to have to go through that again. Of all the things that happened, the chills were the most terrible, and I hated it. On top of that, medical bills and medicine are expensive, and getting sick also means you can't get to work and therefore cannot earn the money needed to pay for the said bills. It's a vicious cycle, really. Now would have been a perfect time to have health care. *kicks HR department and shoots it in the head*

Anyway, I'm just glad that Lem was around to take care of me during the whole time that I was sick. I was pretty miserable at that time since I couldn't even walk to the bathroom or get myself a drink without wanting to throw up. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't around.


On to the happier things in life, though, WE FINALLY HAVE A NEW REFRIGERATOR!!! WHEEEEE!!! Lem went out with his folks to pick one out last weekend, and he got one that's about shoulder-high (for me), silver, and comes with those nifty, little spouts at the front so that you don't have to keep opening the fridge door if you just want to get a sip of water. Another nice thing is that we get to pay for it in installment since a credit card was used to purchase the fridge from the mall. Yayness!!

It was my intention to stock it full the moment that we got our pay for the end of February, but getting sick has pretty much kept me from doing that. It wasn't really until just several days ago that I managed to go out of the house and go to the grocery to pick up a few things.

The arrival of the fridge is just in time, too, since summer is just about already here. Our apartment can get terribly hot in the afternoons, and I know that Lem gets dehydrated pretty easily, so having cold water is a good thing. (MAME CHISHIKI: I learned from a vet while he was treating our family's pitbull, that cold water is better since it quickly quenches the feeling of thirst. Room-temparature-water is fine, but it doesn't give a sense of relief quickly, so the person or animal tends to drink more and more. This could either lead to electrolyte imbalance, or a loss of appetite for food, since the person or animal is already bloated with water.)

Meanwhile, I'm happy to note that I have started cooking once again, and I'm pretty happy about it. Not only do I get to take up the hobby again, but it also saves us money on meals. :p


While I was recuperating and stuck at home, I've taken to feeding the birds in our area. Lem brought home some bread at the time that he was taking care of me, and one bun pretty much got forgotten inside the refrigerator. So, I started taking little pieces of the bread and leaving it right outside our window, along with a small bowl of water.

It's been fun, even though I don't get to watch the birds actually eat the food that I've been leaving out for them. It's still a delight to find all the bread pieces gone at the end of the day, and some telltale prints left on the window ledge. I've been doing this for around a week now, and it seems that the birds are getting used to the idea of free food from our apartment. More of the airborne rodents have been flitting about, plus I get to see them from time to time through the gaps in the curtain (and some of them weren't mayas, either...).

Lolz. I guess this may be the closest I'll ever come to having a pet in this apartment, so I'm not complaining. :p (I have once considered leaving food out for the cats that wander the various floors of our building. They manage to get in via the fire escapes, so they tend to just show up in the hallways or near the garbage chute. Being the animal-loving person that I am, Lem had to stop me from taking home all cats that I find wandering about.)
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Hehe... as I've mentioned before, Lem and I ended up spending Christmas eve with his folks in Fairview, which was pretty refreshing since Christmas for me for the past several years were spent... well... at work. XD

And yes, this is another VERY delayed picture post which involves Lem's family and relatives, a gummy rat, Jed, Nintendo DS...-es (how DO you pluralize that???), and most importantly, CATS!!

Yep. This photo pretty much sums up Christmas 2006. Hehehehe...
(all photos taken by Ian's sisters)

40+ pics under the cut. )
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I've recently been transferred to the third shift, and now my body clock has just exploded on me. The result: it takes me an hour at work to churn out an article which normally takes me ten minutes...

Don't get me wrong. I love being in the third shift since I get night differential, and going to and from work is easy since there's no traffic and it isn't hot.

Sadly, it may take me a couple of more days to get back to being a night person. After all, since last August until last week, I've been in shifts where there's actually sunlight.

In any case, I should be coherent again in a few days. I can't find the photo of a bunny with a pancake on its head, so instead, here's a video of a round, fluffy, week-old kitten in a shoe.

In the words of Ian: "It's the dumbest thing in the world. Heaven help us."

*Watches video*

Now excuse me while I scrape my gleeful heart off of the floor with a spatula.
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Hello, world!

A lot has happened since the last time that I posted, but I haven't been able to post since things have gotten a bit busy, plus I've been spending my time resting or finding new ways to make my life more difficult re-organize all the stuff that we have after we unpacked the boxes and bags, and all that.

I also haven't been able to post from the office and this is just something that I'm typing up at a cafe. There's something wrong with the office connection so it's not even worth leeching from right now. (actually, I've found that I like my job. You'd be surprised at how being penniless can induce that level of affection.)

In any case, the pictures that I've been meaning to post are still not uploaded, but I'll get around to that eventually. We're also still refrigerator-less and there's still stuff lying around in the middle of our new apartment, waiting to find its proper place. Otherwise all is good.

For a quick set of updates:

- we've finally finished paying off the downpayment/security deposit for the apartment, and we're looking forward to getting some money soon so that our rent for January is already secured. YAY!!

- our lovely landlady has sent people to fix the VERY leaky sink in our apartment, as well as cover up the hole in the window where an air-conditioner used to be. These are very good things since we don't have to worry about our water bill so much anymore, and we also don't have to worry about stray fireworks shooting straight into our room come New Year's Eve.

- We missed the Hill Party. T_T

- Ian and I spent Christmas with his family. Actually, it was with his family at a relative's house, so Jed was there, as well as a whole set of cousins and three cats (with whom I have fallen in love with). Hehehe... the food was good, it was nice seeing Jed, there was a violin performance, the house was overrun with waist-high kids with Nintendo DS units in hand (and I felt like a dinosaur. I want a pink DS Lite, dammit!!!!), the adults were all wanting a Wii, a gummy rat was splattered into the wall repeatedly (much to the delight of one particular waist-high kid), and everyone got presents.

- Ian got a new phone! Yay! My first instinct when he got it was to surgically embed it in his arm, but the thing came with a strap, so that's good. His sisters, on the other hand, each got a 2GB second-gen iPod Nano. Wow. ^_^

- Ian and I have already decided to save up for a Wii so we can buy it some time next year, and we're already setting up our apartment to have space for playing. We don't want and Wii-related accidents to be reported from the Philippines, now, do we? Well... we'll buy a Wii AFTER we buy a ref and pay our rent and bills. ^_^;;;;

- PLDT is an ass, as always. They want us to pay 6000++ pesos so that we can discontinue their service. I decided that, to hell with it, we'll let the bill in our now-empty, roach-ridden, old apartment keep running, then they can disconnect the damn thing and ban me forever for all I care. Meanwhile, Ian and I will be keeping the modem and handset, and getting Globelines, just like we always wanted.

- I've been spending a whole lot of more time at JapanHome lately, and a good number of the plastic boxes, organizers, hangers, etc that we currently have all come from that place. I should probably already have a loyalty card for that store...

- I can't wait for James to get back from the US. He's got all my nice, new booksies. ^______________^ (I love you, James!! Mwah! Mwah!!)

There you go. Now, Ian and I are trying to decide how to celebrate the new year... by joining the street party at Ayala, watching the Pyrolympics at the Bay, or watching the Pyrolympics from the safety of our apartment window (have I ever mentioned that we have a GREAT view of the bay??).


Keep those fingers on, stay away from fireworks!
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Turned on the TV just now~~!!



... and polar bears...

*K's brain breaks*


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