Jun. 4th, 2009

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(This is me describing some really gross dentist-y details AND doing some computations and budgeting, aka, "talking to myself". You can still turn back. You have been warned.)

So... for the past week, I've been bearing with a toothache, and finally, I was able to get to a dentist this afternoon. It was a mind-opening, wallet-burning experience.

I went to this nice little clinic in Robinson's Galleria which honors my HMO card, called The Tooth Doctor. It must have been the swankiest dentist's office I've ever been to, and all the staff and the dentists were composed of nice women. Anyway, the dentist told me that there's something up with one of my molars in the back again, and that I needed to have a panoramic X-ray taken.

Off to the x-ray technician I went, sighing and grumbling about the 800-peso fee that blindsided me for today. After getting my results (it took 10 minutes for the whole thing), I handed the negatives to the good dentist and it was then that I realized just how badly I need to get some serious dental work done.

The molar that's hurting me right now is hurting me because it is lying ON ITS SIDE. Hence, it's growing out and pushing perpendicularly against the other teeth beside it, so no wonder my whole lower jaw has been hurting all week. Next, thanks to the X-rays, we also discovered that I have a freak tooth in the front. Apparently, right below my lower front two incisors, another, fully-formed tooth is right underneath it, in the gum area. Brrr... Seriously freaky. It reminds me of those news reports of a fetus forming inside another fetus, or something like that.

I know I've got bad teeth, but this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the dentist recommended that I get some deep cleaning done first to prep for the extractions, because apparently, yes, a lot of damage is caused when you only start seeing a dentist at the age when you begin employment and you discover the convenience of company-provided healthcare. The cleaning has to be done in quadrants, once a week, at 1500php per quadrant, so that's 6000php in total.

THEN, she can finally go all surgeon on me and get rid of the wayward molar and the freak front tooth. That's about 5000 to 6000php per tooth, since this is obviously not going to be a simple extraction, especially with the freak tooth since it has somehow managed to grow INSIDE my gums.

But no worries. I think I can handle this, for once. My cunning plan so far is as follows:

My first appointment for the deep cleaning thing is on June 20. 1500pesos, I can handle.

The next appointment is on June 27, two days after payday. That's fine, too.

I will also have to pay for my appointment on July 4... BUT! by then, I would be regularized, which makes this expense reimbursable with my company. ^_^ Same rule applies for my July 11 appointment. I just have to remember to set aside 3000pesos once I get my pay on June 25 to cover for my June 27 and July 4 appointments. Maybe make that 4500pesos to include the July appointment as well... Hmm...

Then comes the big ones. I could set aside 7k for the first tooth extraction on either the 18th or 25th of July, and then another 7k for the second extraction. If I have extra cash that day, I might ask for both teeth to be removed in the same session just to get it all done and over with. I'd be staggering or crawling out the door, but at least it's done.

So, in total, I'm expecting to have at least 20k worth of emergency (yes, I now consider this an emergency!) dental work done within the next couple of months, and have 17k of it reimbursed by my company.

Hmm... not bad, eh? ^_^v


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