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Hi. Yes, I'm still alive. Pretty much. Hehe...

So yeah. Just posting this here because it's weird dreams season again and there's some that I'd want to keep a record of, just in case it's important. On the other hand, considering that it's Mercury Retrogade at the moment as well, this could all just be an anomalous blip in my head. Hehe... anyway, long, senseless post up ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you. :p

Now, I've been having a whole LOT of really weird, screwed up dreams lately, but I'm not sure why this one pops up from the rest.

In my dream, I was hurrying to work, except our building lobby was tiny, and to get to the office, I had to go up actual sets of stairs. So I got through the door, and the guard asked me my name. I showed him my ID, and another guard walked up and told me the other guy was new and let me pass. So I left them as the other guard was giving the newbie some pointers.

The office, in my dream, was a humongous version of my old class room in sixth grade. A rectangular space with wooden floors boards and wooden chairs, lined all around with jalousie windows. Except it was air-conditioned. Haha! Anyway, upon getting to the "office", my dream self was thinking how she should get ready for a written exam which was apparently part of work.

While waiting for the test to begin, I saw some of my current officemates milling about, all apparently also waiting for the exam, whatever it was. One of them told me to grab something to eat first as we waited for the exam to begin. I headed for the direction I was pointed to, and found that a side of the room has been allocated to a couple of buffet tables. The tables were laden with native rice cakes and ice cream.

Meanwhile, past the cakes, there were shelves filled with random things for sale, like a thrift shop. I was going through the stuff and I spotted a lot of things that I wanted. I also found several copies of a book supposedly written by a friend of ours, Mitch Azarcon. Her name was on the cover of the book, and I was so happy that I bought two copies. I had no idea what the book was about though.

As I continued shopping, I basically just picked up items from shelves and had them carted off to a corner to dump with the rest of the stuff I was buying. I didn't even bother to check price tags. Also, suddenly, other friends were there. Cliff and Maoi were shopping as well, so were Ian and Jyli, and Jed was complaining that he found something he really wanted to buy but didn't have the cash for it at the moment (it looked like some hairpiece shaped like an elaborate flower with a yellow gem or something in the middle).

Then I found this dish that I really wanted. It was like one of those Ming Dynasty plates, made of heavy porcelain and with blue designs on it. I wanted to get more of it, when this black lady approached me to tell me that she had more stock upstairs (and when I say "black", I mean the African-American type). She had short, straight, shoulder-length hair, she was a little on the heavy side, and she wore a nice gray suit, heels, and gold earrings.

So I followed her up a set of much nicer stairs that weren't there previously, but at the very top, I lost my footing a bit and dropped the "Ming" dish I was holding. Thankfully, the dish just clanged onto the floor and didn't shatter for some reason. The lady just laughed it off and picked up the dish and said she'd hold onto it for me until we get to... wherever it was we were going.

The lady then just strutted along ahead of me, like she owned the place, and I followed her closely. The weird part was that all of sudden, this part of the place was all marble, glass and granite, a far cry from the wooden classroom that we just left. Another weird feature was that we had to go along this loooong hall. To our left was a marble wall lined with columns at regular intervals. Above us were high, domed, ceilings with chandeliers. To our right was a glass and stainless steel railing which provided a good view of the classroom we just left, just below us. And under our feet was a floor made of plate glass.

I need to point out now that I am afraid of heights, and I absolutely HATE those glass block floors in malls. When I first started working, our office was on the 34th floor, and I couldn't even look out the pantry window out of pure fear. Once, I had to literally crawl on the floor just to have the courage to take a peek, and even then, I felt like the floor would tip over forward, and I would hit the glass and fall to my death.

So anyway, the glass hallway we were walking on was really narrow, and in fact just seemed wide enough to fit the lady who was walking in front of me. At certain points, a column would eat up half of the already-narrow space, and I'd be forced to squeeze myself in between the column and the railings and had to risk looking down (which I was trying to avoid). What's strange though, is that in this instance, I was scared, but not as scared out of my wits as I would have been had this happened in real life.

We finally make it to the end, and the hallway turns left at an angle. The glass floor has ended, and we were finally on something sturdy and carpeted. The lady put the dish down on a nearby bureau, saying we'd just get it on the way back. Stupid dream self me thought this was a good idea and agreed. At this time, I didn't really care much about getting more plates anymore. I just followed the lady down another chandelier-lined hallway and out a set of double doors which opened up to... a vast garden.

The garden was another huge rectangular space, similar to a soccer field. It was lined with tall trees, and under the trees were nice, fancy, wood and metal park benches. In the middle were plots of grass, spaces with dug-up soil obviously being prepared for planting, heaps of seedlings with their roots still wrapped in black bags, and carts and wheelbarrows with more seedlings and gardening tools. It was like a landscaping project in progress. At the very end of the soon-to-be garden was a big, white house with a line of grand columns in front.

We walked past a man with glasses talking to someone with a wheelbarrow full of seedlings, telling the other guy that he needed more of whatever was in the wheelbarrow. It was outdoors, and I couldn't tell if it was dusk or right before dawn. It was dark, but still light enough to see. The wind was blowing and you could smell the grass and the dug-up soil, and it was rather pleasant.

The lady and I sat at one of the park benches. She then took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and started smoking something that didn't smell like cigarettes, but instead was very sweet. She pointed at a bagged seedling on top of a small pedestal beside her and then proceeded to remove the bag. It turns out that what was keeping the seedling in place was a whole bunch of ants holding up dead leaves all around the thing. From afar, it looked like the bottom of the plant was wrapped in camo-patterned cloth, but if you looked closely, the splotches of colors were moving slightly.

The lady then took another drag of her cigarette and told me, "See? This is how it begins."

She then proceeded to talk, and I remember listening intently because I knew that what she was telling me was very important... and then I woke up, remembering everything about the dream except what she said.

I woke up feeling confused, but now I'm feeling very heavy and disappointed about it. I wish I could remember everything that she told me, even just a little bit more. It seemed like it was highly important.

Which is why I'm typing out this long-ass entry right now. I'm hoping that I'll remember it all someday, and everything will make sense when I put the pieces together.


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